NC Sheriff Resists ICE, Releases Alleged Wife-Beater, Gets Even More ICE

‘Simply call us and say, “We’re releasing this person at X time, it’s up to you to be there or not…”‘

NC Sheriff Resists ICE, Releases Alleged Wife-Beater, Gets More ICE

Gerald Baker/IMAGE: CBS 17 via Youtube

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Newly elected Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker is a man of his word. And it’s resulted in the release of a violent offender who is accused of assaulting a woman during a domestic situation, according to a story from WRAL News.

On the campaign trail, Baker vowed to end the Sheriff’s Office’s relationship with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, refusing to help it enforce its mission by participating in the 287(g) program. On Tuesday night it was reported that he had already released 16 people from jail and into the community.

The alleged woman-hitter in question is Jose Cordero–Jimenez, an illegal whose arrest warrant for assault states that he punched and kicked his partner, resulting in her dropping their infant son. This apparently happened more than once.

Under the 287(g) program, Cordero–Jimenez would have been handed over to ICE agents from a detention center—making it a safe process for everyone involved. Now, if ICE wants to pick up Cordero–Jimenez, they’ll have to search for him in the community.

The case is just another instance of the counter-intuitive effect that withdrawing from the 287(g) program tends to have: an increased immigration enforcement presence.

ICE spokesman Bryan Cox seemed exasperated with Sheriff Baker’s new policy.

“When public safety threats are released back into the community, they are free to re-offend in the time that it takes between their release and the time it takes to locate these individuals and to re-arrest them to take them back into custody.”

It seems that Baker didn’t even have the courtesy to alert ICE that he had released a violent woman-assaulting illegal alien.

“Simply call us and say, ‘We’re releasing this person at X time (and) it’s up to you to be there or not,’” Cox advised.

Of course, if the sheriff had done so, that would have made ICE’s job too easy.

In defense, Baker said there was nothing illegal about his actions, and the 287(g) program is “divisive.” He hopes that ending it will make the Hispanic community more “comfortable.”

No word on how releasing violent criminals into their midst will accomplish that.