Reporter Defends Article that Exposed Obama Hezbollah Complicity

Meyer’s report is entitled “The Secret Backstory of How Obama Let Hezbollah Off the Hook” …

(News Busters) Josh Meyer, a senior investigative reporter for the Politico website, was a guest on Tuesday’s Fox News @Night to defend his article against accusations from former Obama administration officials who attempted to discredit in his report and smear Politico.

During his interview with host Shannon Bream, Meyer indicated that his information — regarding efforts to stop a drug-trafficking operation run by the Islamist terror organization Hezbollah while the U.S. worked to secure the Iran nuclear deal — was entirely accurate.

Meyer’s report, which is entitled “The Secret Backstory of How Obama Let Hezbollah Off the Hook,” has been praised as a “bombshell” and described as “sabotage” conducted by former President Barack Obama against his administration’s own foreign policy. Bream began by stating:

“Let’s walk this through for people who are not familiar with this story.”



“How in the world does this connect with all of these different prongs of investigations that were happening here through U.S. agencies to a connection with the Iran nuclear deal?”

“It is a bit convoluted,” Meyer replied, “but the short version is that Hezbollah is a proxy of the Iran government,” especially its military wing.

He then continued: “These federal investigators were watching and gathering evidence of Hezbollah sort of transforming itself from a political power and a terrorist organization to one that was trafficking in drugs and other criminal conspiracies to make, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The Politico reporter then explained that Hezbollah was “raising money to help rebuild after the Israel war and to help an expansion that they were doing globally…”

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