Republicans Furious at Trump for Siding with Dems on Debt Limit Extension

(Zero Hedge) It appears President Trump has found a new ally in Congress: the Democrats whose plan – derided earlier by Paul Ryan – to keep any ‘fix’ for the debt-ceiling, short-term was approved over the Republicans’ howls of objection. As The Hill reports, President Trump agreed with top congressional Democrats at a White House meeting to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling through Dec. 15. despite objections from virtually all GOP leaders.

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“In the meeting, the President and Congressional leadership agreed to pass aid for Harvey, an extension of the debt limit, and a continuing resolution both to December 15, all together,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a joint statement.

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While the report give the impression of delightful civility, the reality was rather different, as Trump concluded a deal with Schumer, Pelosi et al behind Ryan and McConnell’s backs. Politico’s Jake Sherman reports that:


I am told by multiple sources Rs are furious. The Democratic ploy — to keep debt limit short term — worked. It took just a few hours.

TRUMP also agreed to extend government funding until December 15, setting up a wild final month of the year.

TRUMP agrees to 3-month debt limit increase in meeting w hill leaders. All GOP leaders were opposed, per multiple sources.

TO BE CLEAR: Debt limit, govt funding expires 12/15. Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy were all opposed. Trump, Pelosi, Schumer were on same side

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