Romney Blasts Trump: ‘What He Communicated Caused Racists To Rejoice’

(Zero Hedge) On Facebook this morning, Mitt Romney posted a rather forceful plea for President Trump to pursue “extreme remedial actions” regarding his Charlottesville comments saying that “whether he intended to or not, what he communicated caused racists to rejoice, minorities to weep, and the vast heart of America to mourn.”

Romney Blasts Trump: 'What He Communicated Caused Racists To Rejoice'

Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

Adding in a dose of dramatics, Romney explains that absent a forceful apology from Trump “there may commence an unraveling of our national fabric.”

But what we heard is now the reality, and unless it is addressed by the president as such, with unprecedented candor and strength, there may commence an unraveling of our national fabric.

In homes across the nation, children are asking their parents what this means. Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims are as much a part of America as whites and Protestants. But today they wonder. Where might this lead? To bitterness and tears, or perhaps to anger and violence?

This is a defining moment for President Trump. But much more than that, it is a moment that will define America in the hearts of our children. They are watching, our soldiers are watching, the world is watching. Mr. President, act now for the good of the country.

Of course, while Trump’s comments probably could have been somewhat more carefully worded, the point obviously was that Romney, the mainstream media and others didn’t seem to feel the need to issue statements when antifa thugs attacked police officers and destroyed private property on inauguration day earlier this year.

Do angry, masked thugs running around with hammers not make people feel “unsafe” and lead to folks questioning whether “there may commence an unraveling of our national fabric?”…

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  • Bo Burress

    Romney is a RINO and where was he when Obama basically put open season on our Men & Woman in Blue, NOT ONE WORD. So shut up. Mr. Trump waited for facts to come in before and judgement not like Obama. It’s not Mr. Trump dividing our country it is your friends Romney the democrats. They are destroying our country along with Soros and Obamas retoric from the past 8 years.

    • michael aijlman

      I half agree with you, Bo. Trump did wait for the facts before making his statements. He placed half the blame on the Antifa, which is great. The problem is though, no one knows who the Antifa is. Their crimes are never reported by the media. When they attack Trump supporters, who gets the blame? Trump supporters. But that isn’t the issue now. I’ve defended Trump since he’s been in office for some of the offensive things he’s said, but when you have neo-nazis & the kkk demonstrating & spewing their hatred for all the world to see, & then the president of the United States says there were some decent people marching with them, there is no defense. These people are the scum of the earth, & for that imbecile to say what he said is unconscionable. The only reason I will support him is because he stands with Israel, & I don’t know how he does it, but he seems to really understand the Middle East conflict pretty well. Domestically, he’s done very well in areas like creating jobs & helping small businesses by eliminating the red tape that obama forced on them. None of these things were ever reported by the media. Their focus is Russia Russia Russia. If you can keep peoples minds on one subject & rouse suspicion, true or not, you can weaken the presidency. And then let Trump speak because he’s bound to say something inflammatory. He’s practically a lame duck, & if he makes it, there’s still nearly 3 1/2 years to go. If he wants to save himself, then he’s got to do something brilliant for this nation. If he doesn’t, look what will take control of the US, the extreme left liberals, who will bring abortion back to the forefront, Christian persecution, gun control, & God knows what else. Pray for America.

      • Naval Lint

        So you believe that ANYONE white that was ANYWHERE NEAR this occurance is AUTOMATICALLY a member of one if these groups? Or that ANYONE who is against the removal of thses statues is AUTOMATICALLY a racist? Will YOU be helping to destroy the Washington Monument? Will YOU be the one to set off the dynamite that destroys Mount Rushmore, one of the GREAT man-made Wonders of the World?

        • michael aijlman

          Where did you see that I accused anyone white being near the occurrence as being part of these groups? The people that Trump said were decent people were marching with the nazis & kkk. All you’re doing is trying to make it look like I’m laying the blame on everybody. If you read what I said, then there is no way to misinterpret what was written. You seem like the type of fake journalists that Trump speaks about. They twist words to change the meaning of what was said to mislead & instigate arguments.

          • Chill Doctor

            it reads that way to me also. I do not support those groups but I support their right to peaceful protest. I watched youtube videos of them marching and they did so peacefully until they were attacked by a group of blacks. do you support the violence and hate of BLM and ANTIFA because they are worse than the KKK and neo Nazis whom I have not heard of committing assaults against anyone. (What a switch).

          • michael aijlman

            No, I don’t condone or support any form of violence from any side, right or left. I support our police & our military. I’m a veteran & I see how our country is being torn apart by groups funded by Soros, the Obama’s & the Clinton’s. Jesus said these things would take place in the last days, & I believe that right now, America is the only thing standing in the way of the one world government to be led by the anti-christ.

          • Fedup

            You implied that those in the Unite the Right group were ALL neo-nazis and KKK. While there were definitely those groups in attendance, not all of them were. There were identitarians and white nationalists, which are different from those groups. There were also people that don’t identify with any of those groups, people who were there only to protest the whitewashing of our history. Had they been left alone, we would not have heard a peep from the media. The leftists and the media are now saying that anyone who supports our President is a neo-nazi, KKK supporting white supremacist. your implication of the rally being comprised of only those groups is not helping to dispel the myth that Trump supporters are comprised of people outside of those groups.

          • ROn Dastra

            So you believe because a group of hater groups show up that the people who come to show there cause ! Leave and disappear ?
            They marched for there ideals ! You say they should have went home and gave up thier right to show what they BELIEVED IN !
            The hate groups used this event to thier belief ! You are LUMPING ALL TOGETHER !
            No one should be able to selectively silent ones free speech !

