Tampa School District Weak in Response to LGBT Teacher’s Student Harassment

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) In a follow-up to a request by a legal advocacy group to protect students’ religious and political liberty from intimidation by a radical lesbian teacher, Hillsborough County (Fla.) school officials allegedly interrogated affected students without allowing them to inform their parents first.

Tampa School District Weak in Response to LGBT Teacher's Student Harassment

Valerie Chuchman & Lora Jane Riedas/Facebook

That’s according to Liberty Counsel, which is representing four students who were subject to alleged harassment and shaming by Lora Jane Riedas, a math teacher at Riverview High School. The legal group said district officials investigating Riedas’s behaviors called students into the office, forbade them from contacting their parents, required them to answer questions in interviews that were recorded, and allegedly claimed afterward “the investigation happened too fast to inform parents.”

Liberty Counsel called the schools’ investigation “pitiful” and “a whitewash.”

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Some of the charges against Riedas were initiated as the result of her efforts to promote a “Day of Silence” in April, organized by the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). She was also accused by three students, represented by Liberty Counsel, of requiring them to remove rosaries and Christian cross necklaces in her classroom. Another student claimed that Riedas and her “wife” Valerie Chuchman, a chemistry teacher at the school, on two separate occasions confiscated a Trump “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) cap from his hands in late 2016.

But according to a report in the Tampa Bay Times from earlier this month, Riedas said the results of the district’s investigation cleared her “100 percent.”

“I am just relieved, relaxed, for the first time in two weeks,” she told the newspaper.

Liberty Counsel disputes the district’s findings and that Riedas was properly investigated.

According to the letter from Hillsborough County Schools which Riedas said “cleared” her, she was informed on April 21 that she would be investigated. Students were brought in a week later, on April 28, to be interviewed, which belied the claim there wasn’t enough time to inform the students’ parents. Seven days later, on May 5, school officials conveyed the findings of their investigation to Riedas.

The letter stated that:

  • Students said Riedas asked the student with the MAGA hat to remove it from his head, because she does not allow any hats to be worn. The letter does not mention confiscation of the hat.
  • Some students said Riedas required cross necklaces to be removed; but the majority interviewed said she required those wearing rosary beads to remove them, because they could denote gang affiliation.
  • Riedas put stickers on students’ notebooks (apparently without their consent) but they didn’t not have the letters “LGBT” on them.
  • Riedas used her social media accounts to promote her LGBT and GLSEN agenda, but she claimed it was not during instructional time.
  • Riedas did not use her role as a student advisor the the GLSEN group “to coerce, force or encourage students to participate in Riverview’s Day of Silence.”

“The evidence obtained in the investigation does not support the allegations and established that there was no malicious intent on your part to intentionally harm, disparage or embarrass students,” wrote Mary Frances Ledo, general manager of professional standards for Hillsborough County Schools.

But Liberty Counsel says it gathered evidence that contradicted most, if not all, of those findings. According to the group’s refutation:

  • The student’s MAGA hat was confiscated while he was holding it, not wearing it, by Riedas — one month after Chuchman had similarly confiscated it and kept it in the school office for the entire period.
  • Riedas improperly banned both rosaries and crosses, telling students to “take it off or cover it up,” contrary to the school’s student handbook. Students wearing “substantially similar secular necklaces” were not told to cover up.
  • Letters, buttons, posters and other materials in Riedas’s classroom promote her LGBT advocacy.
  • The stickers placed on students’ folders were rainbow stickers denoting LGBT advocacy. “The only reasonable interpretation of Ms. Riedas’s rainbow notebook stickers, in the context of a classroom decorated with pro-LGBT political ideology…is that the stickers are pro-LGBT. In the classroom context of all her LGBT propaganda, it is obvious that the rainbow reflects her bullying of the students by forcing them to display her LGBT political message.”
  • Timestamps of Riedas’s Tweets and social media use, employing her political advocacy, were during school instructional hours.

Liberty Counsel also cited Riedas’s media interviews about her LGBT advocacy as evidence of her treatment of social and religiously conservative students.

“In other media, she has publicly accused the above students of ‘lying’ about her actions,” lawyers for Liberty Counsel wrote to the school system. “Students whom Ms. Riedas likes and agrees with are favored, while students whom she dislikes or disagrees with have their cross necklaces banned, their Trump hats taken, or are kicked out of class. Her activities are alienating students of faith or with conservative viewpoints, and are contributing to a substantial disruption of the learning environment.”

Liberty Counsel requested that Hillsborough schools take corrective measures on all its concerns regarding students’ and teachers’ religious liberty and free speech, or else face “further action” from the legal group.

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  • Naval Lint

    I’m not surprised by this, but I AM disappointed. After all, public “education” has pretty much been a bastion of liberalism for well over 3 decades. The programming WILL continue whether we wish it to or not.

