NeverTrumper: Trump Will Win in 2020; Don Jr. Will Win Nomination in 2024

‘He is fluent in the language of whining, dickish grievance-mongering…’

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Donald Trump Jr./PHOTO: AFP

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Even the Republicans who hate Trump admit that he is likely to win again in 2020 and that he may establish a political dynasty in the process.

In a Daily Beast op-ed, Rick Wilson, a Never-Trump Republican strategist, raged against President Donald Trump while predicting that his son, Donald Trump Jr., would win the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.

Wilson wrote that “the clues have been there all along that the real 2024 primary will be between Donald J. Trump, Jr. and everyone else.”

He said Trump Jr. has been attending Republican fundraising events, soaking up airtime on “Fox & Friends” (like Trump before him), and writing a book, Triggered.


“He is fluent in the language of whining, dickish grievance-mongering, which has replaced modern conservatism,” Wilson wrote. In 2024, he continued, “the cult you fear so much will listen to its leader and support the dynasty.”

Wilson also suggested that Trump could run again in 2024 if he is defeated in 2020.

“With his firm grip on the cult, it’s not unlikely that he would run again to keep up the grift and to keep the steady drip of ego-stroking rally crowd heroin flowing into his veins,” Wilson wrote.

For Wilson, Trump losing in 2020 is unlikely, since Democratic candidates are stuck in their “usual campaign ineptitude and the lack of a superstar candidate with the talent of Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.”

If Republicans want the success that Wilson and other “conservative leaders” have to offer, then the Republicans need to become a “party” rather than a “cult” and re-adopt the principles of “fiscal discipline” and “reform,” “limited government,” and “Constitutional fealty.”

Wilson advised failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin in 2016, so it’s possible to look at his campaign to see Wilson’s vision of the future of the Republican Party, a party free of “Trump cult bootlicks, toadies, and ball-washing yes-men.”