          • Bill kennedy

            Michael, he’s doing that because it very much looks as he describes it. Respectfully, the loose collection of fascist and anarchist calling themselves Antifa is better known among the public than you think and the media is intimately aware of who they are and what they do.

            Even by SPLC’s probably inflated numbers the Klan has 5,000-8,000 members. They’ve been dead as any kind of real political force for at least half a century, probably much more. The left as identified as Antifa has every bit the propensity for violence the Klan ever had and in recent years far more. The group at Charlottsville apparently had a strong BLM contingent. Last year one of theirs killed, I believe, five police officers over his and their perverse grievances. That Trump’s presidency could be put in jeopardy for stating essentially that doesn’t bode well.

            Lots of decent people that are the very antithesis of Nazis object to the destruction or removal of Confederate monuments because, and its now very clear, they are no more than an appetizer. I’m not trying to instigate anything or mislead anyone but if pointing out the painfully obvious can’t be done then we will lose. If one wants to know what loosing looks like just look at the masked and helmeted scum that seem to spontaneously appear at any gathering associated with those calling themselves Antifa.

            Anyone who thinks this is about a statue of Robert E Lee is a fool.


          • Naval Lint

            I would have joined the protest, NOT for ANY “supremacy” but rather AGAINST the suppression of history! According to YOU, that PROVES I’m a RACIST! And yet, you know NOTHING about me…

      • Leslie Woodhull


        • michael aijlman

          What’s your point? I said that the media doesn’t tell people about the Antifa. People who watch network television never get to hear about the radical left because the media is much more than just leaning toward the left — they are the left. So any news that’s reported is meant to give people the impression that the conservative right is full of racist bigots out to take freedom from the people.

      • Wenda Kennedy

        Those statutes and history belong to a lot of people here in the USA. I’m NOT part of any of those groups nor their basic racial belief systems, but I am proud of my brave ancestors, including my Great, Great Grandfather, who proudly fought in the Civil War. It was a different time and society then.

        • Kendramdavis


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        • Audreyjbrownlee


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      • michael aijlman

        Where did you see me condone the destruction of monuments? My issue is that representatives of hatred & bigotry were marching & that Trump said that there were decent people among them. And whether it’s the BLM, Linda Sarsour, the bigoted muslim, neo-nazis or any other group spitting out their hatred, & someone saying that there were decent people marching with them is the height of ignorance. Notice that the decent people that Trump was referring to were in the group marching with them. Don’t try to sucker punch me by putting your interpretation on something that was made clear enough for people to understand.

      • Robert

        He can’t do it by himself, the Progressive democrats are against him, The Rinos are against him, and some of those Establishment people he chose to surround himself with are against him. He should have fired all those Obama Supporters as soon as he took office. He didn’t, now it is up to the people 62 Million strong who voted for him to do every thing they can to support him. The Progressive Democrats never will, The Rinos never will, and the Traitors he has picked to help move his Agenda never will, the Reason being is they don’t give a Dam about America and American Citizens they
        only care about enriching THEMSELVES. This is our last opportunity to help this country be Great again. If we let the Progressive Democrats and Rinos unseat President Trump we are Destined to be another Socialist Communist Country Run by
        The Globalist New World Order People Like the Bush Clan, Mitt Romney, Geo Soros.

        • michael aijlman

          Man, you’ve got that so right!

      • Bo Burress


      • ROn Dastra

        You paint all people who were there with the same brush !
        As in almost all demonstrations groups show up who do not represent the majority of people there !
        I would think most people there were against the removial of a confederate monument ! You as are the media and politicians who place their finger in the air and point to what they believe the whole event represented !
        I for one believe most of the people there represented NO HATE GROUP !

      • michael,
        We have to get the word out on what ANTIFA is all about. They are a far greater dander than the KKK, as bad a the KKK is. Why is ANTIFA so dangerous? They are a diabolical threat to free speech. That is a huge threat to this country. Trump sees that and should have been more forceful in his speech. I hope that he moves ahead on this severe attack on freedom in this country. We simply cannot tolerate such a danger. When we allow such a group to control our history, we are in serious trouble. We pride ourselves in being free people. We post our shortcomings as well as we do our victories. No one has taken note than a huge number of black slave men fought for the confederate side in the Civil War. Because they were not generals they have no monuments for their part in the war. But what if we did have such statues? What then? Where is their “hate” in the war? The bottom line is that this is a liberal bunch of crap in trying to alter our history. Are we too proud to own up to our shortcomings? After all, shortcomings lead to peaceful compromise and future successes. The existence of railroads and cotton gins along with future cotton processing meant the end of slavery in a relatively short time anyway. But let’s not overlook why slavery existed in the first place. Tobacco was the product that created slavery in virtually every agricultural area in the whole of the colonies including northern colonies as well.

        What did we learn from the Civil War? A lot. That led to a couple of amendments to our Constitution that made all people more equal and brought the downfall of slavery. I am not going to say that the war was a good thing. But it did lead to more freedom for a lot more people. It reunited our country. We need to do that all over again as the socialist left is becoming a dictatorship with the blessing of our new media.

        We are fortunate to have a president like Trump. We best get behind him and get the socialist left out of out of our lives before we end up in far greater restrictions on our freedom.

        • nocbsfan

          No argument out of me

          • Aw………………………… what do we disagree on? I hate broccoli. Duz that make me a member of the hate group?

          • nocbsfan

            Of course I like broccoli smothered in sharp cheddar cheese. but that wont put either one of us in any kind of hate group. not even if you are a lefty ;-)…..BTW lets go dig up a prehistoric black snake.

