Teen Sues Parents for Not Allowing Gender Reassignment Surgery

(Cincinnati.com) A Hamilton County judge will decide whether a transgender boy whose parents, according to court documents, want “Christian-based” therapy for him can receive treatment at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Teen Boy Sues Christian Parents for Not Allowing Gender Reassignment Surgery

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Facebook)

The 16-year-old wants to transition in gender, but court documents say his parents have denied he is transgender, have refused services from Children’s Hospital and at one point refused to allow him to change his “appearance to a male look.”

The teen has reported that he was once forced to sit in a room and listen to Bible scriptures for more than six hours at a time, the documents say.

The case is in Hamilton County Juvenile Court. County social workers are asking a visiting judge, Sylvia Hendon, to order treatment for the teen at Children’s Hospital.

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In court Tuesday, attorneys for all parties asked the courtroom to be closed to the media. Hendon granted that request. But before the courtroom was closed, an attorney for the parents, Karen Brinkman, said there are allegations in the complaint that are not true.

The hearing is scheduled to continue Thursday.

Early this year, Hamilton County Job and Family Services filed a complaint, seeking temporary custody of the teen. That was granted, and he was placed with his grandparents.

The teen, according to the complaint, at one point was seeing a therapist through Children’s Hospital. But that therapy was stopped early last year by his parents, the complaint says…

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  • bill14729 .

    If he can sue them at 14 then they should have the right to throw him out of the house also who’s paying for this surgery the Tax payers, I say BS and This BS has to Stop

    • slk5

      as long as he/she/it pays for the mistake, i’ll cut it off myself…someone please supply hedge shears!!!

      • Nina

        Maybe you can reuse it on the next moron that insists she’s a guy!! Hmm you may have a little business going here! 😂

        • just care

          Pass the needle and thread.
          pee pees “r” us .

      • If your going to do something, use the right tools. Sawzall please, and the mini blow torch to cauterize the excision area.

        • slk5

          thank you!!!

    • Tasine

      In my view, the state takes the child away from the parents, the state OWNS all of his expenses – not the parents, not the grandparents, and definitely NOT THE TAXPAYERS.

      You know, the left is determined to see THEIR love and kindness (abortions, child endangerment, hatred toward all unlike them), etc, but they are NEVER WILLING TO FOOT THE BILL…..they demand all of us who oppose what THEY start to PAY THEIR BILLS THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN TO START WITH. Time to either live free of government OR accept servitude to it……I vote for freedom from government. My life is MINE and I will live it as I choose while harming NO ONE.

      • Kenn Talbot

        I agree with you in principle, but unless the state owns race horses has a part-time job or won a lottery somewhere, tax payers are the only source of funding. The “patient” is responsible for all expenses for elective surgery. If he can’t afford it, he has to wait until he can, or else go see slk5 for pro-bone disfigurement.

        • Tasine

          The idiots in Congress who are responsible for the state’s money should be the very ones funding from their own personal income the stupidity of their decisions…..such as in this case.

          • Kenn Talbot

            Agree 100% with that.

        • David Silbernagel

          I want the individuals in the human health department who are helping this boy including the judge to pay for this out of their own pocket. If the boy has problems down the road then they would also be responsible for his care expenses

          • Stephen Porcari

            I generaly agree with you David, please consider the following change: ” if the boy” should be replaced with “when the boy”

      • Fed up!

        BS the state is us tax payers, I am not paying my hard earned money to pay for deranged 14 year olds and dead beats
        This stealing of our money has got to stop NOW!!!

        • Jim

          The story says sixteen, not fourteen.

      • Miss Mellie

        News flash: the “state” has no money that it doesn’t confiscate from tax-payers in the form of taxes; so if the state pays, it is the taxpayers.

      • mary murphy

        Just remember who pays the state’s bills. As I understand it, the taxpayers, you and I, pay the state’s bills. So if that’s the case, wouldn’t this surgery ultimately be paid for by you and I? Just wonderin’.

        • Tasine

          See my reply to old guy

      • ctroop

        Tasine … I agree! Except I WILL harm anyone who intends to harm me and mine.

    • Fed up!

      If the government is going to continue to fund non government essential cost, tax payers have the right to stop paying taxes for illegal non constitutional spending. As far as parental rights, have the physical or tormented their child, then the courts have no right to intervene.
      Just because they say no to the child, yes child, not 18 yet, that’s parents right. Hey I always told my kids, the minute you turn 18, you make your own decisions under your roof, you still under mine, rules don’t change. Got four upstanding Adults.

