Supreme Court Agrees w/ Trump; Some Refugees Can Be Banned for Now

(The Hill) The Supreme Court agreed late Tuesday to lift restrictions on President Trump’s travel ban until further notice, allowing the administration to continue barring most refugees under the ban.

After Comey Firing, Legal Experts Say Justice Kennedy Will Rethink Retirement

Justice Anthony Kennedy/IMAGE: YouTube

The court granted the government’s request to block a federal appeals court ruling that said the administration cannot ban refugees who have formal assurances from resettlement agencies or are in the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary stay on Monday pending a response from the state of Hawaii, which was due by noon on Tuesday. Late in the day, the court issued a one-page order blocking the decision indefinitely.

It takes a vote of five justices to grant a stay application.

The state of Hawaii is suing the Trump administration over the travel ban, which bars citizens from six majority-Muslim countries from entering the U.S. and temporarily halts the country’s refugee resettlement program. Hawaii urged the court to uphold the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling and continue to allow refugees into the U.S.

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“Refugees with formal assurances are the category of foreign nationals least likely to implicate the national security rationales the Government has pointed to in the past,” the state’s attorney Neal Katyal argued in court documents.

“By the Government’s own admission, these refugees have already been approved by the Department of Homeland Security. It is therefore exceedingly unlikely that they represent a security threat.”

Two federal appeals courts blocked key parts of the ban earlier this year, and the Supreme Court said in June that it would hear appeals from those decisions….

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  • antiliberalcryptonite


  • Hillary the Cankled Liar

    Do we really need more third world, illiterate, destitute usurpers? We already have Democrats, antifa, BLM………………………………………………….

    • Darius the Mede

      EXCELLENT! Great response and right on.

    • Askjrsk

      Clinton that just won’t go away. Obama and all his people that must be prosecuted. Yes we have had enough.

    • Nick

      Hit the nail on the head !

  • Wendy Allen

    Trump is just trying to keep America safe and make sure the people who come are safe people. Legal immigration only helps limit too many coming at one time and problems. Thank you Supreme Court!

    • Kat

      And, it’s 100% Constitutional that the President has the power to stop immigration at anytime for the safety of the American people. Besides
      Liberals/Democrats, who would not put Americans first over those that could possibly hurt us? I sure wouldn’t want to live with blood on my hands.

  • Bearcat

    We have to many people here all ready where are we going to put more they are all ready stack on top of one another our cities are so pack they look like third world cities

  • Mark Lewis Brecker, Esq.


  • Susan

    It just makes good sense to have some kind of control on the incoming people. We would be foolish and stupid to not attempt to do so.
    Thanks Supreme Court! Thanks Trump Administration!

    • Billy Wages

      We have had control over the DACA folks for most of their lives. However, the rest of the
      illegals need to go.

    • Kat

      I applaud Trump for sticking with it even with all the Left “kicking and screaming”. Why appease them? If something happens in America, they’ll be the first ones blaming Trump, for not placing a Ban on immigrants. Let ‘me bring it on! Trump’s the real deal.

  • Maxine Albritton

    his travel ban should never have been allowed to be overturned in the first place so this is better news. I hope he gets his immigration practices in full as he wants them. He is president and has that right.

  • marcus J

    The 9th circuit court of Judicial Activists should be broken up and disbanded , How many times will they be slapped down by actual common sense , They fail to understand that Liberalism is a sickness and mental disorder , The Fascist Cult of Islam has declared war on the United States in 1801 , Why di we have such a hard time understanding this

    • Askjrsk


  • Ivan Anderson

    it is about time the courts upheld Trump’s decision

  • Finally some sanity from the court system. The whole issue was about securty and now maybe some common sense will prevail.

    • Billy Wages

      The whole issue was about giving the Dems more voters. The DACA people should be an
      exception to the rule. They are not all Dems. Many are Republicans.
      We are surrounded by Socialist countries. If we have open borders there will be a constant
      wave of left wing voters coming into our country. The stinking libs will control our lives.

      • nicki-baby

        The “heck” U say!!!!!

      • Billy,

        We need to control our borders against incoming people who would harm us. We need new legislation on incomng people. The whole Trump agenda is to create new immigration control.

        • Kat

          Jerry, we already have immigration laws in place. We always have. Even Democrat LBT strengthened immigration laws in 1965. It was not until Obama, that immigration became so monstrous and he and Congress strayed from the law. I “assume” it was because they felt sorrow for them because Americans “always discriminate against Islam” especially after 9/11. So much BS.

          • Kat,

            As I understand the situation on immigration, we are a bit outdated. We need to update some existing laws and we need better vetting.

