SCHUMER: Democrats, Not Russia, To Blame For Election Loss

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that Democrats can only blame themselves, not Russia, for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump in November.

Newspapers Against O-Care Reform Cited by Dems Mostly Endorsed Clinton

Photo by mdfriendofhillary (CC)

“When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things – Comey, Russia – you blame yourself,” Schumer told The Washington Post Saturday.

Schumer, previewing the Democratic Party’s campaign message heading into 2018, admitted that people are not sure what the party stands for.

“So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that,” Schumer explained. The Democratic Party’s plan for 2018 is titled, “A Better Deal” and is meant to contrast the president’s economic message.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who faced a challenge from Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan for her leadership position earlier this year, agreed with Schumer. Pelosi told WaPo, in a separate interview, that the new slogan was not part of a course correction, but rather a “presentation correction.”

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Rust-belt Democrats have sparred with their coastal-counterparts over the future of the Democratic Party. Ryan and others have argued that Democrats must return to an economic message that appeals to working class voters and marginalized groups.

Schumer said that the new agenda is not about partisan politics.

“A strong, sharp-edged, populist, bold economic message appeals to the Obama coalition and the people who voted for Trump — former Democrats who voted for Trump,” he told WaPo.

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • Irredeemably Deplorable

    Too bad they still don’t get the message sent to them. We aren’t interested in you trying to appeal to us. We are interested in the decades of you failing to live up to what you claim your message is.

    You use people (minorities and poor especially), enslaving the populous with your overreach of government and “programs” that funnel more money into Democrat elitist politician pockets.

    Take a look at the current politicians in the Democrat party. They live in multiple mansion style homes worth millions while claiming the GOP is for the wealthy. And in some strange way, they may be correct. Democrats are for keeping people poor and dependent upon government while they (politicians) become more rich. Rather self serving, I think.

    GOP is more interested in making opportunity for those who wish to get off their butts and go to work. Thus making people more rich in more than one way.

    • mike

      Obama ruined the world in 8 years and the idiots still go see him speak, the shadow government with jarrett starts all the crap for trump and no one see’s it behind the curtain.

    • Don

      Maxene Waters comes to mind.

      • Cynthia Miller

        obama is the leader of the shadow government

    • Louie Rey

      Of course they still don’t get the message, they’re still in “I don’t like Trump (actually I hate Trump) mode.” And they’ll continue that particular mantra , if you will, until He’s out of office. In the interim they’ll still have nothing of value to present to the American people.

  • CaptTurbo

    Filthy moron commies.

  • Philomena

    Schumer is finally starting to see the light. Too late


    shumer has SOME truth there. Not only were (are) they against President Trump, they are also against GOD Himself!!

    • mike


    • April Williams

      No matter what Trump would of been our President, when God is totally fed up, He shows up and does something that nobody expected. With all the fraud that went on Hillary should of won but God intervened and said not this time. God is sick and tired of both dems and republicans…it is time for God and the people to prevail. So, I say thank you Jesus

      • steven jacobs

        I hope your assessment is correct.

        • Dianefdavidson

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      • Eileen Ross

        Right April, and please join me in continuing to pray for our troubled country, and world. There is nothing more to be accomplished before Jesus’s return, so keep your lamp trimmed.

  • gairman

    Schumer speaks a bit of truth?…Think I’m going to faint.

    • nocbsfan

      He knows the election are coming and demos are going to lose!

      • Carole

        YES. They have to make something up so they all know what to pretend.

        • nocbsfan

          Whatever they want to do, we must not let them, unless it is to resign.. Three senators for certain must be targeted, Cal. Dianne Feinsten, Mass. Elizabeth Warren, and from Mo. Claire McCaskel. These three have to run for reelection next year. Hi Carole good to meet you, You seem to know what it is all about. Thanks

        • nocbsfan

          LOLOL I like that your funny

        • Jim Hall

          Russia!!!! That’s a good one isn’t it?

