George Soros Openly Meddles in Florida Election

‘Florida is the Holy Grail…’

FL Dem Gov. Candidate Andrew Gillum Affirms Plans to Abolish ICE

FL Dem Gov. Candidate Andrew Gillum (screen shot: CNN/Youtube)

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is the Democratic nominee in a race to determine the next governor of the largest swing state in the country.

Not long ago Gillum’s campaign was broke, on top of zero name recognition, and his own constituents in Florida’s capital city opted for his primary opponent.

But progressive billionaire George Soros changed all that.

Soros is the top mega-donor to left-wing politicians and causes in the country, and a conduit to other large donors who share his political vision.


In May, Soros hosted Gillum at a Berkeley, California dinner, where the two cemented “plans to turn out progressive and non-white voters,” according to Politico. That could also help Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson retain his senate seat in November.

If elected, Gillum, who describes himself as “unapologetically progressive” and who would be Florida’s first black governor, agreed to expand Medicaid, recognize the threat of man-made climate change and enact gun-control legislation.

Plus, he said he would help Democrats in 2020 in a state that’s considered a must-win for Republicans.

“Florida is the Holy Grail,” Gillum reportedly told Soros.

For that, Soros opened the floodgates of left-wing cash.

Thanks to Soros, Gillum has attracted a flock of billionaires. His political committee has brought in $3.8 million from super-donors affiliated with Soros’ Democracy Alliance — out of a total of $9.6 million.

Six of the 10 biggest individual donors to Gillum’s campaign and political committee are also members of the Soros donor alliance, including hedge fund billionaire Donald Sussman, software founder Stephen Silberstein, San Francisco donor-activist Steve Phillips and social justice advocate Quinn Delaney.

On Wednesday, San Francisco billionaire and climate change activist Tom Steyer pledged another $5.2 million.

Several days later, Steyer reportedly introduced Gillum at the high-dollar Miami-Dade County Democrats’ “Blue Gala” and pointed out that, in addition to the on-ground organizing for his climate change super-PAC, Steyer’s other campaign — to impeach President Trump — could also benefit from Gillum.