Liberal Violence Victim Steve Scalise Blasts Holder and Hillary

‘A healthy, strong democracy is not possible if anyone lives in fear of expressing their views…’

More Death Threats Against GOP Reps., Including Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise/IMAGE: C-SPAN via YouTube

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) In an op-ed on Thursday, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) slammed Democrats, including Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), former Attorney General Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton, for encouraging violence against elected officials.

Scalise recalled the horror he felt while being attacked and shot by an angry Democrat during the congressional baseball game in 2017.

“Beginning with my own near-death experience at the hands of a deranged shooter who sought to assassinate a baseball field of Republicans, there is a growing list of violent or threatening actions taken against conservatives by Democrats,” he wrote in a column published by Fox News.

Democratic Party leaders have “worked to keep this anger burning and incite even more harassment and violence,” Scalise said.


Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that we “cannot be civil” with the GOP; Waters encouraged her supporters to harass Trump’s cabinet officials this past summer; and at a political rally on Sunday Holder said Democrats should “kick” Republicans.

“As a survivor of a politically motivated attack, it is tragic to think this is an acceptable state of political discourse in our country,” Scalise wrote. “I refuse to stand for this and I will continue to call for an end to it. A healthy, strong democracy is not possible if anyone lives in fear of expressing their views.”

Scalise said that instead of encouraging violent rhetoric and action, Democratic leaders should be condemning it.

Battles are won in the ballot box, not through “mob rule or intimidation,” he wrote.

Violent calls to action are a “direct threat to our democracy” and will only leave a harmful, negative impact on this country, he pleaded.

“While it’s clear many Democrats refuse to accept the election of President Trump, if they want change, they need to convince people with their ideas and actually win elections, rather than call for violent resistance, harassment, and mob rule,” Scalise wrote.