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      90 million registered voters never went to the poles. Only 130 million actually voted. The Harvard study now throws out almost 6 million that voted as dead people or more than once in more than one state. Clinton carried 65,853,652 Trump carried 62,385,139.If you take Calif illegal votes away which are mostly Clinton you can knock here down at least 4 million maybe more Which now makes them even. He slaughter her in the Electoral College which like it or not gives a voice to all .So every election not won by NYC and LA. Doesn’t matter because Chuckie is letting my family live one of his many houses since NYC SCREWED MY FAMILY. He is even installing a Transgender Bathroom for me and Amy is going to come over to abuse me

      • Paul Williamson

        You really are an ignorant, stupid SOB that knows nothing

        • Kenneth Fichtl

          These are the Federal stats not mine as for Schumer you have no idea what NY did to my family so shut up

          • Gregg Parker

            I blocked that douche bag. I was going to chime in and then I checked out his other posts and just hit block. He is lost and beyond help!

          • Kenneth Fichtl

            I am very concerned about how much hate there is in America I am 70 my father was Bronze Star South Pacific. Grandfather was 1st generation American Ellis Island. During Nam no one was ever paid to burn down the 7/11 or kill the cop. I always told my boys you must have a damn good reason when you go after others. That is gone

          • Gregg Parker

            New dawn of the coming destruction. Cows lay down when a storm is coming and people do this. Be safe out there because the wrath beyond the violence is going to be a new eye opener for the wicked.

          • Kenny Albert

            He still believes it was that damned Putin.

        • jay

          Demeaning name calling and no substance.Typical brain dead libtard

      • gairman

        Yes, if all the voter fraud was exposed which some say could be 10 million votes or more Trump would have won the popular vote too…Many believe it was such a landslide that the left could not steal it no matter what they tried…Clinton was such a bad candidate & they had no real policies to offer so people had no choice.

        • Kenneth Fichtl

          All the scandals neglect and self dealing of the Government since LBJ is coming to a head. Anytime you present facts or want to have a common sense debate about solutions you are shot down by name calling. it is worse since Obama has made the minority the whipped. The Bushes were bad as well. HW trafficed in Cocaine with the help of Noriega to destroy the Inner City. He was CIA Obama is CIA It is rumored that CIA was the main player in the murder of JFK RFK MLK . What makes everyone believe that with their history of destroying Governments all over the World that they would not destroy this one too?

          • gairman

            Many will say that every pres. since Kennedy except for maybe Nixon & Reagan has been merely a puppet for the deep state…Every conceivable entity has been against Trump so that seems to say he is not a puppet but there are still so many in gov’t that are with the deep state that his hands are somewhat tied until he can purge them.

          • Kenneth Fichtl

            Just like the PETER PRINCIPLE from years ago All humans fear others even if those most skilled, make their life, the company, their family, their Community and Nation thrive. Humans are a jealous, vengeful lot. When Moses came down with the tablets he should have had the 11th commandment . Leave your EGOS behind. Lord teach us to live by Grace.

          • gairman

            True but I also believe that the deep state is pushing for a one world gov’t which is also in bible prophecy…In fact many world leaders including our own have called for that but many people don’t understand that it would be total tyranny.

          • Kenneth Fichtl

            a global community would be great . Just not the way the ELITE want it,

          • Don

            He’s a threat to the status quo.

    • temporary guest

      The democrat party is going down like the Titanic. Schumer is talking that way for the same reason a rat jumps off a sinking ship. Of course, a rat that jumps off a sinking ship drowns anyway. Schumer is to little to and late with the honesty.

      • gairman

        That may be true but I don’t think the deep state will go down that easily…They will always have something up their sleeve & want nothing less than the total tyranny of a one world gov’t.

  • jerry irvin

    Ever once in a while the truth comes out.

