POLL: 70% of Republican Students Keep Political Beliefs Secret at School

‘The prof just wrote “this whole paper is one big fallacy” and bombed him…’

39 Percent of Liberal Arts Colleges Have No Republican Professors

Liberal Univ. of Missouri Professor Melissa Click/IMAGE: YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The College Fix conducted an online poll in August of self-identified Republican and Republican-leaning college students and found that about 70 percent “withheld” their views because they feared their grades would suffer.

The College Fix asked, “Have you ever withheld your political views in class for fear that your grades would suffer?”

73 percent of students who identified themselves as “strong” Republicans said they had censored their beliefs in class, whereas 71 percent of “weak” Republicans and 70 percent of Republican-leaning independents said the same, The College Fix reported.

The poll suggests that college students with moderate political views—not necessarily conservative or right-wing views—fear that their predominantly left-wing professors will punish them for thinking the wrong political thoughts in class.


The survey also included a comments section, where Republican college students voiced their concerns about the echo chamber in America’s universities.

One student from the University of Colorado Boulder mocked the university’s understanding of “inclusivity.”

“You should be inclusive of everyone’s views,” the university says.

“Ok maybe abortion is bad?,” the Republican student asks.

“No not like that,” the university responds.

A Republican college student at Western Kentucky University talked about the professor singling him or her out.

“I wrote a 19 page research paper on a Christian pro-life movement. I was the only one in the class that, when presenting my paper, had a ‘surprise visitor’ (who was the teacher’s very liberal friend) argue [with] me about their views,” the student wrote.

A Clemson student said they tailored a paper in a “gen ed class” to appease the professor.

“I know a guy who chose to write a pro-border wall argumentative essay for our super liberal professor and the prof just wrote “this whole paper is one big fallacy” and bombed him. Me? I wrote about the evils of horse racing. Perfectly safe topic,” the student wrote.