    • MichaelH1836

      Exactly true! After spending over thirty years in the liberal ghetto (public education) I can attest to it.

    • Gym

      Perhaps a few of these commie ‘teachers’ should be taken out as an example. The left always speaks of harming if necessary and has killed 66 million children for money.

  • Stoney

    Stop threatening, sue.

  • Jaye Miller

    Tampa is a disturbing place; the city is like living in a Ghetto.

  • kabulgeorge

    Just because it is school doesn’t allow the administration to not have a parent or guardian or lawyer present when they are talking on the record which this appears to have happened. Oh yeah, cover the freak flag sticker with a MAGA sticker, Support Our Troops, MIA/POW stickers so they can see Riedas’s head explode like a Scanner sequel! Or better yet, after her ranting subsides say, ‘I will pray for your soul Ms. Riedas”.

    • 7LibertyForAll


    • Bandit

      How about some KIA stickers those would really make a tgbl persons head explode, those stickers show that you stand with those that were killed in the line of duty to the country.

  • Db

    Screw all these queers that think they can say or do as they please. The bible says that man will not lay with another man or beast. I say let’s line the queers up and stone them, lets start with obama and clinton.

    • Jim

      Oh yes I AGREE TOTALLY!!!! collecting stones already!!!!

  • Gerry Costa

    Just sue the school district, the superintendant, the school, the princple and the scum teacher and get on with it. Doesn’t sound to me that anything is going to change. This b***h is not an educator, she is a dirt bag.

    • kassa1

      It doesn’t do any good to sue the district because they have big money behind them, like Soros money and the builder berg money and your cohorts in the one world order collective. The one thing they do fear is repercussion and that is what needs to happen it needs to have the tables turned on them kind of like they’re attacking us with your black clothes freaks,that are completely brain-dead and one day will regret what they have done.

      • nocbsfan

        It doesn’t matter if they ever regret what they have done, as long as they realize what they have done, then have to live it.

        • john vieira

          Psychopaths DO NOT have a conscience…this is a mental shortcoming that allies them with the “Helter Skelter” consciousness ….

          • Sylvia Avila

            Yes, you are right! Evil liberals live for Evil only! Lost consciousness along time ago!

        • kassa1

          For them to regret what they have done would require them to have a conscience, and they have no conscience!

          • nocbsfan

            Hi Kass, thanks for your reply. I am actually agreeing with you, I don’t think they have a conscience, I was just being nasty nice about them. Democrats have become subhuman, in their thinking. Don’t believe I ever thought I would see the day, when people would develop so much hate simply because they lost an election. In every election someone has to lose. So there has to be some other reason. All I can see is the news media spreading such hate as never before seen in history. What is it, power, money, dictatorship by the press? Someone needs to find out why this is happening.McCain used to be one you could count on, bu t he has turned into a rino. So who do we go to now, and who can you trust, is there a senator available to count on. I for one can’t visualize any one of them with the courage to go up against the msm.

          • kassa1

            There are very few in Congress like Senator Tom Cotton but he is kind a like David fighting Goliath! The real reason is there train for the short term has been derailed as they had an agenda to cop wish one of which is I have heard a commentary on TV that said that the Bildabergs have all the chips made up for the people of the world and one of the start installing them in 2017, this is one of the major reasons. To some degree I think God is giving us a second chance but knowing how people are will blow it.

          • nocbsfan

            Actually Kassy, we are on a second chance. God removed evil man from the earth once before, and allowed them a second chance,after the flood of Noah”s day. I don’t think we are doing to well with it. Maybe a third chance will be a charm. One thing for sure the evil in mankind has certainly surfaced since the election of 2016. I should say incredibly evil. Uttering the words “I hate you” comes out of people so easy. Couples are being divorced,One loves Trump and the other hates him. How can this be, rough thing to understand.

          • kassa1

            Actually there are more who love tromp then hate him, unless you want to listen to the communist demonically controlled media and they would have you believe the other way around.

          • nocbsfan

            Of course you are right and it certainly a good thing, we need to increase it considerably

          • Sylvia Avila

            Right! Evil has taken hold! Dems have all gone mad!

    • Randy

      I hate to tell you Gerry but all across this nations around 84% of the Teachers are about the same as Riadas if not a Member of the LGBT what ever group or they are at least Flaming Liberals And under Common Core teaching are trying to Brainwash the Kids step by step in- to Good Little Liberals..

      • Maxine Albritton

        this is why my daughter and many others in this state homeschool. This state is a large homeschooling state. Potus Trump is promoting the rights of parents to use Christian schools and homeschools. Don’t worry about socialization. They have a co op where the homeschools meet one a week and have classes like in high school. Who goes to history, math, reading , anatomy, biology, and my grnaddaughter even took ballet. So no need to feel sorry for these kids.

