STUDY: US Has 4 Million ‘Half-Amnestied’ Immigrants

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) An estimated 4 million aliens who do not have legal permanent status in the United States are legally working under temporary work permits issued by the Department of Homeland Security, according to a report the Center for Immigration Studies.

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Photo by Maks Karochkin (CC)

Under one form, called the Employment Authorization Document (EAD), DHS allows many different groups of immigrants to work legally, including individuals given protection under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), refugees, and illegal immigrants who cannot be deported.

David North, fellow at CIS who authored the study, estimated nearly a half-million people protected by DACA currently work in the United States.

He raised heightened concern about one subset of workers.

“The program that I’m particularly unhappy about is OPT, which is the Optional Practical Training program, which lets aliens work legally but gives them a bonus—it gives their employers a bonus for hiring them. The employers don’t have to pay payroll taxes and neither do the workers.”

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Immigrants who qualify for this program are college alumni who get to work in the United States after graduation. North estimated approximately 200,000 immigrants currently receive this federal subsidy to work in America.

“The basic social problem is we really do not need all those extra workers,” North said. “That means that for every job that each of these people hold, some U.S. resident, some legal immigrant is not working. I say that we should make a determined effort to reduce that number.”

As for the legality of DHS handing out millions of EADs, North said it’s “probably legal” but “something that we shouldn’t do.”

While people say legal, high-skilled, and work-related immigration has hit an all-time low, North said he wants people to recognize that this group of 4 million alien workers is not counted.

“There has been no policy discussion of how all these separate programs add to a population that dwarfs those of the H programs,” North said, “which probably produce a total of between 1.0 and 1.5 million.”

Workers selected for EAD do not have to prove merit or necessity like immigrants granted H-1B or H-2B visas. Immigrants working under the various H programs are also “tethered” to a specific employer, whereas EAD workers can move freely throughout the labor market as if they were legal permanent residents or citizens.

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EADs can last from a few months to a few years, with most extending 18 months or longer. In some cases, immigrants afforded EADs can become lifelong residents.

North said this group’s size warrants its discussion alongside legal immigrants, temporary foreign workers, and illegal aliens when determining the country’s immigration policy.

The group is growing at a higher rate than other categories of immigrants. The number of EADs DHS has granted rose from 1.2 million in 2014 to 2.1 million in 2017. DHS has complete discretion over this program and has increased the number of EAD workers without congressional or presidential approval.

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  • James Higginbotham


    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes, so. True our Government out of control? I say defund OPT! Now!

  • george gabriel

    they are breathing our air. after most have usurped everything we have to offer. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE LIVED HERE FOR GENERATIONS? are they red headed step children, or red herring? that they are offered nothing.but to pay the tab!

    • Bella Gray

      Yep, they will go on to have children (outside wedlock most likely, as that brings in more taxpayer paid welfare), who will instantly be American citizens, who will then be able to chain-in all their indigent extended family relatives back in the home country, who will then live off our welfare system, and the cycle never stops.

      • ABCDE

        The cycle does not just stop, it expands. And at some percentage of population they will overcome the whole system and the country. Why are we waiting for this?

        • Bella Gray

          It is far, far, far worse with the Muslims. They ABSOLUTELY must be made to go back to their own countries. Without them leaving there will without question be a war on our homeland. Islam is the most evil culture on Earth, and it spreads like a cancer because they breed like jackrabbits.

          They are instructed to live in peace until their numbers are high enough to attack and force everyone under the evil yoke of Islam. Until then they are to inflitrate in every way they can to gain control over our government and our people. They are going so now, in fact have organized a 3rd Political Party. Soros is grooming one right now for POTUS like he did Obama.

          I show you this just as an example. Four Wives and 22 Children: Syrian Refugee Gets Over $300,000 in Government Benefits

          Muslim Births to Outnumber Christian Births by 2035 –
          According to Pew Research Center, by the year 2035 the number of babies born to Muslim parents will exceed the number of births to Christian parents.

          Even more alarming for many Christians is the indication, later in the article, that Muslims are poised to be the fastest-growing major religion in the decades to come.

