Scientists Buried in Snow While Lecturing on Global Warming

Hoped to illustrate how climate change impacts the Arctic at World Economic Forum…

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Scientists have once again set up a mock Arctic base camp to educate world leaders about man-made global warming at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Climate scientists hope their mock camp illustrates how global warming could impact the Arctic, but the “Gore effect” may make it harder to get the message across.

Davos has seen frigid temperatures along with about six feet of snow in the last six days.

There was so much snow, authorities evacuated some neighborhoods due to avalanche concerns, CNBC reported.

Global elites headed to the conference had to force their way through heavy snow drifts.

CNBC reported that “heavy snow had already blocked the rail line through the Alps from Zurich, and villages along the route were at the highest level of avalanche alert.”

Davos visitors were forced off trains and onto “a half-hour bus trip on back roads around the blockage and then loading them onto a crowded red commuter train that ran the rest of the way into Davos.”

The camp was first set up by climate scientists, including those from the British Antarctic Survey, at Davos in 2017 to “convey that long-term negative changes in the Arctic pose serious socio-economic risks to the rest of the world,” according to a January 2017 World Economic Forum blog post.

Scientists hope to convince global leaders to take drastic actions to fight global warming.

Climate has been a major topic of past Davos meetings, and even though most of the world signed onto the Paris climate accord, experts fear it’s not enough to stop “dangerous” warming.


Indeed, high-profile celebrities and politicians have visited the camp in the past, including former Vice President Al Gore.

Fashion designer Stella McCartney visited the camp this year, obviously bundled up to stay warm in the midst of all that snow.

“Scientific evidence on Arctic change is unequivocal and it is sending us a warning cry that has profound consequences and global risks,” scientists wrote in 2017. “Yet the risks from Arctic change remain invisible to the world’s most powerful decision-makers. We wanted to change that.”

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Send in Al Gore… Gore can setup a table outside [in the snow] at the Global Warming Conference Lecture, collecting signatures on petitions to give Gore the authority to quickly get to the bottom of this.

    • ADRoberts

      He is trying to maintain course by now claiming that it is not just warming or cooling but extremes. This is more likely to be true than anything they have claimed up to now. What is NOT true is that we can change it by going back to being cave men while the rest of the world continues to burn fuel.
      And even that has not been PROVEN

    • Alibaba

      No, better put him to shovel the snow on the street!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    But don’t you believe the spin???

    The earth will get colder because of Global Warming! HUH? Run that by me again… so by that logic, the Earth is flat because it is a globe.

    Can I go back to my 9th grade science teache. And beat the crap out of him, for lying to me? Actually I would do it anyway… he was a liberal jerk! Stupid Pinhead…

    • fliponeover

      I just love it, lol.

  • slarvage

    I’d like to know…If all the spray that is coming from jet planes are to help (geo-engineering) keep the atmosphere from heating up…Why are they spraying these chemtrails in the winter time? It is in the 40s and the sun is just starting to make it’s come back from the equinox. So… logic?
    I’d like President Trump to address Davos and ask who has the purse strings to this nonsense.
    Go GET EM Trumpster!! Put them in the dumpster.

    • ADRoberts

      There are two things coming from jets. The first has been going on for as long as jets have flown. It is the moisture that comes from burning fuel. It is a combination of water and carbon dioxide and a little but of junk. It shows as a CON TRAIL because the moisture comes out in a layer of cold air where the water turns into a cloud. NO BIG DEAL
      The second is what the government was doing a while back over California. I saw the pictures of MAJOR large tracks of chemicals, sprayed in a crisscross pattern. It was reported that these were put out just before a major weather front was coming in and was for the purpose of STOPPING the rain. The speculation is that it was for the purpose of causing a drought in California. That is what it apparently did.
      Those are not Con trails but CHEM trails.
      You can look that up .

      • slarvage

        Thanks. These trails that don’t dissipate like normal contrails are still going on. But, what confounds me is when weather fronts clears up…after dumping precip. there are these chemtrails laid out above the storm clouds. So, why pay to dump this stuff in the winter when warming is at a minimum? I’ve heard about the weather modification/drought issue before. My sister in law, who lives in Sardinia, raised there, claims that these chemtrails brings rain to the Island..?? Sure would like to know what it is all about. Documentaries on this claim the high metal content is washing out in our soil. It is changing the ph/acidic levels to a harming degree. I’m sure you have heard this. If the EPA was so hot on environmental issues, this should have been addressed. Thanks for a well thought out response.

