Scalise Speaks on the Human Cost of Left’s Support for Open Borders

‘Is it really victory when the result of Speaker Pelosi’s ‘victory’ is that there may be more victims…?’

Rep. Steve Scalise Shot in Attack at Congressional Baseball Team Practice

Steve Scalise/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Democrats maintain they are not for open borders, despite opposing any policy initiative—including a wall, which they say would be ineffective—that would secure the border.

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the House minority whip, took to the floor to expose the fallacy of that position and to remind Democrats of the real human cost of open borders.

Scalise, who survived being shot two years ago by an angry progressive gunman, shared the story of Spencer Chauvin, a fire chief in Louisiana who was hit and killed by an illegal alien while out doing his job.

He left behind a wife and two young children.

The Louisiana congressman said he was given a tribute to Mr. Chauvin by Chauvin’s mother—a coin.

“I keep this coin with me as a reminder of what’s at stake in human terms, because we could talk about who won the day or who won the week, but is it really victory when the result of Speaker Pelosi’s victory is that there may be more victims like Spencer Chauvin across this country because we haven’t secured our border?” Scalise asked.

“President Trump didn’t campaign saying he needed $5.7 billion to build a wall. President Trump talked about building a wall to secure our border.”

Scalise stressed the importance of respect for the rule of law and making sure that border security is funded.

He noted that a “growing” list of Democrats were coming to support construction of a barrier.

“Let’s heed the call of Republicans and Democrats alike who recognize we need to secure our southern border,” he said, “so that we can get back to rule of law and prevent more Spencer Chauvins from becoming victims to an open border.”