          • Try this: I call it Broccoli Cheese Crunch.
            Steamed broccoli (Cut into bite size/forkful size pieces to facilitate eating it), put Velveeta cheese on top, microwave until the cheese is the consistency of pizza cheese. Watch it carefully so the cheese doesn’t liquify. It, only, takes seconds. Then, top it off with French Fried onions that have been warmed/browned in a reg. or toaster oven (around 5 minutes).
            It’s, REALLY, good! Even KIDS, who HATE broccoli, love it.

          • nocbsfan

            Well the more time you have to put into cooking I believe always makes it better. I just do it a lot quicker, but your way sounds better . I steam the broccoli remove from range and lay american cheese on top and it just melts. I will try your recipe cause it sounds good,especially with the onions on top Yummm. You used a very feminine method may I assume you are a girl CintiCB.

          • Your way of melting the cheese would work with mine, too, if it’s done right after steaming it (still hot)-it would, even, work better.
            I steam a lot, at the same time, and eat it for about a week. I put some (from the ‘leftovers’ in fridge) in a single serve bowl, microwave it to warm it, put the cheese on top, & carefully microwave it to slightly melt the cheese. Then, top it with the French Fried Onions (FFO) that had been browning while doing the other stuff. The FFOs to which I’m referring is the same product that tops Green Bean Casserole (GBC). I make a weeks’ worth (1 or 2 recipes) of this (GBC), too. I’ll fill an entire plate & have it as my whole meal-it’s soooo good!!! Gotta have the crunchies (FFO), though. 🙂

          • nocbsfan,
            Something else that I forgot to mention.
            When cutting it to be a mouthful worth (so don’t have to cut while eating , thereby, messing up the layer effect).
            Try to keep as much of the tops (non-stem/flower like part) as you can because some of the cheese will melt down into this part. It, REALLY, adds to the experience. OOOOH, I want some, right NOW!!!
            I put this on a ‘reply’ to myself because I think that you’ll have a better chance of seeing it-esp. if you, already, read the one to which I’m ‘replying’.

          • nocbsfan

            I found it. Now I understand what you were talking about

          • nocbsfan

            Well I see we are just going to have to trade recipe’s more often, I just may learn to cook.

          • Make sure that you see a post that I did as a ‘reply’ to myself. It’s right below, as I’m typing this.
            There’s, only, a few things that I cook. I am NOT a major recipe using cook. Try my Broccoli Cheese Crunch, though. I got the idea (because I had the ingredients), tried it, & LOVED it.
            How (type of oven) you heat/brown the FFOs makes a BIG difference in the taste.

          • nocbsfan

            Sorry Cinti couldn’t find the post you were talking about. This broccoli recipe, I assume this is one you created yourself. (Maybe I just don’t have it yet, speaking of your post I lost) If you think I need to see your post can you send it. Just you have me so curious. I don’t get to talk to many inventive gourmets

          • I don’t see it now, either.
            You, obviously, saw my first post about the Broccoli Cheese Crunch. The one that I think you can’t find was about leaving as much of the top flower like part (forget what it’s called) when cutting it into bite size pieces. The cheese can melt into the porous portion. This, REALLY, adds to the experience.

          • nocbsfan

            Ironically they are called Flowerets Use a pair kitchen scissors and trim out the stems, takes a little more time, but it is neater makes a better presentation. If that means anything after gooping it up with cheese. Had another response from you on top of this one.about you found your post that I was trying to find Now I am confusing myself Be right bac

          • nocbsfan

            Think I know what the problem is, If you reply to your self it is only going to go to you and no one else, I think.? Unless it is real long just type it again, only reply to me instead of you. Everything I have here is from you to me or to you from me, You can also copy and paste if you don’t want to type it. Are we having fun yet?

          • I responded to myself because I figured that you’d see it in your email when new posts are made. If I’d ‘edited’ my post you might not have seen it because you’d, already, read the post + wouldn’t read it again, probably.
            I don’t know how to copy and paste. I know it’s basic, but, I haven’t done it, yet.
            I’ll retype, but, I don’t really understand which part you didn’t see.
            Was it the original recipe (not KFC LOL) or the ‘response’ that I made to myself?

          • nocbsfan

            I am afraid that I will scare you off, and I don’t want to do that. To tell you how to copy and paste I have to know what you are working with such as a laptop, I phone I pad or a standard old desk top, with a mouse and a kitty. Oh no you don’t need a kitty. You only need to use copy and paste when there is graphics or long post. or maybe you don’t even want to know.I really want to see the post cause I feel it was special. I was trying to locate the response to yourself There I said it and I am glad. (Phew) (sigh) Wow we sure put Jerry in the background.

          • I’ve been told and shown how to do it, but, didn’t write down the directions & practice it. Something like highlight the intended area, right click + get that list, click on something, then go to the place where it’s to be transfered, & do the right click thing, again. Thanks, but, don’t waste your time. There are a lot of people around me who can show me. I’ve never needed to learn it, yet.

          • nocbsfan

            Okay Cinti I was just trying to help

          • Thank you.

          • nocbsfan

            The pleasure was mine Cinti

          • My initial post about this (w/ recipe) was made 6 hrs. ago. I responded to your response to Jerry Branson from 7 hrs. ago.
            I was able to find it by, just, scrolling up. If this is the one you mean, you’ll have to see if you can find it by scrolling up. I don’t know how to “send it”.
            You’ll be glad that you found it! 🙂

          • nocbsfan

            We need to start all over again, I am now responding to your original post addressed to me. is this the one we are looking for ?

