Texas the Latest State to Ban Sharia, Foreign Laws from Domestic Courts

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) With passage of a law protecting American families from imposition of foreign-law doctrines in state courts, Texas this week became the 11th state to ensure that only American laws will apply in American domestic courts.

Greg Abbott photo

Greg Abbott Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday signed the Texas Foreign Law Procedural Protection Act – a slightly slimmed-down version of similar laws either passed or under consideration across the country. Often dubbed “anti-sharia” laws, these “American Laws for American Courts” (ALAC) efforts would protect against judges imposing any foreign doctrine – not just sharia – which violates American constitutional rights.

Most such conflicts of legal doctrine occur in family-law disputes – child custody battles, for example – where at least one of the parties claims to be guided by foreign cultural or legal practices. The Texas law, in fact, is narrowly tailored specifically to cover foreign child custody judgments and child custody arbitrations, rather than applying more broadly.

But as sharia doctrines – female subservience and the like – are most often at issue in just these sorts of court battles, the Texas law is still seen by its advocates as a major advance, even if not fully following the model of other ALAC laws.

Earlier this year, Arkansas had become the 10th state to adopt ALAC protections, joining Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Washington. (South Dakota and Florida also have laws that are somewhat similar, but not truly ALAC, according to ALAC’s main national sponsors.)

The most prominent organization pushing ALAC bills, the Center for Security Policy, produced a 2015 study called “Shariah in American Courts: The Expanding Incursion of Islamic Law in the U.S. Legal System.” CSP reported 146 cases in 32 states in which a party to litigation attempted to have the matter resolved by applying sharia, rather than the statutes of the state in question – and more than two dozen cases where judges either at the trial or appellate level actually ruled sharia trumped U.S. statutes. The CSP web site says that such rulings “have often resulted in a denial of equal protection to American Muslim women or children seeking justice in American courts.”

“We’ve been working on this issue in Texas since 2011 – and they have sessions only every other year, so if we hadn’t won this time, we would have had to wait two more years,” said Chris Holton, CSP’s vice president for outreach, in an interview with Liberty Headlines. “So we’re thrilled.”

In addition to the ALAC laws passed this year by Arkansas and Texas, two other states passed legislation aimed at related issues this year. Tennessee passed a “Freedom to Report Terrorism Act,” which immunizes, against lawsuits alleging discriminatory intent, individuals who in good faith report suspected potential criminal or terrorist activity. Florida, meanwhile, passed a law allowing greater means for recovery of civil damages against terrorists.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which some critics accuse of pushing an agenda in tune with radicalized Islamists, strongly opposed the Texas law and other similar ones, saying such legislation “demoniz[es]” their beliefs and promotes “Islamophobia.” In printed material, CSP responds that its laws protect the rights of Muslims, too, and that the laws are religiously neutral. Also, it says the model ALAC law “specifically says that the law cannot detract from the right to free exercise of religion, which would include religious courts like Jewish Bet Din or Catholic ecclesiastical courts; and it states that the law would not interfere with compliance with international treaties the U.S. has signed.”

Outside of Christian publications and some coverage in Texas, the Lone Star State’s adoption of an ALAC law has received scant media attention.

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  • R G

    Sharia law should be banned from the planet. All primitive religious bloodletting rituals have no place in the 21st century.

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      You are SOOO RIGHT

    • rennyangel2

      You would think banning foreign law would only be normal. But, no.

      • unclealfie

        I’m shocked to see that the laws of these savages HAD previously been invoked in US courts. Just shows the extent to which we bend over backwards to appease these swine, as they continue to kill us!

        • Garrett Auman

          WELL SAID, Unclealfie. You said it better than I could have, thanks

    • MaryAnnabelle Martin

      Welcome to Islam.

    • richjack4

      An ideology strictly of subjugating the masses through violence and fear, and yes, you are absolutely right that it should be stricken from the planet! We must start first though here in the United States and it now appears more rational heads are beginning to surface!

      • crh

        I thought Political Correctness and Secular Humanism did the same thing.

        • richjack4

          If this is anything other than a sarcastic comment, I am confused as to your meaning and intent

        • Barbara Lewis


          • crh

            Just like Sharia law, PC and secular humanism tries to subjugate the masses with violence and fear, I guess you haven’t been following the news. It also conflicts with the Constitution, wake up, PC and secular humanism ala Liberalism is the biggest threat to your personal freedom, it’s the new McCarthyism.

      • Sandy129

        I’m not holding my breath on NY! It’s not rocket science that any foreign law would hold precedence over American Law. I don’t know what judges and lawyers are thinking other than they want to respect religious laws but sharia is so bizarre, even that excuse doesn’t fly.

        • Franie

          Muslims want to practice sharia law, then they need to go back from where they came from!!!! Outlaw sharia law NOW!!!

          • Sandy129

            Absolutely! Not here in America, ever! If they love their ways so much they need to stay where they are. The rest of the world doesn’t live that way. They sure don’t change any of their ways for us when we go there. It’s all about social jihad and forcing their ways on us using our own laws guarding the freedom of Americans, against us. The intent is to conquer.

          • Barbara Lewis


          • Derek

            Best idea EVER 🙂

          • Kol

            A little REALITY… the vast majority of some 1.5 BILLION Muslims around the world don’t bother much with “Shariah Law”… only a few radical fundamentalist types, mostly in or from the Middle East. Educate YOURSELF!