        • ADRoberts

          First I will say that I have limited knowledge of what they are doing as I lived most of my life in Texas and now live in rural Missouri
          Next I will declare with certainty that the scientists and bureaucrats who are behind the dumping of chemicals into the atmosphere also don’t have enough knowledge as to what they are doing. Whether their intent is for good or harm, who knows. Remember we have a few thousand SWAMP CREATURES who live in the government. And they are not coming out of the shadows to claim they desire good or admit the damage they might want. God help us. Mere men who make decisions without realizing what they are doing Like the experiments on black men and syphilis during WWII. Just wrong.
          II Chronicles 7:14. Still in play

          • slarvage

            Looks like we’re on the same sheet musisc.
            Isa 55:11 – So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

          • ADRoberts

            The fields are ripe unto harvest. Where are the workers?

          • slarvage

            Ouch! I’m related to the sinner who beats his chest and says, Lord forgive me, the sinner
            .“But the tax collector, standing some distance away, was even unwilling to lift up his eyes to heaven, but was beating his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, the sinner!’
            I have an Italian wife who gets tired of hearing, YOU’RE ITALIAN? AND YOU”RE SAVED?!! That’s every time we attend a new church. Or having people greet us like we’re new every couple of weeks. We’ve given up on fellowship but there are so many other ways to serve Him.
            I have to remind her the church is a hospital for sinners, not a resort for saints. Being the spiritual head, I fail.

          • ADRoberts

            I know. But if you remember the story of Elijah, you are aware that there are NO Christians who can stand alone. We need the fellowship and support of other believers. Keep looking. And remember. If YOU are not in the church when a sinner comes looking for God, they may not find Him.
            I am a member the Church of the Nazarene. Nazarenes believe in HOLINESS – that a person who is sanctified will stop sinning (intentionally doing what they know is wrong. Not the Baptist definition that sin is all things against God’s perfect will. We will be judged by what light we have been given and not by any other standard.) But I cannot even guarantee you will find a good one of them. Too many churches, including my denomination, belong to the Church of Laodicea.
            Also we have a program called Work and Witness, where we go overseas and help build church, parsonages and education building. Absolutely amazing what it does to a person. And then we have Compassion Ministry where we go around the world meeting needs where disasters strike.,
            We have gone to just about every one, including to the earthquake in Tibet. And we have the Jesus Film (given to us by Campus Crusade for Christ) We are fulfilling the prophesy that the gospel will be preached to the entire world before the end.
            Like I said. Lots of our churches are dead. Some I hope are still alive.
            God bless you. And no, I am not trying to get you to join our denom. Just bragging, I guess.
            I don’t think you fail. You are still striving to serve Him. According to Romans 2:14-16 that may be enough. Walk in the light YOU are given.

          • slarvage

            this will be my last reply. I couldn’t feel right not thanking you for your kind words of encouragement. slavageATcomcastdotnet

          • ADRoberts

            I thank you for this word of encouragement. You have no idea how much flack I get. It would have been nice to have continued to communicate.
            God bless and keep you.

          • slarvage

            please reread that last line..??

          • ADRoberts

            I did read it. I am concerned that you are possibly upset or angry at what I said though.. Nothing of a bad nature did I intend to say.
            No, you don’t have to respond

          • slarvage

            no! I, kind of, coded my email address to further our friendship without discus. The last word in the email can do that.
            Thanks for casting out all my demons. I once worked with a guy who went the your church. He went to McDonalds for lunch and when his receipt totaled $6.66 he threw his food away. Good stewardship? If you want to keep touch, figure out my email, it’s right there.

          • ADRoberts

            One example. And you marked us off. You really don’t have an open mind do you.
            And I am reading a book of Spiritual Warfare by Payne. YOUR statement was very disconcerting as it made little sense. I should not have assumed. But you do seem to be under the control of some force that has removed you from Christian fellowship. IF you are a believer, I suggest you the book on Spiritual Warfare and see what I was talking about
            And before you judge Nazarenes. go to the Nazarene site and read our manual. See if you can find agreement. I will remind you. God does not expect ANY two people to THINK alike. But He does want us to have unity of purpose and concern for each other.
            God bless you.
            For you, encouragement. John 14:1-3

          • ADRoberts

            In the name and the authority of Jesus Christ, I command the spirit that is tormenting you to BE GONE.

