Snoop Dogg Blasts Trump In ‘Make America Crip Again’

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article contains profanity.

Trump Haters Want to Make Assassination Great Again 1

Snoop Dogg/PHOTO: Jason Peruse-Creative Commons

(Newsweek) Snoop Dogg wants to “Make America Crip Again.”

The rapper’s new song slams President Donald Trump in its opening line: “The president said he wants to make America great again, f— that shit, we’re going to make America crip again,” he says.

The rap legend’s new song continues to rip the president on his recent tweets attacking the NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to protest racial injustice.

Earlier this week, Trump criticized the league for an apparent lack of respect after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced players would merely be encouraged to stand for the anthem.

“The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!” Trump said.

Snoop Dogg also defends NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick in the new track, who started the league protest when he kneeled on the field last year.

“Colin Kaepernick was blackballed,” Snoop Dogg raps. “This still America with three K’s, believe that sh-t.”

This is not the first time Snoop Dogg has lashed out on the president with a song. In March, his video to the remix of the song “Lavender” by Canadian group BadBadNotGood showed an assassination on a clown dressed as President Trump.

The video is set in an alternative reality where the United States is inhabited by clowns. The Trump parody clown named Ronald Klump is on the television announcing the deportation of all “doggs.” Later in the video, Snoop points a toy gun at Klump and fires, with a sign reading “Bang” that comes out of the gun and leaves the clown standing.

Senator Marco Rubio criticized the rapper for the video and said to the entertainment website TMZ that “Snoop shouldn’t have done that.

“We’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country so anything like that is really something people should be very careful about,” said Rubio.

Recently, rap legend Eminem came under fire for tearing into Trump during a cypher at the BET Awards on October 10. In the freestyle, he blasts the president and challenges him.

“Trump when it comes to giving a shit you’re stingy as I am. Except when it comes to having the balls to go against me you hide ‘em. ‘Cause you don’t got the fucking nuts like an empty asylum,” rapped Eminem.

Like Snoop, Eminem also put his support behind Kaepernick and those who are kneeling to protest during the anthem.

“Fuck that. This is for Colin. Ball up a fist. And keep that shit balled, like Donald the bitch,” he says.

Republished with permission from Newsweek via iCopyright license.

  • Rolpho Signetti


  • Joe Sam

    trash is trash they know no better .OLD VET

    • Don Lindsey

      You can wrap gold chains and ear-rings around trash and it is still trash!

      • Papa Bear

        But toss it in a lake it sinks to the bottom. The only problem with that is it pollutes the lake.

        • Fed up!


          • Papa Bear

            I knew someone would agree

  • Unforgotten27

    If these Liberals put as much energy, money & thought into making America great again, as they do making idiots of themselves; “we would already be there”!!

    • NolanR

      They do not want to make it great again. They want to finish obama’s job of destroying America.

      • mary murphy

        And if they do, who will allow them the platform to spew their ridiculous opinions and pay to go see them or hear them? Just wonderin’.

      • Papa Bear

        Because of all the FREE STUFF they were promised. Other than their Øb☭m☭ bin Lyin phones what have they received or better yet have their lives improved one iota??? That’s the real measure We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added. – Ronald Reagan

    • Papa Bear

      You are ABSOLUTELY 100% CORRECT!!!

  • Paul

    Well, that sure is classy.

  • Michael

    Different strokes for different folks. I see this guy as a zero talent person whose opinion should not interest anybody; but, that’s just me.

    • mary murphy

      Thank you Michael, that’s just how I feel!

      • Pam

        I agree with you too. Nothing but a big WASTE.

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    • Stan Leonard

      You took the words right out of mouth! Thank-You for sharing this.

    • slk5

      he’s a king to the no talent sheeple!!!

    • Louie Rey

      The next Snoop Dogg song I hear will be the first.

      • Papa Bear

        Mine as well!!! nothing but NIGER (you know the real term) NOISE!!!