        • Maxine Albritton

          PS. I was formally in my working days a school teacher. Things were different then but heading in this direction. It was small town too. My children got a pretty good education.

        • Mike

          When home schooling is done well it is a great way to be involved in your kids lives and see them progress. I admit I wish sometimes there were a few more controls because I have seen it done wonderfully and those kids thrive, but I have seen it where the parents have no business educating their child and the child is just stuck languishing. The coop idea is awesome and most large communities have them, but the parents doing a poor job probably will not utilize them.

          • Sylvia Avila

            Yes, home schooling is the way now! When I was going to school ( over 30yrs) Schools taught you the 3R! Now they are Indoctrinateing students? How did that happen? And why have some parents allowed it so happen? Time to take control over your child’s schooling!

        • Mike

          By the way it clearly sounds like your daughter is doing it the best way possible. Teach your kids what you know, not what you don’t because as you said you can get that if you look for it in your community or on the internet etc. I am not against public education, but the results of good home schooling speak for themselves.

          • Maxine Albritton

            my daughter has a degree from Fl. State (*she went Pre med) of course they don’t do it totally that way these days so her field was something like sports physiology or something like that but she took the organiz chemistry and all the good stuff. Her cousin because a Physicians assistant going two more years, but my daughter wanted to be a stay at home mother. So she is qualified to teach. I was a teacher and my husband an engineer.

          • Mike

            Even if she did not have those degrees which is awesome. You sound proud, as you should be, it sounds like she is doing the exact perfect job of homeschooling her children. She sounds like she is treating it as a job which is exactly how I wish all home school parents would take it. She is giving her kids knowledge in a safe environment and is making sure they receive all they need. Again thank you for that story because it is great to hear when home schooling is done correctly.

      • Sylvia Avila

        So I have heard! Time for Al! Conservatives to fight back! Get the trash out of schools!

    • Birdy_3_1_alpha


    • Harry Pearson

      It wouldn’t do any good to sue any of these groups/people since they are all backed by some very serious money. This is just another example of keep the people interested in something minor while we pull off something huge…in this case, get ready to see our economy in shambles and the dollar just a meaningless currency among all those of the world. Look for the IMF to step in to “help” with this next crises and end up issuing its SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) as the world’s Reserve Currency. Our economy will take the hit, while we’re kept busy with idiotic things like this obvious discrimination. “If you’re gay and teach in Tampa, you can do whatever you want, but no one else can.”

      • kassa1

        You have it in part right, as back in the 60s and 70s the blessed virgin was a pairing and she had said there will be a great depression, and it will start in the United States and Canada and then will spread around the whole world, tell the whole world in golfed in one massive depression and it will have been started by the ranks of our own government. Now coming to pass, as elites believe in Solalinskis rules for radicals, that says you must overwhelmed this American people system with Debt to take them over. The one thing the idiot billionaires you’re not realizing is they will be caught up in this and they won’t whine and moan because their own hand will strike them down just as the words of pharo , When he said that he will kill the first Born of Israel, and it came back to bite him as it was his own first born from his house through all his ranks of Egypt the died!

        • Harry Pearson

          Kassa, the key point here is that the power elite don’t care about money, its just a measure of who’s winning. They are doing this for power, world power! Its their intention to take over the entire world’s money, taxes, but most importantly, their order. When this all falls apart, we will “welcome” the elites in to take over, just as conquered countries throughout history have welcomed the victors in as their liberators. This happened before, in the late 1920’s, with the entire world in a depression that took the most destructive war in history to break! Imagine what this time will need to bring us out of this depression.
          And it’s already under way!! Just look at the “war on cash”, the growth of the IMF (and their supply of SDR’s), the lack of serious legislation to clear up the tax codes, the pressure the US has put on other countries to follow FATCA and other financial information schemes! The elites are just waiting for the “right” crisis to happen and then we’ll see one world government that none of us will recognize or want.

          • kassa1

            The one thing you are right on many other things and you mimic what I say. However as soon as the great world depression hits it will affect everybody including them, this is stated in Scripture they will cry and wine that being the leads as they created their own mess and they cannot beat the good Lord what he has in store for them or us as far as that goes .

      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes! You some what right! Remember “Evil never ever Wins against Good” we are on the right side with President Trump and God! We will win this evil plague taking over our Beloved President and Country! As they say “keep the faith” don’t let the evil liberal media try and control us! This is War! Now we fight back! No more talking or sitting around wondering what will happen next! We take control, put up posters, get on their websites, anything to upset their message, and get ours across! God bless!

