‘Scandal’ Actor: Trump Voters Are ‘Stupid,’ Homophobic, Misogynistic & Transphobic

(News Busters) So much for the “tolerant” left being tolerant of anyone else who has views that differ from their own – at least when it comes to actor Joshua Malina and his views for anyone who supports or voted for President Donald Trump.

'Scandal' Actor: Trump Voters Are 'Stupid,' Homophobic, Misogynistic & Transphobic 1

Actor Joshua Malina (ruebensramblings.files.wordpress.com)

Breitbart reports the 51-year-old former West Wing actor, who now plays Attorney General David Rosen on ABC’s White House soap opera Scandal, unleashed some of the most disparaging statements about Trump supporters, actually giving Anthony Scaramucci a run for his money in the department of derogatory talk. On Tuesday, the relatively unknown actor tweeted:

“If you’re one of the stupid c$%&s who voted for this stupid c#&%, do you not feel like a stupid c#&%?”

After receiving some backlash on Twitter for his remarks, Malina doubled down, going even further, by labeling every Trump supporter as well as “homophobic, antisemitic, misogynistic, transphobic, and unfunny.” On top of “stupid…”

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  • Vinnie S.

    Who cares what actors think about the “Real World”?

  • Sharon Melvin

    I don’t listen to the morons in Hollywood. They are so detached from real life they don’t understand what the American people need and want!

    • temporary guest

      They certainly don’t understand how real Americans think. If they did, they wouldn’t have to fabricate moronic lies to justify shooting off their mouths.

      • April Williams

        Us deplorables can’t be all that stupid because we were smart enough to vote Donald Trump in, keeping out a lady (term used loosely) riddled with crime. She is nothing more then a career criminal and we were smart enough to say no thanks. You on the other hand wanted a career criminal as a president…so really look in the mirror and ask yourself who really is the stupid one.

        • temporary guest

          You think I voted for Hillary Clinton? I don’t know what gave you that idea. I voted for Trump. I think a Hillary Clinton presidency would have spelled the end of freedom in America and that Trump, with all his faults, is able to withstand the absurd, so-called “politically correct” charges, accusations and BS assertions of the left better than any of the other Republican candidates would ever have been able to do.

          Perhaps you misread something somewhere. I don’t need to look in the mirror to know that, unlike yourself, I wouldn’t use the term “lady” when referring to Hillary Clinton, not even loosely. She’s a walking, screeching abomination.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            I think she posted in the wrong spot, don’t you? If she didn’t, she’s a nut case….LOL.

          • temporary guest

            I think it’s more likely she either misread something and misunderstood it, or clicked on the wrong “reply” button, all three being errors I have made myself on occasion. She’s smart enough to know Trump is our best shot walking the country back from the precipice of destruction that the left and Obama created, and smart enough to know that Hillary Clinton really is a crooked … (fill in the blank) … so I just don’t think she’s a nut case.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            I agree.

    • Rhiannon1223

      Most of these so called actors can’t even function in their own world without countless numbers of babysitters in the form of personal assistants, second directors, set coordibators, travel coordinators, personal chefs, personal trainers, beauticians, etc. to shepherd them around. They wouldn’t last a week in the real world.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        These are the people who have armed guards and fortified walls around their homes while they expect the rest of us to disarm ourselves. What a crock. Pretty delusional for sure.

      • Sharon Melvin

        So true!

  • Loving America

    Patriots these Movie Stars that think they are so smart and becoming and want to tell Us How It Is going to be or should be are full of nothing but crap and do not know up from down and “play around in hollywood and fakeness until they do not even know who they are or who they could be outside of
    playing around being someone else all the time……they need to try living in the Real World and find out who they really are then they can talk their crap on Us…until then holywood needs to shut up with all their fakeness, dictator ways, and their immoral living!” Until We take off the Air their indecency ways that others like to watch and tries to shove it off on Us they will just keep showing their ugly big boobs, tailends, and trying to show Us how important they “R”…..they are full of their Managers Ideas!

  • Slav2012

    In reading this, first thing that comes to mind is director John Milius quote
    “an actress is more than a woman and an actor is less than a man”.

  • Chance Gray

    Dafuq does this guy know about who I am or the way I think about tolerance or listening to multiple points of view before I decide on any issue involving my well being or those close to me ?

  • Sueja

    Hollywood is hurting so why does this help you? It doesn’t. So right back atcha .

  • jcrawdad

    ‘Scandal’ Actor: Trump Voters Are ‘Stupid,’ Homophobic, Misogynistic & Transphobic

    THANKS !! I’ll Add your Name to my No Brain Actor’s Gilead, to remind me of who you are and not to spend money on your stupid acting . Thanks for letting me know .

    • Ragweed Handgun

      Never heard of him or his programs. I wonder who its sponsors? It’s a good time for boycotting and get his a$$ canned…

      • Staceyjdancy

        my neighbor’s mom makes $90 per hour on the internet. she’s been without a job for nine months but last month her pay was $13492 just working on the internet a couple of hours a day.➤ check

    • Renny Hartmann

      Never heard of him and will never see him. And he should consider, over half the nation could boycott his show and his career.