          The problem isn’t isolated to the number of births, which is of enough concern by itself. The other thing to consider in this equation is the fact that older Christian populations, globally, are dying at faster rates than Christian parents are giving birth. In other words, the deaths of Christians – especially in Europe – are beginning to exceed the number of births.

          For instance, Pew Research reports that the number of Christian deaths in Germany between 2010 and 2015 exceeded the number of births by 1.4 million. This trend is expected to continue for the next few decades while the Muslim population thrives and grows around the world.

          Another Pew article goes on to report that within the next 50 years, the world may see a total shift that will end the reign of Christianity as the world’s largest religion – to be replaced by Islam.

          Why is this of concern to Christians today?…
          Finish the article here:
          People, Islam is the most barbaric geopolitical movement masquerading as a religion there is on Earth. You do not want your children and grandchildren living under this evil.

  • Janis

    Get them all the heck out of here. Too bad their madres and padres were law breakers. Blame them. Not the USA.

  • Derek

    Opt MUST be some obama bs who else could come up with something so stupid? That garbage must be scrapped quick!!!

  • 7littleangels

    They are, therefore, illegal! Saying they are “half amnestied” is ludicrous. That’s like being sort of pregnant!

  • meamark

    080817 Libertyarticleabt1/2amestizedillegalaliens, Joshua Paladino,

    No one in America has the authority to give/grant amnesty to any illegal alien for any reason = by any device.
    Each illegal alien is a criminal in their own person.
    The entire illegal alien criminal soft invasion of America is the outcome : the purposeful product of of the intentional refusal of the hate America to Destruction Ameri’Kan Politi’Kal ‘Klass refusing to enforce the immigration laws of America. With such refusal the Politi’Kal ‘Klass became/becomes one with them; thereby has no authority to make new law which includes legalizing the soft invading illegal alien criminals and/or any law – act – outcome structured or operating to appear to legitimize the joint criminal activities of the Politi’Kal Klass who are the the government employees aiding and abetting their illegal alien criminal soft invader confederates.

    The family daisy chaining immigration policy being practiced over the last + 25 years does not confer citizens ship on anyone. In the same vein, the concept of an anchor baby is an Organized Crime Family legal fiction, thus, utterly void.

    When you are a government employee and you aid and abet : do not enforce the immigration laws of America you join the illegal alien soft invasion of America criminal enterprises.

    AS to the soft invasion of the west through the phony refugee : immigration crying, whining, and weeping of the Ameri’Kan Politi’Kal ‘Klass… if immigration for diversity : refuge : poverty were a valid matter, then the world would be sending millions of the “refugees” to live safely and Diversely in in North Korea, China, Somalia, Cuba, Valenzuela, southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Persian Gulf State, Libya, Turkey, Russia, … the usual people paradises.

    And Not to America OR the West where we are such horrible people that we try to enforce government by Law, have working economies, secure religious and individual liberty for all who come to voluntarily join our free societies.

    • Concerned

      Wow and thank you. I agree

    • Bella Gray

      They sure as h-ll would not be sending Muslims to non-Muslim countries where their religion and values are diametrically opposed.

    • ABCDE


  • I have to disagree with many posts here. These are people who are a real benefit to society and will be decent tax payers in the near future when they get their feet on the ground. My issue is with the uneducated ones who have no understanding of English and little or no way to make a decent living. They go on welfare and stay there.

    • Bella Gray

      You have no idea how this really works. Yep, they will go on to have children (outside wedlock most likely, as that brings in more taxpayer paid welfare), who will instantly be American citizens, who will then be able to chain-in all their indigent extended family relatives back in the home country, who will then live off our welfare system, and the cycle never stops.

      • Bella Grey,

        We are referring to far different people. Those who have come here and attained a decent education are not necessarily the likes of those who come here illegally and have kids to get more welfare. Those kinds of illegals you refer to are the issue we face and must eliminate. It just so happens that I speak Spanish. I have sat in Health and welfare offices and overheard conversations between Hispanics that ere enough to make me sick and yet the employees should be able to see what is happening but go merrily onward with providing those illegals with what they want – welfare with no sense of responsibility.

        • Bella Gray

          😊 I have heard them on the radio, also. No non-citizen should EVER be given welfare. The second they cannot totally support themselves they need deported.

