TERRORISTS OR STREET GANG? Radicals, Unions Egg on Antifa Thugs

(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) A backlash is growing against the radical-Leftist “Antifa” movement, but the question remains whether authorities will actually use effective force against Antifa’s violence.

TERRORISTS OR STREET GANG? Radicals, Unions Egg on Antifa Thugs

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The backlash grows even as Antifa finds allies in the official U.S. labor movement and as Antifa’s ideological cousins abroad run rampant in places like Greece. Increasingly, observers across the non-radical political spectrum – even liberal former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – are beginning to see Antifa not as truly “anti-fascist,” but rather anti-civilization itself.

National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote this week that it’s too early to call Antifa “an actual terrorist organization,” and his NR colleague Andy McCarthy, a celebrated former federal prosecutor, explains the legal reasoning behind the hesitance. Still both say there is good reason to consider Antifa’s goons to be in many ways akin to terrorists – and Politico reported Sept. 1 that even the Obama Department of Homeland Security and FBI had formally classified Antifa’s tactics as “domestic terrorist violence.”

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Politico quoted a “senior law enforcement official” who works against domestic terrorists saying “These antifa guys were showing up with weapons, shields and bike helmets and just beating the s*** out of people. … They’re using Molotov cocktails, they’re starting fires, they’re throwing bombs and smashing windows.”

The “terrorist” label is fraught with legal complications, but there could be a serious and very practical effort to label the group as a “street gang” – a designation which, according to the Los Angeles Times, “could give law enforcement new tools to combat the groups. Numerous laws on the books give authorities the power to restrict the movements of gang members and enhance criminal charges against them.” For example, “gang enhancements can add two to 15 years to a criminal sentence for people convicted of committing a crime in concert with gang activity.”

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Various jurisdictions in California are considering just such a designation, and even the mayor of the infamously liberal town of Berkeley said he thinks Antifa should be handled like a gang. The biggest drawback, reported the Times, is that Antifa at least pretends to have no official organizational structure, but rather to be merely a “loose network of individuals.” (They do, however, have national “conventions.”) Its adherents make it further difficult to identify them as a gang because they make it hard to identify them even as individuals: So many of them cover their faces, and dress in black, that they in some ways emulate the early “Islamic State” in their promotion of fear and mystery about their identities.

Liberty Headlines already has noted the rise of liberal intellectual recognition that Antifa is dangerous, with Peter Beinart at The Atlantic leading the charge with a long analysis in the magazine’s September issue. But more radical magazines, such as Mother Jones and The Nation, are egging on the thugs. That’s why it’s so important that even Pelosi and the Berkeley mayor reject the radicals and understand, and want to crack down on, Antifa’s thuggishness. And with the Washington Post and others accurately reporting the group’s brutality, there is more “mainstream” acceptance of “crackdown” moves against Antifa of the sorts earlier this year adopted by the FBI and the New York Police Department.

The crackdown may be especially needed if labor unions and other nominally “respectable” organizations start backing Antifa. That’s what is happening in the famous City by the Bay: The San Francisco Bay Area branch of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) effectively joined the “anti-fascist” legions – along with “union electricians and teachers” – to “occupy” Alamo Park and keep right-wing groups from holding a rally there.

On Sept. 1, the Daily Caller likewise reported that unionized school teachers in some places are among those behind Antifa.

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Meanwhile, Antifa has international counterparts (sometimes calling themselves “anarchists”) who deface or destroy property, and even historical artifacts, in Europe and elsewhere. On Tuesday, conservative public-relations executive and columnist Ellen Carmichael posted on Facebook this note (among many compliments) about Greece: “Antifa is an evil organization. Look around Greece, and you’ll see ancient monuments and gorgeous old buildings they’ve destroyed. People, especially the elderly, live in fear of them. It’s a sign of things to come in the U.S., and we better get ready.”

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  • Naval Lint

    If they are wearing masks while committing crimes, they are TERRORISTS and may be killed on sight.
    If some masked thug attempts violence on me or my family, I GUARANTEE this result.

    • JWH (NRA LIFE)

      I totally agree with you and your response methods!! If law enforcement and the government takes care of this matter and these THUGS, the Citizens of this country will do so!!! I remain “LOCKED AND LOADED” if a situation may occur in my home area at any time!!! Let blood flow in the streets if needed!!!

    • Flyby

      The conservatives need to arrange their protests late in the evening in a few southern states where the footing will be a bit more equal. Having a few hundred good ol’ boys around to handle any problems since the police are with antifa would be copacetic.

      • HandyDan

        Police in South Carolina will NEVER put up with Antifa! Don’t know where you live, but they won’t tolerate them here!

