Univ. Students, Profs Triggered by Mere Presence of Sean Spicer

‘Disrupting an event like this is an expression of free speech…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Northeastern Illinois University President Gloria Gibson rejected demands from outraged leftist students and professors who want to disinvite former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer from a panel discussion about presidential elections.

“It would be an affront to humanity to host Spicer at NEIU,” students and professors said in a letter to Gibson, The Chicago Tribune reported. “This is an insult to all NEIU students and employees who are members of groups targeted with violence and vitriol by the Trump administration.”

The event, which was a discussion between Sean Spicer and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile,was held as planned on Thursday Sept. 12.

About 200 people protested the event. One man rushed the stage, screamed and threw things, but then complained that the police were “hurting” him when they pulled him off the stage.

Brett Stockdill, a taxpayer-funded professor of sociology at NEIU, started the petition, the NEIU Independent reported.

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Sean Spicer/IMAGE: YouTube

“Hosting former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer at NEIU would violate our responsibility to support and respect our students,” said Stockdill, who uses taxpayer money to research the oppression that gay black men with HIV/AIDS face.

“NEIU must not financially reward complicity in the administration’s bigotry, discrimination and violence,” he said.

Brazile and Spicer will reportedly receive $50,000 in speaking fees, paid for by Daniel L. Goodwin as part of the Goodwin Lecture Series.

Stockdill argued that pressuring the university’s administration to shut down the discussion between Brazile and Spicer is actually an example of free speech.

“Disrupting an event like this is an expression of free speech. Such disruption is necessary to lift up the voices of those who stand against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia and other oppressive systems,” he said.