          • This is the original recipe.
            The other one (‘reply’ to self) was about keeping as much of the floweret together as you can because the cheese will melt down into the porous part. It adds, nicely, to the sensation. It’s, also, important to heat/brown the FFOs in a regular or toaster oven.

          • nocbsfan

            Thanks CintiCB I am truly sorry I scrambled everything up, I appreciate your patience. I was looking forward to trading recipes, Maybe in the future we can try again. Please don’t be to mad at me !

          • I noticed that it seemed like some posts could have ‘crossed in the mail’ type thing. Like if you were making a current post & I was responding to an old post, type thing. I don’t, always, stay recent.
            I’m not a big chef/baker. I like easy when it comes to eating. If you have any good ones, though, I’ll try them.

          • nocbsfan

            Don’t know too many easy ones, have a few hints such as you like steamed veggies so if you like cabbage you can place a slice of white bread on top of the cabbage when you are steaming, and it will take away the smell it puts into your kitchen give it a try sometimes cause it really works.

          • I don’t cook cabbage, but, will tell others who do. They’ll love it if it works. A neighborhood friends’ (while growing up) mom cooked it, often. Mann, it was a foul smell! It could, even, be smelled outside, sometimes. YUK!!!
            Anymore, to me, the purpose of food is, just, to not be hungry & for energy. Peanuts are perfect for this. You’re hungry, but, don’t want the hassle of cooking or the time spent to prepare it. A couple of mouthfuls of (shelled lightly salted) peanuts ‘does the trick’. It’s high in protein, too.

          • nocbsfan

            LOL Yeah peanuts do a lot of good things for you, with just a small handfull takes care of hunger growing up to fast in the wrong places, besides that they taste good.

      • Tunaby

        When Trump made the statement of good people being on both sides, my thoughts were that he was referring to dumb kids that can be swept up into a moment of what hey thought was exciting. I doubt that they even stopped long enough to examine any thing factual. The use of their grey matter was limited to, Man, this cool, and the amount of booze and/or drugs would only add to their stupidity.Same mentality that gets some of these kids involved in rumbles, robberies, rape and murder. Stupidity has been the cause many times of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. I was really astonished when I started seeing and hearing the other comments. I quess it’s easy to turn anything into something evil….if evil is the barometer. I thought there was more than enough evil on display that day in Charlottesville. I graduated UVA in 1976, and lived outside of Charlottesville from 1971 until my husbands death in 2005. It broke my heart to see that wonderful community placed in such hatred and anger. That is and never been Charlottesville
        Please do not think that anything i have written should be interpreted as support for any of the groups taking part in Charlottesville.

      • Btty

        You’re wrong michael, there were some good people there and they weren’t carrying bottles of urine, baseball bats and clubs. That was BLM and Antifa. Let’s not forget that protesting the removal of their history was perfectly legal and they were given permits to do it. It was BLM and Antifa who didn’t have permits and were there to cause trouble and destroy property. The politicians in that city were at fault by giving the police orders to stand down.

      • William Eades

        They will bring a new civil war too. The country i divided beyound reconcilation because of the lefts unwillingness to accept any comprimize at all their way or the highway. Not going to hapoen the right is better armed.

      • Instead of saying that there were good on each side, he should have said that there were nonviolent on each side.
        The losers were all ‘bent out of shape’ because he didn’t name the groups. When he did another speech and named groups there was no mention of any of the ‘victim’ groups. Imagine the carnage if he had. I think that this (nonviolent) is, really, closer to what he meant.

    • ourzoo10

      Not to mention they are ‘staging riots’ since the conservatives will not resort to violence…OWS, KKK and Nazis..covertly got a permit for Charlottesville, then invited 40 busloads of Soros funded friends to create a ‘Rodney King’ style Ghetto riot.

  • The Nutty Professor Moriarty

    Move on mittens…no one wants to hear what you have to say.

  • don farr


    • Cheryl Heberle

      Absolute lie

  • Louie Rey

    Hey Mitt, why do you think you have all the answers now when you didn’t have a clue in 2012? I realize that your comment about that “47% not giving a s**t” was true but you certainly didn’t make a solid case for you to be elected. So NOW you want to have a say on someone who IS the president? Sorry, no thanks.

    • Fed up!

      100% Correct he a loser and he needs to STHU.

    • Lillian DeVore

      I went to his facebook page, and wrote exactly what I think of the Antifa Fascists he so wants to glamorize/make heroes out of .

      • Louie Rey

        I feel like reacting to what you did the same way I react whenever I see a military person and that’s “Thank you for your service!”

        • Lillian DeVore

          Air Force veteran.

          • Louie Rey

            Like I said, “Thank you for your service.”


    When will we be rid of this loser/poser/has-been/envy ridden suit?

  • Mike Powell

    When is this guy going to go away?? He’s as bad as O’Bummer and Hillary, just keep showing up like a bad penny!!

    • Robert

      Mitt Romney is a Globalist and New World Order Supporter, the very thing that Trump Supporters are Against.

      • Mike Powell

        Ever think that he can afford to be that way–normal people can’t deal with his way. And–I just don’t like the guy!!

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    I am sorry I voted for him and McCain. They both have sunk below the level of the evil Harry Reid.

  • It would have been much better if Trump had used the word ‘nonviolent’ (on both sides), instead of, “good”.

  • Lillian DeVore

    Politicians and the media never denounce Antifa, even when they conduct violent protests where they throw bottles at cops and their horses, burn limos and other personal property, and crash through store fronts. Now they are being glamorized. It is dangerous to allow Mob Rule. The police are supposed to keep the peace, not the thugs who claim to be morally superior, but in reality cause chaos. If they are allowed to continue, we are headed for the end of democracy as we know it.