    • Kat

      It’s written clear as a bell in the Constitution. Just goes to show that Libersls/Left could care less about Americans, and will put illegals before us, every damn chance they can.

      • Kat,

        The Dems are totally out of line but illegals are voters to them. That’s what drives them.

  • Welldriller

    And just think what all this legal crap is costing the American taxpayer, because we now have judges re-writing current law from the bench.

  • Bernie

    It’s amazing that the same people that want to bulldoze statues because we are a nation that was founded by White slave holders; whose police forces are filled with racist cops that should be “fried like bacon” and does not have government run, single payer healthcare are the same prople that want sanctuary cities, open borders and a flood of illegals to stay in this “rotten country”!
    I’m fvcking confused…..

  • James D Vaughn

    Trump is right on!

    • misterguru

      Ride own bro. Ride own. 1970’s lingo. 🙂

    • Askjrsk

      Thank God for President Trump.

  • Jack Scarpon


  • misterguru

    I think we should just import more Muslims and change the constitution to Sharia law. Thieves get their fingers cut off and Liars get their tongues cut out. Hilary would be speechless.

  • Bill Harrison

    Unlike the 9th circuit court the Supreme Court follows the Constitution. To bad we can’t ban the 9th circuit court.

    • Askjrsk

      Exactly ban the ninth circuit communist court.

    • Billy Wages

      From your lips to God’s ears.

    • Kat

      Problem is, these judges are appointed for,life. So ridiculous! No judge should ever be on the bench for life.

  • Anthony Guastella

    One has to question the true motives behind these satanic Marxists in the first place. Why would they purposely jeopardize the American people? Why would they put our safety over evil people and those who never assimilate to our culture? What is the motivation to disregard the Constitution, the laws set since the 1950’s and to even expend such time, money and effort? Obviously the answer lies in extremely powerful and deeply entrenched globalist elites that have a a sinister motive and have worked overtime, for several generations to effect such evil, chaos and misery on our nation. this is not a fallacy but factual, documented and deeply ingrained from the top down. This is SOP for Marxism, Communist Manifesto rules and guidelines and every anarchist and evil two bit authoritarian.One must seriously question why the US, why here at all? We have more than enough citizens hurting and in need of major assistance in many areas. Nations in the middle east such as Saudi Arabia never take any of them, why? They are the same so called ideology and make up and certainly relatively close. They would never do such a thing when nonsensical and worthless and evil cretins in the US, Canada and W. Europe go along. Why are none sent to Mexico, South America, or even African nations which are also closer or Russia or Red China, we know the answers of course.

  • John

    I hope sanity can last at the Supreme Court . With any luck he will be able to put a few mor Justices on there as some retire.

  • Harry Trawick

    Too many judges are forgetting their oath to make their rulings based on Constitutional Law, not personal or PC ideology! Their only purpose and duty is to rule on cases based on that same Constitution, as our forefathers wrote it, PERIOD!

  • Askjrsk

    Thankyou president Trump in your promise and your actions to keep America safe and secure. Opposition by obstructionist who, like Obama would like to see our demise and seethe with hate are not happy. Our job is to rid ourselves of the venomous haters of America, Americans, and you our president. MAGA

  • Roy Veteto

    law abiding tax paying americans should put all cities and states on notice – if you insist on allowing non americans to live in your area then you can kiss goodbye all tourists based revenue. americans will go where they feel safe

  • katfan

    First, the Obama administration ordered a temporary ban on the same countries and the liberal media did not log one complaint. Second, several government agencies (DHS for one) have stated that the vetting process for these refugees is suspect, at best. Our immigration laws were passed by Congress. If they want to change those laws, they have the authority to do that. President Obama did not have the authority to bypass those laws, although he did through executive order. President Trump used executive order to undo an illegal executive order signed by President Obama. Now the media is all over Trump for upholding the law. Congress should have never allowed DACA, but they are too cowardly to do so. Congress is broke. They do not vote for any laws that they think might adversely affect their re-election chances. It apparently does not matter that they took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and protect the U.S. from all enemies both foreign and domestic. (The same oath that I took as an officer in the U.S.A.F.). If I had been delinquent in that duty during the 30 years I served, I would be in Leavenworth making little rocks out of big rocks. Apparently members of Congress do not have the same standard to live up to as those of us who served in the military.

  • John Denton

    I would urge all Americans to read about Ellis Island, what it accomplished and how it was set up. We could sure us an Ellis Island now.

  • Concerned

    Obama’s buddy in Hawaii needs to be replaced. He’s a sore to the American people. Suing the government for protecting it’s citizens.

