Senator ‘Fauxcahontas’ Doubles Down on Native American Claim

WARREN: ‘I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead…’

Elizabeth Warren Wars Against Dem 'Centrists' at Nutty Netroots Conference

Elizabeth Warren/IMAGE: YouTube

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) showed up at a meeting of the National Congress of American Indians on Wednesday to defend her past claims of having Cherokee heritage.

According to a report, Warren didn’t apologize for her abuse of a minority status to advance her education and her career, but instead doubled-down.

“I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead,” said Warren. “I never used it to advance my career.”

Warren’s statements are at odds with the facts presented in 2012 by the Boston Herald and subsequent digging by bloggers that she did use her alleged heritage to advance both her education and her career.

Senator Warren repeated the “elopement” story in her speech as well:

“My mother’s family was part Native American. And my daddy’s parents were bitterly opposed to their relationship. So, in 1932, when Mother was 19 and Daddy had just turned 20, they eloped.”

Warren’s elopement story has been debunked – records show her parents were married in a church by a well-known pastor and the marriage had the usual celebratory trimmings such as an announcement in the local paper.

Senator 'Fauxcahontas' Doubles Down on Native American ClaimSen. Warren continued, taking aim at President Trump:

“The story they lived will always be a part of me and no one — not even the president of the United States — will ever take that part of me away.”

Warren’s jab at Trump appears to be a response to comments by the President, who has mocked her multiple times for alleging she is of Native American descent by calling her “Pocahontas.”

Most of the references to her of that nature come from Twitter and date back to 2016.

Last fall the President referred to Warren again as “Pocahontas” at a ceremony honoring Native Americans at the White House.


“You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas,” Trump said at the event.

To date, Senator Warren has offered no definitive proof of her claim that she is part Cherokee Indian.

As a point of fact, evidence provided by a group of Cherokee genealogists shows that Warren has no Native American ancestry whatsoever.

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  • rocky63

    She lies every time she opens her mouth — ESPECIALLY about her bogus claim to being part Cherokee. Have you ever noticed that in EVERY picture of her she looks like she’s ready to hit someone with an axe? ANGRY appears to be her only facial gesture. She most DEFINITELY used her claim to be of native descent to get a better position at Harvard. A plain lie to get a better salary.

    • Yarbles

      When her mouth is moving, she is LYING. When she is silent, she is STEALING.

    • Benton Marder

      “Ready ro hit somebody with an axe”? Maybe she is descended from Lizzie Borden.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Poor, poor girl…

    Now if she was smart, she should hook up with O’Bunghole and see if she could find out who made his FAKE birth certificate.

    Problem solved! It worked for him! Maybe she could get payments from the government for being a crazy yahoo!

    • Chalrley Walker

      Hey, if that is a reasonably accurate “Rolpho Signetti” I.D. , the odds are about 100,000 to one that at least one of your ancestors was an undocumented immigrant. Certainly, they arrived on this soil without an invitation from any Native American group, which makes them an undesirable alien.

      • Rolpho Signetti

        Undesirable? Like you?

        Sorry to bust your bubble… not my name. My heritage is none of your business. What would that name suggest? It is just something I made up.

        But be that as it may… I do not care who was here first. The white people who settled in this country, is not different from countless other countries that have been overran by foreign armies. I do not apologize for them… in fact: good job!

        All throughout the history of the world this has happened countless times. Who to say that the so called original native Americans did not force somebody out before them?

        The only thing that I will say: MY PEOPLE(note) are European. That millions had died because of certain Mad Men. You fill in the blanks. And we are fighting right now to keep our land. (If that ain’t a clue… I do not know what is). We actually had to change our religion(on the outside) to assimilate. Even to that day we are conflicted.

        Also SPAIN took over Mexico, most of the original native Mexican blood is gone. There is a small population with a high percentage bloodline, but most are European in the main population.

        Mexico has blood on thier hands also when it comes to killing the injuns!
        Native people were just met with a superior force.