    • nocbsfan

      Lil what you say sounds ridiculous , but I believe you are on the right track, and we better wake up ?

      • Lillian DeVore

        It’s like what Hillary said would happen if Trump supporters didn’t accept the outcome of the election. These people bully Trump supporters, intimidating them so they’re afraid to wear a Trump t-shirt or hat lest they get beat up. Restaurant workers spit in their food. They stifle free speech at universities when it’s a conservative. There’s a war on police. People should be able to walk down the street without fear of violence. What’s next? Book burning?

        I blame it on the media and far left ‘progressive’ politicians. Instead of trying to calm things down, Pelosi and CNN is telling people the White House is being run by white supremacists. The whole thing is fake. They are pitting us against each other. We are weaker when divided, and all this behavior results in chaos and will have to be dealt with.

        Sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to provoke the extremists like the KKK, so when things go bad, they can say ‘I told you so’. So far the problems seem to be contained in the big cities, thank God it’s not happening where I live.

        The truth is, the election was all about economics, but they make race the central theme.

        • nocbsfan

          Democrats are genuine experts at making people look bad, They will pull some kind of publicity stunt and file impeachment articles. Paid rioters will always cause politicians to say something the left can twist then file articles of impeachment. The President will give a public speech and unless you have perfect English the left will twist a part of it and file articles of impeachment, Nothing to any of it, but to the public you look really bad. The only thing we can do about it is campaign like crazy for next years elections, and just plain get rid of them. Gosh Lil thanks for listening

          • Lillian DeVore

            Krauthammer thinks that if more people start believing our forefathers were evil, and they wrote the Constitution, then by default the Constitution must evil so they may try to replace it. That’s a scary thought. We can’t let that happen.

          • nocbsfan

            Heaven forbid. Scary to say the least. One good thing our forefathers did was changing the constitution has to be ratified by the states, which means congress can’t do it alone, they need us. I wouldn’t put it past the democrats to try it. If they thought it could be done it would already be in progress. So rest easy Lil but that certainly is a good point, proud you brought it up. Krauthammer can scare us another day.

  • Paul Chita

    I support our beloved President Trump, the faults are at both sides, all the hater spewing hate..bla..bla..bla..thats all I hear.

  • disqus_ihYFX53XmT

    Romney shut up and go away!!!
    I am sorry that I voted for you! You are not helping the country or the world by this leftist statement!!
    Pres Trump IS right! All of you scumbags who are supporting the lefts agenda against America are the ones causing the violence NOT Trump
    Jealous much!?!? You had your chance and blew it, have been quiet as the left destroyed as many values and morals as possible!
    I am ashamed of you! I can’t believe you and Reid claim to be Mormon! As a Mormon I know that what you spew out of your vile mouth is NOT what the doctrine teaches!!

    • Derek

      He said moron not morman

  • CCblogging

    Romney is with the Deep State and it appears that many Republicans are like the Bush family, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. I haven’t forgotten that Romney threw the election to Obama. They are on the same Globalist team and they are really actors. It’s common knowledge that all Democrats are Deep State operatives. The Republicans who are stabbing Trump in his back are Deep State. Some Republicans have been bought by George Soros….Read Below!

    A new report from the Center for Responsive Politics reveals which Republicans received funding from George Soros and his hedge fund employees. The official RINOs are John McCain, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich………….

  • Jack

    Through the eyes of the Constitution:

    1. The abhorrent racist alt-right, white supremacists, neo-Nazis have a right to assembly and free speech and they had a permit. These knot-heads have dissipated and stood down since the protest.

    2. The equally abhorrent anarchists of Antifa had no permit and they went there with the express purpose of engaging in (anti-Constitutional) violence with the knot-heads, who should not even be given the label “right”. Antifa has continued its violence and destruction since last weekend.

    3. Antifa is now going after a conservative gathering in San Francisco that features just one, yes just one, out of 8-10 speakers who is white. The gathering is peaceful and is organized by a brown man and features a highly diverse set of speakers.

    4. The ACLU has called out the governor of Virginia and the mayor of Charlottesville for having the police stand down instead of getting between the two factions and preventing the riot. It has been reported that the police actually guided the Antifa protestors into the racist knot-heads. The police also did not protect protesters in the streets from vehicular traffic, as is the normal case, which in part led to the tragic death of Heather Heyer. The area should have been cordoned off from vehicular traffic, monitored by police, PERIOD.

    5. President Trump’s statements, while insufficient to the Left and their lapdog media, as well as the RINOs, were highly accurate. Perhaps he did not articulate them all that well, but there is blame to go to the right, the left, and those who were supposed to keep them separated, the police.

    6. At Tuesday’s press conference the behavior of the press was beyond insulting. The press conference was about infrastructure but the media could not stand it. They kept going back to Charlottesville. President Trump kept asking for an infrastructure question, but the disrespect of the press was palpable. President Trump’s big mistake was not saying, “Okay, if there are no infrastructure questions, the press conference is over.” Instead, he took the bait – he just can’t help himself.

    • Robert

      He shouldn’t have taken the bait that’s true, but he is not a Quitter and doesn’t take crap from any body. Maybe if more of our Presidents had done that instead of kissing the MEDIAS A$$
      and so called Journalists A$$ we wouldn’t have all these Anarchist a$$ wholes Roaming the country stirring up HATE and DISCONTENT.

  • Fed up!