    • Murphmeister

      They are spraying the Chem trails to keep the sky from falling. You can see how they intersect in a grid pattern. However, please do not confuse those intersections with intersectionality – or sesquipedalian, for that matter.

  • jcrawdad

    Scientists Buried in Snow While Lecturing on Global Warming


  • Beeker D.

    “GoreBull Warming ” will cause this to happen along with: Drought, Not Enough Rain, Too Much Rain, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Dry Mouth, Carpal Tunnel, Groin Pulls, Sciatica, Tree Moss, Toad Stools, Wind, No Wind , Sand Storms, Tooth Decay, 7-11 and Fast Food Robbery’s, Mange, ED, Beach Erosion, Pink Eye, Chlamydia, Crappy Rap Music, Floods, Flat Tires, Brain Damage in Liberals, Mendacious Progressive demoKrat Politicians, Land Sinkage , Land Rises, *The Martian Poles To Shrink(*Nope, Sorry Won’t Cause That Because The Sun Has “NOTHING” To Do With GoreBull Warming), Detached Retina’s, AIDS, Sasquatch Sightings, Cancer, Lung Disease, Dandruff,
    ANGRY HATEFUL LIBERALISM, Clear Skies, Fog, Smog and Toilet Clog’s!
    Heard it on CNN&ms(BS)nbc and at a ‘BIG AL GORE’ AGW accusation speech.

    • rocky49

      I believe the toilet clogs with all the BS 😉

  • Naval Lint

    I’ll bet those “scientists” were glad that they had all of their equipment…otherwise, they may have FROZEN to death in all of that global WARMING!

  • Louie Rey

    I guess they didn’t have enough time to change the signs from Global Warming to Climate Change. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Do these people ever consider what was taking place when the ice age hit? Hot weather way to the north. Then cold, over time. So, what’s new with weather changes on this planet? Yes, we have weather changes that are concerning. Yes, we have global interference. But it seems like industry is going to solve it way before the politicians.

    • ADRoberts

      Just like with stress being the MAJOR thing, combining with cholestrol to cause heart trouble. You can’t make money on the TRUTH that stress is the real problem.

      • ADRoberts,

        I follow you. To be sure, 300 million people do not make for a clean planet. We have been striving of alternate energy for years but with little success. However, industry is pushing us in that direction constantly. We are slowly moving toward electricity for powering autos and even trucks. We are seeing more solar use in building designs. Wind power is gaining tremendously in eastern Oregon and Idaho. A large solar panel producer of electricity now exists in eastern Oregon. Malhuer County is mostly flat and arid. So is southern Idaho. The trip from Boise to Mountain Home is a view of sagebrush and relatively flat land, a distance of some 30 miles. I would rather look at windmills and/or solar panel structures. The arid desert extends well past that area by 150 miles.

        However, look at Nevada and Arizona. These are desert areas ripe for solar and wind power. Arid land and even hotter than Oregon or Idaho provides longer seasons for solar use. Since it has already begun in Oregon, what is to keep it from spreading? We already have power grids in these areas and can certainly build a lot more. Since this is happening now, why are we so worried about climate change which science tells us that we are on our way to alternate energy in spite of the climate change bellyachers. They need to shut up and let things go the way they are going naturally. We will soon have cars and light trucks that have no fan, no need for antifreeze and no gas tank or exhaust system. we can replace the gas tank and some of he underlying parts of vehicles with batteries for storing energy. We can also put solar panels on the roof, front end and truck area. We may even replace the old fan with a larger one that can generate electricity. Maybe not much but every bit helps.

        I guess I am not very excited by the doomsday climate change bellyachers.

        • ADRoberts

          We are the proverbial ant, shaking a fist at a human.
          The USA has 330 million people. The world has 8 billion people. Even if they were able to get all 330, million to stop producing any CO2 or water from combustion (a major factor in their claims) it would be NOTHING to what is being done by 7.7 billion in the developing nations of the world
          Here is wisdom. Do what God directs you. Do your best. Let God take care of the rest. Even 330 million people cannot change what is going on.
          This is life. Each and every person trying to live and needing to be warm and cook food. That is not going to change.
          Here is a view of the BIG picture that I am sure is accurate. The worth of our life is in some ways great and in many ways, puny. It is a matter of who we are working for. For ourselves? We die and someone takes all we have accumulated and squanders it. Life wasted. We live to serve God and give the Gospel to those who do not have it. A soul comes to be with God for eternity.
          What do you see as worth the effort? What effort really makes a lasting impact?

