Rep. Wants Jail, Fines for Officials Who Create ‘Sanctuaries’

‘We ought to lock THEM up…’

(Katie J. Read, Liberty Headlines) An Indiana congressman says lawless politicians should be threatened with jail time or high fines.

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) introduced his legislation, Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians (also known as the SLAP bill), which penalizes the makers and enforcers of law when they ignore laws about immigration enforcement.

Rokita appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends Tuesday to discuss his bill with anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy.

“If (politicians) are going to act like criminals themselves, if they are going to put the interest of these illegal immigrant criminals above the safety of their own citizens, we ought to lock them up,” Rokita said.

If the SLAP Bill is enacted, government employees who are discovered neglecting laws about immigration enforcement could spend up to five years and jail or pay fines of up to $1 million.

Rokita used the death of 32-year-old Kate Steinle to highlight the dangers that follow politicians who disregard policy regarding immigrants.

Steinle was fatally shot in San Francisco on July 1, 2015, and undocumented Mexican immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, 45, was found by police to be in possession of the firearm that caused Steinle’s death.

“Americans are dying because politicians sworn to uphold the law refuse to do so,” Rokita said in the statement.

Doocy pointed out that Zarate had been charged with seven felonies, had been deported five times, and had been marked by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The American public was shocked when the jury announced its decision that it found Zarate not guilty on Nov. 30.

PREVIOUSLY: Acquittal of Accused Steinle Murderer Spurs Outrage at Sanctuaries

“The American people are rightfully infuriated watching politicians put their open-borders ideology before the rule of law, and the safety of the people they represent,” Rokita said in a statement announcing his bill. “Politicians don’t get to pick and choose what laws to comply with.”

Rokita said he expects to receive significant support for his bill, especially from his Republican counterparts in Congress.

He also made a call for constituents to contact their representatives and voice their support for the legislation.

“It’s time the federal government gets serious about enforcing immigration laws and holding politicians accountable who conspire to break them,” Rokita said.


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  • Naval Lint

    And overdue, in my opinion.

  • Cleavis Nowell

    About time RINOs/Rotts got divested of the bribes paid them by Soros & O.I.C. islalamists.

  • R G

    Start with Moonbeam Brown.

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      Lock up the judges as well for life when it comes to an illegal alien let go like in the Kate Steinly case and knowing he had already been deported I think 7 times and continued to come back and still committing crimes.

  • yellowjacket2

    If you or I were caught assisting a criminal we would be charged as an accomplice. And that includes murder. So why is it that a politician who has assisted a criminal is not charged as an accomplice to whatever crime that criminal committed? I’m sick and tired of politicians who think they’re above the law. In the case of Kate Steinle’s murder, the killer was aided by everyone from the mayor and chief of police of San Francisco, to Governor “Moonbeam Brown and Nancy Pelosi. Charge them all with being an accomplice to murder and lock them up.

    • Brent

      I agree. I’ve also said that the city of SF and state of CA should be sued for wrongful death in the Steinle case. If they had followed federal regulations and requests, Kate would still be alive. It’s direct cause & effect.

      • Charlie

        I say that the Steinle family should sue the crap out of SanFrancisco for unlawful death. Sue in federal courts and it will be a slam dunk. I know that some will say that this just punishes the taxpayers, but I say that they deserve to pay. After all, they elected the idiots who are giving their city to foreign nationals living her illegally.

  • Bernie

    Will someone please tell me why immigrants, both legal and illegal, proudly fly the flag from where they came, but think it’s “punishment” to be sent back there?

    • Great observation, Bernie. Also, how come it’s okay for them to fly their flags anytime, but kids can’t wear U.S. flag t-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo? An alien (from another planet) observing this kind of irrationality could only conclude that a large portion of Americans have simply gone drooling, raving insane.

      • Islandream

        EXCELLENT indeed on Bernie’s part…and you also present a great observation!!

    • SA Ander

      Give this man an answer, I and many others wonder the same thing

    • Melvin Bruce French

      Yes. Good question. Plus why are they still talking their language from the country they are citizen to?

    • bill14729 .

      It never used to be like that when immigrants came to America you honored the flag and learned to speak English

      • Bernie

        Just like my grandparents did in the early 1900’s.
        They LOVED it here and honored being here!
        And, they weren’t looking for handouts!!!

      • john

        if you came here legally!!!

      • Zelda777

        That’s the way it should be!