  • Kmat

    Democrats/Liberals cannot take responsibility for the loss, they never take responsibility for anything bad that happens to them. The Democrats are the party of Victims; it is the Party of little groups of Victims band together by a group of Victims that make promises, promises promises then fail to follow through because they a Victims,

    • Pnut3269

      Yes they did, this is why the minorities always cough up “I’m a victim” but they never say of what! I guess they’re waiting for Obama to tell them exactly what they are a victim 😂😂

  • John

    WOW stop the presses,headline” A democrat gets Something right for once.”
    But like they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

    • Paul Williamson

      except for Trump

      • John

        POTUS TRUMP is finding all the NUTS( Dems, and lapdog media) and turning them to peanut butter.
        Soon your “heroes ” HRC exPresident Failure and his merry band of co-conspirators will be caught in the rat trap where they belong.

  • Randy

    Is he buttering up the constituants? Come on Schumer, this is not what you have been preaching for the past 6 months or so. You are still a lying, bleeding demo.

  • nbdawg1950

    Does this mean the Dems are saying there is no Russian collusiuon?

  • Joe the Nobody

    FU Schumer! Stop talking out both sides of your scoundrel face. Typical politician.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    i see the philosophical censors are active here.

  • regulus30

    The curtain has been pulled back and the truth about OZ [Russia smoke screen] is coming to an end.

  • Free Man (NOT)

    SCHUMER: Democrats, Not Russia, To Blame For Election Loss

  • Polly Dreitzler

    The Democraps don’t seem to realize that Americans are waking up to the fact that the dems are a socialist party and no longer believe our country should be a republic. Instead, under Obummer we had a dictatorship and we didn’t like that at all. Also, many of us remember what the Russians suffered under socialism – nobody was working, everyone was on the dole. They had money but there was nothing to buy because no one was working and producing things to buy. Under Obummer we were down to 51% of Americans working to support 49% on the dole. That can’t last. After all, when you’re pulling the wagon and half the people have stopped pulling and climbed into the wagon, sooner or later the ones who are still pulling are going to figure out what chumps they are to still be pulling. They have two choices: 1. stop pulling and climb aboard in which case the wagon stops altogether or 2. kick the able bodied people off the wagon and make them help pull.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but I choose option 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freedomlover

    He is real democrat. “Both ways” is the inherent character. How are they going to explain that they have been using months attacking and trying to bring down the president by the ready made mold of “collusion” with Russia before they desperately tried and found nothing to fit?

  • mike

    the DNC is broke and in debt., They promote riots and suspress free speech. They are criminals and obstruct justice. They are by their own words the party of obstruction. Their message is LOUD AND CLEAR. So what Chuchy boy wants is for them to lie better. Fool those deploribles. Keep the MSM eating out of their dirty, bloody hands.

    • Frank Taylor

      The DNC owes nearly $4 million in unpaid bills from various campaigns, which of course include the special elections recently held. They have just over $4 million in the bank so they are nearly broke. The RNC has no unpaid bills and over $10 million in the bank, so much better run financially.

  • RDB

    Schumer, include your self in that statement. Hilary’s lies and crooked dealing with foreign countries, along with Schumer and other Democrats helping to cover up for Hillary is why she lost. The people were tired of the Democrats trying to socialize the nation. They have no patriotism; they only want to control and Schumer is one of the worst. Keep up the good work Schumer!

  • Roy Veteto

    it seems like russia tampering with the election is congress slang for not wanting to do anything about healthcare

  • Kirk Kahler

    well I can tell you just what the Democrats stand for in this day of age !! they are the corrupt party of the left that is all so known as the Obama/Clinton/MSM corrupt cartel ! a pack of liars , they are two faced , pimps of hate, anti-American , pro illegal, pro open boarders, not pro life , supporters of radical terror groups like antifa, Muslim brotherhood and BLM to name a few , power hungry , obstructionist , cheaters, corrupt, no message for the people, pushers of fake news , not able to tell the truth , anti military , anti free speech, they play the blame game, not willing to do there job but willing to take the pay check ! and this is just of the few of the issues with the left !

