Taxpayers pay IRS $3 billion in 2015 for Obamacare penalty

Internal Revenue Service photo

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(Washington Examiner) Taxpayers forked over $3 billion to the federal government in 2015 because they didn’t have health insurance, under Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty.

The Internal Revenue Service told Congress Monday that about 6.5 million taxpayers paid the penalty for not having insurance in 2015. The individual mandate, which forces people to have insurance, would be repealed under Republicans’ plan to gut the law.

The average payment made by a taxpayer was about $470 and the median payment about $330.

The mandate penalty for 2015 was $325 per adult and $162.50 per family or 2 percent of household income.

“The 6.5 million taxpayers who reported a payment is about 20 percent lower than the approximately 8 million taxpayers who reported a payment for tax year 2014,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in the letter to lawmakers.

The fee increased in 2016 and 2017 to $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of household income.

The Affordable Care Act has exemptions for paying the individual mandate for people who don’t earn enough income. Koskinen reported that 12.7 million taxpayers claimed one or more coverage exemptions…

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    The IRS is a FOREIGN corporation, we The American People have been deceived.

    • katherine cassell harvey

      Just think Obama needed to get billions to Iran to just sit at the negotiating table anything to take from americans and give tothe countries that hate us

  • Miguel Perez

    Liars are the Government

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      They lie about being legit government.

  • just care

    Gimme my money back!
    I live in Arizona, my insurance went fron $700. a month to $900. a month then up to $1800 a month and I can no longer afford it. Thanks Obama ! Now I have to pay a fee to NOT have insurance.

    • Brent

      The obozocare flaming death spiral.

      I really wish the Republicans would just repeal and NOT replace it. No matter what the Government does, it’ll be horrid expensive and reduce the health care industries overall ability to do it’s job.

      • PRINCE4EVER O(->

        No need to replace it, but they will meddle in it anyway. Let the truly free markets work it out!

        • Mike Jackson

          Get rid of that crap I don’t want to hear the name Obamacare crooked crap

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Don’t allow any deductions, as they can only keep your refund.

    • Kent2012

      the idiots like the morons in hollow woody do not believe that is happening..they believe the african…and that turboturd josh..

    • Alvis Jenkins

      just care : The Obamacare insurance is nothing less than Fraudcare. If you paid a penalty to the IRS for not having insurance it is because you are a member of the federal mafia as a taxpayer for federal tax purposes. The facts are this: The Constitution protects American’s from a direct tax which you have been unlawfully paying when you pay a tax on your income which is “not income”. The Government lies to American’s when they say this and that is made available by taxpayer’s. “just care” you need to read “Cracking the Code” by visiting and see that the income tax has no liability for anyone with the federal government, excluding non-federal persons. I have never had any health insurance and I’ve never received any requirement to have it by the federal government, and that is because I’m not a federal taxpayer.

  • BornAgainSouthernPride

    In reality the government cannot force you to pay for something that you dont get… BUT, corporate government can. Read and realize why…

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Yup, Corp. U.S. Inc. Trademarked (a private company)!

  • Lillyhammer Lip

    The so-called affordable care act (Obamacare) should be shoved up the collective orifices of all democrats along with Obama’s. It’s not good enough for for them to be required to be covered by it but the rest of us are. Legislation such as this continuously erodes American citizen’s freedoms. If it continues with pressure from the left/democrats/socialists/COMMUNISTS then we as citizens will be forced to take back OUR country through revolution. We have the moral and LEGAL responsibility to do this under our constitution.

  • Tomahawk

    Koskinen stares up at whale dung resting on the ocean floor.

  • needful

    land of the free and home of the brave!!!

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      Land of the Fee and Home of The Slave!!!!

  • Karma

    Funny thing about ocare b/s is that our government can not according to our laws/constitutions, enact legislation or laws for we the people that they (the govt) do not have to abide by themselves..they all know its b/s that is why they exempted themselves, illegally, from having to participate in the program..the authors and families of this b/s need be forced (like they are trying to do us) to rely on their own b/s program for healthcare for the rest of their lives….a better alternative to ocare b/s would be the regulation of all medical professions/providers, pharmaceutical makers, and insurance companies to insure against b/s overcharging in the name of big profits, which they all now do well with complete impunity with no thought to the american public…then, most could easily afford to go out, buy their own policy at an insurer they are comfortsble with, instead of being forced against our will to participate in their b/s…

  • temporary guest

    I was one of those who paid that tax. If I remember right, it was about 400 dollars … and it felt just like paying a tea tax to an English king.

  • Mike Jackson

    Obama IRS screwed us again Took advantage of us with that crooked Obama care

  • Indepthinker100

    I do agree that we should be able to compete for insurance across any state border.
    I think the 26 year old coverage should be reduced to 21 as well.
    A lot of things need to be revised in O Care. The deductibles have gone literally to the moon!

  • Mike Jackson

    I thought everybody had insurance not sound like it was rigged so obama could get payed