        • You didn’t understand a word I said. What I meant was that instead of having the protests during the day were antifa can gang up on them, they should schedule them at night in Alabama or Georgia so if conservatives have a problem with antifa we’d have a few friends close by. In N.C. the cops just walked away from the fight and said “we don’t want to get into this” or some BS just like it.

  • Ken

    Anyone remember “The Battle in Seattle” the “demonstrations” surrounding the WTO conference in1999? The “anarchists” were in town in force, dressed in all black and covering their faces. The police said that most of them had come up from Portland. But back then I only remember them doing property damage. Looks like they may be upping their game. They should be advised though that my AARP card says armed and really pissed!

    • Cliona

      I completely agree Ken and I remember “The Battle in Seattle quite well. I too think they are upping their game. The path our country seems to be on is not a place we want to go.

      • HandyDan

        Only a very small portion is headed in the direction of which you speak. NOT the whole Country!


      Some are Communist and some are Anarchist. ANTIFA is a well funded and Dangerous Ideoligy and Patriots like yourself and I need to demand they be stopped by any means necessary. ANTIFA is spreading throughout our country into our colleges and universities like Cancer with a purpose, destroy America as we know it…

  • jcrawdad

    TERRORISTS OR STREET GANG? Radicals, Unions Egg on Antifa Thugs

    Send the Recipients of the Title to GITMO To serve their time .

    • kep

      Personally, I think liberals should be deported or jailed as terrorists.

  • Bill Harrison

    And liberal Mayor and college Administration tell the police to back down and allow the violent that ANTIFA uses and then blame ANTIFA victims for the violence.

  • John doe

    Terrorists no question about it

  • Robert

    Find out who funds the punks and confiscate there money and property and hand them a 20 yr. Prison term.

    • Stash Holly

      We know, it is the Communist George Soros who pays for this violence. He is not a natural born American, he is Hungarian by birth and we need to strip him of his US identity, charge him with Treason and then send him to Russia where he is wanted on criminal charges. His fine, every damn dollar he has.

      • Don Lindsey

        The Russians know what to do with him! His sons are just as bad, It will be business as usual if they are not brought down at the same time!


      That would be George Soros and Barrack Obama!

  • Cliona

    When you show up at a peaceful protest march wearing helmets and carrying baseball bats then you came for one reason and one reason only. They are an embarrassment to our country and the Democratic Party. I have great many friends who are Democrats and they all tell me they are shocked and ashamed of this behavior. We attend church together and they in no way support this violence. We discuss politics a lot and we all vote the same way – for the most qualified candidate who can do the best job for everyone – not the party. We all support the Federal Govt putting a stop to this disgusting and vile behavior and are very fearful of what is going to happen to our country if it is not taken care of. Most of us have concealed carry permits and we all own firearms. We know how to use them!

  • mioahu

    Put the thugs in jail. Liberals are waking up to the leftist anarchist monster their rhetoric has create. Thanks CNN , MSNBC, leftist politicians and college professors, for promoting anti-american fascist values.

  • There is no doubt to common sense conservatives that ANTIFA is a huge threat. But the liberal college professors need to be stamped out as well. They are the source of the problem.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    a can of liter fluid like you use in a zippo , make like your on there side of the march , douse a few of them a little at a time it is light wight so they well not even know it is on them a few of us could put a can on some of them , all you would have to do is light one of them on fire when his buddies run over to help they two well catch fire them self’s .

  • RealAmerican407

    Malcontents and anarchists who still can’t cope with Trump’s win. It was never about statues, flags or fascism. Who do they think they are kidding?

  • Paula McCann

    The FBI , home land security and all law enforcement…need to stop Antifa…domestic terrorist group…Causing mayhem destroying America’s monuments..Nancy Pelosi needs to get DOJ do something about Antiga.

    • nocbsfan

      Why do you think Nancy Pelosi is the Key to making the DOJ go to work ????

  • pedro

    Getting rid of the scum that is Antifa and BLM requires getting rid of the money behind them. Soros needs to go…one way or another.

    • Rick3

      You nailed it

  • chris VN

    Are they waiting for a few more to die before they doing anything about antifa???, BLM are also just as bad, but of course because they’re black, nothing will happen there.