      • PCS

        EXACTLY !!!!!!!

    • Jim

      Where does it say fourteen, it say sixteen.

  • baitmando

    Liberals are on gigantic cesspool, supporting their hideous natures by all manner of sick agendas. the transsexual one just the latest. to allow a 16 yr old to make such a decision is not just absurd, but totally sick.

    • ted towny

      Just another one of Liberal tribes they take in, VICTIMS, yah right.

  • Daniel C Driver

    This brat needs a royal spanking. These backwards judges and so-called children services need to stay out of family issues.

    • Jerryb53

      It’s too late for that. They need the spankings when they are 5 years old.

    • slk5

      if the parents didn’t pursade he/she/it, who did indoctrinate!!!

      • Gregg Parker

        TV and public school…

      • ted towny

        Another snowflake!

  • Jerryb53

    I’m glad I’m 64 and not 10. I can just wonder what this Country will be like in 50 years. All this crap has happened ever since Obama was President. We saw how morals in this Country went down when Clinton was President.

    • Tasine

      Ditto, Jerry. I am 79 and quite pleased that I will not have to see the sewer our country is becoming, thanks to the brainless left and all amoral people, be they left or right. I see enough rot at present to not dread my death.

      • hankmacaw

        I resemble that remark.

    • ted towny

      You nailed it! The most ridiculous new wave ideas have all surfaced while Obama was in office, but everybody knows he did Larry Sinclair for a little coke treat and him and his buddy Rahm have had some serious encounters in his Old Chicago. Along with being a Muslim and a communist, what would you expect from a 1/2 black guy to play the full roll? Both his parents were communist and his daddy had lots of other little Barak’s running around too. It will take years of suffering for these idiots who were brainwashed by Progressive Socialist professors and teachers. Most will self destruct or possibly start a civil war in which they will lose!

      • Fed up!

        Civil War aka clean house of filthy

      • moma

        He is not half black, he is 50% white and 49% middle eastern and 1& black.

    • Larry Ciriacks

      Jerry, you are 100% right. Enough of this immoral idiocracy.

    • drantigmo

      50 years? This country wouldn’t go 10 years at this rate.

    • Fed up!

      Right behind you, I am not sure I would want to see it.

    • Forest Jackson

      It will no longer exist my friend. Destroyed by perverted Godless Liberals. The time is near. Whoa onto the one’s who mock God.

      • Jerryb53

        Maybe I was too optimistic with the 50 years. Our Country is like Sodom and Gemorha. God’s cleansing might happen before that. That’s why prayers are needed to Jesus and Mary to hold off on Jesus’s Chastizement until maybe we turn the corner. Trump is the last chance. He’s not perfect but if Hilary got in it would have been a mess.

  • Debbie

    Sick puppy

  • Harry Trawick

    Since when can a 16 year old sign for surgery? Are the parents required to pick up the tab for this voluntary surgery because I doubt insurance is going to pick up the tab?
    Watch some liberal (?) judge agree and make the parents pay the bill plus money for emotional injury. In many states a 16 year old can be Emancipated and the parents are no longer required to pick up the tab for their stupidity. Time to emancipate this child if Ohio has that choice available!

  • dgrant589

    I am lumberJack and Im ok I sleep all night and I work day.
    I cut down trees I wear high heels suspendees and a bra I wish I were a girly just like my dear papa…

  • jjmcl431

    Just cut off his head (the head above his neck, not the one below the belt) and that will end his problem.

  • Louie Rey

    At what point in our history (I don’t hear about this in any other country) did people begin to “realize” that they were not the gender they were born as? Was there a particular tipping point or incident when suddenly people said to themselves I’m not who I am? This is insane. To take it one step further, last night on Tucker Carlson’s show there was a “guy/gal/?” that not only claimed that he was transgender but, get a load of this, also “transracial!” Are you &#$^&&%# kidding me? He now “identifies” as Filipino because he “likes” their culture. Let me repeat myself, THE WORLD HAS GONE INSANE!!!

    • dgrant589

      The world has gone Trans Mental nothing more nothing less..

      • Louie Rey

        Last night on Tucker Carlson’s show there was a person (not sure what type) who not only claimed to be transgender (from what to what I have no idea) but also identified as “transracial!” This person said that he/she/it “preferred” the Filipino culture. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.;

    • Karen

      Well, there are rumors about a Michelle Obama, being ta tranny, lol! So I guess it started in Obama’s terms in office. Did you hear so much talk about it before then?

