Sec of State Tillerson Threatens Military Action Against North Korea

(Breitbart) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters in Seoul on Friday that the Trump administration is open to military action against North Korea as a last resort, and that the Obama-era policy of “strategic patience has ended.”

Rex Tillerson photo

Photo by U.S. Embassy Tokyo (CC)

“The policy of strategic patience has ended. We are exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures. All options are on the table,” Tillerson told reporters at a press conference with South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se. “If North Korea takes actions that threaten South Korean forces or our own forces, that will be met with an appropriate response.”

“If they elevate the threats of their weapons program to the level that we believe requires action, that option is on the table,” Tillerson added. He emphasized that the United States would attempt to avoid to the extent possible any military actions against North Korea, particularly those that may put North Korean civilian lives in danger. “We hope that that will persuade North Korea to take a different course of action. That’s our desire,” Tillerson concluded.

Tillerson also took the opportunity to once again call for China to take on a larger role in containing North Korea’s escalating belligerence and objected to China cutting economic ties with South Korea over the deployment of the America Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system. “While we acknowledge Chinese opposition, its economic retaliation against South Korea is inappropriate and troubling. We ask China to refrain from such actions. Instead, we urge China to address the threat that makes that necessary,” Tillerson said…

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  • David Renaud

    This needs to be done. If that little kindergarten leader kim ju is an idiot, he will have a nuclear war on his hands. He has no hope of defeating AMERICA…… He will be buzzard bait…….. His country will cease to exists…… China will take north korea over……better than kim ju un cuk-couk.(?)…….

  • John Paul Jones

    I’d say DO IT NOW! Destroy N. Korea and all capabilities! Use BUNKER BUSTERS to Dig Out the N.Korean Leaders…..EXCEPT FOR CHINA WHO WILL COME IN SUPPORTING N.Korea!

  • Louie Rey

    There’s a reason why America is no longer the laughingstock it became on the world stage thanks to Hussein’s term in office. The rest of the world clearly knows now that the president of this country is NOT going to take ANY crap from any country. He says what he means and he means what he says. So, you can rattle all the sabers you want but if you dare to actually take any sort of action against this country and its interests you’re going to have to answer for that. And it won’t be pretty.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right! But I hope not! We are not ready for any War!

      • Louie Rey

        Absolutely but the fact of the matter is that the rest of the world knows that it’s not dealing with President Appeasement anymore. They act at their own peril.

        • Sylvia Avila

          Right! Sad to say!

  • John

    The sawed off, little brother killing, perverted dictator with the Pinky and the Brain complex, needs a reality check. His starving people need to be encouraged to revolt and reunite with the democratic south.

    • GomeznSA

      The problem is that the “starving people’ have been so totally indoctrinated for so long that they don’t even realize that their ‘standard’ of living is so far behind the ROK that they can’t even conceive that things are far better south of the DMZ. They truly believe that the entire rest of the world is just like them. We know they are totally deluded but they don’t.

  • William Riley

    If NK agents of Great Leader Kim iLL Dung can use false passports and chemical agents to assassinate Great Leader Kim iLL Dung’s half brother, they have expertise in using chemical/biological agents to use those same false passports to enter the US and spread those chemical/biological agents to kill tens of thousands and deny knowing anything about it. There is no need to shoot missiles.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Ain’t that the truth. If North Korea doesn’t take America seriously with our capability to use military (not that I am a fan of that — I am not), they better think again. Yes, all options are on the table. Maybe we ought to do what we did to Japan at the end of World War II; drop a nuclear bomb on North Korea.

  • Tillerson did not threaten an attack on NoKo! he said that all options would be “On the table”!

    • GomeznSA

      But but but it just doesn’t sound nearly as inflammatory saying all options are open as saying he ‘threatened’ the poor misunderstood norks.

      • Jim


  • KYRepublican

    It will become more and more dangerous to deal with the NK irrational leaders.

  • badass

    it’s about time to let the South to take over the North, it’s too annoying and sickening after 20 years of BS and threaten.
    Personally, the better way is using drone to take care of him if it’s possible.

  • Ron

    The secretary of state needs to learn one thing about North Korea. There are no civilians, innocent or otherwise, in North Korea. That is as bad as saying we cannot kill Islamic radicals because we might endanger civilian lives. Screw it. Those civilians need to pick up weapons and kill the radicals themselves. If not then they are in conclusion with the radical Muslims.In Vietnam the enemy hid among the population and we did not go after them because we did not want to harm the civilians. We did not learn that there is no such thing as civilians in a war, unless they are running away from the combat. If they are staying in the combat zone then they are aiding the radicals, one way or another. In any case, North Korea is communist and so is the civilian population. We can take that lesson clear back to our Revolutionary War where a lot of “civilians” wanted English rule.

  • Jim

    The risk of war has always been the LAST RESORT, AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE “LAST RESORT”. This report is misrepresented and misleading! MORE FAKE NEWS TURNING NORMAL WORDS INTO A BUNCH OF BULL $H!T!!

    • Kathryn Jordan

      You are correct in saying that war has always been the LAS RESORT AND ALWAYS WILL REMAIN THE LAST RESORT. If we do go to war with North Korea, I hope it is short with us using a nuclear bomb on the country just like we did on Japan at the end of WWII.

  • Shelly Shannon

    People need to get strait that Tillerson did not threaten any body. He stated that China needed to step up and start getting control of north korea. They are threatening south Korea who are our close allies. This is exactly what Tillerson should do. All options should be on the table at this point. North korea has threatened us 3 times now. What should they do? Serve north Korea an A-bomb on a silver platter?

  • Richard cianfrone

    Does that mean if we bomb North Korea they’ll still be able to successfully launch a NUCLEAR bomb on south Korea ?????????!!! WTF don’t you specify such an integral scenario ??????? If any good thing should come out of defense spending it should only be MISSILE SHIELDING !!!!!!!.

  • Kathryn Jordan

    Agreed! Don’t think he has any kind of a soul where there is love for others in the world. Then again, I don’t think he even knows that that word means.

  • BRAIN S.

    If the international ?? forces decide to attack North Korea, those involved will only be taking on South Korea’s problem. The world is not at risk and nobody is really threatened, notwithstanding Japan’s idiotic concerns. They are hiding behind America’s protection and would say anything America wants them to say. Even if we are successful in destroying North Korea, does anyone really believe that South Korea will remain unscathed. They will be totally destroyed. It will be like separating the heart into two .
    Fortunately, the West will have to go it alone, because Russia and China will use their Veto to prevent a UN INVOLVEMENT. Everyone still remembers the IRAN;s double cross by the WEST which led to unintended crippling sanctions against the country. Even now, the USA objecting to their production of missiles, while their ally ISRAEL is threatening war torn Syria with attacks. The Western led Syrian Rebels and Terrorists have softened the Syrian Government, and the ISRALIS are moving in for the kill. We will see what Russia does, if anything
    What country is creating more trouble in the world today, ISRAEL or NORTH KOREA? The latter keeps to themselves, but so does a BEE hive, until you trouble the bees, and while there is absolutely no doubt that we could destroy the hive, the bees will give a good account of themselves. and those that get away will create another set of anti-western fanatics. Shades of the fanatics we created in the Middle East.