      • johnny b

        Libertards NEVER think that far ahead….

        • tes d’aless

          libbers never think at all!

          • The Redhawk

            They are NOT ALLOWED to in order to be part of the (D) Anarchy party….

        • Grumpy

          no, you went too far…they do not think.

          • The Redhawk

            Caused by NO BRAINS and all EMOTIONAL MISDIRECTION

        • The Redhawk

          LobTURDS are Hypocrites
          1) Feguson… lotibg burning etc ….NO WORD …Done by BLM anarchists
          2) Berkeley… bUrning.. Property Descruction….No words…done by BLM nad other Lib Anarchists
          3) baltimore two yars ago….Black agitators severely beat up two non blacks walking in Street…..NO Words by Press nor ACLU, nor that Air heads of the anti White Right KKLAN….

        • Alice House

          You could have just said–libertards NEVER think!

        • johnny b

          To y’all….. I was trying to be polite…. I know libertards never think… They engage mouth before engaging brain as my pappy used to say… and they are totally useless…. they should be driven out of this country entirely; especially the Hollywood fruitcakes….
          The problems in Charlettesville would not be there without these damn libertards and the list goes on and on….
          Something must be done to rid our nation of such imbecilic morons, but where do you start????

          The problem started with the libertards teaching in the school system and they produce a lot of graduated libertards…. Then there is the uneducated BLM that use their movement as an excuse for not getting an education and just being dumb. Their claim to fame is they spend more time in jail than anybody else.
          I’m open to suggestions…. Putting a bounty on libertards is my idea…. What is yours????

      • bendecido

        Renny, I agree. He can apply those names to himself for voting for Hillary. He is so stupid he cannot realize the disaster Hillary could have brought for America.

    • The Redhawk

      Thanks for me too… another one of PROUD TRUMP VOTER!

      • arliss

        Canada is still available, snowflake.

    • wizzid0

      I may have to watch the show just to see who the sponsors are!

      • bendecido

        When you find out, please post it here so we can all write to the sponsors and let them know we will boycotter them if they continue backing this trashy show.

      • sophie bonner

        I have seen it. Not worth sitting through believe me. Ironic thing is that he plays the attorney general of a President that stole the election.

    • Flyby

      The laughable liberal actors protesting the best President in three administrations pay to be in sag to get cereal commercials.

    • Louise Adams

      We should all just boycott Hollywood
      period! They are some of the worst

      • jcrawdad

        They are some of the more stupid ones

    • Kenneth Zink


    • xsoldier57

      Right On!!

  • omikehawk

    This artiqunie ought to get a real job like most Trump supporters have! Actors, phtt!

  • temporary guest

    Joshua Malina … the thing about liberal, so-called “celebrities” is that on average, they seem to believe that arrogant, narrow minded, ignorant, self-aggrandizing, pontificating stupidity some how makes them better people than those of us who live in the real world, and they are always dead wrong. I know, like so many other liberal “celebrities”, you think you’re a regular paragon of intelligence and wizard of morality, but the truth is, you’re just advertising your arrogant, narrow minded, ignorant, self-aggrandizing, pontificating stupidity.

    • Louise Adams


  • Nina Ferguson

    Mr. Malina, you have stated that anyone who voted for President Trump are, among other things, “homophobic, antisemitic, misogynistic, transphobic and unfunny.” The main thing wrong with all of these “things”, is they are exactly what Hillary Clinton is all about. She, and people, I use the term people loosely, like you is that you are too ignorant to look in the mirror and realize that you are a person who thinks that anyone who has a different opinion than yours is lower than the lowest person, which is, of course you. I truly pity you for your shortcomings. Pardon the pun.

    • Born in the South and proud

      Well said Ms. Nina

    • Eguth3

      I totally agree. Well said. He actually doing what liberal politicians do it’s called Political projection. Blaming others for your own personal thoughts. Hillary made it very clear that she hates people but LOVES money more than life itself. Oh, I just realized he forgot Islamophobic. that’s another “label” liberals love to throw around.

      • johnny b

        You might add ‘shortcomings’ but that might be to personal for this moron….

      • Matthew Bowman

        “Phobic” implies fear. I am not afraid of these people. Just wish they would change their behavior before their time is up and they get Judged by their maker!

    • Louise Adams

      Agree totally these people are just
      brain dead I guess no common sense!

    • cathy floyd

      So right! You said it all.

    • bendecido

      Short comings and poor acting, I assume, that’s why he is not known very well.

  • Karen

    I’m sorry, your a what, portrayer of fake personas? Who? I don’t get it! Get a real job in politics and then maybe someone will care about your opinions.

  • Frank Vierra

    Malina, Hanks, DeNiro, Judd, Neeson, etc… They are all entertainers. Actors. Unlike those that play make believe, I live in the real world. Now, if they care to make public their politics and have an agenda that inspires unrest, I just refuse to watch any of their performances. I recently yanked all my DVD’s with any of these clowns and trashed them. It’s kind of like the pleasure one guy got from burning Kaepernick’s jersey.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Yep, their stuff is totally trash.