    Romney you lost big time, you and McCain are losers. Go be a grandpa and keep your opinion to yourself.

  • omikehawk

    STFU Robme! Nobody cares what a loser has to say! Trump “communicated” that violence from both sides was not acceptable! If you find fault with that, you are an imbecile!

  • Leslie Woodhull

    Mr. Romney, you had your chance and you blew it in the second debate when you choked. You should have called Obama a LIAR when you had him in the HEADLIGHTS. We ALL knew you had him, but YOU choked!!! As a result of YOUR spinelessness, WE WERE STUCK WITH OBAMA FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS!! Mr. Trump did NOT choke at the second debate when he not only called out Bill Clinton for the rapist that he is, but he BROUGHT THE VICTIMS OF CLINTON’S RAPES TO THE DEBATE AND CONFRONTED CLINTON WITH THOSE VICITMS. In truth, she lost the Presidency at that Debate.
    Does President Trump misspeak? YES!! Does he say things that are awkward? YES!! Does he support Nazis, racists, white supremists, or other nutjobs? NO!!!!! NO HE DOES NOT!!! AND NO HE DOES NOT OWE ANYONE AN APOLOGY FOR ANYTHING HE SAID!!


    Since the beginning people have been who they are. We’ve had the Ghandi’s and we’ve had the Stalin’s. The Mother Theresa’s and the Hitler’s. There will always be the very good and the very bad

  • Mario Ruffino

    Mr.President keep draing the swamp, rid our country of all the filth that DC represents in both the Republican and Democratic Parties the scum runs deep.Let it be known that WE THE PEOPLE support you 100% , just keep the promises you made to the people. God Bless you and the USA.

    • ROn Dastra

      The swamp is NOT going away anytime soon !
      Not because I believe it should NOT! But because the SWAMP has been excisting with these politicians since the 1950s ! And I am talking BOTH Republicians and Democrats ! The two party system has FAILED the country ! President Trump was NOT wanted by the Rebulicusn party !
      As we see NOW ! They will not SUPPORT ANY of what he was elected to do ! There will be a different ghoup of REPUBLICIANS who will stop President Trump from achieving any of what he was elected to do ! And the media along with the Democrats will pound him at every turn !
      What happened in Virgina was orchestrated to happen !
      The POLICE are being told to stand down ! And to let violence RULE !
      I did not even believe this to be possible ! But it’s being done ! And the SWAMP I believe want it to be that way !
      I thought the west coast was only were this sort of thing could occure ! But I am afraid it will continue to happen all over the country !

  • Mark Currier

    Romney, STFU you milktoast MF’r! You and McLame both handed it to 0-muslim.

  • John

    Thank God Romney will NEVER be president, like too many other spineless jelly fish in the GOP, he’d rather suck up to the left and try to appease the radical press.
    POTUS Trump denounced the white supremacists as he should but in any fight it takes 2 to tango. BLM and ANTIFA have been causing violence and riots all over the country, with or without KKK or Civil War statues being anywhere in sight.

  • Brent

    I really do wish people would stop reading into what Trump actually says.
    And Romney, uh, here’s a news flash. Nobody wants to hear from you, you’re a half-wit (being generous here), moron, establishment hack and most of us with any sense use your opinion as a litmus test for what NOT to do.

  • Mort Leith

    Thank God we didn’t elect milk-toast Romney from TAXachussettes…..

    What a RINO dipshiit

  • Joseph111

    at last we hear from the man who could not defeat barry sotero – take a look in the mirror mitt – there’s a reason Donald Trump is my president and you are not!

  • Al Chemist

    Romney. Another RINO piling it on by posting complete nonsense thinking it will make them popular with the brainwashed left, the Snowflakes (with emphasis on flake), and the democrat’s lap-dogs in the MSM. Trump said nothing racist, said nothing supporting White Supremacists, and said absolutely nothing to offend anyone with an ounce of objectivity.

  • Ron

    Romney at one time I respected your opinion thought you were not a money power garbing crook thank you for proving me wrong. When you stand in front of your God may he have mercy on your corrupted soul.

  • Hey Mitt, when you are President, you can do things the way you want including, telling anyone what they want to hear!

  • ampar wingate

    well mr Romney you lost in the elections and I see that you have a new job as chief traitor and your new boss is none other than George soros , is soros paying you well to be a traitor. the benefits are not going to be good at all when they drag you in front of a proper judge, its going to be jail time for you. Romney I heard that you are all so making money selling base ball bats and soros is buying all you can supply

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Isn’t it interesting that Romney and his friends are attacking Trump for defending 1st Amendment rights? (And yes, I learned about those rights in law school.) I don’t agree with the protester’s belief system, but they had a permit and a Constitutional right to assemble and speak. The Antifa and Black Lives Matter were there without a permit. and they shouldn’t have been allowed to be there. Everyone was armed. Then the police pushed the protesters into the area in that park where the Antifa and Black Lives Matter group were waiting for them. Who gave that order and why? That person, or group of persons directing the police, should be held accountable for the resulting carnage as well as the people who committed the violence. And now Romney thinks that Trump misspoke? Put the blame where it belongs.

    • john

      That whole thing was a set-up from the get-go!!

    • Koi Roy

      When I first came across the term “antifa” I thought it meant anti-first amendment, until further researching. I guess it just goes to show that oftentimes the first impression IS correct!

      Romney is a mere Monday morning armchair quarterback who could never convince a team to take him in.

  • Betty

    Romney needs to wake up s does many other REPUBLICANS both sides were wrong. I am agaist NAZIS, WHITE SUPREMIST AND MASK WEARING ANTIFA/S WHO ARE DESTROYING MY COUNTRY.

