‘Squad’ Member: Ban Guns, Life Sentences—BUT Legalize Prostitution, Open Borders

‘The bill lacks merit and is divorced from reality…’

Ayanna Pressley Tries Showing She Is Just as Relevant as Her Far-Left 'Squad' Cohorts

Ayanna Pressley / IMAGE: Late Show with Stephen Colbert via Youtube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Socialist Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., presented a radical resolution Thursday that calls on Congress to outlaw life sentences without parole, give so-called transgender people the right to choose their prison facility, ban assault weapons and legalize prostitution.

Pressley, a member of “The Squad,” named her resolution “The People’s Justice Guarantee,” Fox News reported.

Following similar calls from socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Pressley’s resolution would grant prisoners the right to vote. She would also legalize illegal immigration and mandate that prisoners earn the federal minimum wage.

The resolution said her ideas stem from America’s “moral obligation to meet its foundational promise of guaranteed justice for all.”


In a statement, Pressley argued that a person’s suffering should give them the right to determine how the criminal justice system operates.

“For far too long, those closest to the pain have not been closest to the power, resulting in a racist, xenophobic, rogue, and fundamentally flawed criminal legal system,” Pressley said in a press release.

“Our resolution calls for a bold transformation of the status quo—devoted to dismantling injustices so that the system is smaller, safer, less punitive, and more humane,” she added.

Her resolution would outlaw “private companies from profiting from the operation of prisons, jails, and immigration detention facilities, including food services, financial services, commissaries, and medical care.”

Pressley connects the so-called mass incarceration epidemic with the need to repeal the Hyde Amendment and ensure “safe and legal access to the full-range of reproductive health services.”

The resolution condemns all forms of “systemic environmental, social, and economic injustice.”

Conservatives pushed back against the resolution.

“The bill lacks merit and is divorced from reality,” said Cully Stimson, a senior legal fellow at the National Security Law Program for the Heritage Foundation.

“The de-incarceration movement is at best naive, and if enacted, dangerous as it would result in tens of thousands of violent murderers, rapists and child molesters being let free,” Stimson said.