Texas Gov. Deploys Nat’l Guard as 45,000 Illegals Cross in June

‘Our health care system and schools are stretched to the breaking point…’

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Greg Abbott/Photo by Gage Skidmore

(Brian Freimuth, Liberty Headlines) Over the past three weeks, at least 45,000 illegal aliens, arriving from 52 different countries, have come into the United States through Texas.

In response to this spike, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has deployed 1,000 Texas National Guard Troops to assist the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection efforts to stop illegals from crossing the border.

“The crisis at our southern border is unlike anything we’ve witnessed before and has put an enormous strain on the existing resources we have in place,” Abbott said.

“With the deployment of these troops, we are taking action to confront the crisis at the border and keep potentially dangerous criminals and illegal activity out of our communities,” he said. “By working together with our federal partners, we will continue to pursue a strong and comprehensive strategy to secure our border.”


The 1,000 Texas National Guard Troops will assist the DHS in establishing temporary holding facilities for illegal adults entering the country and will be posted at vulnerable points of entry along the border.

The large influx has burdened the communities within the state of Texas in recent months. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said if illegal border crossings continued at the current rate, more than 1 million illegals will have passed through Texas by the end of this year.

“Our health care system and schools are stretched to the breaking point, and cost increases on everything from temporary shelter and policing to street cleaning have been astronomical,” Patrick said. “… [W]e must work with our federal partners and act now.”

The federal government will cover all the costs associated with the reinforcements sent by the National Guard.

Since Abbott took office in 2015,Texas has spent $3 billion dollars to secure the border and has sent 500 Texas Department of Public Safety troops to the assist with the illegal immigration crisis.