School Cancels Daddy-Daughter Dance Over ‘Gender Crap’

Parents furious…

(Daily Caller News Foundation) A New York elementary school was forced to cancel its father-daughter dance to adhere to new policies calling for “gender neutral” events.

The public teacher associations for Staten Island’s Public School 65 put the father-daughter dance on pause to double check whether it adheres to Department of Education new guidelines on gender practices, reports The New York Post.

“Until we understand what we are legally permitted to do, we need to table this event” PTA president Toni Bennett said in a Facebook group for parents at the school.

The guidelines in question call for the elimination of “gender based practices” unless such activities can be shown to serve an educational purpose.

In lieu of the father-daughter dance, the PTA plans instead to throw a daughter and person of any gender dance in March, the DOE told The New York Post.

Bennett also plans to have the PTA revamp the father-daughter dance in the future so it can be inclusive to everyone.

There does seem to be some confusion among school administrators about the decision.

A DOE spokeswoman said the principal scrapped the event to adhere to the gender neutral guidelines, while the principal said the event was canceled because the PTA president wanted to host it in a bigger area.

Regardless, parents at the school seemed unhappy with the change, believing that the “gender crap” has gotten in the way of their children being able to have a good time.

“It’s not fair at all. I have nothing against no one, but I don’t think that it should affect the school, or the kids for that matter,” Jose Garcia, a parent who attended two dances with his daughter, said.


Another parent said the school was trying to take away an important tradition to the community.

“They’re trying to take away everything that everybody grew up on and has come to know, and I don’t think it’s fair or right,” said Matthew West, a father of two girls. “They should leave it the way it was – father-daughter, mother-son.”

Harvard University recently banned single gender frats on campus, prompting a sorority to go gender neutral.

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  • Snakeman

    “In lieu of the father-daughter dance, the PTA plans instead to throw a
    daughter and person of any gender dance in March, the DOE told The New
    York Post.”


    Doesn’t this discriminate against the other 400 “recognized” genders by saying that only “daughters” are invited??????

    (yes …. this is sarcasm)

    • Somanywhiners

      How about Adult-Child Dance, or does that just sound too wrong. 😛

      • Chris P. Bacon

        The problem is that there are male and female of every race of every animal. If you argue this point there about frogs think again research facts as it is scientifically proven it is the chemicals that are release in the water supply. Too much such soy in the diet is making people think stupid because it makes them feel more feminine. If boys cease to be men we will have no HUMAN RACE!!!!

        • Somanywhiners

          If you ever have a chance to see where your statement is proven true, go to San Antonio. Most of the men that live their are wusses. They are afraid to act like men and take responsibility for themselves. Although, it might be the below the border influence. They do really baby most of their boys in their society.

          • Chris P. Bacon


        • Debra Shawver

          It is called Communist/Marxist indoctrination….the Kennedy speech post SOTU was 100% Karl Marx….

          • Redtailedhawk

            BC he is a jackass!

      • Snakeman

        It’s Ironic. They were talking about not using the “gender” of the parent (i.e. the offense of having it as “Father” and Daughter dance, but then they, the same folks, say they are going to go ahead in March with a Parent and “Daughter” dance.

      • Tim

        Adult-Child would be offensive as well sarc

  • Joseph Miller

    What kind of idiot comes up with this gender CRAP?
    Enough already! Get over your screwed up perverted selves and don’t crap over everybody else for your own stupidity! If you got stuff that hangs down you are male if you don’t you are female, PERIOD!!!! Good grief there idiots that run around thinking they are something they aren’t and those that enable them need to be locked away in a mental asylum!

  • Dorothy Foster

    This is so wrong on many levels… First…father-daughter dance has been going on many years.. before the stupid transgender hoax was ever around… They are the VAST MINORITY so s–t on them… Stay at home … you should anyway… have your own damn dance….

  • Brent

    “…double check whether it adheres to Department of Education new guidelines on gender practices…”

    What exactly is Betsy DeVoss doing?

  • Let the queers dance in the closet.

  • Somanywhiners

    People need to WAKE UP. These stupid things gain momentum and effect everyones life. You cannot say “oh,that is only in that area of the country so it does not worry me.” No these stupid ideas are infiltrating everywhere and need to be STOPPED by everyone making their voices heard.

    • Akotee

      The parents should actually go to the school and demand the dance be continued as Father and Daughter because that’s a fact. Children have a mother and father, the children are their sons and daughters. Believe they will have to back down because every thing stand on is based on Lies. But if you keeping backing back eventually it will be too late. There is no such thing as a “Transgender” or any other nonsense these people are pushing. The Parents pay their taxes and these are their children. They do not belong to the homosexual Lobby who is behind all of this lunacy.

  • john Scarpon


    • Chris P. Bacon

      SOY BOYITIS!!!!!!!!!!

  • kb821395

    The best thing to do about public education now days, educate your child at home.

    • Akotee

      That’s not answer because they’re coming for homeschoolers too. There comes a time when you have to take a stand. This is Wrong and it needs to be Stopped.



  • D L

    Department of Education needs to be abolished. Their focus is NOT on education, they are focused on indoctrination. It’s time to reduce the size of government AND their OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING. Local school boards (NOT SUPERVISED BY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES ) elected by local taxpayers, accountable to the local taxpayers are what made AMERICA GREAT. It was only when the politicians created the Department of Education so “American children would be able to compete globally” that this B. S. started.

    • Chris P. Bacon

      SO TRUE SO TRUE!!!

