Teacher Wears ‘Columbus Was a Murderer’ Shirt to School

‘If there was an ass of the year award, she’d win it!…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) A Detroit school teacher decided to celebrate Columbus Day by wearing a sweatshirt with “Columbus was a murderer” written across it.

The fifth grade teacher, Emma Howland-Bolton, wore the sweatshirt to “spark a discussion” about a well-known “fact,” according to WXYZ, a local ABC news affiliate.


Local residents, however, didn’t appreciate Howland-Bolton’s political statement.

“Not in the classroom! Keep your personal opinions. Teach what you’re paid to do,” wrote one user.

Another resident commented: “I’m so thankful I’m no longer in school and have to put up with the nonsense of educators using children as their personal political platform. She knew damn well this would be controversy NOT discussion. If there was an ass of the year award, she’d win it!”

Howland-Bolton said she doesn’t understand why her sweatshirt created a controversy because “it is a fact.”

A school administrator asked her not to wear the sweatshirt, Howland-Bolton said, arguing that the shirt was an “opinion,” and besides, sweatshirts aren’t even allowed in the school’s dress code.

Howland-Bolton wore it anyways and has not faced discipline for breaking the school’s rules.

Columbus Day has been attacked by leftists who argue the celebration of Christopher Columbus is a celebration of “racism” and “genocide.”

Several states have even changed the name of Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

The city of Austin, Texas passed such a resolution, arguing that “honoring the role of Columbus as a historical figure promotes values of intolerance and violence that are still common in today’s world and are opposed to the values of the citizens of Austin.”