  • Irredeemably Deplorable

    Romney, yeah. A name that really fosters togetherness. Shut up Mitt. You are a loser.

  • Bob Cherry

    Mitt is on the money, thumbs up Mitt.

  • john

    What he said was the truth Romney, but you and the rest of your ilk can’t handle the truth!!!!!

  • just care

    Romney is just an irrelevant politician seeking attention. Just like the irrelevant Hollywood actors talking trash. Another politician who lost and is throwing a fit. Move in with Hillary and you guys can shed crocodile tears together

  • mtmountainman

    Shur up Romney. You chose to lose to Barry Soetoro, the Lion King. Go away. In case you are too stupid to grasp it, Trump’s response was correct and accurate. The racism we see in this country are the direct result of Barry Soetoro’s 8 year reign of terror.

  • capoprimo

    As I see it, “it takes two to Tang” and in this case one was there with a Permit, the other was there to restrict the Free Speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. I won’t go into who was right or who was blameless. One had a right to be there, the other didn’t, simple as that!

  • Robert

    Thank God Romney was not elected. It would have been worse than Clinton or any dem. Romney is the kind that will destroy us slowly and have the same goal as the dems but just s-l-o-w-e-r! Good riddance to you, you worthless excuse for a man! I do not care who would oppose you, I would vote for anyone but you!

  • Tennman39

    Romney should stay out of the Presidents actions. If I remember Romney lost his bid for president against Obama. Trump defeated 16 other candidates because he spoke to the working men and women without the political jargon and double talk.

  • Man on the street

    Romney should simply shut up. No one asked his libturd opinion

  • Man on the street

    The left has rented thugs to create ethnic, racial, religious chaos in the USA just as they have done for many years in Eastern Europe and the ME. More rational leaders at the left can stop America from engulfing itself into a civil war. Unfortunately the few democrats who can take such position are not given the megaphone by the fake media. I am sure if you asked the American people if they are ready to have a civil war and destroy our country, you will find more than 90% who are against such anarchist mob work.

  • Tunaby

    Mr. Romney, you have proven yourself a political failure that has reduced himself to critiquing the behavior of the man that was successful in his candidacy for the highest elected office in this country, You failed. You are not necessary, wanted or needed by any but your family. For their sake, I would hope that you would keep your rather pitiful opinions to yourself. You are not now,nor will you be considered a statesman by anyone

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Romney go soak your feet in molasses because your acting like an …

    Unraveling of our national fabric, really? Isn’t that what Obama did when he left police officers out to dry while coddling the racist hate groups Antifa & BLM? They run around shutting down free speech with hate & violence but that’s ok? PLEASE…. grow a pair Mitt because you are a stain on conservative manhood!

    Both sides were called out because both sides used hate & violence to stop free speech & the right to assemble!

    I don’t remember Obama calling out these groups when they were marching & chanting what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now! Or kill cops & fry them up like bacon! But I guess that didn’t unravel our national fabric. Nor did just letting people cross the border illegally & run free with no thought of assimilation!

  • Janelle

    Mr. Romney obviously missed several of Trump’s comments on the groups who behaved poorly in Virginia.

  • Bill Harrison

    Instead of attacking their President, Republicans should be attacking the violence Nazi left for the hate and violence they cause all the time. Trump was correct to blame both sides.

  • Butcher Bill

    Romney and Bannon are Kunts and now we see the RNC ESTABLiSHMENT for what it is! A sellout to Soros, Kochs, and all Euro Bankers seeking a Globalist Agenda!

  • slarvage

    The Mormon church not long ago decided to allow blacks into their church. Romney is just as much a bigot as he insinuates Trump is.
    My God doesn’t change. He loves all of his created and prepared a way for all to be with Him without special under ware, secret, hand shakes or other legalities that we must do to insure our way to heaven.


    Romney only speaks up if there is some publicity for him. He shouldn’t open his mouth – he couldn’t even win the Presidency and HE WAS A POLITICIAN. That shows how much we should pay attention to him and the rest of the rinos.

  • RB

    I don’t think what President Trump communicated could have made any “racists” rejoice because Trump, in no uncertain terms, denounced racists, bigots, the KKK, and White Supremacists, all of them. Romney’s announcement did however fulfill the dreams of the hateful left because it shows that their actions are winning. Every time we see another Republican denounce our president, the left gains another victory.
    As far as minorities “weeping”, they should be happy. Trump has already helped black Americans more in the few months that he has been in office, than Obama did in eight years. The unemployment rate of black is the lowest it’s been in almost 17 years. Once jobs are available to blacks, they can finally start to better themselves.
    And as far as the “vast heart of America” mourning, I agree. It is mourning because it is reacting to the violent and treasonous actions of the leftists who are doing their best to destroy this country.
    I voted for Romney in 2012 because considering the other choice, he would have been the best of the two as president, but he sure is embarrassing himself now.

  • bob

    Was an ex-Mormon for Jesus and Romney is like the rest-dishonest, deceitful and the same as other cults.

  • Al

    After 8 years of convicting some of us how Black Lives Matter and how Police pick on minorities and how we need to give them what they ask far, WHERE WILL THESE DEMANDS STOP? I feel that Pres Trump was correct in stating both sides were at blame. Initially the marching was peaceful then when the opposing group came in contact also the car ramming into the crowd, the blame was directed against the group supporting the historical statue not be removed. Now a group, including some Republicans want Trump impeached. The irony is that the Republicans in the house and senate need impeachment for not able to get Trumps agenda passed. It will take Democrats will take victory for Tax changed, Infrastructure funding and work, and with future elections the Democrats will have a ton of getting things done. Basically the Republicans are destroying their opportunities.