          • ADRoberts,

            Science and manufacturers are making more progress than politics. We are getting electric vehicles along with solar and wind power whether all politicians like it or not. That is going to reduce air pollution, especially in the US. But countries like China are also turning to electricity for transportation but the only source of power is coal and that creates horrid air pollution. I have been there. The sun is orange while sunrises and sunsets are red. They have millions of acres in western China that they have not turned to for solar power. They really need to do that. Meanwhile, solar and wind power are gaining in my part of the country, which is eastern Oregon and southern Idaho. I am sure such effort is taking place in Nevada, southern California and Arizona.

          • ADRoberts

            I hear you. I hear that you WANT to believe that you are doing something.
            So I will challenge you to go to a scientist or to your local high school. Ask the physics or chemistry teacher how many cubic feet of gas is generated from the burning of ONE GALLON of any fossil fuel. Then ask them what would happen if a person tried to NOT burn any fossil or wood fuel? The will inform you
            Lastly ask them to tell you the volume of the earth’s atmosphere in cubic feet. I just looked it up. 8,400,000,000 cubic kilometers.
            There are 35,314,000,000 cubic feet in a cubic kilometer.
            So we are looking at 2,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 cubic feet.
            One gallon of gasoline will make 180 cubic feet of carbon dioxide
            All of this is still meaningless since the best scientists don’t know how much CO2 is recycled by plant life, and nature.
            Add to that the FACT that the scientists believe that methane gas is 84 times for reflective of heat than CO2.
            What do you have? Chaos.
            The definitive is that the prediction by the alarmists have failed to even begin to come true. Not even close.
            Do this. Do your best. Let the rest of America alone since 350,000,000 people eliminating all their CO2 emission will mean nothing compared to 7,650,000,000 other people in the world

          • ADRobets,

            I should have added that we shall see when all the “ill effects” from man made devices are replaced, what difference it will really make? But then we shall know for sure and the tree huggers can admit defeat on this topic. Surely it has to be those belching cows in stock yards. Of course they are a small number next to a range herd many times their numbers.
            By the way, one soul saved is worth many times over a million belching cows.

    • Blogengeezer

      In actuality there is nothing to solve. Nature will do it’s cycles, just as it did long before hominids appeared [200,000 yrs ago] a relative blink in time.

      To somehow imagine that we, as modern humans of ‘civilization’ [less than 9,000 years ago, Mesolithic being the somewhat agreed upon, dawn], can somehow control this planet’s climate structure, when it has proven so random and unpredictable for well over 4 billion years, is certainly vanity on a scale of which only humans are capable.

      • Blogengeezer,

        The earth tips on its axis constantly but not always by the same amount. Geologist say that is what causes changes in atmosphere. We know that as we have seasons every year and they are always a bit different.
        Sure, we have A huge increase in people and technology that are causing some changes that have an affect on our weather. But science is making changes faster than government, which is always eh slowest source for anything. We are getting more electric vehicles and far more energy efficient vehicles that will greatly reduce air pollution. Solar and wind power are increasing al over the world. That will end human air pollution. The rest we have no control over.

        • Blogengeezer

          It would be great if the solution were so simple as solar and wind. The physics [the inconvenient facts] that enters the process, deems both systems in the 20 percentile avg efficiency realm.

          In basic terms, it takes the total output of Five wind turbines, to provide the energy to clone One.

          Only when the solar and wind technology can provide the ‘Full’ amount of energy to mine and process the resources, extract the materials [massive amounts of heat, furnaces] drive the entire manufacturing chain of events, all of the way to the delivery and installation, maintenance and replacement [approx every 20 years] of finished product, only then, we will have a winner.

          Perpetual motion [sustainable and productive] has never been achieved to any of my recollection.

          Until that time we will experience a costly net loss.. The question, how much loss can we tolerate, how much can we afford, is omnipresent.

          The Law of diminishing returns is ever present. To minimize the effect into sustainable, is the holy grail.