          Here is an example of your illegal alien and all her family members. If it opens blank, just click the white space and it will play.

  • Gregg Parker

    4 million times $24,000 a year… do the math! Get-o Out-o. Bye- bye-o

  • Bella Gray

    Just one more way for Americans to get screwed by foreigners. Our gov’t has made America the for mat of the world! Just where do our college kids find work when these foreigners are stealing our jobs? Add in the SOBs have most likely gotten their college educations paid for by “we the American taxpayer,” while our kids are saddled for life under the massive debt they paid for their educations!

    • ABCDE

      You got it!

  • Bella Gray

    ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS NEED DEPORTED! Including the DACA, who incidentally the majority are grown adults, who had plenty of time to fix their problem and chose not to. Our laws are not confusing for anyone but a Communist Democrat and their supporters. ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS.

    If illegal aliens are so great, let them go back to their own countries and make them great. Make it all they want to steal from Americans. I am so sick of these users and those anti-Americans who are fighting to abuse Americans. All bills down to the penny that these illegal aliens cost America should be put totally on the Communist Democrats who are fighting to keep them here. You would see how quickly they would back off.

    Send these DACA “kids” that we PAID to educate back to their own countries, so they can be a positive force on their countries. Let them contribute to rebuilding their country and STOP THEIR CITIZENS FOR STEALING INTO AMERICA!

    Immigration costs hit us on countless levels: whites don’t care what color the illegals are, they could be purple with two heads, and it would not be relevant. The objection is that as a debtor nation close to bankruptcy, illegals are a heavy burden we cannot afford and are not responsible for, as those people belong to foreign countries.

    Our struggling middle class is supporting everyone, and the illegal aliens never stop coming. We pay for the birth of their children and educate them clear through college, while our children are driven into massive debts for life for their educations. They are living off our welfare, our medical system, they drive up our rates on everything they don’t pay their fair share on, they are wear and tear on all our country’s infrastructure the list goes on and on.

    MON, NOV 7th
    A new authoritative study released by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) reveals that the federal government would have to immediately raise taxes by $1.29 trillion in order to cover the fiscal losses created by those illegal aliens and their children who receive amnesty. This would also need an immediate lump sum of over $15,000 on average per household in order to cover the future costs. They also drive down wages for American citizens. Illegal aliens are the gift that never stops giving, hear my sarcasm.

    California for example is considered an illegal alien magnet with 34 percent of the nation’s welfare recipients. State and local spending on welfare programs in California are expected to reach $38.6 billion while the state’s long-term debt load approaches $500 billion. The business and tax climate in California is horrific and getting worse. In 2011, 73,000 companies both large and small – 5.2 percent of the 1.3 million total – fled the state in search of more business-friendly locales, or went belly up.

    Illegal immigrants are a major drain on our healthcare system. Some studies conclude that hospitals in the Southwest spend as much as 15% of their total budget providing care for people who shouldn’t even be in the United States. At a time when we’re already struggling to get health costs under control, this is nothing less than a national outrage.

    WARNING The Shocking Number of Illegals Stole Social Security Numbers | American Action News. We’ve all been warned about identity theft where thieves steal social security numbers to open credit cards under your name. Now there’s a new identity theft taking place you need to be on the look out for. A new report from the Washington Times says a shocking number of illegal immigrants have stolen social security numbers to steal American jobs.

    Most illegal immigrants who pay taxes have stolen someone else’s legal identity, and the IRS doesn’t do a very good job of letting those American citizens and illegal immigrants know they’re being impersonated, the tax agency’s inspector general said in a new report released Thursday. The theft creates major problems for the American citizens and legal foreign workers whose identities are stolen, and who have to deal with explaining money they never earned.

    But the IRS only manages to identify half of the potentially 1.4 million people likely affected by the fraud in 2015, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said in its report. Read more at

    Furthermore they are bringing highly infectious disease epidemics: Polio, Leprosy, TB, Measles, Scarlet Fever, drug resistant Gonorrhea, to name but a few; because they were not inoculated from birth. Those coming from Africa, where 70% are infected, bring HIV and AIDs. A dreadfully deadly disease with massive risks and expense into America. Moreover, those coming across the Mexican border, hundreds of thousand YEARLY are indeed rapists, murders, drug deals, and criminals, even ISIS. I checked the government stats on that myself. They are also ISIS, as the drug smugglers have told us they have been bring them in. Open borders are deadly to Americans and America.

