SCOTUS Deals Setback to Dems’ Court-Forced Gerrymandering in Ohio, Michigan

SCOTUS grants stay ‘pending the timely filing and disposition of an appeal’ while awaiting decision on gerrymandering cases…

Holder blames Republican gerrymandering for unfair districts

Eric Holder/IMAGE: The Daily Show

(Simone Pathé, CQ-Roll Call) In a setback to partisan leftists, The Supreme Court on Friday put a hold on lower-court decisions mandating that Ohio and Michigan draw new congressional maps this year.

Led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, activists on the Left had sought to gain advantage in two battleground states that broke for President Donald Trump in 2016 by using courts to force states to redraw districts that were perceived as unfair to them.

Federal three-judge panels had struck down portions of Michigan’s congressional map and all of Ohio’s congressional map as partisan gerrymanders in separate cases earlier this spring.

The court ordered Michigan to draw a new map by Aug. 1, while the deadline in Ohio was June 14.


Republican lawmakers and officials in both states had argued that they did not have enough time to comply.

The Supreme Court granted the stays “pending the timely filing and disposition of an appeal” or further order from the Court, which is expected to issue rulings on partisan gerrymandering cases in two other states by the end of June.

The Supreme Court heard arguments last month challenging maps drawn by Republicans in North Carolina and by Democrats in Maryland.

Many of the “sue till blue” cases throughout the country—at both the state and federal levels—have been led by Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

The brainchild of party insiders like current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Clinton flunkie Terry McAuliffe, the idea for the NDRC was hatched during the 2016 DNC convention and played a major role in the 2018 races that saw the party retake the House of Representatives.

After Obama experienced an unprecedented wave defeat in his 2014 midterm, Democrats argued that Republicans had unfairly used their electoral advantage after the 2010 Census to secure districts in their favor through the centuries-old practices of gerrymandering.

However, much of the credit for Republicans having secured those majorities rested with backlash against the Obama administration.

In response to the Democratic efforts to use the courts to secure their political advantages, Republicans have established their own National Republican Redistricting Trust.

The NRRT prominently features former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, one of the first casualties of the Democrats’ redistricting hijinks, as its chief fundraiser.

Liberty Headlines’ Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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