          Even the near perfection nuclear process of our sun is diminishing, as is the nuclear process [debated by some] deep in earth’s core.

          Nuclear is natures best system to date. Man’s failings are the inability to control the entire process from start to waste. Therein lies the problem.

          • Blogengeezer,

            While I am with you on climate issues, I do take note that we are getting more electric cars. We will eventually get electric trains, especially magnetic elevation ones. More and more solar panels and windmills are popping up all over eastern Oregon and southern Idaho. That is industry moving us away from other power sources by themselves. Both are becoming more efficient as time passes. Therefore I predict we are going in that direction in the future and then we will find out about our present power options. If that sort of alternative power does not work, we will likely move on to another. I note that we have battery free flashlights. They use an electrical component and water to make light. Maybe we will develop a vehicle that will travel fast on waterways. Look out, Mississippi River.

          • Blogengeezer

            From some of the earliest vehicles, WWII and through to the end, efficient electric trucks were plentiful… in mining and large cities where the DC generation plants were close ….and burned cheap coal.

            Father was ‘black gang’, shoveling coal at night… to supplement his teaching job. Electrical power generation, transmission, converted to kinetic energy, is remarkable, as long as the generation source is sustainable… and efficient [cheap].

            The industrial age, rendering hard manual labor obsolete and food production gains formerly unthinkable and highly reliable, resulted in an eight fold world population rise, within approximately two centuries.

            Many improvements in generation of energy, such as the rare earth particles used in the magnets present in spinning equipment breaking flux lines, to move electrons, such as in the wind turbines and in the high efficiency electric motors on the kinetic power ‘out’ end.

            More efficient lighting has come a long way with LED, COB and the latest [technology from Sandia Corp] is presently in pre-production beta in Germany.

            Certain geographical locations on earth have the best output potential for their unique natural resources. Ie: Wind or Solar or Coal, Nat Gas or Nuclear.

            Oil/Gas drilling rigs for many years were powered by directly consuming a minute percentage of the resource that they pumped, quite efficient.

            More difficult, more costly with ‘Bunker’. Heavy crude, which requires heat to liquefy for transmission from storage to consumption. Ships transporting oil and freight efficiently, often operate on ‘bunker’.

            The weak point in electrical energy tranmission, the ‘grid’ [conceived and begun {first holding company} by Samuel Insull, using Tesla’s AC and high frequency] in the ‘roaring’ 1920’s] is still quite necessary to spread the energy from it’s most reliable sources.

            When the source is located close to the consumption, the energy will be far more efficient and reliable. ‘SNAP’ was one mini nuclear reactor, planned for space travel. One version was [quietly] the energy source on a mission launched years ago.

          • Blogengezer,

            I see you are well armed on info regarding this topic. I agree with most of what you say.
            People in mountain states often find themselves in locations where no electrical power lines are available. They use solar panels for electricity. Large buildings in metro areas can be fitted with solar panels. So can private homes. Solar panel power can be built outside cities. Passive solar can be used to reduce electrical power use. we can do better than we are doing when it comes to solar power. Private wind power can also be used. Water power in the form of a water wheel can also generate electricity. We do have alternate options.

          • Blogengeezer

            The Columbia River [for just one amazingly sustainable resource] has several highly efficient dams taking advantage of the flow, originating from the high elevations, on toward the Pacific Ocean.

            note: The earliest massive AC ‘alternators’ to power the grid to serve the entire country, were conceived and brought into reality by Samuel Insull in the 1920’s and commissioned through McGraw. McGraw-Edison may ring a bell?

            Insull envisioned today’s ‘economy of scale’ to lower the cost of energy and make it eventually available to everyone. having ‘Everyone’ accessable to ‘The Grid’..

            Before Samuel Insull’s plan changed the USA [and the world], only the wealthy elite enjoyed electrical power. Henry Ford, as well as others of similar resources, had their own ‘generators’ providing their own amenities, their own industrial energy..

            historical note: of which you likely [sadly, few others] are aware, Grand Coulee being the ultimate [at the time] original energy source for the western states. From my recollections, Excellent tours, including the detailed migratory characteristics of the Salmon, are offered of their … ‘Water Wheels’ 😉

          • Blogengeezer,

            That is where my electricity comes from.

          • Blogengeezer

            Absolutely love that part of the USA. Toured often. ancestors settled the, at the time, sparsely populated Pacific Northwest. Ranchers, gunsmiths, teachers.