      • Tim Marlow

        I saw a brief clip on Hannity where Trump was at gunpoint by two worthless thugs. I just boo him personally and ignore him like I do enemies.

        • Louie Rey

          I saw the same clip. That’s been my entire exposure to this guy since the first time I ever heard of his name. And after that video we’re supposed to take him seriously? Seriously? Bottom line is that racism exists in this country but the majority of it falls on the shoulders of the Black community. And thanks to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson calling someone racist is the default position for them. Just look at Maxine “Dirty” Waters.

    • Papa Bear

      I See all that as NIG**R NOISE no talent and I am really surprised that it has not faded out like the big bands have. No talent idiots with an equally idiotic following mindless morons is what our “SCHOOL SYSTEM” (actually government mandated inculcation camps that masquerade as public schools ) turns out. If we were somehow able to combine the total IQ of these clowns (and their followers) we would only have 50 or fewer points

      • Tim Marlow

        It’s only popular with this new breed of Millenials, mostly blacks who idolize anything that is Black. I have an open mind and give most everything a chance. But it’s just rascist and ignorant and further separates our society on purpose. Mindless violence and ignorant life behavior will be discarded as garbage and disappear because being different and offensive is only important to be attention. The attention they crave is negative and not what they really need and want. If not….more bullets and jails made special as a reward for being stupid!

    • Alvin Gleaton

      I AGREE !!!

    • Linda Abernathy

      I agree, never liked him and have no feelings to even listen to that crapile.

  • Ron haymaker

    Stupid Dogg has smoked so much dope I’m surprised he even knows what year it is.

    • nosocialism4me

      Yep, the Dog treats Kaepernick like he’s some sort of hero. He disses the Anthem and flag because of “social injustice”, then wears a Castro shirt—

      • Ron haymaker

        They way I look at it, anyone against President Trump is against America. And I say love or leave it. None of these losers will be missed. The more that leave…The greater America becomes. God bless America & God bless President Trump. At last we have a TRUE American President & a TRUE 1st Lady. Something we have been lacking for 8 long years!

      • Papa Bear

        Irony is lost on morons.

    • tCotUS

      I think America should offer these clowns a one way ticket out of the Country.

      • Ron haymaker

        Yes,start a fund to Make America Great Again…….Deport anti-Trump losers!

        • Fed up!

          Sign me up!

      • Don Lindsey

        They would just trade it for alcohol or drugs…Make them pay for their own ticket!

        • Papa Bear

          Bullets are less expensive!!!

      • Fed up!

        Best way tax payers hard earned money would ever be spent

    • Papa Bear

      Who says he does?

  • Dixon Ermouth

    I think Snoop is one toke over the line.

    • Fed up!


  • jjmcl431

    Well Slop Dog better watch out. He wants everything to be Crip; the Bloods will be after him now. Hope they get him.

  • NolanR

    Snoop Dog and people like Eminem are enemies of America just like the Nazis were and must be destroyed just as the Nazis and imperial Japanese were destroyed.

  • claire

    These liberals are ridiculous and dangerous. I am sure they could not justify their opinion. It is all about going with the flow, repeating the liberal talking points, no thinking at all. Very sad we have sunk to such low level. The liberals are determined to reach a new low. It is unbelievable how stupid they are

  • RealAmerican407

    Yeh let’s make a gang that has kids on the corners selling crack and murdering other gang members great again! Snoop Dogg Eminem and the rest of them need to stfu and just stick to making music.

  • Alex_Verne

    Another African trash, what do you expect!!!!

    • mauisheri

      made his living off selling his pap to his adoring black fans…some people will buy anything!

  • Erik V Johnson

    WowZers…I Wouldn’t Expect Anything Less From Rappers…Their All Anti American When It Comes to Justice and Their FOWL MOUTHS PROVE IT !!!