        • richjack4

          That’s because it is an ideology of violence and subjugation disguised as a religion for agendas sake.

          • Sandy129

            You’re right. It’s easy to see that some muslims don’t appear to be on the same page but I see the analogy as we in America are not all Military, but we do support our Military all the way. Not every member of any society are the fighters.

          • Slav2012

            Not to be argumentative, but having actually lived in Saudi Arabia I would differ in saying it is a social order conceived to support human civilization (sic.) in an enviroment hostile to human life. Islam and Sharia are brutal because life in that part of the world is brutal.

        • Barbara Lewis

          I agree, that is NY for you. I won’t visit there.

          • Sandy129

            Neither will I. I live in the south western portion of NY near the Pennsylvania border. There are many conservatives here but its not so in NYC. There was a time, many years ago, when it was a nice place to visit but hasn’t been so in about 80 years, before I was even born. Unfortunately, we are out voted by the massive populations of NYC and a few other huge cities. Just know we are here and not a part of the liberal move.

          • unclealfie

            As if anyone needed another reason to avoid NYC!

        • Julie Adams

          What most don’t realize is that Sharia is not just “religious” law, it is civil law! They are allowing it to replace our civil law and that is unconstitutional. In fact, Muslims in school were taught not to say the pledge of allegiance because they are taught that Islam is above all, including the U.S. Constitution. This must not be allowed to stand or else we will go the way of Europe, where one Muslim man in Belgium said they Sharia will rule that country by 2030 because the Muslim population is growing to the point where they will be the majority by then. That’s their plan everywhere. They come into a country, act peaceful with their neighbors until their population becomes majority and then they take over and rule with Sharia. It is the history of Islam.

          • Sandy129

            They don’t, you are right. They have gotten on the PC train and that is all islam needs to flourish. It wasn’t long ago in New Jersey that the muslims demanded they honor all muslum holidays and close schools for them like they do for Christmas and Thanksgiving saying “just wait until there are more of us” so the threat is very real and unless all Americans wake up, freedom in America will be totally gone. There is a man John Guandolo of understandingthethreat.com that held teaching sessions on islam for our Reps and he held one of his 3 day sessions early in the obama administration and obama opted for muslim brotherhood to do that instead. Much like when Benjamin Natanyahu came to talk to our Reps that many would not come. Sharia is already being enacted using the PC route to silence us on anything that isn’t praise for islam.

    • Craig Vandertie

      You cannot ban it, but you can eradicate the demons who bow to it.

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I wish we could send every one who practices Islam back to their own countries.

    • Alan777

      If judges actually upheld their constitutional pledges and duties as judges, then none of this would be necessary. Of course, decades of brainwashing by our media, educational system, and culture coupled with intimidation by these special rights activist groups have created this problem of injustice under the law. Bravo, Texas!

    • Chris Robinette

      And anyone caught practicing sharia law should be deported.

  • Richard.

    Since when dose the sharia law rule over our laws or courts .Next they will think that the sharia law Should take over Rome..As we know and have seen Little by little they have cut down many country laws and imposed there’s on the people..These no go zones are sharia law zones and there in many country’s. All those no go zones should be closed down .

    • 1555

      I was thinking the same, and thought “The 2 dozen judges who let Sharia rule should be

      • Nancy Riddle

        Not so fast . The Sharia laws are for Muslim people and other with similar believes. In those countries Money keep the the laws. So may be the judge was paid a substancial amount of money or bribed in some way..He knew what he was doing .
        you must prove he was bribed. that the only reason he did it.

        • Franie

          Excuse me Nancy. Not so fast yourself! You’re setting Muslims apart from everyone else now. If Muslims want to live in the USA, Muslims MUST acclimate to OUR LAWS!!! If they insist on their own sharia laws…then they need to get the he|| out of our country pronto, and get back to the he|| hole they crawled out of, period!! It’s a PRIVILEGE to live in this country, NOT A RIGHT!!!

          Any judge that does not uphold the laws of this country needs to be disbarred immediately and brought up on charges of insurrection.

          • Dan

            Sounds like sanctuary cities for muslims’.

          • Franie

            That’s exactly what it is and they are now getting out of control and turning that city into a no-go zone. Before you know it, this crap will spread and civil war will once again ensue. Do we really want this crap to eventually happen, cause it will! Nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. The Muslim women are having babies, ANCHOR BABIES, by the boatload if you haven’t noticed recently. Yeah, this IS THE SILENT ENEMY WITHIN thanks to Obama that POS!!!

          • Barbara Lewis

            AMEN AMEN AMEN

      • Franie

        PRECISELY!!! Right??

        Why isn’t President Trump not signing an Executive Order, much like Obama always did, making it totally illegal to give any preference to any other law not sanctioned by our own laws??? Our Constitution is at exact opposites with sharia law!!

    • Fed up!

      If that commie Pope gets his way it just might

      • Franie

        What has the Pope got to do with anything??