        • Harry Pearson

          Sylvia, we may “win” this one, at least openly. As long as there are those of us who understand what the elites are doing, we can fight them. Some of the fighting has to be done underground, disrupt their plans, disrupt their control, disrupt their control, but we can always continue the fight. Its going to look bad for us, on the surface. The elites will win this round, they will enforce their One Money, One Tax, One Order plan, but as long as we continue to understand what it is they are after, and the means they are using to get it, we will fight, and eventually, we will win this. Just don’t ever give up the hope.

          • Sylvia Avila

            Yes. You are right! I wish I was not sick, so I could do more to Stop this evil Dem madness! It seems they are possessed by some evil entities? They have completely gone off our society’s rule of Law? Yes, evil has taken hold! Time to fight back! God bless!

    • Deplorable wizard

      Sue the teachers directly and individually. The district has lawyers and can tap the state schools board for additional lawyers and funds to fight a suit. Suing the teachers individually is more painful to the specific perpetrators and sends a clearer message. Since the teachers (and we must use that term very loosely) are directly responsible for the crimes, and the school just condoned the crimes, an overall suit might prove fruitless.
      Either way, these kun+s need to be removed from their positions and have their credentials revoked.

      • Sylvia Avila

        So right! Now l have been out of school for over 30yrs, so I’m sure schools have changed! But I hear schools are Indoctrinateing students on Muslim anti-American subjects? Parents really! Need to get involved in their childrens education, right now I hear most Public Schools not teaching any more, but Indoctrinateing students! Are we in America any more? I say time to Close these evil schools, have students do online schools, or go to private schools, Religious​ schools, anything but Public! Public Schools have lost their intergity, respect, and their way!

    • Mark

      Could not have said it better. What a vicious and hateful teacher. I thought hate was not a progressive value…sounds like these progressives are quite hateful.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right! Time to Fire! this evil teacher!

    • defiant1

      A class-action suit by parents and constituents should be possible…..

  • Dryden01

    She needs to be run through a sensitivity to religion and the U.S. Constitution course with emphasis on the inclusion of freedom for religion formerly in our educational heritage. Deviants from the hetero-normative model should be restricted from promoting the liberal and the LGBTQP agendas. Some of these teachers feel they have the right to indoctrinate rather than teach and they should be made to refrain from promoting liberal political dogma and LGBTQP beliefs. In other words: stick to teaching instead of promoting left-wing propaganda.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Exactly. Either she teaches and respects the rights of the rights of the kids’ religious or political beliefs (as long as they don’t infringe on others’ rights) or she is not fit for that job.

    • Maria Sciarrino



    • I agree Dryden, as I posted to MIKE . I believe my remarks drive the point home. However my remarks are under review and may not see the light of this post!

  • justanagent

    These times were foretold. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it was also foretold that once they began they would be like the birth pangs preceding the dawn of a new era. It will get worse before it gets better but it will not last that long. Come soon Lord Jesus.

  • carl

    Fire this gay idiot.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      This kind of conduct is not acceptable by anyone, gay, straight….whatever.

  • Gym

    During any interrogation, a parent and a district attorney must be present.. Get used to it loons from the left. Its President Trump now, not a pfhagg married to a tranny.

  • Wayne The Seine

    Home school your children…. get them out of this misfit factory.

  • A natural born American

    I’ve always thought that whatever happens behind bedroom doors between consenting ADULTS is between them and their God. I also believe that whatever happens in the classroom or on school property is between the educators and students AND parents. I stopped trusting educators when they stopped being teachers to become purveyors of indoctrination.
    “The difference between education and indoctrination is vast, but it is often subtle when the mind thinks of these two subjects. Education involves the seeking of facts, and learning about what is the truth, and what is not. Indoctrination is aimed at influencing people to believe in facts, without being able to back up these newfound facts with anything but opinion.” Read more: Difference Between Education and Indoctrination | @ DifferenceBetween.net

  • Maria Sciarrino


  • Falcon Aviator

    The Disease has now REACHED A FIRTILE GROUND of our Elementary Schools, Schools,Colleges and Universities and even Work Places…
    Before it was EBOLA… then DINGE …then..and now LGBT and else !!! …what next..???
    Our vulnerable kids are NO longer SAFE anywhere in the US!!!!!
    Thanks to the Satanic Son of the B*** Obama who for 8 years around advocated for LGBT Rights of DISEASE to be officially promulgued and now as a unfortunate result the epidemic trend is without any controls hence our kids and vulnerable citizens are at HIGH Risks of contagion all over in the Country.. I wish the Obama Girls the same SICKENING FATE OF LGBT. ….
    No wonder the whole then Great America is now turning into a Huge Circus of CLOWNS at Washington D.C as a consewuence of the school kids are being educated by those mentally and disabled Sick Teachers !!!
    God ! Please Save America Once Again by striking hard those who have chosen the Crooked and Satanic Way of the Lut People. . ( ….Amen.. )

    • Maria Sciarrino


      • Falcon Aviator

        Never PLAY AROUND with God ESTABLISHED and DIVINE LAWS !!!
        The Severe and Horrible Ends of Those who did Try speak for themselves. ….