    • Eguth3

      The party of anti is what I call them. What they stay for is generally nothing good. Anti-American, anti-religion, anti-military, anti-police, anti-liberty, anti-free speech, hate the founding father, hate our flag. They have to cheat in order to win election. I’m afraid they’ve reached the point of desperation so be prepared in 2018. There will be massive voter fraud. They scared and terrified like a caged lion. They don’t know what happened. What did they do wrong?Since the election, they now they believe they didn’t go left enough. They still have nothing for a platform. Anti-Trump, Russia, Putin, impeachment is NOT a platform. The same stupid retread policies that don’t work and never will. They throw money at a problem or issue and cross their fingers and hope it will take but it never does, So, they throw even money money at it and the problem remains. The modern liberal Democrat is the vision of insanity, doing the same thing, hoping for different results.

  • Eguth3

    Sorry, I’m not buy your BS, Chucky. It’s way too little and way too late in this political game you’ve been playing for a year. It’s too late to come now with your hat in your hand asking for forgiveness; because you and your fellow liberals have been playing with the American voters. We have no patients for your nonsense and stupidity any longer. Some advice, from my heart SHUT THE F UP. You sick and twisted psycho. You’ve become irrelevant, just like the liberal cheer leaders in the MSM, either of you have any credibility any longer. So, pack your things, get your resumes updated because you’re about to lose your jobs. Your gall and arrogance just astounds me. IF people really want to drain the swamp, vote all incumbents out. God knows they won’t voluntarily to leave on their own accord. I’ve never met a group of clueless politicians this bad before and I find it very telling that both Republicans and Democrats in congress have NEVER asked the question. Why did the American voter vote for Trump? I find that very telling about you. But, please note that every smartass sarcastic comment about OUR President you are also including those who voted for him, that’s not very smart. The more you attack, the more you lose.You’re an idiot. If push comes to shove, Trump stays and you go.

    • Kirk Kahler

      very well put ! they have no clue how to keep and regain there power ! they are broke 3.3 million in the hole and they just keep up with the lies and fake news pushing there agenda thinking the people will take them back but as we see even with the illegal votes the post office working for them all the dead people casting votes they still lost ! guess America is sick and tired of corruption and lies !

  • April Williams

    WOW, speaking the truth for once but is anyone going to listen? Probably not

    • John Flynn

      especially not Schumer, himself…..

  • minefinder624

    Next time Chuck offer more Bama phones and free stuff- that’s basically the Dem political ( Better Deal) platform. Forget ethics and honest government – that’s only for the stupid people who have the gall to expect something like a strong and free USA.

  • Ed Roberts

    Paul Ryan wants Pelosi out he needs to leave her alone he must see that Pelosi and Watters does more good for the Republican side than anybody they really help in the Ga election get the Republican back in office there man lost cause of her mouth.

    • Kenny Albert

      Paul Ryan needs booted out too. Do you mean Tim Ryan?

  • Ken Slater

    Oh contrare Marxist Schumer. The Demorats lost because the people knew they were more concerned about forcing schools and government agencies to spend billions of dollars on bathrooms for trannies; were inundation America with Muslims from Africa and the Arab world who hate Christians, and millions of illegal immigrants from Central America, that are turning our country into a cesspool of welfare sucking future Demorats, all the while weakening our military, foreign influence, while denouncing White Christians who founded and built this great country, while Obama praised BLM and made police out to be racist murderers. The voters aren’t stupid and slapped down lying, cheating HRC.

    • temporary guest

      Well said.

      • Arrell Diehl

        Yeah, astonishing for a Dem to accept blame for anything!

        • temporary guest

          Yeah, that’d be kind of like hearing the Easter Bunny sing “Hallelujah”. I know some folks say “There’s a first time for every thing” but real world experience says, “not really”.

