SAD! CNN Tries, Fails to Get President Kicked off Twitter

Disappointed when told that Trump’s tweet was ‘too vague’ to qualify for punishment…

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Brian Stelter Photo by nrkbeta (CC)

(Breitbart) CNN’s Brian Stelter asked Twitter on Tuesday whether President Donald Trump’s tweet threatening North Korea with his “much bigger & more powerful” nuclear button violated the social media network’s terms of service.

Calling Trump’s tweet evidence of “madness,” the host of Reliable Sources clearly hoped not only to obtain an answer to a question, but to see Trump suspended or removed from Twitter.

Stelter and other Trump-haters cited Twitter’s rule against violent threats: “You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people.”

They were disappointed when Twitter said Trump’s tweet was “too vague” a threat to qualify for punishment.


Although nuclear war qualifies as the most extreme violence on the planet, Twitter was quick to respond: “We hold all accounts to the same Rules, and consider a number of factors when assessing whether Tweets violate our Rules.”

But Twitter then acknowledged that a carve-out exists regarding government and military issues and that the site would also consider the “newsworthiness” of any public statement…Original Source