        Sorry… that is EVERYBODIES history in both countries!

  • M. D’Souza

    Great genealogical “story” by Fauxahontas!

  • Alan

    A simple swab of her cheek and a DNA test would prove or disprove her claim. Notice it’s been many moons since she has been shown to be a fraud but has not attempted to prove otherwise. She is full of s***.

    • Chalrley Walker

      Remember, she promised her DNA test results, immediately after the Orange Cadet Bone Spurs delivers his tax reports for the years 2,000 to 2018.

      • kep

        Another idiot liberal communist? Maybe you should just go back to your Mother Russia before you find yourself facing charges of sedition.

  • Gregg Parker

    I’m part indian too!… I used to have a fringed jacket… doesn’t get more traditional than that… she checked “other”… lol…

    • SoManyWhiners

      Kind of like Frederica Smith Wilson‘s cowboy hat makes her Western?

      • Gregg Parker

        Right!… I also just got a pair of aviator sunglasses so I’m going to be flying out of Dallas in the morning… with my new scapple on my way to start some open heart surgery in Cleveland… Tally Ho!!

        • SoManyWhiners

          Just make sure you fly out of Love I’m leaving from DFW and don’t want anymore delays then necessary..

          • Gregg Parker

            I changed course. I shook hands with a black man today so I am going to Tuskegee Institute to enroll in a provram for a degree in my new racial history! Enjoy your flight…

          • SoManyWhiners

            Just don’t become a Liberal Democrat while you are in college.

          • Gregg Parker

            Don’t worry …More likely to be found hanging in the courtyard…

    • frank shea

      DID YOU KNOW that Farrakhan is a VIKING????

      • Gregg Parker

        Yeah!… I think he played tight end for a couple years in the 60s…that’s where he made most of his “long” term relationships…

  • Hope

    It must be a big liberal disorder. Warren, Hillary, Obama, etc… have absolutely no idea how to tell the truth. All if them need to be voted out! THIS is why Carter started a federal dept of education – dumb it all down so that they’ll vote for these people.

    • sweetqueen777

      And, they continue to LIE about things that are so easily REFUTED.
      I think it is a MENTAL DISORDER,, and should eliminate them from the candidate list.

  • Benton Marder

    It is very simple. If Lizzie is not registered with the tribal authorities, she isn’t even able to sing, “I’m an Indian, too”


    She will “enjoy” her next election in MASS, NOT!
    Liars usually get major payback!

    • Dino

      If thats true, then trump is going to be nuked at mar a lago

  • James A. Walker

    AKA “Walking Eagle” (too full of S–T to fly) is similar to Crooked Hillary in her ability to lie with a crooked smile.

  • richjack4

    Very simple. Submit to a DNA test that you have previously declined to take!!!!

  • Ken

    Typical liberal liar. She made up a story, now she swears by it? And SHE is a US Senator? Liberal craziness knows no bounds.

  • SoManyWhiners

    How is she still in Congress? If the people don’t vote her out, th Ethics Committee should ban her.

    • Dino

      Sorry cupcake… thats whats gonna happen to NUNES… then trump

      • SoManyWhiners

        Dino, you poor little thing. You don’t have anymore brain cells alive rattling around in that big ole head of yours, do you?

        • Dino

          Better than the raw,sewage in your skull… sub human nazi scum
          You deserve to be gutted with a rusty knife

          • SoManyWhiners

            Dino, even your insults sound like an immature 9 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Go take a nap, you will feel better when you walk up.

          • Dino

            Insult me all you want. Because I’m purposely acting like Orange Hitler. So if you think my behavior is unacceptable then you must by default think his is too…. You don’t you’re just a hypocrite…. Game, set, and match. In other words checkmate.

  • SA Ander

    She must think if she keeps saying it , it will be true, typical political Demwit.

    • RealFunny123

      That is what mainstream media has been doing to American people for 3 decades! Only with internet comes realization by some Americans. CNN still wins in this propaganda.

