Some Republicans Demand No August Recess Until Border Wall is Funded

(SM Chavey, Liberty Headlines) Many Republican congressmen have discussed delaying or cancelling the August to fix health care and deal with a few other budget issues. Now, a group of 17 Members of Congress are advocating the House to hold off on the recess until the border wall is funded.

Some Republicans Demand No August Recess Until Border Wall is Funded

John Ratcliffe/IMAGE: C-SPAN via YouTube

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan, the group, led by Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) demanded tighter security.

“For decades, the American people have been told that the safety and security of our country is one of the principal responsibilities of the federal government. Unfortunately, the American people have been let down time and time again by lack of action on meaningful border security,” the letter said. “The time for excuses has now ended; it is time for action.”

The letter also addressed the “strain” to public resources caused by illegal aliens, the crimes committed (such as the death of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien in 2015), drug trafficking, sex, trafficking, gangs, and “other nefarious activity.”


“Before the House departs for the upcoming district work period, we ask House Leadership to bring a bill to the floor that funds enhanced border security measures, including following through on a commitment made by President Trump: the construction of a border wall. We stand ready to roll up our sleeves and work — through August if need be — to get this done,” the letter said.

The border wall, a highly-discussed promise in President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, has seen slightly less discussion since Trump’s inauguration.

In March, The Trump administration planned $4.1 billion in funding the border wall through 2018, according to Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Two months later, the White House seemed to scale the amount back by $2.5 billion to just $1.6 billion, but Mulvaney said it wasn’t as drastic as it was made out to be.

“That’s not the whole funding for the border security this year, this is just additional money,” Mulvaney said at the time. “And we’ll be able to use that on things like maintenance on the existing wall — infrastructure, roads, bridges, gates, technology, lighting — things that will have a material impact on border security this year.”

In July, House Republicans proposed allocating $1.6 billion for construction of the border wall in the next fiscal year.

“This funding bill provides resources to begin building a wall along our southern border, enhance our existing border security infrastructure, hire more border patrol agents, and fund detention operations,” Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) said.

Unfortunately for border-wall advocates, however, the money would only cover 28 miles of the wall in the Rio Grande Valley. It would also cover 32 miles of “border fencing” as well as “secondary fencing” for 14 miles in San Diego, Calif.

Democratic congressmen still vowed opposition.

“[Republicans] know that the majority of the Democrats don’t support funding for that wall,” Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif) said last week. “If they choose to include it, then they are basically saying, ‘We have the votes among the Republican Party to pass this without a single Democratic vote.’”

This week, the house will vote on a small number of bills that would include funding for the wall.

“Protecting the American people is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of the federal government, and inaction on securing our border is no longer acceptable. We refuse to sit back idly while the can continues to be kicked down the road,” Ratcliffe said in a statement. “One more casualty — more more life lost — is one too many. We’ve got to secure our borders now — no excuses.”