BET Founder Praises Trump for Improving Economic Prospects for Blacks

‘Black Americans should have no permanent friends, and no permanent enemies, just permanent interests…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), a lifelong Democrat, praised President Donald Trump for improving the economy and reducing unemployment for black Americans.

“I think the economy is doing great, and it’s reaching populations that heretofore had very bad problems in terms of jobs and employments and the opportunities that come with employment … so African-American unemployment is at its lowest level, ” Robert Johnson said.

The billionaire, who describes himself as a centrist Democrat, said he voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But he’s frustrated with where the Democratic Party has gone since its devastating defeat in 2016.


“The party in my opinion, for me personally, has moved too far to the left,” Johnson said Tuesday, according to CNBC.

“And for that reason, I don’t have a particular candidate [I’m supporting] in the party at this time,” he said. “I think at the end of the day, if a Democrat is going to beat Trump, then that person, he or she, will have to move to the center and you can’t wait too long to do that.”

He called America’s increasingly partisan political establishment “very wicked and very mean.”

Johnson scolded both the president and the Democratic Party for there being “really no give or take in terms of trying to come to an understanding of how best to run the country.”

He requested that Trump “step back a little bit from some of his showmanship.”

“A lot of people are not going to like that style,” Johnson said. “But when he says he’s going to try to do something economically, you have to give him credit for taking some specific steps to do that.”

Johnson expressed some hope in 2016 that Trump’s business acumen would help him “move the economy forward.”

He asked Trump’s opponents to give him “the benefit of the doubt” and try bipartisanship, CNBC reported.

After the election, he warned African-Americans against party politics.

“Black Americans should have no permanent friends, and no permanent enemies, just permanent interests,” Johnson said.