    • Papa Bear

      Vulgarity is the crutch for the inarticulate. How many comedians rely on vulgarity in an attempt to be funny as opposed to comedians who never utter a vulgar word!!

      When I was a young man I enjoyed Richard (Red) Skelton, Victor Borge, and Abbot and Costello. They were funny and never had to utter a vulgar word!!! Most of their material required a measure of thought that people today lack!!!

      Folks today because of their lack of sophistication are amoral and haven’t the capacity for cognitive thinking so they need vulgarity to be amused. Shallow at best!!

  • joe

    what a bucket of human waste


    It is clear that these black militants intend to finish the job that Brown and Carmichael and Newton began in the 1960s, and establish gang rule in this country prior to exterminating the white population and replacing it with a brown Third World lumpenproletariat. They plan a violent revolution followed by a bloody racial civil war, for which Soros and Steyer have advanced $20 billion dollars as those two have heavily shorted the U.S. economy and plan to profit from the national collapse that this Mau Mau uprising will bring. We need to remember the teachings of Phil Sheridan and Nathan Bedford Forrest, and invoke the spirit of the irrepressible George C. Wallace: if these agitators lie down in front of the national regeneration led by the President Trump, it will be the last country they ever lie down in front of.

    • Papa Bear

      Well said, hadn’t heard the term lumpenproletariat in some time, good to know there are more sophisticated folks perusing these threads.

  • freepetta

    Hopefully the bloods shoot u full of holes Snoop Pig!

  • There are plenty of places in he world for these grand standers to go. Saudi Arabia is one of them. See how thy like it after a year. If they try the same stunts there they will not lose their jobs, just their heads.

  • patrick sain

    Snoop Dogg is a stupid moron brainless dope head that jerk needs to be deported

    • Peter J

      Poster child for the liberals. He was a Clinton supporter and that says it all.

  • Rick W

    Just another racist POS , it’s rather amusing Colin is half white and was raised in a rather wealthy home but play’s the deprived little black boy. Another over paid selfish disillusion black child.

    • mauisheri

      sure reminds you of someone doesn’t he……some Kenyan???

    • Peter J

      Colin’s net worth is estimated to be over $25,000,000. He has never been deprived. He was also Chris Ault’s pet at Univ. of Nevada, Reno. Yea, poor deprived… really!

    • Nihle65

      And jobless… Lol…

    • Papa Bear

      Both Kaepernick and Øb☭m☭ bin Lyin are miscegenated misfit LOSERS They have no true identity and are extremely angry at/with everyone and thing!! As a result of their anger (when when turned inward becomes depression) they are attempting to make the rest of America as miserable as they are!! It is said that “misery loves company!!!

  • Gregg Parker

    It’s no wonder why Michele had these type people entertain her children in the white house… pure entertainment! More kindling for the lake of fire….

  • Jason Wood

    Why is whatever this pot smoking junkie saying even relevant……

  • Ken

    I thought he was changing his stage name to Snoop Lion. And he is wrong, Kaperidiot is only half black… balled.

    • WOrkingTaxpayer

      Ken, no matter what animal verbage he utilizes…the thing INSULTS the entire Flora & Fauna including entire inception of the USA to present: especially original Militia to US Military on over 222 foreign nations, law enforcement, Border Patrol :each and eveyr REAL AMERICAN diminishing working US taxpayer….our entire lineage..these things are lower than leaches.

    • Papa Bear

      The proper term (which is offensive to these clowns) is “mulatto” or miscegenated

  • Marilyn

    Illiterate sounding punks making ghetto noise; not fit ti wipe Trump’s behind.

  • AFGus

    Snoop “Empty Barrel” Dogg. Just another Banger who should be cooling his heels in Sing Sing, not making money off of “so-called” music. He is the poster child for what is wrong with this country.