    • The Old Ranger

      check out several towns in Michigan, where sharia law overrules the Michigan courts like Dearborn…. in fact, Michigan lawmakers are now scrambling to pass a law similar to Texas to strike down the sharia impact in Dearborn and other towns in Michigan. This is what happens when political correctness (sponsored by the liberals) gets out of hand. Other “spots” inside the US in other states are now finding out the problems they’ve created for themselves by not paying attention to the muslms trying to take over…. London, Paris, etc are fighting for their lives right now due to sharia law taking over large sections of those cities.

      • Wayne

        There is a city in New York, I think it is Utica, that is have this problem as well. I read that, thanks to Obama, the city is now 25% muslim.

        • The Old Ranger

          Yep, Wayne, Utica was a Dem town, but went for Trump in the election because they want some help to keep from being drown by the influx of the muslims. Americans who need help can’t get it because the muslims are using their organizations to coerce the social depts to give money and aid to them rather than Americans. The libtards caused this mess, and we can only hope the public is smart enough to realize who is responsible for this mess… but still they clamor for Bernie and Killery.

          • Franie

            President Trump needs to kick CAIR out of our country

          • Dan

            The trouble is the mess Obama left this country in. Trump can’t do everything at one time and the liberal BS that is going on now is weighing him down-just as the demoncrats planned

          • Franie

            I know. I pray for President Trump daily that he gets help from our Creator and in having even more people stand up and defend him. Those two at that play were absolutely brave and real patriots!!

            The Patriots and those who love our country need to have their voices speak out loud and proud. The media needs to be slammed with their own garbage right back in their faces. I cannot believe how utterly corrupt the media and the democrats have become. How can they be so blatant as to walk on the dark side of humanity and think they have any inkling of eventual salvation?
            The Lord is going to say to all of them that HE never knew them.

            Woe be they who constantly bear false witness, for theirs is NOT the Kingdom of Heaven!!!

          • Barbara Lewis

            Just as i have said: WITCH HUNT TO THE MAX.

      • Franie

        POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is the LEFT’s way of shutting the RIGHTeous up!! Plain and simple. It’s amazing how they, the liberals and the Left in this country, have so dumbed down the population that We the People are swallowing hook, line, and sinker their bu||sh!t!!!

        To he|| with political correctness!! Right is right and wrong is wrong, period!!!

        Dearborn, MI has been hijacked by the Muslims and the Left is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for allowing them to do so….and all for the sake a dam^ed voting bloc.

      • Barbara Lewis

        That’s also why the UK is fighting for it’s life right now. And why terrorism is so popular now. When are they going to wake up and realize that political correctness is a joke. That’s why bernie sanders lost because he has nazi leadings and why hillary lost. They are bedfellows on the same planet. They also made it easy for terrorism to take hold as well as obamur did when he was in office. He was bedfellows with the towel heads as well.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Our laws should come before the sharia law in courts. I am happy that the state where I was born passed this law. Sharia Law should remain where it belongs; in the countries where it is practiced not in the United States.

    • richjack4

      They are simply trying to do here what they have done in Europe. Colonize, demand total rule of such colony, enactment of their own laws and judicial system to be enforced and implemented by them and them alone. However, they certainly expect and demand their host country and its inhabitants to foot the bill for their infestation! They are having a tougher time getting away with such here, although it has been successful in various sanctuary enclaves!

      • Franie

        Muslims ARE the silent ENEMY WITHIN thanks to that TROJAN HORSE Obama.

      • unclealfie

        and we can thank the worst president ever (obummer) for paving the way…..

  • RickFromDetroit

    Does this law apply to those religious fanatics who slip drugs into peoples food and drink without their permission or knowledge and then use their religion to avoid charges? This happens frequently in this country.

    You’ve heard the excuses, I was out drinking and the next day I woke up another person and I couldn’t remember what happened. “It was the booze.”

    No it was not the booze, but it was something that someone slipped into the booze.

    • Rhonda Blissit

      What are you talking about RickFromDetroit?? Do you support Sharia Law??

    • BornAgainSouthernPride

      Hmmm… missed that topic.

    • chief1937

      Simple solution don’t drink or if you do make sure you keep an eye on your drink.

  • VirgoVince

    WE have had laws BANNING muslime garbage and sharia in the USA, since the 50s,
    ENFORCE THE LAWS; WHY are they being ignored or avoided??
    REMOVE ALL ugly turd world muslime garbage FROM OUR SOIL!!

    • Jackalyn Morrison


    • Michael Davidson

      Montana voted to allow Sharia there

      • Warren Blum

        Ur kidding? Must be those Co and CA idiots moving there.

      • Rita

        “The state of Texas has accepted Sharia law. The city of Irving, Texas, will be the first to have an official Sharia court in the United States,” according to Tim Shoebat from a report he found in “The Right Scoop,” a conservative media news blog. If you want to see how pervasive it is, go to http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/america-sharia-law.html. Oh yeah, we’ve been invaded.

        • Wayne

          Bullsh t, the mayor there told them to shove their sharia up the backsides, and now with this law, they can can go back to wherever they came from and hump their camels to their hearts content. Just get the f ck out of Texas and the USA.

        • Mike

          this is what happens when you believe fake news.

        • Franie

          This has got to STOP!!!

      • 7LibertyForAll

        Didn’t know that :-((

      • Franie

        They ought to be ASHAMED for doing so. They WILL REAP what they have sown, mark my words.