  • Maria Sciarrino


  • Mike

    poor snowflake kids. they had a hat taken for an entire period and they were given rainbow colored stickers. will this ever stop for these poor snowflakes? how can they concentrate when they have to remove a rosary or remove a hat? let’s hope the lawyers can get this straightened out for these poor snowflake kids before they need therapy and suffer horrible “emotional damages.”

    • nocbsfan

      I know one snowflake who desperately needs therapy. That is a snowflake who thinks everyone else is a snowflake. Mickey, why on earth can’t you expand your vocabulary just a little bit, learn some new words. Maybe if you examined your own personality, you might be able to determine that the world isn’t so bad if people like Mickey wasn’t making it that way.

      • Mike

        Always funny to hear hypocrisy from the Trump supporter who generally call anyone who disagrees with them a snowflake, but when the term is used at them they have difficulty.

        • nocbsfan

          I have never used the word snowflake other than today when I was mocking you. You tell so many lies you can’t keep up with em. Seems you have it all backwards Mickey. What else can you expect from a democrat. You guys have been so dishonest for so long you don’t even know which is correct

          • Mike

            I was actually going for more of a general comment about Trump supporters not necessarily you specifically, but I can see how that would have come across and for that I apologize. In truth looking at past posts when you have questioned the information I provide I provide websites to back up the facts I present. Obviously in this case there were no facts being presented.

          • nocbsfan

            Your apology is accepted Mike. I have decided that you are a total democrat.

          • Mike

            I was not aware I was hiding that. Yes I am a democrat. I do not believe in trickle down economics. I believe healthcare should be a right and a privilege. I believe in basic gun control. I am opposed to voter suppression and discrimination. I will probably not see eye to eye with many people on this site and I understand that.

          • nocbsfan

            LOL I am not a priest Mike you don’t have to confess your sins. As for you not seeing eye to eye with people on this site, I believe you relish in not seeing eye to eye. What do mean by basic gun control.? When you say you are opposed to voter discrimination, I don’t believe you. You believe the russians caused the love of your life Killery clingon to lose the election.. The people of The United States of America was duped by a wave of elation caused by the Russians that encompassed the earth and made them all vote for The Greatest President Of The United States of America, Donald J. Trump. MAGA

  • Kaye Swiftney

    I do not suing over every little thing but on this I would to get the truth out which ever way it goes.

  • JUSTsss

    SUE SUE SUE that’s the only way to deal with the sodomites.

  • Swampfox

    The time has come to “educate” these sicko’s with some real AMERICAN VALUES. I for one am sick and tired of their one sided, my opinion is the only one that matters billshyt.

  • Brianbrown28us

    These sick, delusional, mentally diseased individuals have NO business educating anyone! Especially our children!!!

  • roger dodger

    This has gone on long enough, we have too patient too long with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites and their queer, bent gender and atheistic familiars.
    We all know by now, that we can no longer coexist with this scum, we must physically separate ourselves from them it is that or civll war.

  • RealAmerican407

    Just another activist trying to indoctrinate to left wing ideology through education. She needs to be fired. Her FB page and classroom decorations are evidence of her agenda.

  • Cheryl Detar

    “Riedas used her social media accounts to promote her LGBT and GLSEN
    agenda, but she claimed it was not during instructional time.” Yet, how many others, have been fired, because of their postings on social media, on THEIR own time?

  • downs1

    Don’t you dare pray to God in public school! Don’t you dare read a Bible in public school! Don’t you dare tell a friend about Jesus in public school! Don’t you dare say anything against homosexuality in public school! But an avowed lesbian “teacher” may bully students and push her perverted agenda and the school says nothing! America is finished! The deep political and social division, the immorality, the violence, the intellectual dishonesty, and the obvious denial of God Almighty show that this nation is going down to destruction!

    • Doutfuloutcome

      They will be given over to their own corruption and that will spell their end. A miserable existence!!!!!

  • Amber

    I can’t imagine anything worse than a great big bulldyke threatening children.

  • kassa1

    I say that the good people of this country who want to protect your children from this kind of thing and the school doesn’t want to do anything about it because they’re owned operated by the left, need to do what I seen happened in Germany to one of the teachers were brainwashing their children, as after school one night in the dark a bunch the man come and they hung her in the classroom with the clothes and her by the neck for that and put a note on her this is what happens to communist to brainwash our children

    • nocbsfan

      Every day the news media spews hate through out this country. As long as the media is allowed to spread this kind of hate, all day every day, Then so does every one else. They probably hate themselves for living as they do. and want to keep this type of association going to stop their own guilt. Killing an individual isn’t going to stop anything, this only helps to satisfy an anger. We need to get at the source, people need to see and understand, stop the source then the hate will go away. If you watch the subliminal suggestion the news media is giving the nation,then you can see why all this is happening.