      • Louie Rey

        Come to think of it, no. I hear that Michael, oops, I mean Michelle night be running for the presidency in 2020. God help us if she ever even thinks about that. She, without a doubt, would represent the final nail in this country’s coffin because you know and I know that it would be Hussein calling the shots. How did that work out the first time around? I rest my case.

        • Fed up!

          Good then she can go down in flames and call all us Patriots racist 😂😂

          • Louie Rey

            I don’t mind being called the R word. However, what I’m referring to is Realist not Racist. Only the truth matters but there are too many who completely ignore the truth. In fact, that’s the definition of politically correct, saying or doing what’s accepted as opposed to what’s needed. To willfully ignore the truth is what’s gotten us into the mess we’re in.

      • Hoyt Sparks

        It is a known fact that Obummer is homosexual/communist/muslim/dope-head; his live-in partner is male; their “children” are adopted. There are plenty resources on line: CHECK THEM OUT!!!

      • PCS

        Can see the ‘bulge’ in YouTube videos.

      • Nubmaeme

        Sweden, and probably some other European countries, could do these operations back in the 50’s, but like abortions, they were not spoken of in polite company and the operation itself was extremely rare and probably not as sophisticated as they are today.

        In college, obutthead had a roommate named Michael. If you look at a picture of the “Obamas” on their “wedding day” – the one with them on a sofa – Michelle looks like a guy in drag. Just look at her/his? face. In later pictures of Michelle, especially from the back, her shoulders are broad and square like a man’s shoulders are, not like a woman’s. Makes one wonder.

    • Tasine

      Only a leftist who helped the world die would argue with you. Last days are, I believe, in process. Unless I am mistaken, the left has taken us to the brink, and then some, of how last days are defined, how the people act and react, etc. All who have not read the series of books, Left Behind, should do so for their own benefit.

      • Louie Rey

        The average shelf life of a society throughout history has been 200 years. The fact that we’re 241 years into ours only means that we’re ahead of the curve. However, it doesn’t GUARANTEE anything, let alone eternal existence. Yes, it sure looks like the end is near.

        • Fed up!

          Let’s us Patriots take to them anyway needed and if we go down at least we tried to save the Republic
          Even at my age, I sign up.

          • Louie Rey

            I admire your desire to keep America, you know, America. I think that you know and I know that a militia attack or military type coup is impossible in this country. What really bothers me is that there are so many people that aren’t intelligent enough to know what’s right and wrong as they walk into a voting booth. That’s the only way to save the republic but there doesn’t seem to be the same zeal ofr elections as there is for complacency. God help us.

        • Tasine

          I like to think that with age, experience, and history to guide nations, that we should be able to attain far more than the 41 years gained since the beginning. And we COULD if the sane did not ALWAYS allow the insane to lead.

  • Gregg Parker

    Cut it off and sew it to his forehead! Stupid @$$! Why play their Satanic ritual dark gender bender crap as if you really are someone else struggling to get out… you are a laughing stock to them… and to yourself…

    • Louie Rey

      That’s the ultimate unicorn!

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      Female wanting to be male. not the other way around…

      • Gregg Parker

        your restricting gender to male and female… you’re assuming female to male… carefull there…

        • Born Again Southern Pride

          I’m waiting for the alphabet gestapo to show up any minute…

          • Gregg Parker

            Lol! Classic!

  • Dan

    If he wants it cut off just go to a planned parenthood office where they would be more than happy to oblige him. They LOVE dismembering living things no matter the cost to the host.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      This is a female wanting to be male…
      “The 16-year-old wants to transition in gender, but court documents say his parents have denied he is transgender, have refused services from Children’s Hospital and at one point refused to allow him to change his “appearance to a male look.””
      The writer as well as others in their rush to be politically correct have already started calling her him.

      • Dan

        Typical, only partial information to get their story spread whether true or not.

      • ted towny

        And there is proof by many that this IS a SICKNESS! Maybe they need a lobotomy?

        • Nubmaeme

          No maybe about it, but I think a lobotomy would be too kind.

      • Hal Slusher

        Exactly how do you perform an addadicktomy

        • Fed up!