  • Isabella

    And, JM, you, are the biggest IDIOT in that Pedophile Hollywood. People. judge others, the way they are. So, you are a narrow minded, uneducated’ ” red neck”.

  • robin

    The intolerance of the left has finally driven me all the way to the right. All the left has left is their big mouths and their cities to burn, they hold no majorities in the government, so all they can do is running their filthy mouths. I hope they keep burning their own cities. They all talk about their dream of communism, yet I have yet to see the communist country that would put up with their filthy morals. I will back anybody that decides we need to exterminate the left.

  • Charles Ledesma

    Tolerant huh. You know I’ve been reading a lot about the tolerant left and well here goes……..first let me tell you Maligna (who cares how your last name is spelled) you are an idiot and along with the rest of the left. Because your not agreed with? Don’t you dumb f#&!s get it we are in this together,if anything its you [email protected]$#&%es that are adding more fuel to the fire and keeping this country divided. Just because your an actor we should acknowledge your right and we should just be quiet f$!# off and the rest of your party too. Its people like you and the rhetoric that your spewing out your fckn mouth make myself and a few other people the way we are. If there’s one thing that I learned in life is never trust a split tongue democrats.

    • JHW

      When you get time tell us what you really think. I do agree with you.

  • Art Golden

    Those who still support the lying, corrupt, unstable, unqualified, ignorant, incompetent, traitor-in-chief are intellectually deficient, poorly educated, Dunning-Kruger suffering fools. In addition, if course, to what Malina originally called them.

    • Charles Ledesma

      Lets see art, clinton,obama,holder, lynch,comey and others never lied to the American people and surely you believe that they’re not corrupt(umm ok) and unstable (sure y not) unqualified (ok maybe) ignorant (wrong) incompetent (lol) traitor in chief (really traitor) have you even done any of your research? You want to talk [email protected]! Ok. Why don’t we talk about fast and furious, the clinton foundation and that little thing obama did before he left giving uranium to iran.You young man need to come back to realty. Here’s a joke for you what do you call a compulsive liar?…………. A democrat

      • Art Golden

        So your “argument” isn’t that I’m wrong, just that you think the same could be said about those you name. Thanks for your support!

    • Derek

      And your opinion means exactly s*** to anyone with brains! You should probably find another thread to yap on?

      • Art Golden


        • Derek

          Lol by all means stay and run your mouth then. I enjoy watching the people you call uneducated pick you apart. I was only trying to spare you some embarrassment.

          • Art Golden

            LOL!!! It is you and your ilk who are the embarrassment. But you’re all too stupid to know just how stupid you are, and therein lies the irony.

          • Derek

            Yeah yeah yeah I know a man can really be a woman if he believes hard enough. I live in the real world. But I’m glad things are going well for you in neverland though 🙂

    • Gregg Parker

      Hillary lost genius… but your point would have been well taken had she won…

    • William Konrad

      One might conclude from your post, you listen to CNN. Grow a pair and think for your self.

      • Art Golden

        I watch CNN. Also Fox. Also MSNBC. Also Breitbart. Only a total and complete idiot would get their info from 1 source, especially one that agrees with their views.

  • Shawn Sapp

    This idiot just proved that he is the stupid one. They may be far outnumbered in Hollywood, but there are still republicans there. Does this idiot not relize that kind of talk can get a person hurt. Maybe he thinks real life is like a movie and he is 10′ tall and bullet proof. Next time he goes out in public, he would probably be wise to watch over his shoulder. If he runs his mouth to the wrong person, he will get his big mouth, jaw, face broken to the point of needing plastic surgery and probably will be the end of his career. Hope he has been saving his money. Hate for him to find out what the real world is like.

  • Fred_K

    These nitwit actors have been playing “parts” for so long, that they have lost touch with reality. They are constantly becoming others in their acting, and have no concept of real life. They are overpaid, and delusional. They use the capitalist system to make their incomes, then tell everybody else to be socialists. They need to give all of their income to the government, and accept the minimum they need to survive. He should go live in Venezuela, or North Korea.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Excellent point: they advocate for socialism/communism/marxism while enriching themselves in a capitalist economy. That’s got to be the height of contradiction. You’re right. Those who want this nonsense should be made to live on only a certain amount with the rest being “donated” to whatever the flavor of the day is…..put their money where their mouths are.

  • Maggie Jones

    The very fact that this person is an ACTOR is enough to dismiss any thing he has to say. It is now well know that most actors are Illuminati pedophile’s and they are not equal to good reasoning when someone rocks their boat.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Yes, MOST actors.

  • MikeR

    I’ve never heard of this turd, and I don’t care what his opinion is about anything.

  • slk5

    actor…who is this yokel!!!


    This is what prompted the demonstration in Charlottesville. Regular Americans know that the corrupt and degenerate aristocracy that bestrides them despises them and plans their impoverishment, repression and eventual extermination and replacement with a brown Third World lumpenoproletariat. The American people will not be ruled by coke-snorting C-listers, has-beens and wannabes and the Tinseltown coalition of starlets, varlets and harlots that are in the streets and on the media. Any serious attempt to remove the legitimately-elected government and complete the Obammunist transformation of the North American republic into the Central African Republic will be met by so many Americans that there won’t be enough Antifa and Black Lives Matter provocateurs to attack them all.

