Republicans Plan to Call Adam Schiff As Witness During Impeachment Proceedings

MCCARTHY: ‘I’d rather be us than them…’


Adam Schiff / IMAGE: CSPAN via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Now that House Democrats plan to hold a formal vote on the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, the GOP is changing its strategy.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urged his party to focus on fighting the facts of the impeachment inquiry rather than the Democrats’ process in a private meeting with top Republican aides, according to the Washington Examiner.

And he’s going to use House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to do so.

Thus far, the GOP has focused on blasting Democratic leadership for breaking impeachment precedent and making the rules as they go. McCarthy said Republicans will still criticize the process, but they also plan to use the process to their advantage.


In particular, House Republicans plan to call Schiff to the stand during the impeachment proceedings, hoping to turn his case against him.

“I’d rather be us than them,” McCarthy said, according to a House Republican chief of staff who attended the meeting.

McCarthy said that because Schiff has met with the anonymous Ukraine whistleblower, he is a prime witness.

“If you met with the whistleblower, if your staff met with the whistleblower, who knows what was said? Well, only you, your staff, and the whistleblower. That makes you a fact witness. Nowhere in our judicial system allows a fact witness to be the prosecutor,” McCarthy explained.

Schiff once claimed the whistleblower is a key witness, but then backpedaled and argued allowing the whistleblower to testify could endanger the whistleblower’s anonymity and safety.

President Trump has slammed Schiff for colluding with the anonymous whistleblower.