Six Women Dem Senators Demand Franken to Resign

More allegations of forcible kissing emerged Wednesday…

UPDATE: CNBC reports even more Democrats are lining up to call for Franken to resign…

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Al Franken/Photo by @jbtaylor (CC)

( Six female Democratic senators on Wednesday called for Sen. Al Franken to resign in the wake of multiple sexual misconduct complaints made against the Minnesota lawmaker.

Sens. Claire McCaskill, Maggie Hassan, Kirsten Gillibrand, Patty Murray, Mazie K. Hirono and Kamala Harris all called for Franken to step down.

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The women did not mince words.

“Sexual harassment and misconduct should not be allowed by anyone and should not occur anywhere. I believe the best thing for Senator Franken to do is step down,” Harris, D-Calif., said.

Hassan tweeted, “It is clear that Al Franken has engaged in a pattern of egregious and unacceptable behavior toward women. He should resign.”

Franken’s political career has been in peril since California radio broadcaster Leeann Tweeden posted a blog detailing how the Democratic senator kissed and groped her without her consent in 2006.

Tweeden posted a blog detailing the alleged incident and also tweeted a picture of what seems to be a grinning Franken standing over her as she sleeps, pretending to grab her breasts.

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Franken has since apologized but other allegations from five additional women have surfaced since Tweeden’s claims….

More allegations also emerged Wednesday, with a woman accusing Franken of forcibly trying to kiss her – this time after a taping of his radio show in 2006….