      • kassa1

        The left who will never go away. The one thing I can tell you for sure is evil fears no words, however it does feel repercussion. Tell me one time in history a country was taken back by his people through verbal negotiations

        • nocbsfan

          Really good point Kassy.

  • RockinOn

    So when is the country gonna wake up and stop the minority from ruling the majority, as the LGBTAXYZ from controlling what goes in the government, schools, colleges, work places and throughout the country in businesses everywhere ! Enough is Enough already !

  • Maggie

    Why are the parents of those students leaving their children in that indoctrination center??? Home education or private school is the only rational choice.

  • mwood13

    mental illness is mental illness

  • chuck708

    This is the Fault of Obama and Democrats. Include them in the lawsuit against the school.

  • Robert Heller

    Interesting issue. Familiar with the area…there are many of us who will be “keeping an eye” on this issue and this teacher (and this district!). Hope she has contacts/relationship with GLSEN. She might need to ask them for a job soon!

  • regulus30

    Fire the perverts and sue the hell666 out of the school system; that will give straight kids their freedom back; time to stop the INSANITY.

  • Pat Cross


  • Dr. Mike Reeder

    There have been mountains of academic work done on the “gay” gene and the choice to be LGBT. There has been no “gay” gene found and there will likely never be. LGBT folks generally seek do not seek open and frank discussion but revert to name calling and misquoting science. It appears that most LGBT people become that as a result of early child hood trauma or even violence. that is, their confusion was programmed into these folks and by lowering our social standards so that everything is right, we have fed into actually believing these folks need to have special rights. They do not. They need to be recognized for what they are and treated. Because they were often mistreated as children does not make them a pariah, it just means they need to be evaluated and given treatment. They do NOT need to be in a position of spreading their confusion by teaching it to other children. Schools used to have standards to prevent this kind of thing and it is high time it came back.

  • Star Wright

    So fire the HOMOSEXUAL teachers.Or parents, move your children to another school.Or home school your children.
    Its probably better to home school the children.
    Then you know, exactly what they are learning.

  • rick meek

    If you can’t say anything good then don’t say it —- and I have nothing good to say about this chit….

  • C. LeSaint

    NO SODOMITE should ever TEACH IN SCHOOLS!! They are sick, disgusting, immoral, demon possessed creatures! YES, SUE the SCHOOL DISTRICT for MILLIONS!!

  • Doutfuloutcome

    The term boiled in oil comes to mind!!! Interogating children without council of parents sounds like a Nazi tactic. Her resignation as well as the resignation of her spouse should be the very least response. But also resignations of all who collaborated in this gestopo tactic. The principal and all should perish right along with the rest of this cult. They should never be allowed to be involved in any school in the USA to teach or otherwise.

  • Sueja

    As a retired teacher I am appalled by the school districts reactions. This teacher should not promote any political or religious agenda.When I was studying to become a teacher we were taught you were forbidden to take any sides in political or religious discussions. You had to present all sides if such discussions took place. This was grounds for dismissal. This teacher breached those boundaries and should be put on probation and fired if another episode occurs.

  • Warren Blum

    I wish I could go to bed and wake up in a 17 yr old body with all my years knowledge. I would have a blast with today’s world as a 17 yr old with these freaks. Try to take my trump hat and her arm would be behind her in a NY minute as I called her sexual maladjusted names as she would be thrown to the hard surface floor smashing her face.

  • J G Frakes

    Pull your kids out of the public schools, because they are being indoctrinated into the LGTBQ mindset, which is being crammed down their throats. Anyone who disagrees with these “people” is branded as anti gay, and they will harass, intimidate,try to publicly shame
    our children, if they don’t toe the LGTBQ line….

  • Follow Me Boys

    99% of the time they are hideous and normally kill themselves. Man it hates itself

  • Mike Jackson


  • mudflat

    What has happened to this country? This kind of behavior by the teacher and consequently school district authorities is illegal. All of them should be fired immediately and prosecuted for child abuse, because that is what occurred in this case. Also, why is it that we have open negative discrimination of the Christian religion in schools and open promotion of LGBT and the Islamic religion?

  • It will take time to rid schools of liberalism. Meanwhile, home schooling and alternate schools are a way to avoid that. There are now community type home schools that get students past this mess. Apparently the LGBT folks are using Muslim tactics to inflict their evil ways onto school children.