    • rennyangel2

      Dems. lost to a “40%” popularity because that poll is as off as the 12% poll killary was going to win by,

    • rebeccadewhirst

      Right on brother you tell him them

    • Eileen Ross

      Schmuck Schister doesn’t realize that the vile left “awakened the sleeping giant.”

    • Jim Hall

      Couldn’t have said it better. Might mention their dive head first into national debt and the promise to continue trying to tell the public that everything is going great while borrowing more and more money…

      • Millard Huff

        Yes like 20 trillion as of 7/24/2017

  • temporary guest

    Sounds like Schumer is just just shifting in to his personal CYA mode.

  • Gregg Parker

    So it only took six months to realize what the laymen figured out before they hit the voting booths. Great job Upchuck of showing you understand the party stands for nothing… and you added exactly what to that understanding??

  • Dondh

    This is the first and honest thing this guy, Schumer, has ever said since President Trump took office or since that last election, probably even as far back as the candating process began last summer.

  • Carole

    You go Shumer.!! Here is the better deal Dems offer: Open Borders, Everyone on social programs including illegals, More taxes, More Regulations, Single Payer Healthcare (if you like your Dr. and Plan you can keep it), Riots if you disagree, 1% GDP, Double the National Debt — again, Free Abortions for all, Dems religion and SHARIA LAW, and Media sensors your news. Oh wait–we already had all that. SO how is it a better deal Chuck?

    • nocbsfan

      Carol you are pretty sharp little girl, going to have to start paying attention to you.

  • Deplorable Lanie

    Better Deal? You mean like the last 8 years with Obama? Let’s talk numbers…doubled the national debt, highest ever unemployment, more illegal immigrants than any other President, highest amount of people who are on SNAP and welfare. You mean that kind of better deal??? No thank you!

    • John Flynn

      that was “o’s” goal the entire 8 yrs, and that’s just his domestic programs!

  • Bill Peddie

    Did someone take away the kool aide from Schumer????
    Anyone read this besides me?

    He almost sounds logical.
    That is scary.
    The truth is, what he said is correct.
    The only people that lost the Hillary election run was, first and foremost, Hillary herself and second and even more importantly, was the lack of a message fro the democrats to the American people.

    Now, that the democratic party has been decimated in this last election, out of the wilderness comes the ghost of Hillary wanting to help the democratic party to win in 2018.
    Any democrats eager for that??????????????

  • C. LeSaint

    The Democrats are the party of perversion, communist practices, demonic practices!

  • BRAIN S.

    The GOP candidates know that Hillary self-destructed in the election campaign and instead of supporting the Democrats/ Obama failure in office, they are supporting the Democrats claim that Russia / Putin was responsible. Once accepted by the American Public and a joint sanction bill against Russia passed, it will confirm their belief that they and not the Demos. are responsible for Trump winning. Quite frankly, if the Democrats and the rebel GOP succeed in removing Trump and/ or cause him to fail in what he has promised John Public, the Democrats will waltz into the Whitehouse in the next election, especially if Trump turns his back against the GOP, and he would, because he is of that nature. What a mess they are creating, America against Americans…placing sanctions on more countries in the world with a toothless United Nations that is unable to help the weaker countries that need their help.

  • Kenny Albert

    Besides having no economic plan whatsoever, democrats will start their plan of ruining the U.S. forever again. They want communism and if it means we have to wipe them, so be it.

  • jay

    Don’t believe a word demorats say.There as fanatical as muslim terrorists.Schumer is just saying that but the working middle class will be forgotten and demeaned like always.

  • jay

    Schumer has to throw a tiny bit of truth in there to be believed by some.Isn’t that what the devil does.Some demorats I think are possessed by demons.