  • mauisheri

    Empty Barrels……… is just out to make money off blacks again, just like Maxi-Pad, and Freddy Willyson

  • Tim Marlow

    I ignore people with this type of intelligence. How many children has this boy brought into the world? His bad DNA passed onto children. So…stupid boy has even dumber offspring. That’s what’s happening. So many stupid thoughtless humans are outnumbering common sense Adults by having children without a care or thought. I’m a retired Military Police and take pride in my Country. Snoop Lion never did anything but act like a common thug and ghetto trash talking into a microphone…wow!

    • Papa Bear

      No not outnumbering a vast majority of these clowns are not sophisticated. They need attention so they attempt to garner it any way they can mostly through VULGARITY and VIOLENCE!!!



  • nosocialism4me

    Whatever, if these fools couldn’t rap, they’d be homeless, so who cares what they think or write

    • AFGus

      The problem is that there are waaaaaay to many moronic fools who do listen to the moronic claptrap that these low talent ignoramuses put out. That is what makes them dangerous. They cater to and target the low IQ miscreants of this country, and unfortunately there are far too many of those slithering around.

      • Papa Bear

        Read my above posting.

    • Papa Bear

      I care because of all those MINDLESS idiots who want to emulate what these clowns put out!!! It is a known fact that what is produced by these fools and Hollywierd morons try to
      achieve. So there is a real danger to this Maden Scheiße !!!

  • Jsh8675309

    Gee racist much? Embarrassment to this country.

    • Peter J

      No, he is black and blacks can’t racists according to liberals.

      • Tim Marlow

        They are RASCISTS TO THEIR CORE! But men I served in the military with.We all understood that color is only an adult piece of fiction to be cast aside as nonsense and the thoughts of Retarded people! To evolve into an Adult. A child must be quiet and listen instead of speaking out loud constantly as if their juvenile thoughts are the work of a genius. Sadly they never leave adolescents because their thoughts are of Miracles like Religion. They drag mankind backwards to the bronze age instead of forward. Everyone is of color and my Drill Sgt. Made very clear. All are equally worthless until truth is achieved and common sense is automatic. Until that day. Adults need to be paid killers in our military to stop the never ending evil from looting and killing what is automatically in my mind either right or wrong. It’s simple not complicated at all.

      • Nihle65

        He is not black, he is a fkn NI**ER!!! So is fminem!!!

      • Jsh8675309

        BAHWAAA right.

  • Richard Thompson

    Just hateful rabble, blither and babble.

  • Debby

    Snoop GOGGIE needs to get off the drugs and quit drinking the socialist libtard kool-aid…


    SNOOP DOG, or any “MEMBER of THE BLOODS or CRIPS”, deserve nothing other than “PERMANENT RESIDENCE IN a BODY BAG”!! They all are examples of “THE LOWEST LEVEL SCUM ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH” !!! All of these “PEOPLE” have contributed to the major decline of quality life in Southern California today!!!

  • mary murphy

    Why would anyone think this kind of language and behavior is worth paying money to see or hear. Truly nothing but trash.

    • Papa Bear

      NIGER NOISE!!! (you get the gist of what I said)

  • Bill Harrison

    Rap is not music just black noise.

    • Peter J

      You mean C Rap or crap. Your choice.

    • Papa Bear

      NIGER (NI**ER) NOISE !!!

  • Tom

    So let me get this straight. Is Snoop advocating gang violence by wanting to make America crip again?

  • Miyako

    screw all these blacks that hate the White President. Let Them Worry About The BLACKS That Kill In Chicago’! B/S”! DOG’!

  • Jack Scarpon

    When that black ugly dog show any signs of being a human being,, I may even consider taking maybe ac look at what he say!!

  • Peter J

    If this nation wasn’t full of intellectually stunted boobs, the likes of Snoop and Eminem would be homeless.

  • Sharon Melvin

    And we should listen to this bozo!

  • davesop

    Even so called talented people have the emotional and/or intellectual IQ of a brick.

  • Dixie Shooter

    Who cares what a dope head rapper has to say? He’s a real quality example of what a role model isn’t.