    • Jesusprotectus

      Well said! These people are on a dark path of evil….but we have God and all that is good!
      God bless and protect the Trump/Pence families and their administration.
      God bless and protect America!
      Pray for unity, peace and the eradication of evil!

    • Jim

      Nicely stated. And sadly and disgustedly true. Best always.

  • Timothy Draheim

    I have never heard of that guy but, Thanks for the compliments ! There sure is a lot of Hate coming from the Liberals these days. Murder, racial attacks, looting, rioting, burning and now using a car to run over people. It is all making me very nervous.

  • Barbara DuVall

    Just look at the smirk on this guys face. He’s proud of being stupid, arrogant,ignorant and everything else that goes along with being a low life liberal. Every word he said about Trump supports is exactly what killary is all about. Exactly,everything. This guy has no brain in which to function, so why do the rest of us give a crap abou him?

  • howie1347

    And you, Mr Actor, are an idiot and hate filled jerk. And you wonder why people are not going to your movies anymore, or watching ESPN for that matter.

  • Bernie

    Hey Malina,
    Many of those “homophobic” and others names you call those Trump voters also voted for Barack….you dumb schmuck!

  • SCANDAL? NEVER WATCHED — SO GLAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • E.r. Scofield

    It’s hilarious when the freaks think that they are the norm, and that normal people are the freaks, and Hollyweird is chock full of freaks. What’s even funnier is how the brain dead liberals, SJW’s, BLM’s, Antifa, Cultural Marxists, Socialists et al, in all of their shallow, plastic uselessness want so badly to emulate their worthless lifestyles. Isn’t it also funny how all of these useless Hollyweird and media loudmouths are usually Jews, or Jewish teat suckers. How out of touch with reality can they get? Watch and see.

  • zzimpilotz


  • GymS

    Who? Never heard of Molina. Oh yeah thats right. He’s insignificant.

  • Greg

    Puny little Liberal malcontent–so tired of the public listening to what these Approval seeking non educated actors/artists have to say. What does he contribute to society ?–oh that’s right, he is there to entertain us like a no brain court jester

  • Maxine Albritton

    yep, all of those I am and proud of it. If that is the best he can do not so good. after all he is a snowflake and they drift brainlessly until melted by the warmth.

  • RunnerFriendly

    The people who voted for trump want to keep our country intact and have some sense of morality. Unlike those of you in Hollywood who think there should be no boundaries for sexuality, behavior or unlawfulness. Shame on you!

  • James Ruddy

    Who cares what these ‘pretend’ people think?

  • Truth Seeker

    Good example of a uneducated, leftist progressive who resorts to name calling because he cannot present a lucid, thoughtful argument to support his hateful views.

  • rangerbanger

    The arrogance of the Left in assuming that their mindless parroting of discredited dogma of the Franklin School and Alinsky qualifies them to be judges of intelligent thought is quite indicative of their delusional mindset. They depend on a base of disempowered welfare addicts, failures in life, sheep who baah when prompted and uncritical thinking zombies who cannot fathom their being manipulated by a global cadre of elitists bent on destroying this country. Let’s cut to the chase–people who see the charade for what it is are those who rejected the Left’s diabolical plan for America–FYI, jerk, I’ll match my educational level and IQ to any of your top thinkers–and come out on top–Fool!

    • William Konrad

      Their arrogance is what got Trump elected, they still don’t get it. A collage degree and a sears suit hardly qualify for genius status. Reading the writings of other liberals, only enhance your ignorance.

  • Washington Watchdog

    Is what this actor says really news? Let’s face it West Wing was a TV show. How stupid are Americans and the media becoming. Frankly, I never heard of him and could care less what the celebs have to say.

  • anthony j. manzo

    Mr. Malina, As someone so aptly wrote,” Dance Monkey Dance

    , While I Crank the ORGAN ” A great piece, sorry I wasn’t the author. It is really all you are good for. Please hire someone with BRAINS to write a script for you.

  • Gregg Parker

    well, as long as we’re calling each other names, let’s play! Hey, do&che b*g, how many c&&^ts do you think used to tune into your c*&t-like show? How many c&^ts do you think will boycott your fagg*t a$$?? You, a$$ho7e, can s9ck my c9ck!! We now return you to your regularly scheduled demonic life…

  • Polly Dreitzler

    Yes, and the left wingers are so loving as they murder and pillage their way through the USA – NOT!!!

  • William Konrad

    Never heard of him but he sure sounds like n idiotic liberal to me. His brain must be the size of a fruit fly.
    Not surprising for a liberal.

  • samnigromd

    Whatever his name is, he is a dirty old man, a dirty minded schoolboy who never grew up, a gay cult genital maniac, a harem-creating selfish feminist, a Christian-hating bigot, a disease-causing against nature wacko, an American traitor, and an abortion-loving sub-human. In one word: a Democrat.

  • Candy Clanton

    There is nothing worse than an egotistical actor – they plan so many different people, they start to think they really are them!!!

  • Fed up!