  • Behrens Kay Susan

    I use to be a democrat but not anymore their value system has completely changed and I will NEVER vote democrat again ….. gone is their Christian values”…….I am not ashamed of Jesus my Savior ….. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and VP PENCE …..shame on the democrats

  • The Democratic party must remove the far left liberalism from their agenda. I am OK with Democrats but the liberalism is dangerous and needs to go. Liberalism is a one way street to communism. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and when it is sensible, two sides can work out compromises. I am no fan of far right ideas as they also can become dictatorial also.

  • Pat Prybil

    The Democrats choice was to put the socialist Bernie Sanders, or the lying,back stabbing, poor excuse for a woman, as your candidates. That is why you lost. You should have talked crazy Joe Bidden into being your candidate. At least he was liked by his peers.It’s a no brainer to the rest of us Schumer on why Trump won. That’s the problem with the Democrat’s, they still haven’t a clue on what went wrong.

  • Brian Newman

    Wow! A top Democrat actually taking responsibility for the loss instead of blaming the voters for not understanding their message, or trying to blame Russia. How refreshing.

  • 27633171

    Schumer is wrong on one point. People are well aware of what the ” Democratic ” Party stands for and it aint Democracy. They are now the Socialist Democratic Party, U.S.A. and some of them have even infiltrated the Republican Party. These people are not about promoting Democracy but have been pushing a Socialist agenda for many years and have come very close to achieving their agenda. They thought they would be able to complete that agenda with the election of Hillary Clinton but they and their propagandists in the media were completely caught off guard with the election of Donald Trump. Hopefully, the people who elected Trump are wide awake now and will not be lulled back to sleep by the Socialists ever again.

  • John Flynn

    we’ve been saying for almost 9 months that it was you dems that shot yourselves in the foot and that’s why the Donald is the pres. i’m glad Schumer finally came around to Trump’s way of thinking. now, Schumer, cooperate with him

  • Frank Budz

    All of us need to remember that the Democratic party is flat broke, not only broke but in debt. Chuckles the clown realizes that if he wants to be reelected he needs to change his tone. He and his fellow obstructionist are getting worried about losing more seats to the Republicians. We as voters need to rid our country of all obstructionist including the RINOS in the Republician party as well. God has taken care of one, John McCain should not be back, but there are many more. If the Republician party acted like a unified party it might change my outlook of them, but that is highly doubtful. This is a good reason for term limits in all elected offices.

  • John Flynn

    a troll, huh??

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Schumer, part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Louie Rey

    Well, it took him several decades but Chuck’s finally come up with a sensible observation. It didn’t hurt that the Democrats supported the very worst candidate to ever even think about running for president. It was kind of in line with succeeding the very worst president to ever hold the office. Way to go Chuck. Now resign.

  • tCotUS

    My God a miracle ….DemoRATS blaming themselves ? Calling for Pisslosers resignation?? How about Warren, Waters, Boxer, Feinstein, Harris..The epitome of Terminally STUPID

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      If he wants dem losers to resign he should start with himself.

      • tCotUS

        Agreed…He’s busy throwing his comrades under the bus …

  • Pat Enery

    Can’t help but wonder why this scum decided to tell the truth now. What is the hidden agenda? Only his brethren foreign handlers know for sure.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    I hate ANY political figure always having a crap-eating grin on his evil mug, while tearing ya down! Get rid of the putz! Him and Preacher Ron Wyden-Ah

  • Rolpho Signetti

    So the demo’s are coming out with a “reset” to get the average American to vote demo? You mean all these years they have been lying to us! Otherwise, why the reset? I am dumbfounded, and frankly a little dismayed! Lying Democrats!!!! Who would have thought!!! The horror, the horror!

  • Terry Maloney

    OMG this is the first truth out of Schumer I have ever heard!

  • CaptTurbo

    Paul, are you in the basement again? Mommy needs her computer.

  • Millard Huff

    Democratic Party’s campaign message heading into 2018 and 2020 is vote for the Democratic communist cry baby party.That is what the Democratic party stands for.