  • Liesel

    Tell these ultra liberal judges to back off trying to block everything our president is trying to for the good of our country.
    Americans should pay attention to what this immigration INVASION is doing to our country.
    Open your eyes they are working themselves in to position that will allow them to run the country we have built up while the did not one thing to help us.

  • Johnny

    Why do we keep letting people come into the U.S. when Muslim countries refuse to take any Muslim refugees. I think we need to take care of our own people for a change! Kick out all dreamers, illegals and Muslim refugees that refuse to integrate into our society and laws!

    • nicki-baby

      The muslims believe ONLY in their law,not ours… send them HOME,please, they WILL never believe in our law!!!

  • James Ruddy

    The law is crystal clear that the president has the power and authority to ban anyone, for any reason, from entering our country with, or without, the consent of the judicial branch of government. If people don’t like the law, as written, they need to have congress change it, not taking the president to court for exercising his legitimate authority…and that’s what the judicial branch should have ruled.

    • Ronald Nelson

      The case should have been thrown out as frivilous by the Courts… except, the Judges are using such cases to usurp powers not given to them. The President needed to inform the Court from the get go that they had no Constituitonal authority to intervene in this issue… that the law was clear and any judgment by the court that attempts to subvert the law and the power of the Executive… using Judicial fiat … would not be obeyed… that the order would die at the steps of the court house.

  • brian

    This is a war, against the American people by Liberal Activist

  • DeadToad

    The federal court system especially the 9th District needs to be reformed. There needs to be an easier way to remove judges who do not conform to the law of the letter and go off making their own crazy laws based on their political agenda. Currently there is no system whatsoever to remove false judges as usual Congress has let us down.

  • Slav2012

    SMACK!! Any other Federal judge except those in the 9th Circuit might be chastened after being slapped down by SCOTUS. But the Left Coast lib ideologues will just blithely carry on that they know and apply the Constitution better than anyone else including the Supremes.

    Yes…its time for the Congress to do something about “redistricting” the 9th Circuit. Its actually quite simple to do and has been done before…..stop funding their court. Without operating funds, every judge on that circuit will SOL within 90 days.

  • Oma

    The ban should be kept to keep the criminals and diseased out.

    • Right. These hawaiians don’t seem to give a sh** about who the allow into the contiguous states.

      • nicki-baby

        Because THEY are all liberals, I know for a fact,folks!!!

        • No doubt. I was trying to get to a friends house, what I meant to type in was hawaiian judges (laughable) don’t give a flying f*** about the mainland. Should have let the japs have at em’.

  • Why in the name of all that’s Holy are these travel ban cases being “leased out” to Hawaii which is not a contiguous state?

  • Gregg Parker

    Freaking lower courts! They know exactly what they are doing and who they are doing it for. Sad days we are in…

  • Jon Blake

    Jimmy Carter did the same thing and succeeded in keeping Iranians out for a year. Trump will win this case.

  • myfordtruck

    I wish the supreme court would set the record straight about citizenship is for kids born of U S citizens and not just anybody born here that was set up for the free black slaves not every body

  • 23cowboy

    Its about time that America gets safer without muslime terrorists, also the 9th circus needs to be broken up to give real justice to the states. How about the 9th circus be only over CA?

  • Winston Gilmore

    Let them all go to Hawaii and take over. No big loss!!

    • nicki-baby

      Yea, all the people there are communist liberals, U bet they are!!!

  • Louie Rey

    If the so called “powers that be” need any proof whatsoever as to why this ban should be even more permanent than it’s being proposed all they have to do is look at Europe. And they should place extra close attention to Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic because they haven’t suffered any terrorist attacks. Know why? Because they don’t accept any refugees from Muslim nations. A coincidence? I don’t think so and even the morons in charge might be able to put two and two together and come up with the reason for that.

  • kep

    Liberals should be deported or jailed as terrorists.

  • nicki-baby

    These out-casts that doesn’t agree with our Pres. Should move OUT of America , to a communist country, how’s that liberals, just move!!!!!!

  • James Stevens

    That little fake Hawaiian Judge needs to take a lie detector test along with everyone in Congress. jwstx

  • The attempt by the courts (you hawaii) of trying to block the President of the United States ban on muslims who would kill US citizens as quickly as they can is sickening. It’s as though you’re on the same small wavelength out to kill Americans. Allow hawaii to cede from the states and be on their own, if they allow any American enemy to attempt to put weapons on their territory it’s as good as a declaration of war and leis will be no more. Boom!

  • Liberty

    How many refugees has Hawaii taken in? How many more does Hawaii want? Methinks Hawaii dost protest too much.