    Why is it all these Grade B so called actors need to publicly criticize President Trump to get notice. Never seen any of those shows, never seen his face before, so WGARA what the idiot says.

  • R Parten

    Karma will be your judge Joshua, in the mean time maybe you should pull your head out of your posterior or have the window in your belly button cleaned so you might see the truth!

  • William Konrad

    You can’t think like this and not be stupid.

  • William Konrad

    Joshua Malina says; “I’m an actor and I’m really smart”

  • The Redhawk

    “actor” that should just about Diequlify this ‘AIR HEAD” from being given any Credibility….. let’s get to REAL NEWS!.

  • nosocialism4me

    Another no nothing “actor” repeating the Hilary script. That’s all they know, put a script in front of them and wind’em up. He’s on some TV show and thinks what he says matters

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    Ahhh, the tolerant left shows their true colors again. You’d think they’d learn from Hildebeast calling us all deplorables. BTW, I wear that comment like a badge of courage.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    He is now called Joshua ‘Maligner”. Yes, I am a proud phobic! I am a leftophobic!! I am afraid, very afraid of everything liberal. Thank God for President Trump! At least he knows which bathroom to use.
    BTW at least THIS President has one!! And yes, we are a lot more humorous!!!

    • darll

      Yes, he would always chose to use the women’s bathroom if he could get by with it. Trump has no capacity for prolonged thought, discretion in speech, controlled emotions, any sort of workload, no social or negotiating skills, little knowledge, if any of our constitution or laws, ignorant of how government operates and could care less, in debt up to his eyeballs with Russian-secured loans via the Deuche Bank, is on vacation more than he is in the White House (which is probably a blessing), promises anything, fulfills nothing, etc. etc. etc.

  • Ron

    Raspberries are a simple fruit…Molina in Polish means raspberry…I guess that’s why he thinks like a fruit.

  • Petru Dans

    @@comrade Malina> you are sure that you are an “”ACTOR”‘??? maybe in the cartoon movie,or in Castro regime movie ,or in the venezuelean””movie””== who is the stupid that give you a role????

  • chuckkel

    I blame Antifa (Anti first-amendment) and Black Lives (don’t) Matter for intolerance

  • Ronnie

    What a Liberal fool!

  • Joseph111

    who is this guy? never heard of him, so why should I care??

  • Tennman39

    It’s laughable when the Hollywood deadheads try to interject their “Amazing” knowledge of politics! As the old saying goes, “keep your mouth closed and no one will know you’re stupid but open your mouth and prove you’re stupid” most of Hollywood have proven the latter.

  • JHW

    This guy is the reason I don’t go see movies anymore. There is no way I will contribute to the liberals Hollywood life style. This guy is like a turd floating in a punch bowl. No one is going to pay attention to him. Most of them are snakes. There a few good ones but only a few.

    • Karl Vilseck

      the last time I went into a movie theater was when “Sum of all Fear’s” was on the big screen.

  • jack schmidt

    who is this guy ? we should find out who his sponsers are and boycott them , he is doing this just to get his out there and for the money ! yes he is a mindless a$$

  • Mark Currier


  • Mai Tran

    He should look in the mirror, He play a character in’ West wing’ & suddenly he feel soooo smart, most of Hollywood celebrity delusional & really $#@%&

  • Brent

    Well gee whiz. Why didn’t you just call us deplorable?!?!


    Stupid? We may but no more than those who voted for the corrupted Hillary.

  • davidnrobyn

    I just couldn’t stomach the idea of another Clinton presidency. By election time, Trump was the last alternative standing.

  • seababy7


  • “Sticks and stones”…………………………………… Just another ignorant liberal shooting of his mouth. I will make a note to boycott his performances – assuming they come near me.

    • nocbsfan

      Tee Hee do you watch soaps ?

      • No, I do not. If he is on only soaps I have never seen him. I will keep it that way. No wonder I did not recognize his name.

        • nocbsfan

          Can’t you tell he is a soap actor by the brilliant remarks he makes ?

  • Rob Anthonisen

    I would bet a lot that Trump’s IQ is a lot higher than this stupid actor. He is one of those sorry losers who would have wanted a crook in the White house. She is fighting to stay out of jail.

    • Rob Anthonisen

      By the way, I bet the average IQ of Trump voters is quite a lot higher than many Clinton voters. NOT ALL. Some may have a good IQ but no knowledge of Criminal Obama and Clinton. Obama has a high IQ but he has been quoted as saying he hates the USA. He and Clinton brought in ISIS. They both may be jailed for their crimes.

  • Garrett Auman

    Looks like a GREAT time to boycott all the sponsors of ABC’s White House soap opera Scandal.
    I never watch it anyway, but boycott of all of its sponsors is still a GREAT idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 7LibertyForAll

      And let the sponsors KNOW that you’re doing that. That’s worth money to them.

