Schumer Now Wants a Registry for Gun PARTS

‘This is not getting in the way of the Second Amendment…’

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Chuck Schumer / IMAGE: Maddow Blog via Twitter

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, has asked federal agencies to mandate that firearms dealers separately register gun parts to eliminate so-called “ghost guns.”

Schumer’s plan would expand federal background checks to all transactions with gun parts and require that these transactions occur through vendors with a federal firearms license.

Currently, federal regulation only requires vendors to register receivers on firearms. For example, in an ArmaLite-style rifle, the lower receiver bears the weapon’s serial number and is classified by the federal government as a firearm.

Schumer’s proposed regulation would reclassify each part of guns—likely including barrels, frames, stocks and receivers—as firearms, WRVO reported.


“This is not getting in the way of the Second Amendment,” he said. “I believe in the Second Amendment. Any law-abiding citizen has the right to have a gun. That’s OK. But 98% of Americans believe felons shouldn’t buy guns, but they can get around the law.”

Schumer said the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms would have to reclassify individual gun parts as firearms, WAER reported.

He spoke about the proposed regulation at a meeting with Onondaga County District Attorney Michael Fitzpatrick, who has reported an increase in the number of crimes committed with “ghost guns.”

“You get online and send in a certain amount of money and you get 80% of a gun,” Fitzpatrick said. “In some cases, you just drill a couple of holes and you have an automatic, operable weapon. So, it’s got to stop.”

“Amend the definition of a firearm to include the parts,” he said. “If you buy just the frame or just the barrel, and then go to another store and buy the other parts, you don’t have to register at all.”

It is possible to buy any number of non-functional gun parts in the United States without registering them, but federal regulation mandates that the part of the firearm that makes it operable, such as the lower receiver on an AR-15, must be registered.