          Attach a pump, same as prostrate cancer males Seriously

          • Hal Slusher

            How do you connect nerves to a lump of flesh

        • Born Again Southern Pride

          first go to the deli…

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    This is a young female wanting to be male, that is why they are calling her he. It is sad that this young person is so broken that they think they need to “change” to be happy.

    • David Carpenter

      What’s even sadder Is the fact that even after their ‘change’ and new found ‘happiness’, a large percentage of these folks still end up a victim of suicide.

    • omikehawk

      Actually, the lead in on the main page said that the boy was suing because his parents wouldn’t let him lop off his frankenfurter!

      • Born Again Southern Pride

        This is a female wanting to be male…
        “The 16-year-old wants to transition in gender, but court documents say his parents have denied he is transgender, have refused services from Children’s Hospital and at one point refused to allow him to change his “appearance to a male look.””
        The writer as well as others in their rush to be politically correct have already started calling her him.

  • Jmanjo

    The whole world got worse when the liberals were allowed into office! It is difficult to tell which Clinton is worse than the other. We also know that both Obamas are misfits and need to be exiled from our shores. BTW, if Obama is going from country to country trying to influence those governments he is guilty of breaking the Logan Act more so than anyone any of us know! He should be locked up!

    • Jeffrey Nall Barnard

      And he is now pursuing Secretary General of the U.N. – God forbid!

      • Fed up!

        Now there a commie organization that needs to be blow to pieces. They anti-America

    • Fed up!

      Or shot for treason

  • Tony B

    Better solution would be to get to the bottom of what confused this young individual in the first place and fix that problem. Seems to be an epidemic in this society today. God help us!

    • PCS

      All this BS is promoted in our schools by insane lib ‘educators’. They plant the seed in the kid’s minds and the weak minded take it to heart.

  • Hal Slusher

    Upside the idiot wont reproduce

    • Fed up!

      That’s true.

  • D L

    I’m so confused. Reading this story and the source story didn’t help to clarify the story. That being said ( and true), this poor teen who is confused about their sexual identity needs psychiatric help to guide him/ her/ it out of it’s confusion. We don’t allow teens to vote – gay a tattoo -buy alcohol – or even buy a handgun > why would we even consider allowing a teen to decide to have life altering voluntary surgery? Even if this surgery were allowed who would pay for it?. The best policy would be to send the teen to psychiatric therapy until they are able to cope. When the teen reaches the age of majority, is living on their own, if they still feel they need the surgery (and can pay for it) then and only then should this individual be allowed to have the surgery.

  • omikehawk

    What kind of scumbag lawyer would take a case like this, and where does a 16 year old get the dough for a lawyer? This type of case involving a minor, should never have been allowed to proceed to begin with!

    • Doug

      don’t worry there’s is an activist liberal in his pocket…

  • Al Chemist

    There is no way that this male will ever be a female if he has his “goods” removed. The proper name is not Transvestite or Transgender, it is Eunuch. In the same way, an anadicktamy operation will not change a female to a male. Note that all this perversion did not rear it ugly head until the liberals were in control for a number of years. My prediction (unless the Conservatives are able to bring things under control): “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

  • Corinne Simpson

    Ship him off to Iraq or Iran. They’ll be happy to do the surgery for him. Of course, it will be a little higher…like the neck.

  • Jerry Hughes

    The county is doing this?
    Civil war on the way

  • Someone should sue the lib who taught the boy to want this.

    • OldSilk

      Hillary has been getting away with her nonsense for decades. Do you think this nonsense that she started 25 years ago will be any different?

      • We have a new Sheriff in town and yes… I believe the lawless Hillary Clinton’s days of free passes are about to come to an abrupt END.

        • OldSilk

          We hope.

  • J G Frakes

    No child has a right to do anything harmful to him/herself while the child is under the age of majority. This transgender mental disorder is a side effect from all of the horrible indoctrination they receive in school, and t.v.. pharmaceuticals arent doing our children any good either, between the adhd drugs, the mood altering depression drugs etc.

  • drantigmo

    I say let him cut it off. The less chance of him reproducing the better. We don’t need more of the same; Monsanto and DuPont and the oil industry is busy cranking them out by the millions. Your kids too.

    • brooksmd

      Yep, chop it off and also let girls become boys if they want. Like you said, at least they’ll not be able to reproduce.

  • Rita

    Teenagers do not have the mental capacity to decide this for themselves. Until a “child” is 18 years old, the state holds the parents responsible for that child’s welfare. Not to mention that the human brain is not fully developed until age 25. This type of decision can only be made by responsible parents and the state and the courts should butt out.

