Senior Citizens Group Wants Obamacare Tax on Medicare Halted

Moratorium on health insurance tax on plans has expired…

Senior Citizens Group Wants Obamacare Tax on Medicare Halted

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(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) A costly health insurance tax under the Obamacare law, which has been held back under a Congressional moratorium since 2015, will hit this year — and a senior citizens group has launched a campaign to prevent the levy from hitting Medicare recipients.

Jim Martin, CEO of 60 Plus Association, announced on Monday the next step in the group’s efforts to stop the tax from impacting Medicare Advantage enrollees.

“The 2018 Health Insurance Tax is driving up health care costs for seniors and it’s unacceptable,” said Martin in a press release on the 60 Plus website. “Congress needs to act now, roll back this tax, and get those rebate checks into the hands of seniors.”

Millions of Senior Citizens will see premium increases if Congress does not act.

60 Plus says lawmakers could stem the rising tide of premiums through rebates, which are estimated to be around $500 per couple.

Obamacare requires insurers that offer coverage must pay what is known as the health insurance tax (HIT) in order to help fund federal and state marketplace exchanges.

Congress approved a one-year moratorium in 2015, which staved off the collection of these taxes through 2017.

That has now lapsed and healthcare insurers have an estimated $14.3 billion fee to pay in 2018.

In order to offset that cost, healthcare insurers will hike premiums across the board, including on the Medicare Advantage program.


“It’s time to stop punishing seniors,” Martin said. “Congress needs to immediately halt this Obamacare remnant and provide Medicare Advantage enrollees with some much needed tax relief.”

The 60 Plus HIT roll-back campaign is set to include a targeted grassroots activation feature and will have ads both in digital and television mediums.

The ads are set to begin airing today on FOX news, MSNBC, and CNN: