Sen. Cotton Slams Dems for No Concessions on DACA Deal

‘Haven’t even granted a fig leaf…they’ve granted nothing more than a pine needle…’

Sen. Cotton Slams Dems for No Concessions on DACA Deal

Tom Cotton/PHOTO: Facebook

(Ana Michaels, Liberty Headlines) In a bipartisan meeting on DACA and immigration this week, President Donald Trump outraged his base with his response to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)’s question about signing a “clean” DACA bill that would protect undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

Feinstein offered no concessions in exchange for a “clean bill,” yet Trump quickly said, “Yeah I would like to do it.”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), a hardliner on immigration reform and supporter of a border wall, was asked about President Trump’s concession on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show.

Cotton acknowledged Trump’s concession, but hammered Democrats for making zero concessions at all:

Hewitt: All right, last question, probability of passage of a bill?

Cotton: Well I certainly want to pass a bill. The president has said all along he wants to as well.

What needs to happen is that the Democrats are going to have to start granting some concessions.

The president has granted them a major concession already—that he is willing to provide legal protections for this DACA population. That is a huge concession for the president and for many of his key supporters.

But Senator Durbin and some of the key Democrats have not yet granted, they haven’t even granted a fig leaf for that, Hugh, they’ve granted nothing more than a pine needle.

Even the concessions they claim to have granted on border security really don’t even really secure the border.

I, for one, like most Senate Republicans, to include much of our leadership, believe that DACA in exchange for mere border security is a bad deal.

Cotton was also asked whether the fence would be left out.

Hewitt: Now in terms of the security element, I’ve been arguing since 2006 in print and before then on the air, we need a long, strong, double-sided fence over hundreds of miles of the southwest border. Not all of it, as the president acknowledged, we’ve got rivers and mountains for which it does not apply. But is that got to be a part of any deal here, Senator Cotton?

Cotton: Yeah, of course it does, as the president said yesterday at his press conference with the Norwegian prime minister.

Look, a wall, a fence, a physical barrier, whatever you call it, it is not the only solution at the border.

At the immigration/DACA meeting itself, alarm bells went off around the table following the President’s remarks to Feinstein.


House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy jumped in.

“Mr. President, you need to be clear, though,” McCarthy said. “I think what Sen. Feinstein is asking here, when we talk about just DACA, we don’t want to be back here two years later. You have to have [border] security [in the bill], as the secretary would tell you.”

Very quickly after the bipartisan immigration meeting ended, the White House walked back the President’s initial approval. The President himself even tweeted, “As I made very clear today, our country needs the security of the Wall on the Southern Border, which must be part of any DACA approval.”

Trump was questioned at a press conference on Wednesday about the wall funding and he indicated again that would veto any bill that doesn’t contain funding for the Wall.

Vice President Mike Pence also made the rounds, telling Fox News Wednesday night that “Make no mistake, there will be no DACA deal without funding for the wall and securing our border.”

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  • Yosemite Sam

    I hope the Republicans learned the lesson of not caving to Demo-Rats on immigration. The late great President Reagan reluctantly caved back in the 1980’s when Dems promised to build a wall and never did. This time around the WALL must be fully funded and construction started prior to any concessions from the GOP. We have a country to save. MAGA

    • Bella Gray

      If they cave they are gone.

      • Primary season is coming soon.

        • Bella Gray

          Yes, but here is the problem, gone for what? If we take them out that puts the enemy in. We would have to selectively drop them. Graham has to go, but he isn’t up until 2020.

    • JWH (NRA LIFE)

      DACA id a “FORM OF SOLID WASTE”, put it in the toilet where it belongs and flush the toilet!! “NO CONCESSIONS TO THE CRIMINAL DEMS”,; build the “WALL”, deport all the daca people that don’t provide positive results, as well as all their illegal parents that brought them here!! All these “DACA BASTARDS” have received education , health care, and public services they don’t deserve and paid for all of us taxpayers!!! No “SPECIAL PATH” to Citizenship for these “ILLEGALS (CALLED DACA’S) should ever be considered at any time!! All members of MS13 and other LATINO GANGS should be arrested and deported at once or “BODY BAGED” asap to cure problems created by “OBAMA’S OPEN BORDERS POLICIES!! Let the streets run deep with the blood of all the “GANG BANGERS” in this country, eliminate all of them asap!!!

  • Steve G.

    Republicans have to understand they have the Democrats on the ropes here. The Democrats can’t go into the 2018 midterms without DACA being addressed. They voted against tax cuts which is already firing up the economy. The vast majority of Americans want immigration, legal and illegal finally addressed. If the Democrats do nothing but fight for illegal aliens then they will loose at the ballot box in 2018 and beyond.

    • CCblogging


    • kbfallon

      They had complete control a few years ago and did nothing about it……

      • Steve G.

        That’s because they weren’t forced to by Obama. Now they must face the music and address the issue. They won’t be able to hide anymore.

    • hunter34

      although I don,t know how they are a democratic voting block

      • Steve G.

        The voting block is the small percentage of people in support of sanctuary cities.

  • CCblogging

    If the Democrats don’t want to follow our immigration laws, shut the government down. Americans want the illegals out of our nation.

    • hunter34

      the real problem with with immigrants is that most that come here areunskilled uneducated
      and would be a never ending burden on our socity andgovernment

      • kbfallon

        Plus they bring hoards of family with them with the same or worse problems.

  • Edward Marquez

    The Demo are only interested in Democrat votes.Some of these Demos have been in the Senate forever and are still stuck in the last Century.Stay strong Republican,Stay strong Mr. president.

    • hunter34

      I did not know anon citizen couldvote

      • Bella Gray

        They are doing it illegally. The Communist Anti-American Democrats are importing indigents by the hordes, because they vote for Democrats. The acid on the deal is Congress make us support all these scumsuckers. Frankly we need to start ki…..

  • CCblogging

    The Deep State Democrats have a war against Christians, Conservatives and White people. What is going on is the Deep State Democrats are trying to destroy our culture, our Christian faith and anyone standing in the way of implementing their NWO Fascist, Islamic, Socialist World Government.

  • Antonio

    President Trump get the full payment and rush to the bank cash it start building the wall and then start give some kind of work permits for this lawbreakers not before make them pay a little fine like 20,000 a head only, ban their parents permanent

    • kbfallon

      The country needs the daca illegals like we need two a-holes.

      • chris VN

        Most libtards already have 2 a-holes, or how else could they have a crap??

  • Gerry Costa

    Tom Cotton and all the rest should know by now that the demoTRASH only care about what they want and that is all. They are used to repubs like mccain,mcconnell,graham, ryan, kasich and the likes of just bending over when they demanded something and giving them whatever they want. The demoTRASH don’t want to compromise — they want to dictate but that won’t happen as long as Pres. Trump is in office which means that the rest of you repubs need to find out where you lost your testicles and go and retrieve them. You own both houses and the Oval Office — you demand, not the worthless Un-American PsOS known as demoSCUM.

    • Bella Gray

      No we do not own both houses, that is a misnomer. The Communist Anti-American Democrats ran their people for Republican seats and they won under those false flags. McCain, Graham, Flakes are all Democrats to name but a few. They constaipntly vote fpwuth the Democrats. It it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

  • Bella Gray

    They were never negotiating in good faith from the beginning. Time to drop the the number required to get things done.

    DACA went on Tucker Calson and threatened Americans, saying if we do not vote to keep ALL illegal aliens and chain-ins (unlimited MILLIONS) they will get even in the ballet box. Now why in the world would we want blackmailers like that, especially when we know they will do that no matter how we vote. These are backstabbers who need deported.

    Since DACA wants to be so politically active, it would be best if they returned to their own countries and make a real positive influence in those countries. We educated them at the expense of our own children, they can now do something positive for their own

    • kbfallon

      But-But….their country of origin does not have all the social service benefits for them and their families.