    • libsrtheh8ters

      BLM followers have murdered light skinned people & cops all over the country & Barack Obama invited their leaders to the White House.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Antifa and some early unions are a lot alike. Now days though they(unions)just take money from those who EARN it and do as they please. Well I guess they are still alike. Both like LIBERALS do IGNORANT thinks like passing bills without reading them or worse yet before they are written. The unions see these TERRORISTS as potential members and the Democrats see them as voters and money via donations both from their(Antifa) pocket and the Union coffers which these TERRORISTS will join after they get out of school or drop out which is more likely to happen. The Antifa TERRORISTS see the LIBERALS as a source of money so they don’t have to work and the Unions as another source since they are funding their TERRORISM. So they all want money that they don’t work for.

    • libsrtheh8ters

      The Democrats/leftist billionaire cabal fund & organize these pukes. It is not in any way, shape or form a grassroots movement. They are EMPLOYEES of Soros.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    If Antifa isn’t careful, There may be an OPEN SEASON on them!

    • will

      The law will protect them till they become to big. The sooner the conflict begins the better

    • libsrtheh8ters

      The PRETENSE that the left is actually turning on what they carefully created, fund & organize is a fallacy. Nothing will be done to curb their terrorism & their goal is to goad conservatives into either violence or pushing for government intervention, both of which are exactly what they want. Touch one of these cowardly little bi t ches & you will go to jail, that is how they beat down & silence you.

    • JWH (NRA LIFE)

      As well as BLM and its followers that riot and attack other property and citizens at any time!!!

      • Henry Gregg Nash

        Not at my house!

  • libsrtheh8ters

    The Berkley mayor told his police force to stand down, on multiple occasions, claiming that allowing 500 antifa LEFT WING DOMESTIC TERRORISTS to riot & beat the he ll out of innocent people was the “safest” option. Nancy Pelosi HIGHLY PRAISED these terrorist scum when it was to her political advantage to do so. Antifa is right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook & the leftist elite created them, funds them & organizes them. Soros has used the same tactics all over the world to great success. The U.S. is the last holdout, the leftist, communist scum have the rest of the world under their control. A Clinton presidency was going to be the final push into overt socialism. Not that the Republicans have any intention of ruining that plan.

    • JWH (NRA LIFE)

      Let’s review your last sentence after the next several years!!

  • Concerned

    This is the start of the islamic brotherhood infiltrating our country through violence. They are terrorists.

  • DeadToad

    For the most part I would say the police sit on their side. Law enforcement does little to stop them even though they know they’re committing crimes. These criminal stand strongly against free speech they try and stop it wherever they find it. They’re not Americans their enemies to our constitution and should be put down like the animals they are.

    • Susanne

      Eight years ago I remember reading about how Obama was creating his own brown shirt police. When I watched the police stand down at these violent rallies and protests, and saw them just stand there (at the taxpayer’s expense) and not protect the GOOD PEOPLE, it then occurred to me, these are Obama’s Brown Shirts. Not all of our police are Brown Shirts but the ones in these videos I have seen certainly are. Also remember back about three or four summers ago when all those illegals were coming into our country through Texas and Arizona? ICE was told to allow them to come through and not stop them? Thousands of them were coming over, mostly young men, not many women and children. They tried to relocate these people into our communities but I believe it was Murrietta that the residents stood up and made a fuss and they put those illegals back on the bus and we never heard where they ended up. Over the years I have thought about it and I would not be surprised if these illegals were brought to camps and trained to ONE DAY fight against us the citizens of this country. Why do you think the Liberals are fighting so hard to allow illegals to stay in our country? Why do you think the LIberals have tried so hard to take away our guns? An unarmed society is much easier to control. AMERICA HAS BEEN TAKEN HOSTAGE BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT !!!! Wake up people and smell the evil filth that the Liberals have brought to our shores.

      • DeadToad

        I was at the Trump rally in San Jose California. When we got out of the rally the police directed us right into rioting protesters. We had no choice the police look like an armed military militia until you got into the rioting protesters where there were no police at all. They just stood by and watched.

        • Susanne

          I have heard that before from other people. Sad to think we are under attack by our own government. The Beatle’s song revolution comes to mind when I hear this garbage. Stay safe 🇺🇸


    They are Cowards that wear masks ELIMINATE these TERRORISTS THE USA needs to have an open season on them and offer a Large Reward

  • Rick3

    WARNING: Wearing black clothing and masking your face while committing violence WILL BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH.
    Patriots: Lock & Load – the revolution is at hand if society continues to tolerate the leftists Saul Alinskys and George Soros. Study the American Revolution and the Tories (your liberal neighbors) and how Tories were handled by the revolutionaries – one shot one kill

  • Rick3

    If you donated to MoveOn.org or its subordinate organizations then you are supporting these domestic terrorists and you deserve nothing less than deportation to North Korea, where you will be welcomed – to begin working in their gulags you Gruber libertirds