Schiff Hires Deep-State WH Staffers to Investigate Former Boss Trump

‘The Republicans never did this to President Obama; there would be no time left to run government…’

Trump Says Rep. Schiff a Big 'Liar,' 'Leaker'

Adam Schiff/IMAGE: MSNBC via YouTube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Newly minted House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff is hiring Democrat-friendly deep-state staffers from President Donald Trump’s own administration to help investigate the president.

The unprecedented move was first reported by CNN on Thursday, and was attributed to an anonymous Intelligence Committee aide.

The aide said government officials from the National Security Council, among others, have been hired by the committee to assist in its “oversight” of the president’s activities. As part of the intelligence community, NCS staffers traffic in highly sensitive information often obtained through surveillance.

The announcement comes as Democrats prepare to wield new investigative powers after taking control of the House in 2018.

Schiff was the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee for past two years of Republican control, and is widely believed to have regularly leaked classified and off-the-record information to CNN and other media outlets during the period, in a coordinated effort to destroy the president.

President Trump responded to Schiff’s ruthless new tactic on Twitter.

The anonymous committee aide did not disclose the names of any newly hired “deep state” anti-Trump officials, and declined to say how many have been hired.

When reporters asked the White House for comment, a senior official said to go “ask Adam Schiff” why Democrats are “stealing people who work at the White House,” CNN reported.

Schiff also announced last week that he was opening a sweeping investigation into Trump’s personal finances.