    • 1555

      Virgo, would you please post a link if you have one to some of the laws we need to
      enforce ? I will jump on it.

      • Rita

        Chapter 2 Section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, also known as the McCarran–Walter Act.

        “That law, originally aimed at Communists, could be used now to exclude persons (both Muslims and non-Muslims) who have demonstrated an affiliation or sympathy with violent extremist groups professing Islamist motivations and goals (e.g., ISIS, al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram) from entering the U.S., but asserting that it enables a de facto ban on all Muslims is inaccurate. Most major religions involve basic, agreed-upon sets of tenets by which their faithful live, and no widely-accepted understanding of Islam encompasses a prohibition on following the laws of any country or advocates the overthrow of government.” From Snopes.com.


        But it doesn’t ban Muslims just for being Muslims.

        • VirgoVince

          THANK YOU, Rita, tho snopes is MORE left than RIGHT, it’s close enough
          to work with!!

    • Kathryn Jordan

      You just taught me something I didn’t know about “banning muslim garbage and sharia in the USA since the 50’s”. That was something I did not know. Thank you for telling me this. Like you, I wish the laws would be enforced. If those who come from a country that deals with sharia law, then the ONE AND ONLY REQUIREMENT for them to become “American citizens” is to GIVE UP THEIR BELIEF OF SHARIA LAW.

  • Jerry Thompson

    God bless Texas and the other ten States. What is taking so long for the rest of you to stop this ?
    Tell you legislators to get this done before more people are harmed.

  • paul b ahern

    Good for Texas and the other ten states. How about Michigan before we lose them ?? I’m from Ma, so I would never expect us to sign on to a “common sense ” statute.

    • Warren Blum

      Yes it’s my former state. It’s lost. blame Mike dukakis. He started it.

    • Fed up!

      We lost Dearborn, it needs a good drone strike and the then rebuilt.

  • Carl Nemo **==

    What’s amazing is that laws have to be passed to counteract the incursion of Sharia et. al. legal systems into our court system. WTF…over?! Only eleven states have created protective statutes. Then how about our dead butt Congress doing the same to make sure our Constitution and it’s body of laws from federal to state level remain the law of our land. Let’s call it an affirmation statute that’s long overdue in light of the leftist, politically correct incursion within our nation. I live in the Pacific Northwest and on occasion see a Muslim male with his family shopping at a local grocery outlet. The male struts ahead of his family with an air of arrogance while his ‘little’ wife dressed in ethnic attire always stays several feet behind with the kids. The male doesn’t even acknowledge his wife when she seemingly asks a question in their language, him with his nose up in the air as he struts about. They even treat the American checkout clerk, usually a female with obvious disdain. I’d like to put my boot up his butt to hopefully get his mental gig line straight. It’s truly a male dominant religion. I feel sorry for their women and children. The radical elements who are grasping onto the darkest parts of their alleged ‘holy book’, the Qu’ran represents a clear and present danger to Western civilization and deserve no quarter as they wage their unholy Jihad against the same in the name of Allah, their concept of God/god.
    Carl Nemo **==

  • kate777

    No to Sharia Law, no “If’s, “And” , or “Buts”, period.

    • xsoldier57

      Right On Kate!!!

  • LBC1689

    Seems to me that the establishment and more importantly the employment of US Constitution on the federal level and of various state constitutions modeled thereafter would de facto prohibit any incursion of Sharia law. But we need, apparently, to enact positive laws that prohibit the proliferation of this pestilential jurisprudence in our land.

    • RickFromDetroit

      I believe the constitution, the separation of church and state, and the equal rights amendment should cover the restrictions on sharia law.

      • LBC1689

        The so-called ‘separation of church and state’ is both a misunderstanding and a perversion of the intent of our Founders and is therefore not enshrined in our Constitution (see Establishment Clause in the 1st Amendment). Sharia is forbidden not upon ‘religious grounds’ but upon legal grounds. Indeed, Islam is not a relgion. It is a brutal totaltiarian ideology masquerading as a religion.

  • Polly Dreitzler

    If radical islamists want to live under sharia law, they should move to a country that is ruled by sharia law and if the liberal nuts in this country want sharia law, let them leave and go to a country that lives under such laws. People such as Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters just to name a couple. Sharie is part of government, not religion. We aren’t allowed to use the ten commandments in this country so why kowtow to sharis as part of the governing of muslims?

    • LBC1689

      It’s not just the ‘radicals’ that desire to live under Sharia. Any Muslim worthy of his name wants Sharia. But these radicals as you call them are the ones most loudly calling for its imposition. To answer your astute question, I beileve it is because we have turned from the one true and living God and His Son Jesus Christ that we are being givne over to a false god and his pedophile ‘prophet’. The only hope for our country is revival and a return to the teaching of the Bible.

      • Polly Dreitzler

        You are SOOOOO right!! People better wake up and decide whether they are on God’s side or some other (Satan) because the whole world and not just one city or country is becoming like Sodom and Gamorrah and Prophecy in Revelation is very specific what will happen to those who are not on God’s side. If they think Revelation is not true, they should test out how most of the prophecies made in the Bible have come true so far! I don’t believe Revelation’s prophecies will be an exception.

  • BornAgainSouthernPride

    I keep thinkng, why is this necessary? Just like laws to ensure the constitution is followed, they are not needed. Enforce the constitution and all else follows.