  • julie kemp

    I voted for Romney and I think he would have made a much better President than Obama. Obama stole that election by lying about Benghazi and many other things. I don’t think Romney would like being unfairly treated like Trump is treated today. He should support Trump and not add to the problem. The majority of conservative voters understand what Trump is doing and trying to do without any help. We are with Trump and denounce all these RHINO”S and liberals. They will lose at the polls, NOT TRUMP.

  • 78NTSUDE

    Romney is an idiot.
    Typical rich guy that came from money that everybody thinks is really smart, but who is just like john kerry. An empty suit & empty head.

  • ProudPatriot

    Romney and sunshine “RepubliCANTS” are just as big of a problem as the nutty Left. Trump isn’t causing a rift in our national fabric, the MSM and grandstanding against America is. When did it become cool to hate the USA? I abided by laws and Obama’s decisions for 8 WHOLE YEARS. I didn’t agree with 90% of what he did, but I complied regardless because that’s how a democracy is supposed to work. These imbeciles have been “protesting” since Day 1. Causing strife and mayhem for law abiding citizens.

  • spike

    Dang! I was totally for Romney , but while I understand that he would find things the president has said and the awful secret taping of his locker room spiel appalling, I wish he could step back and see if this totally apolitical guy could get this ship turned around in the middle of a hurricane created by the media. I have never understood, even as a child, racial or religious bigotry. However, that statement in no way defended Nazis, white suprameists nor any other horrible humankind. He spoke out about the horror of the event and and the untenable hatred and bigotry at the root. What is heinous about that? People act like they themselves are crazy!

  • gideonrockwell

    Romney like McCaine is both a RINO and a sore loser having been a continual loser trying to run for President. I guess like the Hildabeast they both think that just for continually showing up they ought to be given the office. These RINOs are really starting to show their true colors though by siding with the anarchists and bad mouthing Trump and the True Conservatives. What is going to happen when someone finally has enough and when these ANTIFA thugs attack on of those being attacked pulls out a Tire thumper or a ball back and defends theirselves. This is eventually going to happen. ANTIFA is a terrorist organiztion. It is bought and paid for by George Soros. They are totally Anti-American. Trump was right to spread the blame around. Romney is plain wrong.

    • Naval Lint

      This is exactly what happened. Self-defense on the Right, inciting to riot on the Left.

  • Mai Tran

    He fell miserable when he ran for Presidency , why he keep gave his opinion to the one that won big at the raid for presidency, Mitt, if he listening to you, he will ruin everything OK, Mitt be quiet, you talk too much about not thing

  • jcrawdad

    Romney Blasts Trump: ‘What He Communicated Caused Racists To Rejoice

    YOUR LYING AGAIN . The Devil is going to be weighting for you .

  • Kendramdavis


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  • Wayne Castleberry

    Trump was absolutely right. “Peaceful assembly” is a right. Attacking each other with weapons is a riot. Rioting is illegal. Now the leaders and/or organizations, on both sides, need to be prosecuted for breaking the law. Same as it would be for you or me.

  • kerijay

    Get over it Romney you lost just like Hillary did. I thought you were a good man now I wonder.

  • Rick Lopez

    Way too easy to stand on the outside and take shots after the fact. Th problem here is that while neo-nazis and the likes are disciple people, they unfortunately have a right in this country to exist and demonstrate within the bounds of the law. Way too many groups including Antifa and Resist feel they have the right to deny non like thinking types their rights to voice their misguided and repugnant idealism. In doing so, they do and did turn a march of morons into a dangerous situation with a tragic result and in that way do share the blame. As long as the idealism cannot be made illegal and curtailed by law enforcement, we will always have these terrible groups but the way to fight that is absolutely not to bait them into a battle on the streets. Of course suppressing individual thought and expression my still not be “American” but it does appear that is what many more want these days….. that is if the allowed agrees with their position.

  • smoke5713

    There is a reason why no Mormon has ever been President. Romney is a poster child for that reason and more. Grow a spine, Mitt.

  • Colin Villa

    You’re wrong michael, there were some good people there and they weren’t carrying bottles of urine, baseball bats and clubs. That was BLM and Antifa. Let’s not forget that protesting the removal of their history was perfectly legal and they were given permits to do it. It was BLM and Antifa who didn’t have permits and were there to cause trouble and destroy property. The politicians in that city were at fault by giving the police orders to stand down.

  • myfordtruck

    Romney is a idiot Trump told the truth we have freedom of speech so the people that did not want to hear should of done what I would of done leave and not cause any trouble. The ones that started the fights were in the wrong and the hate groups were the ones that had the permit to be there the others did not even though I hate all hate groups be they are white or black or race

  • Leftout

    How did Romney ever have children

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    What is wrong with you Romney? If telling the truth about being aware of ALL hate groups, not just some, causes minorities to be afraid, then there is a serious problem with their thinking.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Loser rino.

  • Bapi K Roy

    What took you so long BummNey to come up against Orange KoolAid ?

  • Sharon Melvin

    Romney is on the side of the radical left hate groups. He is worse than the average RINO! He would side with BLM and Antifa over our commander and chief. I have no respect for this commander and chief wanna-be!!!

  • Marilyn

    I voted for Romney, glad he lost. He’s showing his true character with his criticism of our POTUS. Nothing POTUS said was wrong, everything Romney said was. Integrity is everything, lack of integrity is everything.