            Fruit and vegetables from the valley are consumed across the USA, as well as exported condensates. Grains grown on the high plains feed the nation and export the excess. The Columbia River is a fantastic, sustainable resource for the USA.

          • I am an Idaho spud. I live in spud and onion country but I am close to fabulous mountains. I was raised just outside the largest wilderness area in the continental US. Thus I am an old hillbilly from the stix. I have had my fill of the eastern US.

  • Fred_K

    Why were the dug out? Let them freeze to death in their overheated world.

  • Gregg Parker

    Well predict Spring followed by Summer both laced with microwave weapons worldwide… or an Ice age.. or 1.5 millioooooon documents dumped by the White house…TIMBER!!!

    • ADRoberts

      Now I can say you lie. You made this claim before but you are very careful not to reveal your source or what the records were about
      TIMBER. YOU are the one to fall now.

      • Gregg Parker

        I wish I was as straight up as you… perhaps someday I can be as objective and entitled as you Sir. I stand humbled by you observations about my intent… you trapped me like a cat to a mouse. You win. Thanks for the rebuke… I’ll profit by your wisdom and my new identity…

        • Lynn Johnston

          And that will be a Rippie or a Dino or whatever else LH comes up with 😁

          • Gregg Parker

            Sometimes it Doesn’t pay to get up in the morning… and other times… well it actually never pays to get up in the morning… Jeb Bush would understand…

          • Lynn Johnston

            As I’m sure you are glad to WAKE Up… sometime or another….We all have to make living …. but not how you do it😁

          • Gregg Parker

            Netasha you bore me now.. scat…

          • Lynn Johnston

            Boris, nite nite time….go to sleep. You are done

        • ADRoberts

          Now I am perplexed. I lost the thread and when I went back to pick it up, it made no sense. Not even my comment.
          This is up to you. You can be objective or not. I try. I don’t always succeed.
          IF you want to be honest, just be honest. And certainly I won’t claim any credit for changing you. That is your decision
          Please, be honest. THAT is hyper-important in the end. Romans 2:14-16 gives perspective as to what the individual is to do
          God bless you
          On the chance that you were being sarcastic, I leave it to you to decide what you desire. Matthew 12;36 is good background

  • Ed Price

    Yeah, to try to keep their billion dollar boondoggle afloat. How much you think Gore makes off these guys backs. It’s called weather!!!

    • ADRoberts

      P. T. Barnum said it. “There is another sucker born every minute.”/

      • Ed Price

        Unfortunately that sucker is the US of A. Can u just imagine the outcome of all of this if HRC had won. No jobs, more regs, much less business,wall street slumping and immigration by the hundreds of thousands. Thank Gawd for Trump!

        • ADRoberts

          His name is Jehovah. Please refrain from disrespectful permutations of saying His name.
          God did not give us Trump, He allowed it. What gave us Trump was a massive fear of Hillary.
          It is not over. The NEW WORLD ORDER does not give up . They will become the antichrist mentioned in the Bible. Look it up

          • Ed Price

            You need some real help AD. Thank goodness for Trump!

          • ADRoberts

            My help is from God. He has blessed me through my life. He has saved me from death on at least three occasions. And the last time, when I found out that I almost died (Heart rate of 4 beats a minute) I was mad I hadn’t died
            YOU need the help. YOU put your trust and faith in a man. And now that he is showing his colors, you refuse to be objective and admit it.
            Get back with me when you finally figure out that he IS going to fail you.

          • Ed Price

            All humans fail lady. There was only one perfect person – that was Jesus. The President is not perfect but he has done what he promised on the campaign trail.

          • ADRoberts

            One of those. First I am a man. And a smart man. Secondly I read the Bible. YOU don’t. Here is a list of names to consider
            1. Job
            2. Baruch
            3. Noah,
            4. Elijah
            5. Abraham
            6. Nathanael
            7. Paul after he received the Holy Spirit.
            8. All of the disciples after they received the Holy Spirit
            9. YOU if you will die to yourself and receive the Holy Spirit.
            Then there are all those verses telling us to be HOLY. To stop sinning.
            Including instructions from Jesus to the woman caught in adultery. “Go and sin no more.”.
            Now you have lied. He is in the process of granting DACA amnesty. And that is NOT what he promised. GOTCHA.