      • Bella Gray

        Tough. It is them or us. It is time to take out anyone in Congress who is fostering these invasions.

    • GoldenGirl2u

      I would just like to add to your great list that any of the so called DACA People have a record of crime do not get to stay and give the ILLEGAL Parents nothing and send them back, they can then take their kids or young adults with them if they choose. Non should get voting rights.

    • chris VN

      Go back to their ” shitholes “, lol.


    Cotton you should slaming the RINO’S that sided with the democrats. WE all know the democrats will never make a deal with President Trump.

  • ADRoberts

    Democrats have NEVER compromised. That has ALWAYS been the Republicans way to pretend to “get along’ while giving up America.
    The RINOs will do it again. Only question now is if Trump does too.

  • John Henkel

    Does Anybody Really Think Democrats Actually care about Daca, or the Dreamers, Blacks in the Ghettos, Women’s Equality, LGBT’s, or any of the Victimization they are constantly Spouting Off About ?? They have Been Kicking these Cans Down the Road for Decades !! Lets Face it, If any of these Problems Somehow got solved, What would Liberals Get All Self Righteously Worked Up About ?? That’s Why They are ALL a Bunch Phony Hypocrites !! – 2018 MORE MAGA !!

    • CCblogging

      Trump/Pence 2020

  • Medic RN

    Mexico has ALREADY paid for the wall.
    50 million per month no longer being sent south supporting extended illegal immigrant families. Sounds hard. But was destroying America. A hole in our national bucket; an air leak in our national tire. MAGA
    BTW……Idea: “National Immigrant Sponsors Act”. Let financially qualified Americans individually apply and sponsor immigrants in their own homes. All expenses, liabilities, incured by the sponsor not the public. Give liberals an opportunity to put their wallets next to their hypocrisy.

  • Original Anna

    What happened to the deal about no more DACA. This baloney about these DACAs being kids and incapable of returning to a country they know nothing about is just that, baloney. They speak Spanish from their parents country with English learned in our schools paid for by us taxpayers not their parents. How did they talk to their parents who didn’t speak English, these liberals forget that. These countries these kids are actually citizens of through their illegal parents are begging for people who can speak Spanish and English due to the huge growing tourism and banks and companies dealing with foreign countries outside of their parent’s countries. These people can get jobs easily and help build up their countries and communities instead of staying here and still sending money “back home” as they say. All that is really happening is they are draining our school systems, taking our jobs and forcing us taxpayers to support them through the liberal democratic gov’t programs these liberals love. The liberals and organizations begging to keep these illegals and bring more in are collecting huge paychecks and millions of dollars to operate programs for these illegals, they are illegals. If DACA is kept up it just keeps adding more and more of these illegals just like when we gave citizenship to 11 million illegals years ago which did nothing but encourage more and more to run across the border and use us taxpayers. I for one want my taxpayer money spent on our born and raised here citizens. If I want to support foreign children I will do so which I do through a Christian help the children organization. I am tired of my gov’t telling me who I have to support with the hours I have worked for years to get my paycheck. The gov’t doesn’t deserve my paycheck, the gov’t didn’t work for my paycheck, I did.

  • Quidam

    The democratic Black Caucus won’t pick Cotton for anything….

  • Noypi11

    The liberal democrats headed by Pelosi and Schumer are willing to shutdown the government for the sake and benefits of illegal aliens. Those are plentiful source of future democrat voters. These democrats want a permanent underclass to insure political survival.

  • My country

    The American people want no concessions.No DACA .And all illegals deported .

  • old_salty_dawg99

    No matter what deal is made Trump MUST demand and not accept anything less than that the Democraps do as they say they will to get the deal first or no deal at all. Meaning if the Democraps won’t do as they say they will first then ABSOLUTELY NO DEAL. For my entire life(nearly 60)Democraps have promised and promised things and have NEVER done their part of the deal EVER. So if Dems won’t do their part first Trump should give them NOTHING. He must DEMAND MINE FIRST or NO DEAL.