  • R Parten

    Just another leftist Fool! Just keep spewing hate division and racism! Barrack and Michelle would be so proud of you!

  • Ron

    When wastes like this make comments I just laugh and shake my head…….just not worth my time listening to these useless pieces of fecal matter.

  • Don Lindsey

    Well, I can`t boycott him because I never listen to his crap anyway!

  • John

    Go back to your bong and leave this up to the sober adults in the room

  • bluewarrior13

    Just think, this could be Obama’s son.

  • Jimbo

    Ah yes, like we could carry an intelligent conversation with a POS, racist pot head like Scum Dogg.

  • kassa1

    If The communist/a.k.a. Democrat party weren’t using this idiot he wouldn’t be anybody. Am I opinion is nobody never was but some scrounge looking to make points with the slaveowners.

  • george

    You have to be an Empty Barrel to look to Snoop Dog for anything!!

  • DMZ

    Snoop is a total has-been. Without Trump no one would even hear his name again. When a “former rap star” has to do Girls Gone Wild vids it’s over bro. Mic drop….

  • Joe Fratz

    Snoop Dog is as stupid as his name!

  • omikehawk

    Stoop Nogg?

  • patriot1111

    Snoop Dog $hit, a Racist himself if he does not like our Country maybe he should move to say Afghanistan maybe, the Taliban would love his cheap Rap Crap!

  • John P Sullivan


  • Louie Rey

    This s**mbag, who owes EVERY SINGLE THING in his life to the opportunities given by this country to its citizens, has absolutely bo clue as to what is the real problem in our society. However, all he has to do if he really wanted to get the answer to that is to buy a mirror. It’s the Black community that is the real culprit here. When you represent 13% of America’s population yet are responsible for over 70% of the violent crime then maybe you should stop and reflect on the REAL issues. You know, like the fact that well over 70% of Black children are born into fatherless families. Funny how those percentages are so similar.

  • Daniel Gray

    Pretty mouthy for a stringbean who smokes pot 24/7 and to keep the money coming in he had to get on a “cooking” show with another jail bird which has since been cancelled

  • Wilby

    Blacks are Reinforcing the fact that we voted for the right guy. Trump was elected because wer’e tired of the poor pitiful attitude and the racism cry whenever blacks disagree or don’t understand an issue.
    Empty Barrels make the most nose!

  • Tim Marlow

    Just remembered that he was involved in a murder. Never spent a penny to hear him talk (rap). Blacks are so very desperate to have anything black to support. Being a thug, Breaking the law smoking Dope when it was illegal, violent behavior, personal attacks on our President and a new Tv show tomorrow. Nope! I just don’t like the creep. He is not or ever will be a part of my America or way of life. His stupid dope game show will fail.

  • Angela Woywod

    Most black people in this country are all racist, but they are accusing white people as being racist. They are so full of hatred and blame whites for their shortcomings. If they could they would get rid of anyone that’s not black. They are still in the minority and can be controlled, but that will change in about 30 years when they will outnumber white people, control law enforcement and take what they want.

  • Alan

    Another stupid b*****d heard from.

  • Naval Lint

    We should re-label American blacks as “barrel folks” since they ALL fit the description…or at least the Dem blacks!

  • msgdiane

    I do not listen nor care about what either of these (I would say men – but that would insult to many of you good men out there) fellows have to say. They are all much to vulgar, they claim to “support” underdog groups, yet they “rap” about doing horrible things (I have heard a couple, which was a couple to much) to the underdog they claim to support. Why the women’s groups have not been outraged with them and all they profess, instead they scream about people that stand for their own rights or may be taking a stand against mistreatment, etc. Sad, so many even listen to these whatever.

  • And one of the cable channels is has created a game show with this mental midget as it’s host. He’d no doubt beat Alex Trebek with his minus IQ score any day. America’s gone to H*** in a hand basket.