Sen. McCaskill in Awkward Position After Franken Raised Big $$ for Her

Missouri Democrat was effusive in her praise for the sexual harasser…


Claire McCaskill/Photo by Senator McCaskill (CC)

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) Heading in to her highly competitive re-election for 2018, Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri wanted a high-profile fellow Senator to help juice her campaign coffers at early November fundraising events around the state.

Her choice: Al Franken. Bad timing.

Franken announced his resignation on Thursday amid several accusations of sexual harassment or assault by various women, which led to a crescendo of calls by Democrat (and Republican) colleagues to step down.

McCaskill was among those who said Franken should leave the Senate, and in mid-November said she would donate to charity the $30,000 she received from the Minnesota Senator’s PAC.

But it’s a certainty that Franken, as headliner at a number of events, raised far more than that during his November 4th all-day visit, when he traversed the state for McCaskill.

The exact amount won’t be known under early next year, after fundraising reports are due.

Franken also was the featured speaker at the annual Truman Dinner held by the Missouri Democratic Party.


As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, McCaskill is on the record with effusive praise for Franken as she introduced him at the dinner event in St. Louis:

I have a front row seat where I have gotten to know this man. I have gotten to observe him in moments of crisis, in moments of pressure, in moments that really matter. I have watched his work on behalf of the underdog in America….

He knows how to shine the brightest light on wrongdoing and malfeasance. He is a truth seeker and no one in the Senate does it better.

His wit and humor in the cloakroom may be a welcome distraction for us on nights that we’re voting through the wee hours of the morning. But don’t mistake his wit and humor as any substitute for his heart….

McCaskill recounted how hard Franken worked on her behalf earlier in the day:

He agreed to come to Missouri tonight to help us. But he also agreed to work all day long, helping us raise money for my campaign, crisscrossing the state….

Flying back and forth. Doing events. And we had a very, very successful day of fundraising on the campaign because of this man and his heart….

All the friendship in this room is also reflected in how I feel about the man who is here tonight to motivate us, to make us understand that we’re not done in Missouri as Democrats. We’re just getting started. Please welcome my friend, Al Franken.

Missouri Rising PAC, which is supporting Attorney General Josh Hawley in his pursuit of the Republican nod to oppose McCaskill, called upon her and the state Democrats to disentangle themselves from the fruits of Franken’s labors.

“McCaskill and the Missouri Democratic Party have a responsibility to return every single penny of that tainted money,” said Brian Rogers, executive director of the pro-Hawley PAC.

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  • Thomas Campbell

    Throw them all in jail.

    • The Redhawk

      HYPOCRISY has NO LIMITS with these DEMS

      • Naval Lint

        They’re just being Democrats…

        • The Redhawk

          That says it all Bro! (D) NAZIS

    • no job

      Not enough room in the jails for all of them.

      • The Redhawk

        OPEN GITMO !!!

    • Naval Lint

      Tar and feathers used to make an effective statement….

      • The Redhawk

        a did Firing Squads for TRAITORS.. OoRahh

  • Louie Rey

    Don’t you just love it when their dealings and actions come back to bite them in the butt? I think it’s perfect timing as opposed to what this story says about it being bad timing.

    • My bet is that she’s got more than egg on her face.

      • Louie Rey

        Very subtle. I love it. She should send her face to be dry cleaned like Monica’s blue dress.

        • Naval Lint

          Pelosi could use a good pressing as well…but I think she’s tumble-dry these days…

          • Wayen Franzen

            Ridden hard and put away wet, as the cowboys say….

          • Pelosi’s face looks like it was set out in the sun to dry to shrivel up that much. A turkey baster of Botox wouldn’t help her any.

    • Papa Bear

      It’s known as KARMA!!! Ain’t it sweet???

  • Marvin Zeichner

    While Congress tries to hold Americas progress back, thank god our President is moving us forward!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    She will donate it alright, to the clinton foundation or some soros group so they can funnel some of it back to her,. these cockroaches stick together.

    • Fed up!