    • Mike

      I understand I mean how can you snowflakes on the right handle it if a teacher gives your child a rainbow sticker or oh no takes a hat away? Better get to your safe spaces. hurry.

      • A rainbow sticker is not the issue in this article. Interfering with the first Amendment is. And for your enlightenment, I have supported he LGBT rights for years. Now they are crossing the line and interfering with the First amendment rights of all citizens, adults and children alike. That is where I draw the line.

        • Mike

          How are they taking away their first amendment rights? If hats are not allowed and that is a policy that is uniformly enforced then no right was violated. There is a separation of Church and state so asking someone to cover up a cross is not destroying their first amendment rights either.

          • Mike,

            Not allowing the crosses or any Christian apparel IS a violation of First Amendment rights. And separation of church and state is not in the Constitution. That is a figment of the Supreme Court’s imagination.

          • Mike

            those words are not stated, but the separating of church and state is what allows religious liberty to exist.

          • Mike,

            Not so. Government cannot interfere with religion as far as what they do and who they are. Government is allowed to deal with crime or lack of peace/cooperation among any religions. But those of religion, especially ones that hold to moral conscience, are free of interference. At the same time, those of religion cannot be separated from their beliefs when it comes to federal law or voting. Therefore there is no possible separation of moral; conscience and participation in government, including voting. If that seems unfair, it is, because there is no way to separate a person from moral conscience and his way of life.

  • Roy Hobbs

    Once again, the most intolerant people are liberal whackos.

  • Paul Otts

    Take it to the courts. I’m tired of reading these cases from the media.

  • Rippie

    Presumably, this Riedas teaches all three grades of math in the highschool.

    As with teachers I had back then that I thought were weird, I’m sure even today’s coddled weenie kids can handle rolling their eyes and thinking “Oh, weirdo-math-class time” and not antagonizing her. In reality, if she’s been making herself clear about all this stuff all along, it should not take more than a week for even the dimmest kid to figure out “Hat off and in my bag, no rosaries or big religious stuff” and that’s that. I’m SURE her reputation precedes her.

    Look, kids get triggered by the most silly little things, and HS is where you start to learn how real life works, and in real life, sometimes people are disagreeable and different from you. But she may be triggered by a couple of things, and they make her more b-wordy.

    Perhaps much of who she is now is because she was abused by a minister or priest as a kid.

    So, cut the woman some slack and try to ACTUALLY BEHAVE LIKE CHRISTIANS!!!

    The school district board was disingenuous, from the sound of things, but that is a separate issue from the woman and her students. Calm down. Deal with this as a CHRISTIAN reaching out your hands as ADULTS and find a solution that you, your kids and the teacher can live amicably with.

    Whingeing gets all y’all NOWHERE.

  • spike

    Take legal action in order to “instruct” educational institutions involve with minors that they will handle any sort of “investigation” with the full involvement of the parents. And under no circumstances should administration or teachers tell a student that they are “not allowed” to call their parents! Cripes – are we going to continue to hear about this sort of craziness in positions of authority!??

  • Floyd

    Get it RIGHT it is the public fools system.

  • Barbara Gara

    Where are the parents of these kid? Let a teacher tell my kid to take a cross off of their neck and believe me I will be at that school so fast their heads will spin. Come on parents, grow some. That cross would have been back on my kids neck. These crazy liberals are bullies and the only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them. Satan is working overtime, open your eyes people.

  • therealworld

    The gay agenda is being promoted directly to impressionable Children and should be resisted completely by the Children and their parents. The teachers are being coached in how to coerce approval and acceptance from the children not just to stop discrimination against these perversions but also to add to their numbers while a young mind can be easily corrupted. Gay may have been around for a long time but so has Pedophilia and that doesn’t make either right.

  • James Stevens

    Are the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ freaks going to start initiating violence like the Shariah Muslims? We live in a REPUBLIC and operate on democratic principles. In a REPUBLIC the majority rules so the 1-2% of our trouble makers should take a back seat and learn to integrate properly. jwstx

  • James Stevens

    The LGBTQRSTUVXYZ squirrels need to establish their own private or charter schools and see how many enroll. I hope they are successful and get 100% of the unsure gender bender students enrolled. This way we can proceed with educating our 85% Christian Conservative majority student base in a healthy and logical manner. jwstx

  • jesse

    America’s transformation into Sodom at the hands of the luciferian left marches on, deterred very little thus far by a new admin in Babylon, DC.

  • Gravity

    Sue the crap out of them, from here to eternity. I’d say the same if a teacher bullied an Obama fan.

  • John

    As a high school social studies teacher I am keenly aware that I am seen as a role model and that I have to make my class room a safe zone for ALL my students. My job is to educate not indoctrinate my students. Politically I have to present all sides and to cause then to think.I have to treat each student fairly and ensure that they are not bullied and that they know I care for them. If I have to correct a student I let them know that I don’t have anything personal against them, that I root for their success but rules are there for everyone’s benefit.
    The minute you allow a teacher to become the source of bullying you fail as a school. It’s nearly as damaging as when a teacher becomes a sexual predator. Neither has a place in education.