          • Ed Price

            Politics is about give and take. Hopefully, you get more than you give. PS we are all sinners even though we accept Christ as our savior. There was only one sinless person in this world that was Jesus

          • ADRoberts

            I have news for you. The Democrats have been winning at “give and take” for decades. They always ask for much more than they really wanted. And when they compromise they have exactly what they wanted to begin with.
            And all the way home they are calling the other side SUCKERS.
            You are one
            As to sinning. It is NOT what you were that counts. It is what you are becoming. And if you continue to sin, you do NOT have fellowship with believers and are not going to be saved. Want the verses. I have a bunch.
            But then, I suspect you don’t read the Bible or you would know already.

            The sins that God forgives are NOT future sins. That is a false doctrine that is not found in the Bible. It comes from Calvinism which has been disproven a number of times.
            “What? Shall we continue to sin………GOD FORBID.”

          • Pushpa Amin

            ADRoberts, You are a highly spiritual person. May God’s blessings be always with you. I read all your comments above and they are very well put together with a lot of good information. I agree, we can do only so much and leave the rest to God.
            When this event was planned in 2017 no one knew how much snow there would be. Now God has slapped these Global Warming propagandists with 6 feet of snow. He has his own ways.

          • ADRoberts

            Yes God is God. But He has said that in last days, it will get bad for believers. That is why I keep pointing at John 14:1-3. The fearfuj thing is that he indicated in the Parable of the Ten Virgins that number who WERE ready for heaven won’t get their.
            I don’t claim to be a “highly Spiritual person”. I just try to serve Him and frequently err. But it is not intention. Sin is the willful transgression of the known will of God. He has made provision so that we can live with a clear and clean conscience.

  • Beeker D.

    The Liberal/Progressives only alternative is to tell a BIGGER&BIGGER LIE each time they try to sell this, “AGW” Fairy Tale!

  • ADRoberts

    When people who are supposed to be experts look you in the eye and deny what is all around them, you know you are dealing with people who have no integrity and believe they can lie and you are still supposed to believe them.
    Those who fall for this? Are likely to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Yarbles

    No scientific case for Anthropogenic Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change.

    Globalist wealth transfer scheme on their way to Global Socialism.

  • OldSilk

    Reminds me of the ice breaker stranded in Antarctica a few years ago, in the summer, as penguins strutted and ran by flapping with the occupants of the vessel smiling and looking on. LMAO

  • Blogengeezer

    For some un-explaninable reasoning, other than to deceive for financial gain, these ‘scientists’ ignore earth’s geologic history. Being selective to ‘Only’ recollect history in reference to their own lives, is quite shortsighted indeed.

    The last Ice Age onslaught was ‘Real’ climate change to believe in. So cold that Woolly Mammoths retreated to Florida, where museums today depict their fossilized remains.

    The last Ice Age [there have been Five] rapid retreat approximately 10,000 years ago, was another, and not a factory, nor vehicle in sight. The Great lakes and shorelines [Chicago] were covered miles deep by the Laurentide Ice Sheet just previous.

    The Laurentide Ice Sheet melted so rapidly, the prolonged heat wave rendered the lakes first as overly flooded [much deeper than today], then into prolonged drought, creating countless smaller lakes, allowing the first North American tribes [Inuit related] crossing from the [Siberian-Alaska] Aleutian land bridge during the Ice Age, to eventually, in later generations, hunt Caribou… across the ‘Bottoms’ of the Great Lakes.

    Dry, warm occurrences described, were only a relatively minuscule time frame of 3,500 years ago.

    Now THAT was climate Change.

    • fliponeover

      You ask, Why? I have the answer, This global warming issue is now a multi billion dollar industry and if it were to all of a sudden go away there would a shift in the earths poles.

  • LarryW

    The actual, operational definition of global warming or climate change is: “It’s America’s fault that weather changes, and since America is rich, they have to give all their money away to foreign countries.” That’s what it really boils down to.


    LMAO – let them freeze!

  • fliponeover

    Don’t you just love GOD? He has such a great sense of humor.

  • John

    It’s fitting since these “scientists ” and libs try to bury us in BULL every time they talk.

  • June Kaczan

    I can’t think of anything to say about this you guys haven’t already said. But what does Stella McCartney know about the climate her clothes aren’t all that great either.