  • Eguth3

    So, does that
    makes him a complete imbecile and liberal moron? They certainly are very
    fond of labels, huh? So, then I’ll asked him if he supported the head of a
    criminal enterprise, who has stolen millions and billions of “other people’s
    money” under the “banner” of a charity in order to avoid pay
    taxes on those personal funds for her own family needs. Her “charity” has only
    managed to spend 7% on “real” charitable cases in 16 years, ouch. Return to reality a-hole,
    I’m just reminding you, she’s been under numerous investigation and has over 550
    plus investigation (200 in just her Senate career), during both her legal and
    political career from numerous federal and state agencies plus, she lost her
    license to practice law BECAUSE of HER CORRUPTION. She will eventually go to
    prison and you and your fellow idiot’s liberal imbeciles in politics and
    Hollywood still supported the criminal for President and THAT makes ME question
    your sanity, not mine dumb**s. Jerk.

  • Eguth3

    So, does that makes him a complete imbecile and liberal moron? They certainly are very fond of labels, huh? So, then I’ll asked him if he supported the head of a criminal enterprise, who has stolen millions and billions of “other people’s money” under the “banner” of a charity in order to avoid not pay taxes on those personal funds for her own family needs. Her “charity” has only managed to spend 7% on “real” charitable cases. Return to reality a-hole, I’m just reminding you, she’s been under numerous investigation and has over 550 plus investigation (200 in just her Senate career), during both her legal and political career from numerous federal and state agencies plus, she lost her license to practice law BECAUSE of HER CORRUPTION. She will eventually go to prison and you and your fellow idiot’s liberal imbeciles in politics and Hollywood still supported the criminal for President and THAT makes ME question your sanity, not mine dumb**s. Jerk.

  • Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison is a Piece of Work

  • satcatchet

    Joshua Malina, you have had your butt handed to you and your party lost. Get over it. You guy’s are sorry losers like a baby that throws tantrums. Your tactics don’t work and it sucks to be you.

  • Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    Who is this piece of obunga turd–never heard of him –but would gladly visit and stick my huge 16 foot in his atrocious ugly insulting mug

  • Kershaw

    Pointing the finger .3pointing back at you mr actor

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Typical LIBERAL IDIOT he cannot see that it is his party that exists to hate given that it s made up of the people who took hate to an all time high with lynching and Jim Crowe laws that swept their regions till republicans forced Civil rights on LBJ and them. Just because we do not buy the lies Dems and greedy people are spewing does not make us bad people. Gender which is based on Genetics not appearance CANNOT be altered so the name Transgender is a LIE. GOD who made man and marriage says it is only between one man and one woman nothing else. It is not Conservatives that are rioting and burning places down because their pick for this Nation’s highest office lost. It is not Conservatives who are shutting down free speech on College Campuses Nation wide nor are we the ones preaching hate and MURDER.

  • Shane Leishman

    Just another Hollyweird nobody who seems to think their opinion matters to anyone other than themselves. I can’t wait to vote Trump again in 2020 and help him serve his second term.

  • Poke


  • Ksgirl

    Stop watching their shows, write both the sponsors and the networks — they might not care now, but they will when revenues go down. I’m sure this fellow tweeted against Mr. Obama and all the dividing he had a hand in.

  • twspears6007

    Joshua Malina With all your name calling Trump supporters are the greatest patriots in the United States. Trenton

  • therealworld

    Joshua Malina plays Attorney General and does an unbelievably poor job. Liberal Actors who can’t support the USA should leave. This knuckle head just insulted over 50% of the viewing public, not a good PR move for a Hack Actor

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    This court jester is so ignorant, he doesn’t realize that he’s a……MORON!

  • Jim

    This scumbag needs to become a “statistic”. That would be “green” and we know how up on green left wing scum is.

  • Flyby

    Is this f movie lump attempting to get into liberal videos? I think cookie performed much better political skits on Bozo back in the good old days. Wouldn’t bother me if un turned these morons into jelly.

  • Bob Pendleton

    One successful surgery does not a doctor make. If only one of his buildings remains standing, can you really call him an architect? If, during his entire career, he’s had only one successful acting gig, can you really call him an actor? And why, even if he is considered an actor by some, should we give credence to someone who considers himself to be a “film and television personalit[y] celebrating their Jewish heritage and promoting charitable giving to the Jewish community?”

    We all know how valuable the opinions of actors were during the last election. We heard lots of threats about ‘moving to another country’ but haven’t heard of any following through with their threats.

    I’m 70+ years old and don’t consider myself to be a racist. My wife and I have raised 13 foster children of all colors, shapes, and sizes. We attend a multi-cultural church in the Atlanta Metro area by choice. Having said that, I wonder how some would view someone whose only perceptible claim to fame – outside of being an actor – is that he, apparently, spends a significant amount of his non-acting life openly raising money which ends up killing others in the name of his God. Haven’t we seen entirely too much of attitudes like this lately?v

    Why would we seriously consider the opinion of someone who broadcasts views such as . . .

    “If you’re one of the stupid c$%&s who voted for this stupid c#&%, do you
    not feel like a stupid c#&%?”

    Regardless of your personal political persuasion, would we seriously consider the opinion of someone who broadcasts views such as the above? “If you’re one of the stupid c$%&s who voted for this stupid c#&%, do you not feel like a stupid c#&%?” Again, regardless of your personal political persuasion, do we really want to expose our ears and minds to such a person?


    Never heard of this assclown.

