Shooter Who Killed 3 at Vets Home Had Gun Permit Revoked Months Prior

The three women targeted were all employees of the The Pathway Home…

(The Daily Mail) The man who killed three women at a veterans home in California after a ten-hour siege had his firearms permit canceled in October.

Albert Wong, 36, who slipped into a going-away party for two employees of The Pathway Home on the campus of the Yountville veterans home campus on Friday, was also recently expelled from the home, according to a victim’s relative.

Authorities in Northern California have been tight-lipped about why the former Army rifleman killed the women after the siege in Napa County.

When he raided the home, he let some people leave – but kept the three women.

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Police said that more than 30 shots were fired at officials and the facility was in lockdown for nearly ten hours before he killed his hostages.

Wong, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, then killed himself.

His military records show he served in Afghanistan from April 2011 to March 2012 and was enrolled in The Pathway Home’s veteran treatment program until he was recently expelled, according to a relative of one of the women.

Law enforcement officials did not respond to questions throughout the weekend about what led to Wong being dismissed from the program or whether officials had alerted police or others to any concerns about his mental health after he was removed from the program…

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