    •According to statistics published by the Department of Justice this week (May 2017), nearly 1/4 of the U.S. federal prison population is comprised of foreigners – more than half of whom have deportation awaiting them when they complete their sentences. —Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies said the figures should shock any American who cares about enforcing U.S. law.

    The are destroying our national parks. A nonprofit group dedicated to protecting all native wild animals and plants has published a detailed report documenting how illegal immigrants crossing through the 350-mile Arizona-Mexico border have destroyed hundreds of acres of national forests and their habitat. American taxpayers will dish out $63 million to clean up 25 million pounds of trash and human waste left by illegal immigrants who cross through federal and state parks during their trek from Mexico to the U.S. In yet another solid argument for securing the southern border, American families planning to visit national parks are being warned of the imminent danger created by Mexican drug and immigrant smugglers. —Judicial Watch

    Also one cannot discount the fact that they are liars and cheats when they break our laws to come here by cutting in front of all those legally coming to our country. Immigrating requires time, money, and good will. Those honorable people are what we look for, not those who show no respect for us, our laws or processes.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes, send these illegals bills to those Evil Dems let them pay for all these illegal programs! I say call all Dems out on this!

      • Bella Gray

        This is what I think we should do, and I can bet you the VAST majority of Americans would check option 2!

        I would ask Communist Democrat to put their money where their mouth is. How many will pick which option?

        TAX FORM 2017


        1) Known costs of Illegal Aliens to Americans is $1.29 TRILLION and $15,000 to each household.
        2) The total cost of refugees is not yet known; because Obama, and his cohorts, used subterfuge to bring them in over and beyond the sealing set by Congress. The initial cost is beyond $65,000 a person as they arrive, just to get them here and settle them. The majority never go off welfare, and the collective costs are enormous and never ending. Our nation, as the largest donors in the WORLD spends over a half a TRILLION dollars EVERY YEAR toward the refugee camps overseas.
        3) Both classifications commit well over half a million crimes every year. All these crimes have a cost to Americans personally and the legal system adds greatly to our punitive systems costs.

        Mediatory Requirement: You must select one of the two options.

        1) Keep and support all illegal aliens and refugees: You are committing to pay a charge reflecting the cost of all illegal aliens and refugees divided between everyone who selects this option. Once selected these costs will become a permanent debt to you, enforceable for life. Additional costs will be added as they occur.

        2) Deport all illegal aliens and refugees: no costs will be added to your tax bill.

        • Sylvia Avila

          I say, deport as many as we can. Next time I hope they come in the right way, if NOT charge them a fee, than deport them again!

          • Bella Gray

            They need to be sent back to the end of the long line of people they cut in front of, give them a bill for all that they cost Americans the entire time they were here illegally, and then add a fine on top of it. That would be the fair thing. Plus make them take all the children with them!

          • Sylvia Avila

            So true, you are right!

          • Bella Gray


  • Flyby

    4 million aliens whose employers get bonuses for hiring them, aren’t paying payroll taxes and neither are the workers hundreds of thousands which aren’t even needed. And they’re taking jobs away from out of work Americans

  • Warren Blum

    Obama blows

  • Warren Blum

    Don’t forget how many of these people send our greenbacks back to their scumbag families in these other countries

  • meamark

    The issue is before us while we do nothing but whine… see hereafter and what are you going to do ?

    080917 lbrtyhdlns, Jerome Corsi, Infowars, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio should have [Arpaio’s attorney] Mark Goldman, Goldman & Zillinger PLLC in Scottsdale, Ariz., working up criminal use of public employment, : offices, position, funds by U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton, did so to directly and indirectly aid and abet the illegal alien criminal soft invasion of America charges.

    Backed up by preparing and filing criminal and civil charges : claims for waging malicious prosecution : determinations against/on a sworn Law Enforcement officer attempting to Lawfully enforce the Immigration Laws of America as mandated at Article VI and the immigration statutes : codes of the United States.