  • 1Orchard-1955Arthur Tompkins

    The idiots are still coming out of the sewer

    • Chris P. Bacon


      • Stephine

        No we need to get them back in the sewer and seal it shut.

  • Dan

    I would be taking my children out of that school, and put them in a school that would fight for their rights.

  • What sort of lunacy are we coming to? Father/Daughter means just that.

    • Chris P. Bacon


  • Mad Scientist

    This is not the first time political correctness has killed such an event. I read an article – in People, no less – some years back about a high school prom that was cancelled because a lesbian wanted to take a female date. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this crap is to hold such events off school grounds, as a private event where you can set your own rules.

  • regulus30

    MENTALLY ILL perverts have tainted our society;; be patient the end result will be a new bill to treat the sexually confused. it is NOT A CHOICE it is a mental disorder that needs to be addressed.

  • Gary Albrecht

    fire the school board they dont make the rules tax payers do

  • Gregg Parker

    I suppose using son and daughter as well as mother and father are going to be banned as well… freakin libtards…

    • ADRoberts

      GOAL: Destroy that nasty Christian society with all their violence and repulsive standards.

      • Daniel C Driver

        Violence and repulsive standards?

        • ADRoberts

          Yes, violence and repulsive standards. That would be what you get from SPLC, BLM, NAACP and all those other leftist organizations. Surely you don’t think the violence is from Christians. And if you don’t think their “standards” are not repulsive, just describe a homosexual act to a young child. Watch them get sick.

  • Build a burger

    They will have hundreds of lawyers sorting this out for years and then blame the taxpayers when there isn’t anything left over.

  • ADRoberts

    I know how they can stop ALL gender problems. CANCEL SCHOOL. We will eliminate all their imaginary problems, get rid of the problems of bullies, improve the education of the children (no education is better than the indoctrination the kids are getting now) save a LOT of money.
    Yes. let’s cancel school. No more sexual assault of teachers on children either.
    No more discrimination against a child bowing their head before eating.

  • Peter J

    When I read the headline I knew it had to be either a California or New Your school. Nothing more than liberal brainwashing. Parents, wake up and boycott the Cuomo Shuffle.


    It’s a good thing Hillary lives in New York now. It’s such a degenerate state, they deserve this kind of crap. Like California, the decent people of New York have left or are planning to leave that s***hole of a state. Thanks Mr. President for the term.

  • Laxmom2

    Really?????? I mean REALLY???? W..T…F?

  • Teresa Barrett

    More absurdity from the leftist lunatic fringe! And there in lies the problem. Society is allowing a handful of screwed up thinkers and SJW’s to dictate policy(turned into laws) to the majority of us. If this complacency continues, father-daughter dance will be relegated to the history pages, and there will be “adult-young progeny either by birth, surrogacy, adoption, voluntary bodily movement to rhythmic sounds event”! Now is everyone happy that we’ve fu*ked up something as innocent as a father daughter dance!!??
    Time to stand up before the left erases any vestiges of normalcy and wholesomeness, to accommodate their perverse twisted thinking!

  • D M Laura Jones

    Just say “NO” to these mentally disturbed things who are confusing our children into believing they might be born into the wrong body. These people are following a demonic agenda designed to destroy humanity. Why are they being allowed to teach in public or private schools.

  • Karen

    this is just sad, these kids just wanted to have fun and they should not be draged into this political crap

  • bill14729 .

    Story should say The Democrat public teacher associations for Staten Island’s Public School put the dance on hold

  • Stephine

    WTF??? So have a father-daughter dance, then have a mother-son dance you now have covered both sides, quit the bellyaching. And while we are at it get rid of that no child left behind and common core, that just churns out idiots that need a calculator to do math.

  • Debra Shawver

    OMG……it is sooooooo sad that New York was one of the 13 original colonies instrumental in the making of the USA……all communists now…so very sad…….this is all a bunch of BS. My husband loved the father /daughter dances.

  • Debra Shawver

    Read the 45 Communist Goals to Takeover America…this is one of the goals….

  • Bearcat

    This is total B.S. I can’t believe that people is so narrow minded that they can’t have a event such as a father-daugther that they have to bring in the out line of LGBT in such this country has gone bananas

  • Murray Gudmundson

    This is what our schools teach today. Not all, but a lot of our young people come out of school with nothing but a skull full of mush. And our democrat politicians are constantly looking for another minority group to create. i’m in my 70’s and won’t have to put up with it to much longer but for those of you who have young one in school you had better get down there and see what your child is being taught. That is, if you care?

  • Your Momma

    You go Joseph! Makes you sick don’t it ? Its like dealing with a bunch of children that just heard the word ” Butt ” for the first time.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial


  • JDW

    I smell a rotting rat in the apple bin! Could this be the queers, the lgbt with their fingers in the punch bowl? Is this a way to ‘phase in’ pedophiles in place of daddy? Is this meant to destroy the innocents of childhood? This I believe is the beginning and all parents need to stand up and tell the PTA to back off! Mom, Dad, grow a pair and defend your family!

  • Milton Kanfer

    Soon we’ll be having boys wearing training bras.I think we have a case of the inmates running the Asylum here!

  • Tim

    and the insanity continues

  • Warren Wagner

    What kind of crap comes next, genderless clothes.(have yet to see that in target, macy’s, outlet stores). Genderless health and beauty aids. Can’t wait to view those genderless tv(no pun intended) shows and commercials. Humans didn’t start out genderless, and out of 6.5 billion currently alive on the planet, and countless others who have come and gone, minus the test tubes, invitro, all came from male female copulation. Doubt many want to live in a world of only androgynous pats.