      You can bet the farm that funnel is already in place

  • BatGuanna

    The sad thing they were not caught sooner before they all screwed up our government! How much of the $300M did the taxpayers spend on these women to cover up the squeeze, grab, molesters. This was our money, and not theirs, do not let them retire fire their A$$; kill their retirement, banish them all to California, the land of fruits and nuts and perverts!

    • no job

      California, now that’s cruel and unusual punishment.

    • Bill Mac

      Actually I think the FIRES out there though natural in nature – are actually telling them something.

    • Fed up!

      You can bet female staffer gossip network was get a big pay out just to let the scum squeeze you butt. Women been doing that for centuries 😂 Like my Grand mother said, why would you let a poor guy get your goods, when a rich guy the same. The advice had some merit.

    • Guillermo Narvaez

      And make them payback all the taxpayer dollars that they used to pay as secret payment for their sexual harassment.

  • no job

    McCaskill has been in there too long. We need term limits. New brains for many who are senile.

    • Thomas Campbell

      I think we already have “term limits”. It’s called an election. Happens every 2,4 6 years depending on the job.
      She gets to decide on how to run a campaign, we get to decide on whether to fire her or not. Majority of voters on election day will decide. Great system.

  • Gregg Parker

    I ain’t givin back the money… I have no further statements regarding his conduct…

  • Brassknuckles

    Everything these conniving bastards touch turn to crap, if there is not ever a more pressing reason for term limits for all these clowns, Dems and Republicans alike. F them all their all slime balls

  • Fed up!

    MaCaskill has and always be a hypocrite. If I not mistaken only reason she ever got her seat was from her dead husband and then the idiots of Missouri keep her there, people need to send 10dollar donations to a conservative running against her. If a million outsiders sent 10 bucks they have a good war chest

  • Naval Lint

    Since when has any Democrat EVER been concerned about where their money comes from? They don’t worry about any laws, so why are they concerned about this? I think they’re just pandering to their base as they all look like night soil these days.

  • SA Ander

    This is what many would call KARMA, right before our eyes.

  • Altitude

    I’m certain that McCaskill will return the Franken generated money. It’s the only ethical thing to do.

    • Greg

      And GOD knows these RATS are ethical…

      • Marie Palmatier


        • I laugh at trumpies

          Your pedophile child molesting friend lost, little trumpie.

          How does that make you feel?

          • Greg

            How do you feel you POS loser?

          • I laugh at trumpies

            I am delighted that your racist pedophile hero lost, little trumpie.

  • Greg

    Thanks again GOD!!! keep them coming please.

  • dlmstl

    A former tax scofflaw, ‘Air Claire’ is counting on the usual lapse in voter memory once this issue is in the rear view mirror. A few years back, she and hubby somehow let a high six figure property tax bill on their airplane get in arrears.

  • Roy Veteto

    i love it how women in the democratic party have no problem with how members of the democratic party treat women

  • Fred

    This is going way too far. These people for the most part deserve what they get but I’m getting sick of the media coverage of events that happened as much as 40 years ago. I’m not convinced at all about the validity of most of the accusers. As for the genuine ones, I suggest reporting it in a reasonable amount of time. By the way, I’m no fan of Franken.

  • Raymond Miller

    I wonder in Franken grabbed her boobs, yuck.

  • robert v g

    Claire, yes the Dumbocrat party is done in MO.,especially after u praised your “friend” Franken.

  • Eric

    Senator McCaskill looked bad long before this ! ! !

  • John

    With the Dems sometimes it’s like Shakespear in the Park doingJulius Cesar , they will eat their own if it’d it advances them an iota or defend to the death an absolute scoundrel ( WJC and HRC) if it serves them.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    She must not heard of his past and saying it would make a funny skit to rape a woman.

  • Aunt Nonnie S

    Lay down with dogs, Claire!!

  • BatGuanna

    The other thing that is not shown; is how much did we pay for their sexual frolics. We the people have been sexually harassed by our elected officials for years and the general public still votes for their sold out party because their grandparents did and by god they will to. Does this sound familiar? Please have an original thought on your own, vote for the best candidate who gives a damn what party anymore we have been screwed by all; your vote does count please use it smartly or to your best ability!