  • Bill Meyers

    You are lucky we aren’t as you say. If we were you wouldn’t be a thorn in our side.We wouldn’t tolerate your Nash behavior, and rude comments. However I think you liberal snowflakes are pushing people to defend themselves.

  • Raymond Miller

    I love you too ! Coming from you Joshua, that’s a compliment. The rantings of an obscure unknown actor, who plays in a stupid soap opera, means nothing to the real Americans who unlike you love our country. You can leave anytime you want, move to Mexico, I’m sure you’ll be happier there.

  • Joe Sam

    just another fool who is a stupid air head ,knows nothin of which he speaks .just another follower of the know nothings .never heard of him anyway .just some scum .OLD VET.

  • Brian Harvill

    Truth hurts but it remains the truth. The GOP are not and have NEVER been a friend to LGBT persons, is based mainly in white supremacy and racism, and wishes for all women to be considered chattel as they were before the 1900’s.
    THAT is the GOP of 2017 and its been that way for over 40 years now. A bunch of misogynistic pigs and homophobes….

    • 7LibertyForAll

      a “service-connected Veteran”…..boy, you’re really some kind of stupid.


      • Brian Harvill

        Yep SERVICE CONNECTED… that means disabled in the line of DUTY… something you morons have no clue about.

  • Christina

    Praise God for my President Donald Trump!

  • but but but

    Just another no name ash wipe, ask this stupid _ick who started the KKK!!

  • Marylee Comparetto

    Takes one to know one!!!

  • The conductor

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • johnny b

    Another actor that in a few more years will ask himself; Why can’t I get any work??? Why doesn’t anybody want to see my art??? Do I have any talent??? Do you want fries with that Big Mac???

  • Walter Flatt















  • Bill Payne

    What an absolute jerk! Never heard of him so why does he think that we care what said! What you say is what you are.

  • Kathy Box

    Yep I will mark you off the list of any actor I would ever watch.

    • nocbsfan

      Good girl Kathy

  • Roy Veteto

    i find it amusing that these so called criticisms can be pointed at muslims who liberal democrats support

  • The Old Ranger

    Never heard of this jerk before this article, which is probably because I’ve never watched any of these programs. However, it is probably since he is such an unknown that he thought he could get his 15 minutes of fame… well, infamy is more like it…. this type of outburst from the left-leaning actors, hollywood types, etc… just further strengthens my resolve to watch less and less tv… or go to movies… much better ways to spend my money and my time than watching jerks like this….and by the way, I never thought Kathy Griffin was funny ever… always has been mean-spirited (a female Don Rickles)

  • Rick D.

    Just another liberal loser who has resorted to sleazy tactics in order to gain attention. He’s just one in a long line of low-information elitist who hasn’t got a clue about any issues outside his bubble of existence. He doesn’t know Jack S*** and is definitely a brain-dead POS!!

  • Ken V

    What about the anti protestors that started all the violence in the first place? They cannot be peaceful but never get into trouble for their violence. What gives here..

  • Eguth3

    Look, a-hole, Quick question… so, does that make him a complete imbecile and liberal moron? They certainly are very fond of labels, huh? So, then I’ll asked him if he supported the head of a criminal enterprise, who has stolen millions and billions of “other people’s money” under the “banner” of a charity in order to avoid paying taxes on those personal funds for her own family needs. Her “charity” has only managed to spend 7% on “real” charitable cases. So, where does the other 93% go? Huh, cat got your tongue? Return to reality a-hole, I’m just reminding you, she’s been under numerous investigation and has over 550 plus investigation (200 in just her 2 term Senate career), during both her legal and political career from numerous federal and state agencies plus, she lost her license to practice law BECAUSE of her corruption. She will eventually go to prison and you and your fellow idiot’s liberal imbeciles in politics and Hollywood still supported the criminal for President and THAT makes ME question your sanity, not mine dumb**s. Jerk.

  • 1947goldenjet

    You folks do realize that he has to talk anti Trump or he won’t be considered for any acting awards?

  • Jeff Karas

    And yet another Captain Obvious.

  • Who is this idiot?

  • Maggietish

    Does this jackass really believe that we care what he thinks of us ever. Obviously he is of the mind that only he and others like him with the liberal/progressive mindset that has put our country on a destructive anti-American course for the 20 years but more intensely in the last 8 years believe that they are the only ones who have a right to have an opinion and the rest of America has no right to even have an opinion. Residential it’s done more in the last six years to make America great again and to improve the American people’s lives ithan been done in the last 40 years. Interesting that the celebrities forget but they’re very livelihood depends on the people like us who they are attacking. Good career move

  • charles becker

    WHO? What weight does he think he has? NONE!

  • OldConservativeGuy

    No. The only group I can’t stand are ignorant, narrow-minded, idiotic actors who don’t understand that their only talent is pretending to be someone else while on camera and have absolutely no expertise in national or international politics.

  • Poor_Richard

    Says a no talent twit, looking for sympathy recognition.

  • Ron haymaker

    I’m kind of impressed, he uses mighty big words for a Libaturd! I wonder if his momma knows he talks like that!

  • arliss

    Josh Molina- you re an ignorant human being.