    • Mike

      Yes this is Texas passing a law in search of a problem. It is not in and of itself a bad law, but it is unnecessary.

      • normie

        Apparently it is because the courts aren’t enforcing the Constitution

      • chief1937

        In some cases it is imperative. Where do you get the unnecessary opinion?

    • winkwink1

      Rule #1 Follow the Constitution.
      Rule #2 See rule #1

    • RickFromDetroit

      Here is a link you may like concerning your Confederate flag. http://email.foxnews.com/t?r=5&c=54219&l=35&ctl=A5E98:F74F8E8B7163E2C9FAF6D488B24B5F9E&

  • William Markey

    If we dont do pagan rituals in america we shouldnt believe in anything that believes the moon is a god.

  • minefinder624

    The very fact that Texas (and the other states) have had to pass such laws should be the determining factor to the general population that the Islam situation is far worse than it should and action should be taken to remove the problem- ie deport the Muslims- everybody out !

    • normie

      I agree. This should be the action of the federal government to ban actions in all states that conflict with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Its too bad that this even had to be addressed and all because of the Muslims and their Sharia Law. They should never have been allowed in our country. No form of the Sharia Law should be allowed. What will happen in Michigan which fast approaching to having Muslim governor. What will he do? Will he follow the lead of Texas and other states? Not likely. So glad that some of the states are acting. Those that haven’t should act quickly

      • chief1937

        Trump tried banning them but liberal life appointed judges blocked his efforts. We must somehow get judges that follow the constitution.

        • Franie

          Those judges ought to be brought up on charges of sedition and malfeasance. Disbar them immediately.

    • Rhonda Blissit

      I’d support banning them all & shipping them out of our country!!

      • Lew Wetzel

        They would do the same to non-Muslims in this country if they were in control. At least to those of us who they didn’t behead, or imprison first.

  • big KAhuna

    It’s time to force this action from convention of states.
    We can never accept any religion or laws conflicting with our constitution. Obama set this up and flooded our country with Muslims – to destroy us from within.
    Sharia law is unacceptable and the Koran should be banned- we must fight these actions.

  • Louie Rey

    The ONLY thing I see as problematic here is that this is even in discussion. This is an outrage that due to political correctness somehow another nation’s justice system even has any foothold in America. It’s called THE CONSTITUTION boys and girls! Oh yeah, and it’s called AMERICA! Whether you leave whatever God forsaken country you’re coming from for political asylum or you just want to make a better life for yourself is completely immaterial. The mere fact that you’ve shown up here should mean that YOU adhere to OUR customs and laws and everything else that makes America whatever your country is not, PERIOD!

    • MaryAnnabelle Martin

      Correct. Try and see if some of our customs would fly in other cultures and countries! Assimilate or leave. The mindset of Islam is to spread and conquer. Read the Q’uran. Islam is a culture of violence, discrimination, condemnation, and, determination to take over the world. It is in the holy book.

      • Louie Rey

        When their “bible, the Koran, says that unbelievers should be made to convert or die you know you’re not dealing with any sort of religion at all but a cult. We’re taken advantage of by our own freedoms. We allow mosques to be built here in America but try building a church or a temple in the Middle East. The Founding Fathers had it right but they assumed that any and all immigrants would assimilate. President Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech over a century ago in which he said that America had no problem with accepting immigrants from all over the world under certain caveats. You had to learn the language, obey our laws and become productive citizens. If each and every administration from that time on had adhered to those principles we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.

    • Kenny Smith

      Its actually the liberals fault for letting this get too far gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Idiots should realize by now muslims are no good for the USA. Mass deportation needs more backbone .

      • Louie Rey

        And to think that the courts (yeah, I know it’s the liberal 9th circuit) refuse to allow President Trump’s travel ban. Sure, let’s import thousands upon thousands of these adherents to the “religion of peace.” How’s that working out in Europe? What part of this is AMERICA do these infiltrators not understand? Better yet, what part of this is AMERICA does the Left not understand? Each and every move they make is another brick in their anti-American wall. The irony is beyond the pale.

  • will kari

    Congress should pass a law to outlaw Sharia Law from the USA. It’s a blood thristy law to enflict pain and suffering to all those that are not Islamic Muslims. Since the Muslims in the USA refuse to learn English and our customs,then. they don’t belong in the USA and that goes for all Obama’s Islamic Brotherhood terrorists; who left Egypt in a hurry after 800 Brotherhood members were sent to the Egyptian firing squad for murdering Muslims,Christains and Jews who would not bow down to Sharia Law.

    • Lew Wetzel

      No law need be passed! The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) already establishes that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Any judges acting upon Sharia Law are in violation of their Constitutional Oaths of Office, and should be immediately impeached from office.

      • Dean

        The Judges should be disbarred and never allowed to practice law again here in the U.S.

      • Franie

        And tried for treason and sedition!!

    • Barbara Lewis

      WELL SAID. It’s being done everyday and no one says anything. Their thought is: do whatever you want to Christians, Jews and Muslims that say anything else. SHOOT YOU BEFORE A FIRING SQUAD. That is the media’s idea of laws and free speech.

