Sen. Flake Would ‘for Sure’ Support Democrat over Roy Moore

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said he would support the Democratic candidate in the Alabama Senate special election over Republican candidate Roy Moore when asked by reporters Monday.

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Jeff Flake/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

“If this choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat, a Democrat,” Flake told reporters. “For sure.”

Flake’s comments come as Moore has continued to face multiple allegations of sexual misconduct with minors. A fifth woman came forward to accuse Roy Moore of sexual misconduct the same day as Flake’s comments.

“Just to be clear,” Flake tweeted Monday. “If the choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat, I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat.”

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Four women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct against them as teenagers, The Washington Post reported Nov. 9.

One of the accusers, Leigh Corfman, said that she had a sexual encounter with Moore when she was 14 and he was 32. Moore has continued to deny the allegations. Another woman, Beverly Young Nelson, claimed that Moore attempted to have sex with her one night just after her 16th birthday in 1977.

Alabama law does not allow the Republican Party to replace the candidate on the ballot should Moore step aside. Instead, a write-in campaign would have to occur.

Flake is on a long list of other GOP lawmakers who have called for Moore to step down from the Alabama Senate race. Moore has made it clear he will not be stepping down anytime soon and has completely denied all allegations.

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  • Winter

    To say about harassment in forty years. Haha.

  • Naval Lint

    Just how does a “criminal prosecution” proceed this long after a supposed crime has been alleged? And where is any actual evidence except for unsubstantiated statements? Additionally, as many have already asked, why hasn’t this come out before? This guy has been ACTIVE in politics for over 30 years…

    • Bo

      If the allegations Are true,
      aren’t these women Rapist by Proxy? Since they kept quiet, allowing him to perpetuate the Crime.
      Just asking

      • Naval Lint

        Silence indicates consent.