  • Carole

    Yeah!! And I am voting for him again. You Mr.are the loser.

  • Murphmeister

    Oh, Ouch! Actor, thou hast wounded me.

  • Sylvia Post

    Sylvia Post Mailian ? or whatever your name, I’ve never even heard of your programs. I watch very little T.V. anymore because of all the horrible actors who never learned respect for their country, just how to be uncouth. In some other country you would be jailed or worse, be stood up against a wall and shot.

  • John

    Hollywood Libs are intolerant, narcissistic, self obsessed, intellectually vacant, morally bankrupt morons. They are parrots, repeating whatever liberal BULL that’s fed to them.
    These performing monkeys who live in a bubble, think that if they “play” something, farmer, DR, or whatever , that it makes them an “expert”. These ivory tower sitters with their armed bodyguards, can look down upon us poor middle landers , but we can make up our own minds, we have good morals, and follow the golden rule.
    We DON’T need some heathen to sling crap our way.

    • richard stewart

      Thank you for that very succinct depiction of all that is wrong with the Hollywood liberals who think they are smarter than all of us unimportant average people who are responsible for their lifestyles. The last movie I went to was by Dinesh D’Sousa and I refuse to spend my money to support people that aren’t fit to spit shine my shoes!

  • tes d’aless

    spare us Real Americans your stupid lecture! Trump is the best president you will ever see – someone who has guts and loves America – unlike you stupid, whiny, pathetic, weirdo loser “actors”. Really you should take yourself and your loser, luney liberal hater group and go live in north korea – we don’t need or want your kind here – you pollute the very air we breathe!

  • Carl-Edward

    It is difficult to understand how the talentless, semi-educated dirt in Hollywood to-day, can presume to tell people how to think and how to live. Even the glorious talents from the past were not overburdened with intelligence.

  • nokabosh

    He knows a lot about being stupid.

  • sophie bonner

    Any attention, even if it is bad. Just like any spoiled child.

  • gairman

    Cracks me up how these actors think anyone cares about their opinions. I guess their fantasy world of acting caries into their real world.

  • Jeffrey Meyer

    Scandal…what a nasty rag of a show it is. I remember scanning channels and bumping into their Christmas show which glorified abortions while mocking Christianity. That was the 1st time and the last time I have had the displeasure of viewing a couple of minutes of this appalling program. It’s time to start boycotting their sponsors.

  • Rich Errickson

    I voted for Trump.. I am not stupid, homophobic, misogynistic or “transphobic” (the latest hate label) I’m surprised they didn’t use their favorite attack word “racist”. I will admit to being Hollywood idiot actor-phobic however.

  • Staceyjdancy

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  • spent

    Wow! I am so pleased he told me exactly what I am. I had no idea! I am sure that his intellect and heart exceeds mine, so I thank you for letting me know about me. You are brilliant. It usually takes people years to figure me out, and you did in all one setting.

  • Robert

    Rule #1 – Ignore imbecilic comments from washed up unknown actors seeking publicity. His show stinks and I refuse to watch it. Hope you do the same!

  • Victor Perez

    Ha Ha Ha, I your case “YES”…because idiots like you, this is what you want to hear!!!! Ha Ha Ha

  • Louie Rey

    Was this so called actor writing his biography? Thank God he’s part of the tolerant Left because could you imagine if he wasn’t? I’d like five minutes with this guy. You know and I know that it’s low lifes like him that are supermen when tapping out a tweet but not so much when being confronted face to face. I’d like to be that face he faces and not only am I only 5’6″ but I’m 68 years old. I’d still kick his a$$ if only I’d be so enraged over HIS outlandish and completely untrue remarks. Come on big guy, I’m waiting for you.

    • nocbsfan

      Yeah man go ahead, I’ll hold your shoe laces

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    A loser reading from the left’s script. That is all he is capable of doing.

  • Linda

    Who the heck cares what this so called “celebrity” has to say? Communism and hypocrites running strong through Hollywood! I have lost respect for most of these people! They really should keep politics out of the entertainment industry!

  • nocbsfan

    Are you really Tigers Mom ?

  • Robert Wayne

    I never heard of this Hollywood creep, but I’m going to make it a point to remember his name so that I never buy a DVD of any movie with him in it.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Mr. Joshua Malina, I’m going make a point, not to watch any of you programs. If there is a dead head, It is you. I can just see your ballot, voting for Killary Clinton….Dumb move on your part!
    Make sure your clean up you backyard before you check to see if there is trash in other people’s backyard!

  • Force Recon

    I would really like to know who in their right mind would give credence to a bunch of Hypocritical Hollywierd Morons who reside in LA LA Land who either earn (?) their living pretending to be someone else or live a charmed life because of their looks, questionable talent or might know someone who might be someone important!!!! These HYPOCRITICAL CLOWNS have the brain of a pebble and need someone else to put words in their mouths alter their voices make them up to appear semi presentable and or to appear semi literate or talented. Listening to them speak without a script speaks volumes for their character intellect and or sophistication (or lack thereof)!!!

    • Janelle

      Glad you are home and safe.

  • zookeeper216

    Stupid man, who cares what you think.

  • Velmawoleary

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