  • 4young

    About time

  • Bill Meeker

    I live in Texas and I’m sick of our legislature acting like a bunch of liberals. First off, if they want to “be conservative” they need to recognize our 2nd Amendment and repeal any and all requests and permits for Texas residents to buy, possess and carry a gun. The next thing is stop wasting time passing laws to enforce laws. When law enforcement folks are sworn in, they have agreed to uphold all laws of the land; when they don’t they should be prosecuted like the rest of us. And now we pass a law banning the enforcement of sharia or foreign laws? I don’t even believe the most liberal judges in Texas would make a ruling based on sharia. If they’re too stupid to use anything other than our Constitution they should be stoned.

  • Slav2012

    I wont insult my fellow citizens by saying there are good and bad moslems (please note it is spelled moslem not muslim). There are however secular and devout moslems. For nearly 1000 years, Islam has been at war with Christianity, Hindism, Buddhism, Taoism, and any other religion that did not call a one god Allah. The Moors attacked and occupied Spain. The Seljuk Turks attacked and onvaded eastern Europe on multiple occasions, the last in 1640’s requiring the greatest cavalry charge in history to overcome the assault by the forces of Kara Mustapha. BTW, we have this battle to thank for bringing coffee to Europe.

    To quote Georges Santayana

    • CCblogging

      1400 hundred years of Muslim incestuous inbreeding to preserve their family names hasn’t helped their mental capacities much either. Lots of drama always going down in Muhammad land.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      I spell it muslime. Or mooslime.

  • Vaughn Frye

    Why is there an advertisement for Islamic relief in your website?

  • Amos10

    Name the judges on the trial and appellate levels who ruled that Islamic Law supersedes US Federal and/or State Statues. Name Them!

    • CCblogging

      Doesn’t matter who or if there has even been a ruling as yet. This ban was implemented as a preemption before any Sharia Law can be installed to over ride our courts. Great Move by Texas!

  • Christian Gains

    Texas IS being RECOGNIZED as a “no compromise” State (concerning the Constitutional Laws of this land), and, that we WILL protect our populace, (regardless to ‘religious faith’); BUT! ACCORDING TO THE MANDATES of our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, AND our CONSTITUTION, NOT according to a foreign Political system, (which is EXACTLY what the SHARIAH LAW is — formed & executed for several thousand years, in the Middle East, BUT! COUNTLESS REFUTED in both Europe AND the United states of america, due to it’s barbarism)!

    It is a FOOLISH idea to attempt to FORCE Texans to yield to a system of Law that denigrates women, (to the level of furniture); children, (to the level of “mere items” for perverted play, or sale); or, “Human Rights”, (to the level of barbarism & slavery)!

  • Lizard

    Good .. F- all you muslims

  • B. Pearson

    Oust Sharia Law altogether! This is America and to have an outside source try and dictate against our our rights is ridiculous to existing laws here already on the books. Absurd indeed!

  • Estell Newton

    Our laws and our laws only should be enforced in our courts. Foreign laws have no place here. They want their laws enforced they need to go home.

  • Joan Freda

    All these comments here are in favor of banning sharia law and everyone is in favor of banning muslims and shipping them all back to where they came fro, Yet, Trump is trying to do that and is met at every turn with dissention, threats (a Rep. has already been shot, TV skits depicting Trump beheaded, slurs against his 10 year son, Supreme court judges blocking every move he makes, liberal radical democrats rioting, protesting, the media constantly belittleing our President and promoting and encouraging hate and racism, innocent people being killed because one person disagrees with what Trump is trying to do. The muslims have already taken over many places (Dearbornistan) and the local governments there are doing nothing and refuse to cooperate with Trump. I, for one, am fed up to my eyeballs seeing every day, non-stop, wonderful, glowing stories about obamanation. He was..is..a rat traitor who sold this country out and did more to harm us than anyone could possibly fathom. If I were Trump I think I would just wash my hands with this whole mess and resign. but he persists….a true American who loves this country. And those who hate it so much…well, just get he!! out!!!!

    • Barbara Gara

      Amen, Joan.

      • Joan Freda

        Thank you…

  • Maxine Albritton

    I can see why the muslims don’t like this law. they don’t want religion neutral which we as american citizens would want, they want them to suit their religion. which look up sharia laws list. not a pretty sight. they want us to conform to them. all states need this protection from them /this.

  • Maggietish

    Those that want to practice sharia law should not be in the United States. We have our own laws and all nationalities who have come to this country assimilate into this country and our laws. If the Muslims refuse to do that then they need to leave. They don’t come in try to control the United States of America this is our country and if they don’t like it, get out now.

  • DOC

    I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU THINK YOU CAN COME TO AMERICA AND CHANGE THE LAW. If you give the devil a ride he will want to drive.

  • Robert Pekarik

    How does this even become a issue that deserves a response? This is the United States of America, not the United Nations or European Union where corrupt and immoral people decide what everyone must obey. We the people have experienced a big taste of that when Obama was in office for 8 years of fundamental transformation. We are still suffering from the effects of the Obama administrations social experiments and corrupt to the core leadership.

  • Craig Vandertie

    If it is not an existing law based on the articles of the United States Constitution it should have no sway over the judiciary practices in a court of law, Sharia law has no authority period.