  • icemancold

    Sue the Teacher, The Teacher’s Wife, The Principal, Each Member of the School Board and the School Board as a Whole, For a Sum of Not LESS than 500 Million. Make this GAY LOVING SCHOOL PAY THROUGH THE NOSE.!!

  • Murphmeister

    I would like to make a request of all conservatives wherever they post their comments. You know how the liberals claim we are ignorant troglodytes not worthy of being heard, well, I would like all conservatives to proofread every entry to make certain that there are no spelling and grammatical errors. Most occur because of typos and older people, like me, just aren’t as dexterous as when they were young. Also, our eyes sometimes fail us. At other times, we are in such a hurry that we don’t proofread. But, if you believe that what you have to say is not only worth saying, but also reading, then its also worth presenting well. Even liberals take note of good presentation.

    I am not saying you will necessarily earn their respect, but you will give them pause to call us ignoramuses.

  • James Ruddy

    It’s obvious these two are using their chemistry and math classes as fronts to facilitate political indoctrination of other peoples children and get paid by them to do it.

  • midogman

    what? a teacher that likes only some of her students and so lets them get away with more? inconceivable!

  • Julie Smalley

    This is just pathetic I had 3 teachers in Jr and high school that were gay all women, I have great respect for them they never made their life style an interference in class we all knew they were gay but as teachers they did their job, and their private life never was entered into the class room. No one disrespected them even over their life style. It was in a small country town imagine that back in the 70’s. These bullies that are teachers and of the gay life need to get over themselves, they are living out openly what more do they want.

  • Roy Veteto

    i love the hypocrisy and double standard here. if this teacher were a christian forcing her beliefs onto students then the aclu and school officials would intervene . this teacher should be sued on the grounds of separation of church and state . one’s sexual choice should be a personal choice. i bet that this teacher claims to be an advocate of tolerance

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    THIS butch needs to just STHU and TEACH THE CLASS.

  • Keith Amherst

    Disgusting, despicable, mentally ill, not to mention not exactly attractive. These so called teachers should be shamed for their deviant behavior. Sue the school system, the school board and the two teachers. Even if they prevail, dragging them through the court system and having lawyers clean out their bank accounts just might have a deterrent effect on their agenda to turn everybody queer. Queer is not born. Queer is learned. I don’t care what anybody thinks about how you get that way. When scientists discover the queer gene I’ll change my tune. But not until then

  • Delia Jones

    A teacher should be able to use rainbow stickers without student complaint. That’s silly.

  • defiant1

    Back in the late 70’s I took my kids out of PS because they were not learning as I had in the same system. I did not like my children being used as guinea pigs for “different” learning techniques being tried. My kids were never taught how to make an outline, they were never taught to memorize multiplication tables. I had to work with son using flashcards to teach him how to memorize. They were removed from public school in 4th&6th grade and put in Catholic school; we are not Catholic and paid about twice as much; my children were so behind they were both kept back a grade; they learned and thrived. My grandson is in Catholic school. I would never allow my child today to be in public school….here in MoCo, MD, we have been dumped with Obama’s DACA kids and that setback piled with common core, who knows what these kids will be indoctrinated with. Mind you, this is a lefty stronghold and the red carpet has been laid out for illegals. Legislature tried to get sanctuary status and pulled it when told to back off by speaker; Governor would have vetoed this crap bill. We are losing our children to “progressive” (communist) lefty propaganda indoctrination and the lefty parents are OK with it; the conservative parents are not happy! I understand from a pre-teen in my neighborhood attending the same Catholic school my kids attended, that politics plays into the learning agenda. He told me some of the stuff dumped on the kids by a male science teacher, and even I (not a teacher) know what he said is propaganda. This child is in a conservative family and he is smart enough to know the difference between fact, science and politics! Strong parent groups is the only thing that can stand up to this crap; if any teacher pulled LGBT propaganda games with my child in school, I would make sure they lost their job by whatever means possible.

  • John Wirts

    You can bet if it was a conservative teacher promoting a traditional idea, the whole school would riot and demand his/her removal. Hypocrites!!! Any school receiving any government funding for itself or student loans or grants, should be forbidden to promote one side to the exclusion of the other, with out losing all federal funding!

  • Gale

    *uck liberals and everything they stand for

  • Gale


  • Forest Jackson

    what a tolerant group these side show freaks are. You used to have to pay a quarter to see freaks like this.

  • Mike Laborde

    Get your children out of these immoral, liberal, propaganda public schools. Period.