  • RealFunny123

    As a point of fact, evidence provided by a group of Cherokee genealogists shows that Warren has no Native American ancestry whatsoever.
    So,nothing happens? Does this mean anyone can claim a minority heritage.Then seek advantages of the minority benefits without proof or evidence of being a minority. Nice! This must be a new America.
    We have illegal aliens called undocumented immigrants. voters called non-US Citizens voters. We have illegal children from illegal aliens called DACA or Dreamers. We have people who are NOT native American Indians called non-native Americans/Pocohantas. What about those who evade taxes, can we call it undocumented taxpayers? 🙂 🙂

  • Klikhir Tulagin

    The real Pocahontas, on the other hand, had a great, great, everso great granddaughter who was the first female acting President of the United States. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson would meet with cabinet secretaries, take their questions, go into the room where Pres. Wilson was effectively comatose, and then come back out with ‘his answer’. History has its twists.

  • wtr

    take the test or shut up.

  • geezer36

    Lies, lies to cover her earlier lies, and more lies yet to come. Her ability to lie must be her principal qualification for her office.

    • Naval Lint

      That’s pretty much all that Obama and Killery ….had

  • Lin

    It’s amazing that she can’t prove it , my grandfather is half Cherokee, my mother is a quarter and I’m an eight and it can be proven, prove it b****

    • Dino

      So post your results… prove it!! I think you’re a liar!

  • mrsgunnut10

    Simple, real simple. Just take a DNA Test and Show the Findings in all places where
    WE THE PEOPLE and all Indian Tribes can Read the Results. You’ve been fibbing for years, NOWS , the time for TRUTH. TSgt., USAF Analyst Retired.

  • Mark V

    Let here use 23 and me to prove it.

    • Dino

      Let trump release his taxes and prove he actually pays them

      • Mark V

        Some of his taxes were released and showed he paid 57 million about 10 years ago.
        The rest of his tax returns have been sequestered with Obama’s papers, good luck with that. We would all like more transparency from all our presidents.

  • Mark V

    She will tell you she is trans tribal and therefore full blooded Cherokee.

  • Harvey Schneider

    The forensics, her DNA results, showed that she is not a tribal and makes it clear that she is either a liar or was misled by her mother and/or other family members. The statements seem to suggest that will be her defense in all of this that her family lied to her. Maybe that’s the case and she really isn’t a pathological liar.

    I am a patriot, an Army vet and a conservative.

    • Dino

      And a disgrace to the uniform… spreading lies like john kelly…
      You are a FAKE patriot. And a REAL traitor if you support Trumps criminal cartell

      • Harvey Schneider

        DINO – What branch of the military that guards our nation and our way of life did you serve in? The article we are commenting on states that DNA tests show that Senator Warren, hopefully soon to be ex- Senator, is not a descendent of any indigenous group of the USA.

        Your calling the author of the article and me as a commentator liars is totally unsubstantiated by any facts in your posts.

        You may want to consider taking a college course called LOGIC 101. It might help clear your mind of the fog it appears to be in.

        • Dino

          If this article were written by a REAL journalist they would have provided those records. If they actually saw them that is… and how do you know what her DNA results are? Youre fine with trumps taxes but you need to inspect warrens DNA???
          You wouldnt believe the results if tgey didnt fit your narative anyway… like Obamas REAL birth certificate!!
          THIS IS WHY yoy are DISGRACES to the uniforms you wore and the values you swore to protect!!

          • Harvey Schneider

            DINO – Your response, both the way it’s written and the spelling and grammar errors suggest that, “if you drink, don’t post.”

          • Dino

            Gramar nazi eh… well we know who’s uniform YOU wore…. dont we Klause

  • John Wirts

    I say she should be required to take a genealogical blood test and publicly release the results. If the test shows no trace of Native American heritage, or if she refuses to take the test and release the results, she should have a restraining order against any mention of Native American heritage, and the order should allow the tribe in question to sue for damages if she continues this charade! If the blood test supports her claim then the doubt will be removed.