    • slk5

      being an immigrant, God Bless America!!!

    • Rich McIntyre

      Agree 100%. They wave a Mexican flag then when threatened with deportation scream that they love the USA and want to stay and be given legal ststus. Saying things such as “I am afraid to go back” or “This is the only home I’ve ever known” is really inconsistant with their pride in being a Mexican. Go home please!!

    • Reggie Smith

      If that’s their country, send them back to it.

      • Bernie

        Can’t do it.
        According to the schmucks on the left, that’s an unjustified “punishment”.

    • JB

      I agree if they’re so happy and want to fly the flag why don’t they live in their damn country? If they like it so much and want to fly the flag let him move back there.

  • .Rebelpatriot

    Those stinking politicians who defend and support sanctuary cities/states should be charged with treason against America. Given a speedy trial and put in prison for life or sentenced to death. If an American citizen is killed/murdered by an illegal they should also be charged with that crime as well.

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      If you think about it like this, States have a right to enforce State laws over Federal laws that are unconstitutional. The Feds have no direct Constitutional authorization to do anything about immigration. The states rule in this area. The people in this state are getting what they deserve. They voted for these dum basses, now they have to live with the consequences.

      “Sovereignty over individual State immigration was never an object committed to national government.

      Unlike the Federal Government, State governments claim broad general powers, and therefore, the question is never whether a power is granted for a State to exercise, but whether the power has been explicitly withheld from the State. The Federal Government was given specific national sovereignty over such things as war, peace, treaties (within the sphere of powers delegated), print money, define and punish piracies and felonies on the high Seas, make uniform rules of naturalization for foreigners who migrated to some State per State law, etc.

      Because the States retained just about everything they had before joining the union, and the fact this is clearly enumerated in the Constitution, gives Congress no more authority to authorize entry of immigrants or asylum seekers within the individual States any more than it has the authority to direct another country to accept them.

      It was always up to each State to monitor their own borders or protect its citizens from the wild Indians internally, and if things got out of hand, they could make application for federal troops to enter to combat any internal domestic violence. If one closely reads the U.S. Constitution, they will discover domestic concerns of the States were carefully shielded from federal interference.”
      source: federalist blog .us

    • Zelda777

      I agree!

    • Alan Patrick

      No to prison, we end up paying in the long run. Just go back to the old ways and 3 days after guilty, hang them. Would wise a lot of people up and less strain on society. JMO

  • swed

    It is about time, arrest these liberal mayors, governors and political hacks and jail them 5 years for each offense, fine $1 million each offense.

    Make stupid very painful and expensive.
    Liberalism is a dangerous mental disorder, often treasonous.

    • tCotUS

      Amen to that swed !! Long overdue…Arrest Officials for Treason against the United States.

      • swed

        I would bet there is a law on the books that allows the arrest of these traitors with a bounty for each head. I wish I knew where that was in the federal register.
        The facts are Treason is an executable offense.
        So why is Gore, Shillary, B.J. Bill, Ovomit, Muchelle, Soros and a thousand other criminals not hunted to extinction for their crimes.
        I suspect all it would take is for one Sheriff to Deputize the citizens with instructions as to where these criminals are located and the price on their heads.
        With 80 to 100 million well armed Americans this would be over quickly.

        • tCotUS

          Right Swed…Why isn’t their at least a bounty on these traitors ?
          Why not give “We the People” an opportunity to help the Nation. .

          • swed

            That and make some Cash on top of taking the trash out.

          • tCotUS

            Literally cleaning up this Nation..

          • Sky King

            It is really quite simple, the innocents who would likely be trampled in the stampede to get a crack at these morons, if there was ever an open season declared on traitorous politicians. And that is assuming there was no bounty and the only result was removing them from the gene pool.

          • tCotUS

            Your right SK…l guess it would be some type of lottery, making it a once in a lifetime oppertunity.

          • Born Again Southern Pride

            The only thing we need to know about politicians is if they want the job, they shouldn’t have it…

          • tCotUS

            It seems they want the job, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Islandream

    YESSSSSS Mr. Rokita…”SLAP” the crap outta whomever you must to make damn certain this goes through… and thank you Sir!!!!


    If a POTUS can, why can’t we play hide and seek TOO ?

  • Bo

    Cut off funds to sanctuary cities and prosecute the officials who are responsible for such and jail them.

  • RealAmerican407

    We all know full well Kate Steinle died because of insane liberal policy.

