Realist Climate-Change Believer Challenges Alarmist Kids Who Skipped School

‘We owe it to future to spend limited resources to fix climate smarter…’

Leading Skeptic Slays Climate Change Kids Strike With Inconvenient Facts

Bjorn Lomborg / PHOTO: Wolfgang Müller via

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) An estimated 1.4 million children across 123 countries skipped school on Friday to demand that adults take stronger actions to combat climate change and protect their future.

The so-called Kids Strike—an ostensibly student-led initiative organized by groups like Fridays for Future—was, in reality, covertly orchestrated by adult activists who stand to gain financially by ‘torquing up‘ public alarm at the prospect of environmental catastrophe.

But in listing their reasons for striking, the group inadvertently exposed their agenda as factually bankrupt, according to one environmentalist and believer in the threat of climate change, but who understands there must be realistic solutions.

Bjorn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and former director of the Danish government’s Environmental Assessment Institute, took to Twitter to dismantle the argument and explain how Fridays for Future relied on misinformation to indoctrinate children for its cause.


Lomborg became internationally known for his best-selling and controversial book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, in 2001.

In it, he argues that even if the climate-change super-lobby got everything it wanted, they would still have almost no effect on global warming.

He also hosts a popular blog called “Get the Facts Straight.”

On Friday, Lomborg swatted down the idea that climate destruction is worsening.

Lomborg also took on Fridays for Future’s second reason for using children to advance its climate agenda: the future might not be there.

“This is just silly,” he said. “Climate change is a problem, not destroyer of future. Its total cost is equivalent to 2-4% GDP reduction in 2100,” he said.

On the third issue for the kids strike, that governments aren’t listening to educated people, Lomborg insists that they are—just not the uniformed, miseducated types.

“While governments aren’t tackling climate well (aren’t tackling many issues well), they know solar & wind can’t just ‘take over,'” he wrote.

And how do governments know that? Because “smart people” told them, he said.

In conclusion, Lomborg said that climate radicals need to cool it, especially when it comes to radicalizing children.

“Alarmism scaring kids, creating political panic and wasting $trillions on poor policies,” he wrote. “We owe it to future to spend limited resources to fix climate smarter + tackle all other challenges.”