  • Dino

    This article is FAKE NEWS… this site is FAKE NEWS… i wouldnt doubt its a russian site… if you claim proof…show it… you say “records show she lied”… then show the records… yoy dont because YOU are the liars.

  • Richard

    Senator Warren has never proven her claim when asked to take a DNA test, she refused.
    She continues to lie about something she is unable to prove!

  • dave72

    Fauxcahontas of the Lieawatha Tribe. I dunno, her high cheekbones do get red every time she stamps her little foot. When she finished her speech the crowd yelled Hunga! Hunga! On the way to her limousine, her guide said, Be careful Senator, don’t step in the hunga!

  • Chalrley Walker

    The B.S. Artists are at it again.
    With “Indian” as everyone referred to it during my first half century, ancestry in my family going back to the 1640s with a Powhatan bride, then to marriages with Cherokee, Creek, Shawnee and Caddo, Cadet Bone Spurs would judge me to be a dark-skinned “breed.”
    Instead, even with a full quarter Oklahoma Cherokee mother, my children share a dominant blue eyed blonde look, while clearly joining height from both parents.
    Truth is, virtually all “white” Americans with family trees going back to the 1600s or even 1700s have some Indian ancestry, and a high percentage have African American blood.
    That last grouping includes one iconic Republican president of the 20th century, whose immigrant father married a light skinned “mulatto” girl, who was clearly the most beautiful woman in the county. Since that county largely consisted of “color blind” recent immigrants, her ancestry was of no importance.
    Frankly, while being aware of Senator Warren for many years, the issue of her Indian ancestry was never heard — Until Cadet Bone Spurs started flapping his loose lips in front of his artistic orange weave-comb over, around and around stylized hair-do concealment of his bald scalp.
    Can you just see a Comanche raiding party capturing Cadet Bone Spurs with plans to lift that orange scalp — only to reach with the left and see the whole fancy hairpiece waving in the breeze, nothing worthwhile awaiting the sharp belt knife.

    • kep

      Do you get help posting from your commie handlers? Liberals lie. Known FACT. Nothing you say is truthful. Stop trying.

  • chris VN

    ” Warren’s statements are at odds with the facts “, just like any other liberal?

  • MacZ

    And yet Harvard university refuses to release the paperwork that would say she used her fake heritage to get the job.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Liar Watha needs to be publicly humiliated [if that’s even a remote possibility]. Elizabeth Warren, an immoral godless degenerate, has absolutely no shame. There needs to be an immediate Federal investigation, to expose the felony criminal conduct of Warren and her many Demo-Rat cohorts in crime.

  • JR

    I do not know, the Liberal Media usually blasts every tweet that Trump puts out yet on this almost nothing.

  • Don Johnson

    I think people are missing the point. To much government meddling in to everyone’s business. No one in the first place should get any preferable treatment, its bull $#!+.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    “WARREN: ‘I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead…’” For once she is telling the truth. She used a fake family tree to get ahead. The Cherokee have stated she is a liar and the only way to prove otherwise is to show us the DNA.

  • sweetqueen777

    Of coure, she did not use her family tree. It has no proof of her claims that she has “high cheekbones” like the Native Americans. Easy enough to PROVE. PLEASE, Ms. Warren…Provide PROOF, or SHUT UP, and APOLIGIZE to those who ARE TRULY of Native American Heritage.

  • frank shea

    Speaks with FORKED TONGUE!
    Elizabeth Warren, you counterfeiter, you are making matters worst!
    Now you are caught LYING about your parents eloping?
    Did they elope into a church ceremony with all the relatives and friends present???


  • John

    I thinks gotten into the “fire water” again.

  • Dwimby

    Old Pocha is stark raving nuts. What is WRONG with her constituency? Are they all nuts too?