School Won’t Sing Songs That Name Jesus in Christmas Concert

“I’m trying to rationalize how you can encourage diversity and yet be exclusionary in one specific area.”

nativity photo(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Students at a Virginia Middle School will sing Christmas songs at their winter concert this year, as long as they don’t have the word “Jesus” in them.

A student at Robious Middle School in Chesterfield told his father, David Allen, about the school’s rule, WWBT reported.

“It just seems like… everywhere you look everyone’s afraid of stepping on someone’s toes or everything is being so sensitive,” Allen said.

Allen contacted the school’s music teacher, who explained the decision not to include songs that reference Jesus.

“We had a few students who weren’t comfortable singing a piece I have done many times in the past, but it is of a sacred nature and does mention Jesus,” the choral teacher said.


The decision not to sing songs with a “sacred nature” came in response to the school’s increasingly diverse population.

“At the same time that I had gotten this information I had got a diversity notice from Robious Middle School regarding a club they have or a meeting,” Allen said. 

Allen said this is the first time the issue had come up, despite his child singing in winter concerts before, WWBT reported.

He added that he did not know what songs in particular the school excluded.

Allen said the school should embrace real diversity, rather than exclude one culture and faith.

“They all can get a feel of each individual religion, ethnicity and nationality have to offer,” Allen said. “It’s a school, it’s a learning educational experience…I wouldn’t object to my children singing a Hindu songs during their celebratory period of time.”