    Sanctuary cities are magnets for illegals and selling point #1 for human smugglers. For people who care so much about illegals they dont care how many die trying to get to sanctuary cities.

  • Sim Dunn

    Rep. Todd Rokita is doing what I’ve said needed to be done long ago,

    But why introduce a bill, the law to prosecute them is already on the books.

  • SA Ander

    The laws are there already, it just takes a good attorney with the backing from his agency to prosecute the players of the sanctuary cities.

  • Ken

    We need to have the law enforced at the very top first, then on down the line. When Hillary got off with no punishment again, that told us all that those at the top, especially Democrats, are above the law. There are at least 20 high profile law breakers walking free in DC, and very likely many more.

  • Front Sight

    I wonder what “Moonbeam” Brown would look like with “Silver Bracelets,” while entertaining Bubba in the Graybar Hotel!

  • 1loyalamerican74

    I live in a State where Nursery businesses are blooming. There is not one law enforcement which attempts to arrest the illegals. I inquired about employment. I was told minimum wage, no medical, and no living quarters. Now for the illegals: They must be paid $10.00 or more. They are provided
    free living quarters. They are also paid for medical insurance. One has five vehicles. Another has
    two houses, two vehicles, a wife and two children’s who are consider U.S.A. citizens, plus a girlfriend.
    He works on the side for several citizens who pay him in cash. Perhaps I should drop my citizenship, and get on the wagon train.

  • Peter J

    Even for the simplest of minds this should be is a no brainer. If you are guilty of breaking federal laws you are punished. The real issue however, is many politicians believe they are above the law given their lofty positions in government. The same goes for all in the judicial system. Judges… beware.

  • CCblogging

    I don’t feel that those law breaking politicians should face jail time. I feel that they should be the main attraction at their public hanging.

  • Charlie

    We do not need this law because it is already a criminal offense to knowingly release a felon, such as the one who killed Kate Steinle. It is called misprison of a felony in the US Code. There are other charges covering the release of any criminal after the order to detain has been issued and served on the jail.The reason that it has not been enforced so far is that the charges would be against the poor slob who signed the release, not the politican who ordered it. Just shut off their federal largese and this BS will stop.

  • Anthony Guastella

    It is unlawful, it is called treason and any of these officials are guilty of it. They are despicable and vile people.

  • richoldsky

    I’m thinking it’s about time a few heads paid their just dues.

  • 2shinyshoes

    Yes, jail them for 5 years.

  • bill14729 .

    ‘We ought to lock THEM up…’ I’d say, There are laws in the books about aiding and harboring illegals, Don’t talk about it Do It

  • Tasine

    GOOD for Rep. Rokita. It is heartening to learn there are a few elected officials doing what we hired them to do. The rest of them can go pound sand… would be more worthwhile than the pain they always give us. Congratulations Mr. Rokita…..I am with you 100%! This “sanctuary city” foolishness is insane and hideous.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    We don’t need to pass a new law or wait any longer, the council members who voted for these ordinances and the mayors who signed them can be arrested for conspiracy to violate immigration law and harboring illegal aliens. ICE, do your job!

  • therealworld

    This is why we elected Trump, so common sense laws like this can be enacted, instead of one’s on bathroom issues

  • Louie Rey

    This is so obvious that the reaction should be, what’s taking so long for this to be enacted? Problem is that’s how DC operates, at a snail’s pace. It’s part and parcel of the “Career Politicians’ Handbook.” If and when they come up with something that has even the hint of validity and common sense let’s drag it out as long as possible so that when the next election comes around in FOUR YEARS they can say, “Look at this terrific bill I’m working on! You’ve got to reelect me so that I can see this through to its conclusion.”

  • Lawrence Kosisko

    Our so called senators such as Cory Booker should go back and Read The Oath When He took It and Then FOLLOW IT.

  • Reggie Smith

    Amen to this. California alone has determined that illegal immigrants cost them 16 Billion Dollars last year, yet they still protect them. It is getting ridiculous. Allow the DACA recipients and illegal residents 30 days to apply for citizenship or permanent residence. If they fail to comply send them home.

  • Zelda777

    Yes they definitely should be prosecuted and jailed!

  • JB

    I agree with this politicians who approve of sanctuary cities should be fined and possibly jailed and loser political careers in any kind of pension they ever wanted to have! They are putting this country at risk, and I’m sick of it!, We need to start working on these people and get them out of the political arena starting with small towns and cities, states, then the country!