    Remove all Moonie Muslimes from United States soil, anyone suspected of bowing to that false god Muhammad/allah need to be subjected to Truth serum, hypnotic drugs, and hypnosis and if established the worship former mentioned false god stripped of United States citizenship and kicked as far off United States soil as possible.

  • Zero Nada

    Sharia Law should be Allowed if it means we can KILL ALL MUSLIMS NOW! Wake Up Infidels – Kill them Before They EXTERMINATE YOU! A Good Muslim is a Dead Muslim – There are No Good Lucifer Worshipping Satanic Death Cultists Until They Are DEAD.

  • skisok

    Just a gimmick. Sharia law does not apply here in the US. Can’t the GOP have any more imagination in coming up with something that should be done instead of trying to score political points for things that don’t apply. Gee, what a waste of taxpayers money.

    • Dutch

      Yup, just bury your head in the sand and ignore the facts. Sharia is definitely practiced in Minnesota. Look it up, the police are afraid to go into the Muslim neighborhoods.

      • skisok

        Why don’t you jokers ever tell the truth. There are no judges in this country who have been trained and practice Sharia law. You’re either stupid or you purposely mislead people to push your ultra rightwing agenda. I see no difference between you and the ultra left. Both of your groups purposely lie to push your extreme agendas. Join the mainstream. Become a moderate.

        • Dutch

          I told you the truth, and you just don’t want to believe it. I’m not stupid (IQ over 140) and I am very careful not to mislead people. And I don’t see any difference between you and the ultra left. Become moderate.

  • Glenda Hammer

    It’s being called “Friendly Sharia Law”, and is being taught in middle schools in a number of US states.

    Of course there’s nothing friendly about genital mutilation of girls as young as 6 years old.
    Women are having acid thrown on them, or being killed for leaving home without being accompanied with a man. This is happening in Germany and the UK, where numerous Muslims have been allowed to relocate. Muslims are also working, to take over these countries.

    Hillary wanted an additional 65 thousand Quran reading Sharia Law supporters in the US every year.

    If we don’t pay attention, Muslims will be voting to rid America of the Constitution for Sharia Law and many simple minded ignorant Americans, will be agreeing with them.

    The majority of Muslims in America, have no interest in assimilating to the American way of life.

  • ECwashr

    Wherever moooslims go hatred and murder soon follow…

  • Thomas Lee Fugate

    IF cair does not like it they are free to leave the country.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    I live in Massachusetts; I would bet a lot that THIS hellhole of a state will never enact such a ban.

  • Joseph111

    CAIR – Creating American Islamic Radicals
    Islamophobia – realistic fear of violence from muslims who want to hurt you because you are not muslim

  • Barbara Gara

    Maybe the antichrist is already trying to work his magic on everyone.

  • John

    Absolutely, ban it nation wide, world wide, universe wide. This is inhumane, barbaric and a violation of human rights.

  • El Ja Cardin

    Should be banned in every part of America.

  • Dean

    All that want sharia law need to pack up and return to the country they came from. They like living under the primitive laws, let them practice them elsewhere. Also any JUDGE that allows sharia law to supersede US law need to be disbarred for violation of the oath.

  • Jeff Karas

    ONLY American law in America. That should be self evident. There’s also the separation of church and state. But if a third line of defense against Sharia and/or other religious ‘rituals’ is necessary to ensure that the Constitution is sacrosanct, so be it. In matters of jurisprudence, let not a single Muslim foot get inside our collective American door!

  • therealworld

    There’s another reason I live in Texas

  • therealworld

    Sharia law and those who practice it should be Exterminated…


    What ever happened to ”when in Rome do as the Romans”?–&–Ignorance of the law is no excuse?

  • coconuisse

    Now if only the Federal government would pass such a law………….

  • Ron haymaker

    39 more states to go!

  • john4637

    I do not think that the 1st amendment protects barbarisim. If Islam cannot exist without Sharia law then the Muslims should all return to the Middle East where Sharia was incepted and accepted by the morons that would let themselves be subjected to that corrupt insanitity!

  • Randy

    This is the United States. We have a Constitution by which our country is governed. There is no other law so why do we have to argue this and go to court to make it a ‘law”? Sharia law is out of the what, 5th century. Has no place in modern society.

  • Eileen Jones

    When you become part of another country it should be with the knowledge of obeying the laws of that land or go home !

  • Franie

    Is it ANY WONDER that CAIR would vehemently oppose the ALAC??? CAIR is the insidious terrorist muslim brotherhood organization in our country with the goal of bringing our country down on its knees ultimately with shariah law. Any judge in any court in our country that sides with ANY FORM of shariah law, should immediately be disbarred and brought up on charges of insurgency against the Constitution and the laws that govern this country!!

  • amarlie

    I’m amazed that there should be such a discussion in the first place. Insane!

  • Dondh


  • Larry Cowden

    There is no room for Sharia or those islamics demanding and supporting that cult.

  • josephj23

    Should defenately include Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as all of the United States.

  • Trevor

    Not often Texas legislators get it right, but this time they have.

  • Brent

    Amazing this law even needs passage.
    It should be a given…welcome to America, our laws apply here.

  • Morgan_Said

    Sharia is NOT a religion (with religious freedoms). It is a Politic AND it goes against the Constitution! It should be prosecuted wherever it is applied in conflict– TO THE FULL EXTENT.