  • Benton Marder

    The kid can wait until he is of legal age—and pay for it himself. By the way, what will he do with the pecker after the chop-chop? Have a taxidermist mount it to hang over his/her bed?

  • jgfsmf

    Emancipate yourself, wait till you’re an adult and pay for it yourself. It should never be done to a child anyway.


    Give him a KNIFE and say go for it Tinkerbelle !

  • John

    I hope they are paying for his mental help even if it requires being committed.

  • Bernie

    Let’s see a show of hands.
    How many think this kid’s a real schmuck?

  • PCS

    In the ‘olden days’ a child was under TOTAL control of his parents until he was 18. we can all see how the new liberal way of raising kids has turned out. Promoting alt gender/sex change BS to kids in elementary school is crazy. Modern kids are not taught about how to handle DISAPPOINTMENTS in life. Now they are TAUGHT to be TRIGGERED about the most ridiculous things and seek a ‘safe space’. This is liberal insanity.

  • Bob19006

    Just more signs of the fall of the USA. Traditional moral absolutes are all eliminated and replaced by new absolutes. We have had our 1st President who rejects American exceptionalism (supporting human rights, and freedom around the world with no other country even being a close 2nd). Now we have a whole young generation living in that same extremist left alternate reality where the USA is not only not exceptional, but downright evil. We are lucky that the 99+% of the millions who have entered our country illegally are at least nominal Catholics who are not full of hate and supporting terrorism. If they were more like those entering Europe with no intention of assimilating or supporting a document like the US Constitution, we would be done as a country. Our founders said, we give you the US Constitution, a democratic republic, limited government, its up to future generations not to blow it! President Reagan said we are always just 1 generation away from possibly losing our liberty, every generation must be vigilant or it will be gone.

  • Ron S.

    Back in the day we butchered chickens in the fall of the year by “wringing their necks” or chopping them off. Can’t we do this for this young pervert and help him out?!!!

  • Duuuuuuuh

    Any idiot who want’s to have his willie chopped off should be allowed to..hell, just give him a K-Bar, a bottle of isopropyl and a band aid and tell him to shut up.
    Oh, does he also want Tupperware Boobs?

  • Fred_K

    Tell him to go get a butcher knife and take care of it himself. He probably does not have the balls to take it off himself. He should freeze it, so when he wants it back, he has one “in stock”.
    He is probably jealous of the type of attention females get, and thinks removing his male parts will automatically get him that type of attention.

  • Deplorable wizard

    This kid doesn’t need Christian based therapy, HE NEEDS SHOCK THERAPY! And the parents as well, along with his former therapists and anyone else that convinced the kid of his delusions.

    • Mark

      He needs to sincerely ask the Lord Jesus into his heart, so He can counsel him about his grievous error in considering this proceedure.

  • Kids these days! it’s going to make people stop and think before they have them,worrying about being sued for something like this!

  • Injeun

    What a weird story. America has become a freak show. And that’s not good.

  • Robert Wayne

    Why aren’t these insane people who don’t know what gender they are put in insane asylums? It’s obvious they’re not mentally normal and need psychiatric help.

  • Cat Woman

    He can get the surgery as soon as he is 18 and can pay for it himself.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    They lost me on this one , he she what ever is the teen a real boy that wants to become a girl ? or a real girl that wants to be a boy ?

  • Shelba Herring

    The parents should tell the judge that they do not object if he wants the surgery, but he has to be an adult because they do not want to be responsible for agreeing to something that he might regret later in life

  • Tasine

    Of course, and I was not clear…..when I say GOVERNMENT, I am truly referring solely to those working within the government, but NOT working for any taxpayers except those taxpayers who are paying them off. THEY are the responsible parties for monies spent, and we should be holding THEM responsible for wasting our hard earned money.

  • srw

    Problem solved…. just wait till 18. Then find someone who will pay for this operation plus all the medical care/ drugs for the rest of their lives. Should not be the taxpayers. Seems there has been a big reverse …. those that have or gone thru the change wish they had not. Their lives were better as gay or lisbian. Health a whole lot better.

  • Cincinnati has some “fine” neighborhoods. Kick the little dy** out for a day or two in one of it’s finest areas. She’ll come running home to mommy faster than you can say training bra.

  • Jesusprotectus

    They should have had an exorcism.