    As well, filing charges that in so acting, U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton, in a personally vengeful illegal alien criminal aiding and abetting capacity, acting as a government employee, did willfully and knowingly choose to commit extra legal acts in violation of her sworn Oath of Office to advance her personal illegal alien soft invasion aiding and abetting political agenda.

    Finally, filing bar complaints to have her Bar License suspended forever for the same causes.

    Buttressed with civil notices and claims against her Bar licenses, bonds, insurances.

    An illegal alien soft invasion is the waging of War on the country being so invaded by other means. A soft invasion is the Wagging of War on the target country with the intent to force the citizens of that country to give the invaders the target countries wealth and change the laws of the target country so the invaders can dominant the citizens through pure force : weight of soft invading numbers.

    In America, Treason is stipulated to be “giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of War”.

    A soft invasion is the conduct of War on the target country; therefore, it seems to me, that U.S. Judge District Susan R. Bolton is committing Treason and in so doing shall be immediately arrested and held without bail… of course, she must also suffer civil forfeiture just like she and her judge buddies do to us.

    If you do not compel the operation of Law, the enforcement of the immigration laws of America on the elected, appointed, administrator government employees occupying the offices of our governments then they will keep getting away with using our money to aid and abet the illegal alien Soft Invasion of America : the government employees personal political agenda.

    All invasions are conducted for the sole purpose of the invaders taking over the country being invaded by acts of War : Hot or soft or mixed.

    I hope this is not a stupid test because, in the matter of securing the operation of Law, the failure of the Law abiding American Citizens puts us in the lead.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    What exactly is “an illegal immigrant who can’t be deported.” They are ILLEGAL DEPORT them NOW.

  • Louie Rey

    I guess depending on which half of them are illegal then that would make them half a**es. You know, you don’t have to be an illegal to fit that profile. I have a lot of family members who I consider half a**es! All kidding aside, unless you’re 100% qualified to be in this country you should take BOTH halves of your a** and go home.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Evil Dems and Evil Clinton’s, Obama, Soros use Illegals to vote? But thank God Clintons lost! Time call out all in favor of breaking our Laws! Expose their Corruption! Before next voting elections!

  • Stan Stowe

    We definitely need a tax revolution! Imagine if 100 million people decided to never file taxes or refused to pay taxes, and how many Americans would soon follow. But lets face it, it will never happen as IRS is just as corrupt as the judges, and politicians. The trouble is that the wealthiest people pay the most taxes, but yet the have biggest write offs. Lets examine facts. If a man or woman earns 100 million, and can legally deduct 50 million that it cost them to make the 100 million, they would only owe taxes on the 50 million. So lets say they are taxed at 50% for 50 million. They would pay in 25 million in taxes. But lets look at the IRS codes, it allows them to even take more deductions with laws written to favor the wealthy, like politicians, and they spend lets say 1 million on lawyers and accountants, and that become a liability, so now they lower it more, and this goes on for every single business they are involved in, including political parties. Lets imagine that the write offs come to maybe another 20 million. Now they only owe taxes on 30 million, but again they can defer that over 20 years if it is in their business. So they get a whopping break of only 10 million income for the 100 million made, because of all the deductions and cost of income spread over 20 years. So they end up paying paying 5 million in taxes after earning 100 million. Mere 5% ! Amazing that it works that way. So the rich do pay 90% of all taxes, but lets not forget that the average American making 1/10,000 of that money pays 30-45%. Buffet and Bill Gates pay more to make more. If we had a flat tax, every one paid 10%, it would be much more fair, but evil rich people will never let that happen, as rich would lose more than the middle class and poor. Probably near 40% never have to pay taxes, and I can understand it to some degree, but really middle class pay the biggest portion in percentages compared to the rich. Every one should have skin in the game, no one should be exempt from paying some thing. So the poor keep re-electing these people that cheat and steal every chance they get, because they do not pay anything. The less educated the poorer you are, but there are some degree that it is not always this way. I think people can make money in collecting and selling garbage, but some people make lots of money from just plain luck.

  • skier69

    No more Illegals. They need to be Deported, and I agree, We the People have to get involved but not violently.. Dems need to stop Obstructing. So much hate and Dems want impeachment. I’m not sure how Trump keeps it together with so much coming at him