Students at UN Stage ‘Die-In’ to Protest Climate Inaction

‘I ask politicians to think about what will happen when they are gone…’

Students at UN Stage 'Die-In' to Protest Climate Inaction

Students at the United Nations in New York stage a “die-in,” lying sprawled on the pavement to protest the lethal consequences of global warming/PHOTO: AFP

(AFP) Dozens of young climate change activists staged a “die-in” in front of the United Nations on Friday, lying sprawled on the pavement to draw attention to the lethal consequences of global warming, as part of a left-wing shakedown orchestrated by the radical Sunrise Movement.

“Today, the young people of the US are declaring the era of American climate change denialism over,” said Alexandria Villasenor, a 13-year-old who has been staging a climate strike outside the UN headquarters every Friday since December.

“We are here to tell leaders that they urgently act.”

Tens of thousands of teenagers and schoolchildren took to the streets worldwide on Friday to push world leaders to take action to combat climate change.

“I ask politicians to think about what will happen when they are gone and think about the kids that are going to suffer because of their choices,” said Emma Rose, 15.

“None of the government officials are doing anything to change this and we need to make an impact to change this and we want to stop climate change,” said 12-year-old Ella Goodman, carrying a sign that read “I’m With Her” pointing to an image of the Earth.

The students carried banners that highlighted their frustration with the lack of action from leaders.

“When adults act like children, children must take action,” read one banner.

Another said: “You are failing us.”

“We’re striking for our future and at this rate, we don’t have one,” said 17-year-old Sarah Bennett. “Generations before us have ignored these issues. We are the one who will live with the consequences.”

According to The Nation, Friday’s staged protest, which incorporated Green New Deal advocacy, was to involve tens of thousands of middle- and high-school students in 30-some countries, disrupting many a classroom in the process.

The Sunrise Movement’s campaign ultimately produced the lawsuit Juliana vs. United States and several other spin-offs that used children as the plaintiffs to spur policies to address global warming.

Organizations such as Our Children’s Trust now provide teams of lawyers to help coach and direct the juveniles, doted upon by the liberal 9th Circuit court in San Francisco, to launch their attacks on energy producers.

However, the children’s lawsuits have met with mixed results elsewhere.

In January, the Colorado Supreme Court shot down a bid by a group of Boulder teens to block future drilling permits in the state.

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