Activist Left-Wing Tech Giant Salesforce Blocks Conservatives from Board

‘Salesforce is working to upend commerce and culture in ways that shift society further to the left…’

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Marc Benioff/Photo by jdlasica (CC)

(Brian Freimuth, Liberty Headlines) Despite opposition from its shareholders, Silicon Valley giant Salesforce will continue to use its $120 billion worth of influence to push for gun control and pro-LGBT policies across the nation.

Salesforce employs 40,000 and is valued at nearly $120 billion dollars.

Since 2017, the company’s CEO, Marc Benioff, has led other Silicon Valley tech giants to promote transgender bathroom laws in conservative states like Texas and Georgia and has pulled his software from companies that sell certain firearms.

On Thursday the company’s board of directors rejected a proposal put forth by its shareholders to include conservative voices in the company’s leadership.


Justin Danhof, director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research, submitted the proposal at the Salesforce shareholder meeting on Thursday, asking that the company’s board of directors strive for diversity of thought rather than diversity of race, gender or sexual orientation.

“Diversity isn’t what someone looks like,” Danhof’s proposal noted. “It’s the sum of what that person thinks, feels and believes. When the company takes overtly political positions on legal and policy issues, it would benefit from having voices from both sides of the aisle in the room.”

Benioff has threatened to pull all of Salesforce’s services from the state of Georgia should they pass religious freedom restoration laws. Benioff has also led his company to work together with progressive activist groups against religious liberty.

In addition to attacking religious liberty, Salesforce has used its power to restrict the sale of legal firearms by companies like Camping World. Benioff has pulled his cloud-data services from companies that sell AR-15s.

“You don’t need laws to upend the culture,” continued Danhof. “Salesforce is working to upend commerce and culture in ways that shift society further to the left.”

Danhof said conservative groups need to take a page from their radical counterparts on the Left, who have succeeded in staging campaigns to pressure both private and public policy-makers into falling in line with their agenda.

“Religious Americans, gun rights supporters and conservatives need to do a much better job of reaching out to these left-wing corporate actors in the same way that liberal activists do,” he said. “Until we do that, the corporate march to the left will continue largely unabated.”

The FEP has also asked Apple, Starbucks, Discovery, Twitter, Amazon and Facebook to include conservative voices in its company’s leadership.

However, Benioff’s dismissal of Danhof’s proposal shows that Silicon Valley’s tech and media giants are unlikely to compromise their left-wing social agendas.