SUSAN RICE: Lindsey Graham is a ‘Piece of S**t’ for Benghazi Criticism

‘I said it. I said it. Damn it, finally…’

Editor’s Note: Contains graphic language

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Susan Rice (screen shot: ABC News/Youtube)

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, called Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, a “piece of shit” for digging into the Benghazi scandal.

During an interview with “Pod Save America” (co-hosted by former Obama officials Ben Rhodes and Tommy Vietor), Rice recalled the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya, which occurred on the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 U.S. terrorist attacks and only two months before Obama’s re-election.

In the immediate aftermath, Rice and Rhodes (who was her deputy for communications) were instrumental in crafting talking points that falsely claimed the embassy attack was a spontaneous uprising resulting from a YouTube video that was offensive to Muslims.

Republicans panned the administration’s politically motivated lies and later conducted congressional oversight hearings to uncover the systemic failures that led to the shocking deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.


One of the most vocal critics was Graham.

“He’s been a piece of shit,” Rice said, laughing. “I said it. I said it. Damn it, finally,” she continued before repeating herself, “He’s a piece of shit.”

Graham repeatedly pushed back on the Democratic narrative that the Obama administration did nothing wrong in its handling of the Benghazi situation.

“That’s a bunch of garbage,” he told CNN at the time.

He said Rice lied when she declared on “three different occasions the consulate was strongly, and significantly, secure,” Graham said. Nothing “could be further than that from the truth.”

Rice has been on a publicity tour recently promoting a new tell-all book, in which she elaborates on her role in the Benghazi scandal.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert last week, she attacked President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw U.S. peacekeeping forces from Syria, where they were helping Kurdish fighters guard ISIS prison camps.

After Rice called Trump’s decision “batshit crazy,” the president returned fire on Twitter, calling her a “disaster.”

Rice responded with a claim that Trump had previously hugged her and sympathized with her about Benghazi.

Rice is widely believed to be eyeing an entrance into the political arena. After Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, incurred the wrath of leftists for casting the deciding vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Rice hinted last year that she might challenge the vulnerable centrist in the 2020 election.

Liberty Headlines’ Ben Sellers contributed to this report.