  • Elizabeth Westra

    When any immigrants come to our country they should abide by our laws. Any attempt to have their religious laws supersede our laws should be against the law. Our judges should always abide by American laws. That’s what they are there for. Muslim sharia law is anti-American and anti-women and shouldn’t even be considered by our judges.

  • Karen Redd

    I’m damn proud of Arkansas- WAY TO GO!

  • Larry Forssell

    What is f….. wrong with us letting any foreign laws into are country’s courts . If you are the USA you go by US law’s , not your country’s laws . If you don’t like it then go back to your own country.

  • aTilter


  • Eliot Schickler

    All 50 states should ban sharia law!

  • Junior Sampals

    Before condemning Sharia Law, remember that it in many cases Sharia allows a husband to divorce his wife by standing in his own front yard and saying “I divorce you” three times followed by throwing a small stone.

  • Gray_Doug

    Thank you, Texas.

  • Barbara Lewis

    This is just another case of foreign policy trying to get it’s foothold in the door. I am SO GLAD TEXAS didn’t cave in to the powers that be. Sharia law is so stupid when you are allowed to kill someone because of free speech. SO STUPID, I don’t care who you are. You come to America you abide by AMERICAN LAWS, DON’T BRING YOUR LAWS HERE. If we go to your country we have to abide by your laws. Don’t feed me that bull crap.

  • Daniel W


  • Roy Veteto

    i wonder how liberals will try to appease everybody ? islam degrades women and planned parenthood was created to eliminate non whites

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    A small first step. To be truly safe and secure outlaw the political system masquerading as a religion called islam.

  • RockinOn

    If it ain’t in the constitution and does NOT align with American Folkways, Morays and Laws, it is outta here ! No Admittance whatsoever ban it and prevent the vermin from bringing their cultural mutilations and abuses far from these shores, if they want to live that way send em back to their own country ASAP !

  • Beachlover17

    Is Texas the only state that has the cahunas to stand up to these people? Why do we let them come over here and try to change OUR laws to suit them? When they come to the USA they need to accept our standards or go home. It’s time that the real citizens stand up for our country while we still have it. GROW A PAIR AMERICA. LET THEM KNOW IT’S OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY AND IF THEY DON’T LIKE IT THEY CAN LEAVE, AND PLEASE TAKE THE HOLLYWOOD ELITE WITH YOU.

  • off the hook

    Not only Sharia law ! Islam is a a Theocratic form of Government Worldwide, that demands allegiance to it’s Politics, (LAWS), Religion, and Culture!! When an ISLAMIC accepts His/Her AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP the ISLAMIC swore THEIR ALLEGIANCE to AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, and were required to disavow any former form of LAWS, POLITIC AND LEGAL GOVERNANCE OF ISLAM, If that oath is violated, they have made ”A SWORN FALSE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE” ! PERIOD !

  • Mark Stern

    Come on Oregon grow some Balls and join the other 13 states !

  • armydadtexas

    Good! Commons sense once again being used to stop tyranny in the Great State of Texas.

  • William Anderson

    Just another way for lawyers to make money.Let’s say 2 people are living in Germany separate and a German court issues a custody order. One iof them moves to the US and Texas. Now the loser in the German court files for custody and says that the German court didnt follow the US Constitution in making the decision. Now eachside gets 2 lawyers one to fight custody, the other to fight whether German lawis in compliance with US Constitution. Same with Mexico, Israel, Canada, Trinidad, etc. Also for Muslim countries where you would have to priove what the law is-Indonesia, Jordan, etc. Lawyers win!

  • Stephen Griffith

    Thank The Good Lord God Almighty some sane thinking at last!!!! Praise the Good Lord for Texas standing up for American Law & Order & Justice!!!! If these folks want their Sharia Law!! then do not come to Our Country & try tell us how to live, thank you very much. Sharia Law is not what our ForeFathers Bleed & died for, I believe In God We Trust, if they don’t like it , they can leave!!!!!

  • Patrick Dougherty

    C.A.I.R. IS a Terrorist orginization funding such radical Muslim threads throughout the country. No Sharia should be allowed in America, as it was ammended in the Constitution in 1959 for it to be banned. These new call have already been decided, and anyone who brings it up again, should be asked for their papers, and legal or not, DEPORTED!

  • 1mikejanz1

    Sharia law has no place in America, if these clowns want to practice it, they should go back to their goats in the countries they came from!
    The only thing wrong with the Texas law is that we shouldn’t have to pass laws banning it, it goes against every thing in our Constitution!

  • Houtex77

    Anyone who refuses to assimilate should leave immediately.

  • Crazy Barry

    Why ban sharia laws? I’ll bet that Nancy Pelosi, Elisabeth Warren and Maxine Waters would be the first ones to line up for a female circumcision procedure. Wouldn’t they?

  • Benjamin Michel

    It is time that TRUMP got it passed so that there is no sharia law in the USA and that that law will stand foe ever !!

  • Juanita

    The Muslim takeover approach is to start small and then expand. Right now the approach is just “let us apply it in domestic situations.” It will not stop there. Probably the next would be “let us apply it to our private business transactions.” On an on it will go until, if allowed US law would be replaced by Sharia law. Texas and the other states are doing the right thing by not allowing them to get a foot in the door.