Is Schumer Faking on Plan to Filibuster Gorsuch?   

(Fox News) Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he is ready to rumble over the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Chuck Schumer photo

Photo by Medill DC (CC)

What we don’t know yet, is whether this is savvy posturing or a desperate act by insecurity. Schumer’s announcement today that he would vote against allowing a final vote on Gorsuch’s nomination accelerated an already perilous game of chicken for Senate Democrats. If they block a nominee as widely respected as Gorsuch, it will make it only too easy for Republicans to expand the so-called nuclear option within Senate rules.

A word here about otherwise unimportant Senate procedures.

Frustrated Democrats in 2013 lowered the threshold for ending debate on presidential appointments other than to the Supreme Court to a simple majority, but left the high court out because of the objections of some in their party who otherwise wouldn’t have voted for the change.

Republicans have been unambiguous about their threat to expand the appointment of justices, but many in Washington assumed that it would not be necessary because Gorsuch had such rave reviews and bipartisan support.

The last nominee to face a filibuster was Samuel Alito eleven years ago, but it was a symbolic affair…

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