Sen. Fed Up With ‘Historic Obstructionism’ of Trump Nominees

‘Most of these nominees are all getting 70 and 80 votes. The Democrats are clear in what they are doing…’

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David Perdue/IMAGE: YouTube

(John Wynne, Liberty Headlines) Yesterday, Senator David Perdue (R-Georgia) appeared on the Laura Ingraham radio show and had strong words for his Democratic colleagues for holding up President Trump’s choices for various government positions.

“These are not controversial nominees,” said Perdue, the only former Fortune 500 CEO serving in Congress. “Most of these nominees are all getting 70 and 80 votes. The Democrats are clear in what they are doing. This is unadulterated, historic obstructionism.”

Perdue, who in his business career was used to taking quick action, is understandably frustrated.

And now he wants to do something about it.


In an editorial co-written with Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots Action and published in the Washington Examiner the same day of the Ingraham appearance, Perdue said he was now ready to act, as part of his plan to “make Congress work again.”

He stated that doing what the Senate did last year is a good start – at that time, leadership agreed to cancel the August recess and get to work.

Ultimately, 77 of President Trump’s nominees were confirmed in four days.

That’s more than double the number that had been confirmed all year up to that point.

Perdue says taking a page out of last year’s playbook would be working smarter.

Nights, weekends, and any other scheduled recess periods should not be spared to make sure Congress acts on the president’s nominees.

Unless Congress is disciplined, the huge backlog in unconfirmed Trump nominations will only grow.

Already, there are more than 250 nominees waiting for a vote, and it takes an average of 82 days for one of Trump’s appointees to be confirmed.

Perdue notes that at this rate, the president will not have his full team in place before the end of his first term.

“Trump was elected to change the direction of our country and make America great again, and for the last year he has moved with a sense of urgency to get that done,” the senator wrote. “Congress must finally work together to do the same.”

To read the editorial from Sen. Perdue, go here.