Soros Blows $800K on Failed Bid to Unseat GOP District Attorney

‘The fact that she’s disavowing knowledge of it, that’s clearly disingenuous…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Liberal financier George Soros funneled more than $800,000 into a campaign in New York’s Monroe County to unseat Republican District Attorney Sandra Doorley, but Doorley came out on top anyway.

Doorley took home 56 percent of the vote on Tuesday, beating her Democratic opponent so soundly that some have speculated Soros’s donations “backfired.”

Soros funded the New York Justice & Public Safety PAC, which purchased political ads for Doorley’s Democratic opponent, Shani Curry Mitchell.

Mitchell insisted she had no control or knowledge of Soros’s efforts on her behalf, but Doorley slammed the ads, arguing that they represented an effort for outside forces led by Soros to hijack a New York election.

“It’s outside money coming into influence a local race,” Doorley said last month, according to the Democrat & Chronicle. “The fact that she’s disavowing knowledge of it, that’s clearly disingenuous.”

After the votes were counted and Doorley was hailed the victor, she gave a tongue-in-cheek response to Mitchell and Soros.

“The Republican Party in Monroe Country is not dead, and we are alive and well,” she said in her victory speech. “And look at all the great people, here. We still have the energy and we will be back. And I am back for another four more years, so, thank you, George Soros!”

Mitchell said she was disappointed by the outcome, but still counts it as a success.

“Of course we’re disappointed with the results but we’re very excited,” she said, according to Rochester First.

“We we’re able to get 70,000 votes for the first-time candidate, for a first-time candidate of color for the chief prosecutor in Monroe County,” she said. “That’s a win.”