Teacher: Common Practice to Pass Students who Never Went to Class

(Zero Hedge) Teaching can be a thankless job.  Talk to almost any educator in the public school system and you’re bound to get a earful about grueling hours, disrespectful kids, infuriating bureaucracy and minimal pay.

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Photo by ThoseGuys119 (CC)

As such, it looks increasingly like the teachers in Baltimore’s public schools have decided to just stop teaching altogether and pass every student that walks through their doors.

In the latest installment of a growing scandal revealed by “Project Baltimore”, an investigative reporting initiative launched by Sinclair Broadcast group in March 2017 to examine Baltimore’s public school system, a teacher at Calverton Elementary/Middle in west Baltimore has come forward with proof that grade changing is not only common in his school district but explicitly encouraged by senior administrators…

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The message went on to say that any “averages below 60” should be “corrected” so that failing students could be pushed through the system.

“Good Morning people! (Secretary) is printing report cards so finally you can get cumes finished. Please double check end of year averages and make sure they are 60 and above, except our four retention candidates (2 elem and 2 grade 7). 

If you find any grade averages below 60, pkesss (sic) have (secretary) correct and give me a copy of those student names. Thanks!”

… Some students who pass, according to this educator, don’t even have grades because they’ve never showed up to class.

“There were students on my roster all year that I had never met, had never seen. On paper they passed my class and passed onto the next year.”

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  • MadDocG

    Gee…and we wonder why my students have trouble in college? Been teaching for 26 years now, and the change is more noticeable each year! And I’m down in Texas…it’s not just up east!!!!!

  • kenrmer

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  • brooksmd

    Our government indoctrination centers at work. Get your kids out of public schools and into private schools or home school.

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